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Brandi's Ma & Paws Grooming - 0 Reviews - 3495 Onyx St, Silver Springs, NV - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (775) 577-2222

Brandi's Ma & Paws Grooming

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3495 Onyx St
Silver Springs, NV 89429
(775) 577-2222
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  • We groom all size dogs . We also offer 5$ nail trims so bring your fur baby's and it will be a tail wagging experience...we love your pets as much as you

    pet grooming
    prices vary due to size
    the brush and bathe and clip your pets to make them look beautiful we also do nails and anal glands and clean ears free pickup and Delivery for Silver Springs Stagecoach area. Pet Beds|Pet Supplies|Pet Medications|Flea & Tick Control Products|All Natural Dog Treats|Pet Clothing|All Natural Dog Treats|Collars & Leashes|Vitamins|Grooming Supplies|Pet Toys|Gift Certificates|Pet Foods|All Natural Products|Maltese Dogs|Small Dogs|Bulldogs|Poodles|German Shepherd Dogs|Doberman Pinschers|Puppies|Pugs|AKC Registered Puppies|Affenpinschers|Afghan Hounds|Airedale Terriers|Akitas|Alaskan Malamutes|American Eskimo Dogs|American Foxhounds|American Staffordshire Terriers|American Water Spaniels|Anatolian Shepherd Dogs|Australian Cattle Dogs|Australian Shepherds|Australian Terriers|Basenjis|Basset Hounds|Beagles|Bearded Collies|Beaucerons|Bedlington Terriers|Belgian Malinois|Belgian Sheepdogs|Belgian Tervurens|Bernese Mountain Dogs|Bichon Frises|Black and Tan Coonhounds|Black Russian Terriers|Bloodhounds|Border Collies|Border Terriers|Borzoi|Boston Terriers|Bouvier des Flandres|Boxers|Briards|Brittanies|Brussels Griffons|Bull Terriers|Bullmastiffs|Cairn Terriers|Canaan Dogs|Cardigan Welsh Corgis|Cavalier King Charles Spaniels|Chesapeake Bay Retrievers|Chihuahuas|Chinese Cresteds|Chinese Shar-Peis|Chow Chows|Clumber Spaniels|Cocker Spaniels|Collies|Curly-Coated Retrievers|Dachshunds|Dalmatians|Dandie Dinmont Terriers|Dogue de Bordeaux|English Cocker Spaniels|English Foxhounds|English Setters|English Springer Spaniels|English Toy Spaniels|Field Spaniels|Finnish Spitzes|Flat-Coated Retrievers|French Bulldogs|German Pinschers|German Shorthaired Pointers|German Wirehaired Pointers|Giant Schnauzers|Glen of Imaal Terriers|Golden Retrievers|Gordon Setters|Great Danes|Great Pyrenees|Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs|Greyhounds|Harriers|Havaneses|Ibizan Hounds|Irish Red & White Setters|Irish Setters|Irish Terriers|Irish Water Spaniels|Irish Wolfhounds|Italian Greyhounds|Japanese Chins|Keeshonds|Kerry Blue Terriers|Komondors|Kuvaszs|Labrador Retrievers|Lakeland Terriers|Lhasa Apsos|Lowchens|Manchester Terriers|Mastiffs|Miniature Bull Terriers|Miniature Pinschers|Miniatu

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    Mon Closed, Tue - Sat 8:00 am - 3:00 pm, Sun Closed