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Bridgestone/Firestone Credit

6275 Eastland Rd
Brook Park, OH 44142
(216) 362-5000
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everyone complains about credit card companies..but people come on take responsibility for once!! one da lte is freakin late!! no matter how you slice it. you didn't have to wait ...


I received a CFNA account through Firestone when I bought tires. I was just going to put the tires on a credit card, but I made the mistake of being talked into the Firestone Aut...

bad service 12/15/2009

their customer service suck my biggest mistake was to open card with these people i never have a problem with my other card companies so whoever is reading this gotta be careful more

whiners!!! 11/16/2009

everyone complains about credit card companies..but people come on take responsibility for once!! one da lte is freakin late!! no matter how you slice it. you didn't have to wait to get the money to get your tires or oil change why should a credit card company sit on their thumbs and wait for a person who they extended credit to in good faith to send their payment the day before its due and think they ""hey I mailed it the day before its paid"". you don't deserve credit if you do they CFNA provides two free options on the phone and on the web you can date it the same day its due before 5pm est.I have had many extended credit lines from them,to get my car going and they have removed fees as courtesy. so I had to wait!!! probably dealing with people who piss n moan about getting a finance charge for not paying off the purchase by the experation date which by the way is on each statement! and if you don't get a statement doesn't mean you don't owe anything. People who do this is what's really wrong with America, and I fully understand why credit card companies are raising rates! more

CFNA does not report credit limits. 3/4/2009

I strongly suggest that anybody who wants to improve their credit score NOT get a CFNA credit card. I know they are the credit company who provides cards for Firestone and Plaza Tire Service. I would guess there are other companies as well. Before applying for a card please make sure you ask if it is CFNA. \r \r The problem is this -- they do not report credit limits to the bureaus. They report your current balance to all three bureaus, but report no limit. An essential part of raising your credit score is having a favorable debt to credit ratio. This ranges anywhere from 20%-35% depending on who you ask. If you have a $1 balance on a CFNA card, your debt to credit ratio on that account is infinitely negative because you're debt is $1 and your credit limit is unreported (which is considered ZERO by the bureaus).\r \r I sent a few letters to their customer service department, and their responses were abysmal. I paid off the card just now, and will be canceling it as soon as the payment goes through. I see no reason in keeping a card that I can't use. My credit limit is $1200 and my balance is $159 but since they don't report a limit my overall debt to credit ratio is 75%. My only other credit card has a $200 limit so it's showing my overall debt as $159 and my overall available credit as $200. It should be $159 versus $1400 which would be about 11%. CFNA refuses to do anything about it since they are ""not required by law to report credit limits"". So much for customer service. I'm glad I paid it off before they got any of my money. \r \r I'm going to try to spread the word as best I can that this is a horrible practice and extremely bad customer service. I opened this account hoping to increase my credit score, and it has dropped it by over 20 pounds will all three bureaus. I've spent a couple years trying to raise my scores and this just set me back a good six months. The inquiry alone will haunt me for two years. Pros: Would be a nice card to have if using it didn't destroy your credit score. Cons: Horrible customer service, does not report credit limits because it is ""not required by law"" more



Worst Credit Card Company in America 1/5/2009

I had my Firestone Card for 3 years. I was never late and, in fact for all but 3 months, was paid ahead. I missed one pmt of $29.00 and they cancelled my credit and reported my card late for 60 days. This was for a one day late pmt. I will NEVER use them again if they were the last Credit Agency in the world. Cons: Don't ever pay one day late. more

They report incorrect information to credit report companies 1/2/2009

Don't use them. I made my payments every month on time. I take pride in doing so. I checked my credit report and noticed they had my down as being late on a payment 30 days. Tried calling them a couple times to resolve and was on hold forever both times. I'll call again later when I can put the phone on speaker phone while I wait.\r \r Clearly not customer friendly. Pros: I have nothing positive to say about them Cons: Terrible customer service more

Card ok, but Firestone is another story 10/23/2008

I have read all the reviews and it seems that people are getting mad for not paying a bill that they know that they owe. Just because you don't get a statement, doesn't mean you don't owe anything charge 500.00 make 2 payments of 100.00 each...guess what you still owe 300.00 whether you get a bill or not....or whether the website works or not.....\r I placed 400.00 on this card and set the payment up to go thru my banks online system...not thru the Firestone website. I made my last payment and by mistake overpaid by 14.27, one month later, I recieve a check for 14.27.\r I do feel however that Firestone put the screws to me on what they charged!!...I will never use them again. more

worst company ever 10/5/2008

Maybe you will get the point by reading the complaint I just sent to them:\r \r ""You guys are ridiculous. The online payment option isn't available and hasn't been for days, so I'd be forced to pay by phone with a representative and forced to pay an extra $10. What's even better is the fact that your company hasn't been available by phone for payments every time I call. I ignored the fact that you processed TWO payments in August when only submitted one, and when I asked for a statement to PROVE I submitted two payments, you conveniently failed to include the IP address and timestamp, so you really do not have any proof of me submitting two payments at all - EVEN THOUGH I didn't OWE for a second payment in the month of august, and then you bothered to call me saying the second payment you tried to process BOUNCED? No sh*t it bounced, I only put funds in my account when I actually owe something. And now this bullsh*t? So what, now I will be charged a late fee AGAIN because your company failed to have the online payment and phone payment options available this past week. If I'm charged a late fee for this, it better be void."" Pros: Great for increasing heart rate Cons: Feels like talking to a wall, then getting charged for talking to a wall. more

