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Bridal Boutique Of Raleigh

601-101 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 828-0490
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Bridal Boutique Of Raleigh - Raleigh, NC


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I loved the level of service and had a wonderful experience here. I’ve loved the Maggie Sottero dresses from the moment I saw them. There are not many dress shops that carry a wid...


The boutique, first has a great selection of bridesmaid dresses. You can find exactly what you are looking for because they sell many of the popular brands. The pricing was very...

Don't waste your money! 4/12/2012

I had a very bad experience. Luckily I did not get my wedding gown here, however I did have my bridesmaids order their dresses. None of their dresses fit. I did expect them all to have to have a little alterations done, but not the extent they all did. And to have paid $20 just to have my MOH to try on dresses, I would have expected a little more accurated measurements. I just hope that the dress for my flower girl will be able to be made to fit (it is rediculously huge, like made for someone at least 2 years older. It would be one if it were an inexpensive dress, but it cost $200. For a flower girl. Who is 4). The only reason I had my girls order their dresses here is it was the only store in town who had the designer I wanted. I would recommend going elsewhere! more

Great selection, relaxing atmosphere, amazing serviceâ?¦loveit 3/19/2012

I loved the level of service and had a wonderful experience here. I’ve loved the Maggie Sottero dresses from the moment I saw them. There are not many dress shops that carry a wide selection of Maggie Sottero in NC (I think only 2 in fact) and this shop is one of them. When we first got there I was a little shocked and put off to hear that they charged $20 to try on dresses. My first reaction was, really that's nuts! BUT the shop owner patiently explained to us that A LOT of brides come to their shop just to try on the beautiful dresses they've seen in the magazines and never actually intend on buying a dress. She said that in the past their shop was so crowded at times they couldn't provide the appropriate level of service to the brides who were there for the real deal. You could tell she felt bad about charging $20 but just didn't know how else to weed out the masses. She also said if you purchase a dress the $20 will go towards your purchase. There were so many dresses it was hard to choose just one but after trying on countless amazing dresses all day I finally did and I couldn't be happier!!! I know there are some negative comments here about the ""try-on fee"" but personally, I'm glad that they do it. I was there for several hours on a Saturday and I don't think there was ever more than 3 brides in there at once, this allowed for a quiet and relaxing dress shopping day that I had never experienced at any bridal shop before. I was given the full attention from my consultant the entire time I was there without being smothered to death. What it really comes down to is…you get what you pay for. My advice, pay the try on fee and get to try on countless beautiful dresses in a single shop, you’ll be glad you did! Besides with gas these days you’d spend that much driving from shop to shop anyway and it wouldn’t go towards the price of your dress. more

Terrible Experience! 10/1/2011

I would prefer to give 0 stars. For brides looking to purchase your gowns or bridesmaid dresses here: DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. I first visited last week to check out their variety of bridesmaid dresses for my wedding coming up next year. I found it odd that they did charge a ""registration fee"" of $20 just to try on dresses---keep in mind I already bought my wedding gown 6 months ago so I only needed to look at bridesmaid dresses. Foolishly, I went ahead and paid the fee because they said it can go towards my future purchases. UNFORTUNATELY, that's not the case. I returned this week to ask about some accessories and a color swatch (which was already overpriced at $15). I wanted to make the purchase with my ridiculous fee from the week before. Not only did the owner refuse me but even after I tried to bargain by offering to purchase a number of accessories in addition to the swatch, she just kept explaining that I was ""told already"" that the fee only went towards bridal dresses--which I was not. After going back and forth for quite awhile, I finally left feeling disappointed, cheated, and incredibly dissatisfied. I never raised my voice. I was perfectly reasonable. I originally wanted to purchase bridesmaid dresses from the shop-----but after all that, I will never step into that store ever again. All I wanted was a color swatch to be sure about what I was ordering. The owner/store manager, an older Indian woman, never gave me her name (instead, told me to take a business card that conveniently lacked her name) and was very rude and walked away from this discussion. The entire time I felt like I was talking to a recording of what their policies were, over and over and over again. She was cold, insistent, unfriendly, and unreasonable. For all you brides out there, it's already so difficult to plan a wedding let alone pay for one. The industry would be much better off without business owners out there like this that only cares about taking your money. It's a shame that the only bright spot there were the salespeople who were helpful and far friendlier than the owner---probably the only reason why they stay in business.. more

