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Brentwood/nashville Driver

233 Wilson Pike Cir
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(615) 373-5634
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Brentwood/nashville Driver - Brentwood, TN
Brentwood/nashville Driver - Brentwood, TN


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Great course! Very professional. The owner goes out of his way to help you. All my children have gone through Brentwood Driver Training. It was a nice bonus to test for a license ...


A lot of issues we had were cleared up by the owner of the school. He explained how the older movies were shown because they better explained the driving process and the problems ...

Great Course! 9/19/2011

Great course! Very professional. The owner goes out of his way to help you. All my children have gone through Brentwood Driver Training. It was a nice bonus to test for a license while at Driver's Ed. more

great experience, excellent instructors and staff 7/15/2011

My son was never interested in driving, and would not drive with me. I called Brentwood Driver Training and they were quick to help me figure out what was best for him. He attended the classroom course and was walking out on the last day pushing me out of my drivers seat wanting to drive, Thanks Brentwood Driver Training! We had a great experience. ( I saw a couple of angry reviews, but I thought they were caring and professional ) more

I highly recomend this company 7/1/2011

My daughter was afraid to drive a car because she was traumatized from an accident when she was younger. The patient and caring people at this company gave her so much help and encouragement that she was able to get her license and has been a very safe driver. The owner Mr. Lyon was especially helpful and reassuring. I just wanted to publicly thank everyone at Brentwood Driver Training. Everybody told me to go here. I also liked the fact that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! more

DON'T USE! Training's ok, but the personnel are RUDE. 6/17/2011

I'd already trained my elder daughter for a year before my mother asked if she could please pay to send her to this driving school. Wanting to possibly close up any gaps in her driving education that I might have left, I agreed. My mother did all the paperwork and enrolled my elder daughter, who said that she learned absolutely nothing that I had not already taught her. Then, my younger daughter's turn. I tried to do the paperwork myself for this one. I called, as I was going to be very close to their office, to see if I could turn in the registration and money in person. I thought it was a good way to save a stamp, but the girl on the phone said they did not permit people to register in person because it was ""not fair to the people mailing their applications."" I don't really see why not; they are free to come in person as well. I told her the time slot I wanted was very important, as my younger daughter lives in another city and I'd had to schedule the visit to accommodate the classes. She said not to worry, there were plenty of places. I mailed the money and application that same day. Two days later, I get a call that the classes are full. I asked about the other location, and they were also full. I complained about this to the woman with whom I was speaking, who wasn't listening, she was talking to someone else in the room with her, and also interrupted me to tell me, basically, she was too busy to listen to me as she had a stack of other people to call and tell them that their slot was also full. I asked to speak to her boss, and she laughed and said to the other person, she wants to speak to my boss!... still laughing. A man took the phone. He did not identify himself. He said I'd been talking to the owner of the company and would not let me speak without interrupting me. He said I obviously had a serious problem and that he would just tear up my check and application form. Then he hung up on me. Lovely. Obviously, the problem here is that they have so much business that they don't care if they alienate and anger a few of us. As driver training is something you typically do only once (per person), they don't have enough negative word-of-mouth or competition to cause them problems. I hope I'm causing a problem, now. :) more

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY--check out MIddle Tennesse Driver's 6/11/2011

I called to ask a simple question regarding paperwork needed to obtain a permit. Randall, The office manage was obnoxious. The worst phone matters. He screamed at me and then hung up on me. Then, out of the blue, the Owner leaves me an email which was ugly, same behavior as the phone call. He acts like a child calling names. He has sent me 2 ugly emails with the last saying, ""he can't deal with hormonal women"". Woman, Husbands, Fathers and Mothers take NOTE! Run, run very far from this company/ more

I can drive now! 2/16/2011

Ok, Ill admit, I am older than 16 but younger than 21 somewhere in there, I did not know how to drive because i was afraid, i was in a very bad wreck when i was younger and when i called i barely had enough in me not to cry on the phone, the guy on the phone was so nice and told me over the years they have had people like me come in and they leave driving! I attended the saturday classes. although the younger kids thought it was kinda boring, i really actually enjoyed the class and all the videos were really helpful, i LOVED the simulators! for being afraid of behind the wheel those helped me gain confidence. when it was time for me to drive they picked me up at my house which i liked and off i went, DRIVING! it helped they had the other steering wheel because if they didn't i would have been scared. I could go on and on, I'm just so happy i had a great time and can drive now, everyone was so nice!!! more