Ruined Credit Stand in Line 7/18/2008

This review is the same review cc?d to others such as consumer affairs, FTC and more, and in my opinion, is only a confirmation of what has already been written here. The established name of ""Firestone"" is used to gain your trust to open an account. Then it seems once you open the account, you are gouged with some other form of charge. If you don't pay that other charge right away, they ""threaten"" to ruin your credit. In my particular case, the three people I spoke with not only misrepresented themselves (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) but were some of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. I make over $4000.00/mo and opened an account for $15.00 to BUILD credit and was approved for over $900. Yes, those are correct figures. I tried to pay off this account, in full, in 30 days. Six (6) months later I'm still trying and now have a ding on my credit. It's ""FIRESTONE""! I would never have thought to check them out before opening an account for $15. Buyer Beware! There are ways to fight back. Please help get the word out to stop scammers. There are RipOff Reports type websites to tell people about these things. I didn?t find this site the first time around being from California, a little too late anyway. DIING THE CREDIT!!! To the ONE lady with the review whose husband didn't have any trouble: 1out of 16+ had horrible experiences and you should feel very fortunate! :) I wonder if Firestone is aware of what kind of people they have contracted with? Pros: More fun than arguing with the neighbors Cons: Everything that goes in the complete package of Total Scam more

Fun...if you like hitting your head on the wall. 6/19/2008

One of the absolute worst companies I have ever dealt with. PayPal takes the cake but CFNA is a close second. I have dealt with them twice (I am a slow learner) and both times, I received no bill or invoice of any kind and when I went on their site to check my balance, I kept getting bumped back to the home page and after 15 minutes of trying to pay online, I felt I like I was about to burst a vein in my head. The best part is the automated phone call you get, what seems like every day telling you to log on to the site and pay your balance. I like Firestone as a very cost effective place to get your car fixed but they need to send CFNA on a long walk of a short cliff. Cons: You'll feel a deep fury that breaks all boundaries. more


I have been trying to login to my account since I got the card, six months ago. Every time I login , and try to make a payment by clicking ""Payment"" it logs me out and puts me back to the login screen. Anything I click puts me back to the login screen???????????? I emailed them, called them, and they refuse to fix it?????\r \r \r I HAVE HAD IT WITH THEM. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT GETTING WORK DONE AT FIRESTONE, OR EVEN WORSE GETTING CREDIT TO GET WORK DONE> DONTTTTTTT DO IT. it is a hassle and they s*ck. they dont even tell you that it wont be a firestone card. ITS A CFNA card. and CFNA has their heads up their assessssssssssssssssss.\r \r \r CFNA you eat monkey rod....\r \r grambo112233 Cons: EVERYTHING more

Avoid Avoid Avoid 3/24/2008

This is one of the worst business entity I have dealt with. Customer reps are extremely rude. Supervisors are worse. Firestone needs to dump this place and look for another credit company.\r Next time you see CFNA.. RUN Cons: Expensive predatory financing. Preys on the unsuspecting. more

Worst credit card 3/22/2008

They do not report your credit limit just your credit balance. Which this does not help your credit score. If you can not pay your credit card off in 30 days do not get this card! Pros: Thumbs down Cons: doesnt help your credit score more

Firestone or Credit First National Association----FORGET IT!!!!! 1/8/2008

My Statement Closing date is the 23 of the month, they mail the bill on the 2nd of the following month but I don't receive it until the 6th.....AND IT IS DUE ON THE 18TH OF THE MONTH!!!! Only a couple of days to open bill and write check, so they can receive it by the 18th!!!\r \r I always pay the whole bill off, but got a $25 late fee on a $122.90 Firestone tire charge - making it 20% profit for them!!!\r \r Avoid Anything with Credit First National Association and Firestone card. They way they get you is give you a very short window to pay them!!!! Cons: Give you only a few days to pay bill, otherwise it is late and you get a late fee!!! more

avoid at all costs 11/5/2007

Horrible. My recommendation: get four credit of each major accredited company: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express...that way no one can tell you ""Sorry we don't take that kind of card...but our store card will solve all of your problems."" It won't. I work for a retail store that pressures employees to sell the company card. Trust me, I know it all. \r \r As for Firestone...they just sent me the card (with my name on it), I promptly shredded it into ten pieces and forgot about it. I never thought I would hear of it again. Oh, was I wrong...when I applied for a Discover card...I was advised to close all unused accounts. I did not realize I had any used accounts...I had a new Master Card but it was not unused. So I checked my credit report (through my bank's credit monitoring service and freecreditreport dot com) and there it was, ""Credit First National Association"" a card I had never even activated...and it was brining down the scores on all three of my credit reports.\r \r Like I said: avoid at all costs. Pros: phone service was good. Cons: list is too long to fit here. more