Worst experience! 9/19/2011

I preferto give 0 stars but citysearch is making me put at least 1!\r I went dress shopping with my Mom who drove in from out of town. I found the most beautiful dress, but the service was horrible! The owner of the boutique stared at me and my mom like we were going to run out of the store with dresses in hand at any moment! This is supposed to be a fun, joyous occasion instead this woman made it miserable! I got the name of the designer and found another shop that carries the same label. Needless to say I am buying from somone else! more

Great Experience! 9/1/2011

I went to Bridal Boutique about 5 months ago and had a brilliant experience. The staff was very nice and courteous. They had limited hours at that time because they were in the process of moving (they are now in Cary where tryon road meets cary parkway), which was a little frustrating for my schedule but they had an amazing selection. They were very hands off and let me browse to my hearts content without constantly bugging me like some of the other places I had been to. Once I had an idea of what I wanted to try on, the bridal consultant was very helpful and answered all my questions. The entire process was very stress free, which is what I was looking for. I just got my dress and tried it on at their new location (which is GORGEOUS and very open) and I LOVE IT. I was able to schedule an appointment for alterations without any problems because they do their own alterations, also something not all stores I found offered. When I was in to try on my dress, I saw bridesmaids dresses from Watters that I love, and they gave 30% off each dress since I have 3 bridesmaids, which is really nice chunk of the dresses for my friends. I couldn't be happier with my experience and hope more people give this place a chance. more

Very poor experience 7/26/2011

My mother drove in from out of town in order to go wedding dress shopping with me. She got in earlier than expected on a Wednesday around 5 pm so we thought we'd try one or two shops near my apartment in Raleigh. I called the Bridal Boutique and asked if it was possible to come in that evening. They said yes but that I had to go to the store in Cary (Bridal Gallery). (I am unsure if Bridal Boutique is closed, if the owners are doing business exclusively out of Bridal Gallery in Cary, if they were too busy that night at Bridal Boutique, or what) My mom and I drove the 25 minutes over to Bridal Gallery in Cary. When we got there, we were told there was a $25 trying on fee! I have never heard of anything like it. You can test drive a car for free. You can try on clothes in a store for free. It was hardly like my mom and I didn't look like we were in the market for a wedding dress. I was shopping that evening and the next day and I was planning to buy a dress (and in fact I did---at the Burlington Bridal Mart the next day---which is where everyone should go because they were so nice and had a TON of selection and great prices---but that is for another review). My mom walked around the store and found a dress hanging up that looked exactly like everything I had been looking for (long lace, not strapless). She asked the lady at the front if she could make an exception and let me try on just this one dress without paying a fee. The answer was no. Then another lady (heavier, middle aged, Indian or Pakistani or other southeast asian) came out and said she was the owner of the store. The dress my mom had found did not have a tag on it. My mom asked who made it and we were told that she couldn't tell us that unless we paid to try it on! WHAT?!!? Every other store is ADVERTISING their designers. My mom asked what it cost (because if it was a deal then maybe it would be worth the $25 trying on fee) and the owner said it hadn't been priced yet but would be between $1300 and $1800. I'm sorry but there is a big difference there lady. Also, your prices are steep---you really expect people to commit to buying from you (she credits your $25 towards the dress if you buy one) without first being able to shop around and try on dresses?! My mom then tried to look in the dress to determine whether it was made with polyester lining or silk lining (again, to decide whether or not this dress was even worth trying on) and the sales lady literally ripped it from my mom's hands. I have never been so shocked at the complete lack of customer service in my entire life. Oh and it wasn't that they were busy---there were three employees in the store (including the owner) and NO other customers. more

Rude! 4/24/2011

I could not believe how rude the store manager was! I took my daughter and two of her bridesmaids there to look for a dress and they were so incredibly rude to all of us. They acted like they were doing us a favor. I would never go back there. I have no idea how they stay in business. more