Highly Recommend 5/17/2010

My daughter learned so much at this driving school that she lets me know what I am doing wrong when I drive. It's a little annoying but comforting to know she is well equipped from everything she learned. Thank you Brentwood Driver Training!! Pros: Valuable information more

They need to be shut down 4/5/2010

My daughter went through their program at her school. The instructors were rude and insulting to all of the girls and they taught the same material every single day. The instructors for the driving portion were nice, however, they encouraged my daughter, who had never driven before, to speed on the interstate. My daughter's school has cancelled all classes with this company and will not use them again, however, Brentwood Driver Training chose to take revenge against the parents by canceling the remaining driver sessions. This place should be shut down. I should also mention, the first and only time my daughter had a driving class with them, the second steering wheel was non operational. It had slipped off of its bike chain. Pros: really, none Cons: unprofessional, cars falling apart, rude management more

Great Place to learn to drive! 10/2/2009

I went to BDT and was very pleased with my experience. The staff was very helpful and made driving much less stressful then learning how to drive from my father. I made some great friends from driving school. It was also very nice not to have to go through the pain of waiting on a driving test at the DMV. It was a definitely a good choice, plus it saved on my insurance! Thanks to BDT I've never had a ticket! Pros: Friendly staff, good instruction, a Great investment more

Excellent Course! 9/30/2009

I took Brentwood Driver Training and even though driver's ed is kind of boring, my teacher actually managed to keep me paying attention. We had a lot of interactive time in class, unlike my highschool classes. Haha, I thought i knew how to drive when I got in the car with my instructor..... I was wrong. In the end I passed and got my driver's license. Thank you Brentwood Driver Training! Pros: Easy to use, very thorough, nice people! more

Best place to learn how to drive! 9/30/2009

Brentwood Driver Training was a very positive experience for me. The people at BDT took the stress out of learning how to drive. Thanks to BDT I've never had a ticket and I saved on my insurance! Pros: Very friendly instructors and great direction on driving more

Fantastic service for teens who need to learn to drive! 9/30/2009

I am a college senior now at Vandy and I drive better than any of my friends. my younger sister's a senior in hs and she has taken the exact course I did. This is totally worth the price. I have yet to have an accident I caused/was at fault for. Pros: Price, people, flexibility, fun Cons: none! more

Great place for students to learn. 6/4/2009

I had a wonderful time going through driver training with this company. Their staff and teachers were great and would even take the extra time to talk to me when I had any sort of questions or concerns. The videos were helpful although old, as in 80s and 90s style. But they did get the message through, at least to me. I did notice that a lot of my fellow classmates didn't quite pay attention like they should have and may have missed out on useful information.\r \r The teacher was awesome. She made sure we were well prepared for the test and knew exactly what to expect on the road with the rules and regulations.\r \r My driver was awesome too. He showed me when I did something wrong and would give me a different way to do it so that I would be more safe behind the wheel of a car. Plus the double set of wheel and pedals made me feel a lot more comfortable.\r \r I feel this company is an asset to our society because of the fact that most public and many private schools dont have a drivers education class for us students to take. Parents are less likely these days to let their 15 year olds behind the wheel of their car and potentially wrecking it or hurting themselves or someone else.\r \r Instead of griping about this company, be grateful it is there. Otherwise you would have to go out and teach your child how to drive.\r \r As for those of you that had a bad experience, I dont see how that is possible unless it was YOU who were the problem. They were very nice and understanding; I even got to speak on occasion to some of the employees that worked in the office and they were more than accomodating. I saw a few people come through the office who weren't so nice to the guy that works at the desk, and I'm afraid to say that the actions of (mostly) the mothers were quite irrational and frankly just rude. He never truly was rude and handled everything in a very professional manner. Maybe you should check your actions and your mouth at the door before you fly off the handle and act immature. \r \r Sometimes the customer is not always right in their actions, but Brentwood Driver Training is a great place with a helpful staff and wonderful insight. I would glady reccommend this company to anyone with a teenager.\r \r \r \r Pros: Service, safety, teaching staff, management. Cons: None. I had a wonderful experience with this company. more