Great Customer Service 5/15/2007

My husband has an account and has no problems with it. Customers fail to read the terms of service when they sign an agreement for any purchases applied to their card. I suggest if you open an account it is best to contact the customer service department and have them clearly explain the terms with them to avoid confusion and late payment fees. more

Bad inhouse Credit Card w/Credit First and Firestone 2/6/2007

This credit company is not consumer friendly. FIrestone uses Credit First of Cleveland to manage their inhouse credit card program. Beware their rates are high (21% base) (Prime is ~9%) That is a 12% margin. They are not doing you any favors by granting the card. You would be better off by using a lower interest VISA or MC instead of the Firestone charge. I have used Firestone to service my cars for over 28 years but will not ever use their card again. \r \r In January I paid off my account of about $800 after being behind or late for 3 months. In fact I overpaid it by $60. I spend about $3-$4000 with my local Firestone dealer and use the card as a convenience. They would not let me use the $60 credit balance on my account because they suspended the account. It is my money! I had to call and request the over payment to be returned to me. Avoid using the Firsestone card at all costs; use another VISA or MC.\r \r SSmith Pros: easy to set up at store Cons: high rate, unforgiving, not tied to Firestone more

SCAM ARTISTS! same M.O. as other guy had........ 12/11/2006

I purchased tires thru credit card from Firestone Dealer, May '06. \r Rec'vd first 2 paper statements, june and july, made two pymnts...150.00 & 200.00..then nothing after that.......Dec. 6 I rec'v a phone call from CFNA demanding pymnt including LATE FEES!!! and FINANCE charges!! total of 384.00 actual balance should be 246.00........woman on the phone INSISTS that I MUST have signed up to rec'v statements by EMAIL ""thats why I didnt get any statements in the mail"" and according to THEIR records "" I have been receiving EMAIL statements because THEY do not show that emails have been undeliverable"" so I MUST have gotten it.......then she also states that I must have signed up for email when I made an online payment?...huh? I NEVER did do an online payment so how could that have happened?........well, according to her, ""THEY have been sending email notifications and since it dosent show it being undeliverable on their end I certainly MUST have been receiving them!!! so I am responsible for the remaining balance INCLUDING late fees and finance charges!!!! I asked them te tell me what EMAIL address they have on record and she couldnt do it!!!!! said it was a matter a personal security for me!!!!! hahahaha!!! that they would have to send a request to Firestone for those records!..huh? arent you Firestone? like you told me earlier.....guess what ? they are NOT!!!!!! spoke to 3 different women and ALL insist they ARE firestone... SPOKE TO firestone CUST SERVICE and ....was told by svc rep that FIRESTONE does not own CFNA! they are a financial institution that handles their credit purchases""................anyways, seems like they PURPOSELY let statements fall behind so that they can collect on finance charges and late fees......I was on 90days same as cash purchase...seems to me that if I paid the total bill on time CFNA wouldnt make ANY money. but they would be handling all the paperwork logistics while Firestone sits back .. lol Pros: you can speak to a person fairly quickly..... Cons: dont expect to settle anything other than what THEY SAY YOU OWE!!!!! more

Ruthless and Mean 11/29/2006

I received a CFNA account through Firestone when I bought tires. I was just going to put the tires on a credit card, but I made the mistake of being talked into the Firestone Autopass card account, which is through CFNA. I paid the tires off in 4 payments, and thought that was the end of it. But it wasn't. I soon received an invoice for $.02. That's right, 2 cents! Apparently it was an interest charge. Since I had just sent in my payment, I just sort of figured that they would cancel this out. Boy was I wrong! The next month I received a form letter telling me that my 2 cent payment was late, and had now gone up to a whopping 3 cents! So I wrote them a check for 3 cents and sent it in. Now, 2 years later, I ran my credit report -- these jerks reported the late payment of the 2 cents on my credit! I can't believe that I now have a substantial ding on my credit because of a lousy 2 cents! I will never accept another card issued by CFNA. more

Abysmal service and operation 11/18/2006

Absolutely horrendous service. Cannot believe that they could actually remain in business. Haven't sent me a bill in 3 months, last week I got the same operator demanding that I hold on the line for lengthy, worthless voice recording about how I needed to pay my bill. Had the stupid broad held on I would have paid the damn thing right then just to end my association from this harraden of operations. Hey Jackballs! Tough to pay you when I can't find your site and you won't send an F'ing bill. \r \r After this experience I would rather drive on bare rims than buy tires using their financing. I will be examining my credit score and suing the S out of these losers if they ding me.\r \r Credit First, whatever the hell you are, please go out of business soon, so that the losers working for you can find more gainful employment. Cons: Abysmal customer service, incapable of sending timely billings more
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