Friendly Service 10/20/2010

I heard from a friend that all the gowns in the store were 50%. So I ran over as soon as possible. I didnt need and appointment and the girl was very nice on the phone. Once I got there the girl at the front (I think her name was Addy) was very helpful. She seemed like she was really trying to help me find a dress and not get in my wallet. We tried on a couple gown and once we figured out a certain style looked great Addy went and pulled some gowns for me. I fell in love with one by Maggie Sottero but when she told me we couldnt order it bigger b/c it was discontinued I was alittle disappointed, now I see why all the gowns were 50% off. Over all my experience was great, great customer service and help. Only suggestion is have more gowns that can be ordered. Thanks! more

Very Rude 7/19/2010

I called this store with a request to try on/be fitted for a bridesmaid dress for an out of town wedding. I was told that the store did not allow anyone to try on a dress unless they would be purchasing it from the Bridal Boutique. I found this very hard to believe...I would think you could try on dresses at a bridal store. The lady on the phone would not identify herself and then hung up on me. I have read several of the reviews on the website and it seems this lack of service is a common theme. Cons: Terrible customer service more

FABULOUS!! 11/7/2009

I have been shopping for a bridal gown for A YEAR.... no joke. I wish I had stumbled in to Bridal Boutique of Raleigh first. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and time. First of all, it is very upscale, nice selection, great designers like Maggie Soterro and Demetrios, etc. Beautiful gowns. Secondly, I was SO impressed with the service. The two girls who worked there looked young, so I was bit skeptical st first, but they ended up being so wonderful and patient that I wanted to invite both of them to my wedding. I found the most beautiful dress, and I was so happy with the boutique. It was the perfect blend of classy and friendly. Unbelievable! I would recommend my very best friends to come here first. Thank you so much, Bridal Boutique of Raleigh! Pros: Wonderful service, good prices, friendly, awesome staff Cons: um, none more

. . 8/9/2009

.. Pros: .. Cons: .. more

Lack of Communication 5/17/2009

The boutique, first has a great selection of bridesmaid dresses. You can find exactly what you are looking for because they sell many of the popular brands. The pricing was very reasonable for the dress, which was the reason we purchased bridesmaid dresses from the store. We ordered the dresses under the timeframe recommended and they actually came in 1 week before they were supposed to, the trouble occurred when they incorrectly ordered one of the dresses. It needed to be reordered, on the fly. The lack of communication with the dress, timeframe of arrival and shipment of the dress was the difficulty with the store. I was told the dress would arrive within a certain timeframe only to find out after much difficulty that it hadn't been sent out yet. I was told by the owner that it would arrive one day, only to find out on the shipment tracking that the dress was sent out on the day, I was told by the store that it would arrive. I found that the lack of communication and apparent disregard for the sense of urgency with the dress arriving to my bridesmaid 2 weeks before the wedding is the fault of the management with the store which created an unnecessarily stressful situation. I would recommend anyone purchasing anything, check double check and recheck the items ordered, the timeframe to unsure this situation does not occur. Pros: great selection of bridesmaids dresses Cons: lack of communication more

love the help 1/11/2009

Bridal boutique of Raleigh was so helpful when I chose my dress. Other places made me feel like a sale they made me feel like a bride to be for the first time. The sales girl was helpful without being pushy. She made suggestions about what would look good and what didn't. I was suprised when we were both teary eyed over my dress. They do not take appiontments and are packed on Sat. but that was part of the fun. They made me feel like family instead of a visa card. I am buying my bridesmaids dresses there as well. Pros: not pushy helpful and lots of choices Cons: packed on Sat more

very helpful 1/10/2009

I am a bride stationed in Germany. My bridesmaids are all in the army as well. Bridal Boutique of Raleigh helped me to everything from picking to sizing and paying and ordering. Thank you BBR you made this brides life alot easier. Pros: did everything to make my life easy more

Don't give them your business!!! 1/3/2009

I visited the Bridal Boutique of Raleigh twice and was completely disappointed with the service both times. I visited once when they were busy and once when they were not and was treated as if they had no time for me on both times. I came into the store looking for dresses for my bridesmaids. I was never asked if I needed any help and ignored for most of my first visit. My bridesmaids and I attributed this to the fact that they assumed we were not serious about ordering the gowns and were not making any effort to ensure a sale. On my second visit my mother and maid of honor accompanied and we were ignored as well. My mother waited five minutes to ask a bridal consultant a question while she was checking her personal e-mail. I even heard a bridal consultant make rude comments to a customer and tell her she ""did not have time to deal with her right now."" Several other brides in the store left because of lack of service. They were extremely rude and unfriendly. Although they have a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses I like, I will be taking my business elsewhere. If you are looking for a great bridal boutique downtown, I suggest you try Victorian Rose Bridals down the street. Pros: Wide selection of popular designers Cons: Poor customer service, parking more