Totally worth the cost! 5/29/2009

I am just finishing my class at Brentwood Driver Training this week and I loved it. I had such a good time learning how to drive and I GOT MY LICENSE! We had 36 hours of training which sounds like a lot, but it went by pretty fast. My classroom teacher was so helpful and answered all my questions. She is a school teacher and also the head of the S.T.A.R.S. program for Williamson County. My in-car instructor James was actually a TEACHER OF THE YEAR for metro schools. What a great staff! I saw a nasty review on here and it wasn't true. I can tell they are just mad because they didn't drive well enough to pass the drivers test. Maybe their parents could have cared enough to practice with them. Even if you don't get your license you still pass Drivers Ed. and get an insurance discount. My parents actually practiced with me. Pros: Wonderful Teachers Cons: No Hendersonville location more

It's a misunderstanding 5/28/2009

A lot of issues we had were cleared up by the owner of the school. He explained how the older movies were shown because they better explained the driving process and the problems with the textbooks were being addressed. Students keep writing obscenities in the books and they are trying to erase them when they can. Pros: dual control vehicles Cons: ?? more

Amazing company!! 4/1/2009

Brentwood Driver Training was absolutely incredible for my daughter. She was in a car accident several years ago and was scared to death of having to learn to drive. In the accident she also incurred a brain injury, and now has a hard time keeping up in school. The instructors and management for this school were incredibly kind to her and gave her extra help in class. The teacher made it a point to make sure she received all of the notes and then set aside time to speak with me after class let out. He highlighted what she needed to work on for me so I would be able to help her study. Let's just say her first attempt at the permit test at the DMV she missed way too many. But thanks to this driver training school's classroom course, she was able to pass! When she got in the car for the driving times her instructor was incredible. He broke everything down for her bit by bit to make sure she would catch on. They even broke their own policy by not charging us ANYTHING when we had to cancel a lesson on short notice. In short: They were great! Pros: Incredible staff, great class, & overly kind instructors Cons: Can't really think of any... more

Pleased everytime (sending 3rd child) 7/14/2008

I have used this company twice already for my childrens Drivers Ed and will be sending my third. They went out of their way to accomodate us and gave special care and attention to my child who struggles with learning. They truly cared about him and that he was safe on the road. Very kind people. My childs driving coach on the road was also a school teacher. I know most of the teachers there are also school teachers. They were professional but also personable. Pros: Give special attention Cons: Classes fill up quickly more

Best driving training, great all around atmosphere. 7/8/2008

I'm 17 now but I took driver training about a year ago with Brentwood Driver Training and I had an awesome experience there. The reason I took the course was to pass my permit test which I failed TWICE at the DMV. I learned a lot about my driving skills and they taught me how to driver safely and correctly. The teacher was so hilarious and it was an all around fun week. At the end I finally passed my permit test thanks to Brentwood Driver Training. I believe everyone should be required to take a drivers training course in order to get their permit or license and these guys are the best!! :) Pros: Great teachers, interesting & informative videos and lectures, they know there stuff Cons: 30 hours in class seems long but it's required. more

Go somewhere else 6/30/2008

The manager was so rude to me this afternoon. when I picked up my child, I asked about the driving after hours. He was immature, unprofressional and upset me with the way I was treated. I told him I called this morning to find out what time class started. He said he didn't care when i called. I asked his name and was told ""Roberto."" He wouldn't give his last name . He threatened to call the police and have me arrested for tresspassing. \r \r My child's driver was very nice to her and I have no complaints there. \r \r more

RUDE MANAGEMENT - some unprofessional instruction - cattle car classroom 6/8/2008

This was our second experience with BDT, and it has gone downhill since our first child went there. This time, the owner was extremely rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful. If this company had any competition, they'd be out of business quickly. The only positive is that the student cars have two sets of driving wheels and brakes. Parents feel it's a safer way for their kids to learn. While most instructors are OK, the one my teenager had was unprofessional, and had the radio blaring, which was distracting and unsafe. The kids got all the test answers from the teacher (who was genuinely nice), and watched boring movies most of the week. I would not recommend this company to anyone, but they know they are the only company in the area with these sorts of training cars, so they can pack kids in there like sardines, take their parents' money, and treat their customers poorly. It was a disappointing experience. Pros: Training cars with two steering wheels and two sets of brakes Cons: Time-filler instruction, over-packed class size, and rude owner more
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