found my dress 9/19/2008

In a busy world where everything needs an appointment, I was suprised when I went to bridal boutique of raleigh and did not need one. I was expecting to look at dresses. Instead, I tried on a dozen. Came back with my mom and bridesmaids a week later and bought my dream gown. We found my bridesmaid dresses the same day. Thank you Bridal Boutique of Raleigh for making it so easy to find my gown. Your staff was so helpful it made it easy. Pros: great selection helpful staff Cons: parking more

Awesome service in emergency situation 8/4/2008

I cannot thank Manu enough for coming through at the last minute for my wedding. My future sister in law was pregnant when I picked out my bridesmaid dresses. Bridal Boutique was very professional in getting all 8 of my bridesmaids to order their dresses at their own time table. They did not require all of us to come in together or hold their credit card numbers hostage. They let each person choose the size they wanted to order and my future sister in law misjudged how much weight she would gain and ordered a dress that was too small. I knew my finace would be so upset if she wasn't in the wedding and I really did not want a bridesmaid in a different dress. Manu really came through for us and added in a panel in the skirt so the dress fits her! She did an amazing job because it really looks like that was how the dress is designed. They accomodated our short time table in doing the alterations too and made my future sister in law, my fiance and me VERY happy! Pros: willing to work with your schedule, amazing seamstress Cons: parking more

Great Experience 8/4/2008

Bridal Boutique was wonderful to me! I had no idea what I wanted in a wedding gown and went there on 5 different occasions with pictures I printed from different websites and from magazines. They were very patient with me and helped me try on countless dresses! After I tried on the ones I had initially picked out, they found ones that had necklines or skirts that I was looking at. I don't think I would have figured out what looked best on me without thier help! They have a huge selection and let you look through the dresses at your own pace. What I liked best was that they left me alone to think and browse for a bit, something I didn't find anywhere else. I credit finding my maggie sottero dress to them!! Pros: wide selection, low prices, sweet straff Cons: downtown raleigh traffic more


No one in this store knows what's going on and they'll charge your credit card for orders you don't want. I had picked out bridesmaid dresses at the Bridal Boutique of Raleigh on Hillsborough St. I was informed by three different people on three different trips to the store that a particular dress was available in the color I wanted. I found out on my own that the dress was not available in my chosen color. After calling the store and explaining my situation and that I would most likely be going somewhere else to find what I was looking for, they proceeded to charge the credit card of my bridesmaid who had called in to place her order (before we found out we couldn't get what we wanted). I had been informed they wouldn't be placing the order until they had everyone's information. Instead THEY CHARGED A CREDIT CARD FOR A DRESS THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!!!!\r \r There are so many other bridal stores out there, avoid this one because I doubt they'll be in business much longer if they continue this kind of ""customer service"". Cons: Incompetent Staff, Dishonest more

Terrible Service, Even Worse Quality, Don't Do it!! 5/6/2008

I once worked at a dry cleaner years back with Manu (the owner) so I thought since she now had a store and I was getting married and needed minor alterations on my dress that I would use her. BIG MISTAKE! Her employees were rude and she was even ruder! She made me feel terrible because I didn't buy my dress in her store and marked up my alterations (along with my bridesmaids dresses alterations) by 50% because of that reason!?!?!? What? Why? Also my she was supposed to bustle my dress which of course I paid 50% more for but on my wedding day we attached the bustle and it immediatel broke!!! Every picture of me in my wedding has me holding my train b/c Manu didn't do her job. Everything about my experience with Manu and the Bridal Boutique was of poor quality and poor service. I don't think she even likes customers, I seemed to be wasting her time and in her way while I was there for my fitting. IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT USING BRIDAL BOUTIQUE...THINK AGAIN! DON'T DO IT. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE MOST OF US REVIEWS MADE!!!! If I could give negative stars I would! Pros: NOTHING! TERRIBLE ALL AROUND! Cons: Service, Quality, Management, need i say more........ more
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