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6268 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 465-3400
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Bowery - Los Angeles, CA
Bowery - Los Angeles, CA
Bowery - Los Angeles, CA


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I had been here before just for drinks, so we decided to have dinner after a movie at the Arclight last weekend. I wasn't expecting anything but your typical bar food and was very...


I will start by saying the ambiance is GREAT. Noisy, but a great vibe, and a great place to get a drink before a movie at Arclight. A mixed drink, or beer...if you enjoy wine, d...

Hollywood Bistro & Brews 2/23/2010

The space is small - it's really a bar doubling as a restaurant - but they somehow manage to get everyone squeezed into the black leather booths and chairs comfortably. The specials, along with a respectable by the glass beer and wine list, line a chalkboard wall which meets a coffered tin ceiling and shiny, white subways tiles which also define the street-side exterior. All in all, it's a classic, chic and masculine space with a clean, anything but antiseptic, East Coast vibe. Bistro lunch standards include a juicy, customizable burger that's nothing short of heaven with a side of their sweet potato fries and a spinach salad that makes me want to clean my plate every time. Seasonal specials include a seared ahi tuna steak cooked perfectly and served with a very complementary corn and black bean relish, and a stand up gazpacho that's great with fans blowing overhead on a warm afternoon. For dinner, the ooules meuni?re are fresh and sweet and even earn a nod of approval from my bloke, which is not an easy feat. If you're in the hood, or catching a flick at the Arclight up the street, this is a great spot to have in your back pocket. more

The Bowery Hollywood - A Burger Scam of Epic Proportions 12/22/2009

This is their claim on the front of their menu, "LA's First Gastropub Located in the Heart of Hollywood and... more

The Bowery Hollywood - A Burger Scam of Epic Proportions 12/21/2009

LAFoodGod Provided by Partner
This is their claim on the front of their menu, "LA's First Gastropub Located in the Heart of Hollywood and Still LA's Best Burger". Those are som... more

Great for Drinks 3/5/2009

My friend and I came here for a drink while we waited for a table at the restaurant next door. The bartender was so nice and talked to us for a while. The place seemed pretty busy. The lady next to us said the food was great, so we promised the bartender we'd come back. But the best part...they had PBR! Any place that has PBR wins an extra point from me!! It was the water of the gods at my Sorority back in school. lol. Pros: PBR more

NY Vibe + great food+ LA location= great evening 6/25/2008

Went with a friend before hitting the Hotel Cafe-- Great little places that has the NYC vibe down pat. Pros: speedy food, nice attentive service Cons: had to send back a chipped glass -- but they returned promptly with a FULL glass more

A good time! 6/10/2008

I had been here before just for drinks, so we decided to have dinner after a movie at the Arclight last weekend. I wasn't expecting anything but your typical bar food and was very pleasantly surprised! We started with the shrimp app and corn fritters app, which were both prepared really well. Then my husband had a burger, which was recommended to him by the bartender, and I had a salad. My salad had this warm bread/melted cheese combo that was very original and yummy. And my husband has been craving the burger ever since we left! I think we ate TOO much because then we sort of fell into food we hung out for a while and had a couple drinks and chatted with the bartender. He was really nice, which is pretty uncommon for this area of town, so for that reason alone we will return. He informed us that the owner had recently opened a new restaurant further down Sunset, an italian place, which we plan on checking out next weekend. All in all, we had a great overall experience and will certainly be back for dinner. Pros: Service and Food Cons: Parking more

Big Bummer-- go next door to Magnolia 6/3/2008

I was really looking forward to dinner there-- we've been searching for a late night spot in Hollywood (other than Magnolia, which we like a lot). I guess it's always a bad sign when the food gets there before the drinks. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger medium. I bit in and got a raw mouthful of beef (and no bacon, btw). I sent it back, it came back extra well done. Rather than send it back a third time, I just started to eat it. The waiter came by and said, ""Better?"" I said, ""Truthfully, no. Look-- "" and I showed him the uniformly grey middle. He said, you want to send it back-- I said, no-- no worries. Then the bartender/manager came over. I was going to let it slide, but the guy was, frankly, a bit of a tool. Not apologetic, but instead saying we tend to undercook our burgers a little because our beef is higher quality. I said, ""OK, but I wanted it medium. If I send it back, shouldn't you then make it medium?"" And he says-- again, not a hint of apology: ""Well, if it gets sent back, we sometimes lean towards overcooking it a little."" So that's there policy?? I said, ""You're a burger place. You're telling me I can't get a medium burger?"" He says, ""Look, I'll give it to half off."" No I was geting a little steamed. I wasn't going to say anything, but now I've spent my dinner with friends arguing with a manager and waiter-- forget it, charge me for it-- but half off? I said, ""Half off?"" He says-- ""Well, you're eating it."" I said, ""Yeah, I didn't want to send it back a third time. It's embarassing."" Then I said, ""Here"" and handed him the plate. Which he just took. And walked away. The irony? They took off the burger from the check, but still charged me $1.00 extra for the bacon-- which I never got. As for the other food, my friends split a salad-- which they said was ""fine,"" but my fiancee's soup was cold (and bland) too. Nice looking place though... Pros: Nice room Cons: Bad food & service, argued with us when we sent it back more

Overall - Meh. But stay away from the battered shrimp. Ick! 5/26/2008

We stopped in for a quick bite and drink before a show at the Arclight. I think most would agree the ambiance is nice. It's a nice little spot. But having said that, our experience while there was so so at best. My friend ordered a drink, which was almost all ice (he drank it in two drinks!). Not okay for a $10 drink. I only wanted a small bite to eat. I ordered their beer battered prawns. They were just AWFUL! I've had beer battered shrimp before. They should have a light batter and deep fried to make them nice and crispy. These were drowning in batter, greasy and soggy. I began taking the breading off to find the shrimp. After eating the shrimp and leaving all the breading, my plate looked just as full as when I got it. The homemade tartar sauce was good though. Our waiter was jovial, if maybe a little overly so. (A bit weird for a waiter to be THAT touchy feely with everyone). So, overall, this place was meh. I'd probably go again if it's before a show, but maybe just get a glass of wine. more

Be here now 2/23/2008

My friends took me here for my birthday, and what a treat. Wine was pouring, great music, and lots of fun. more

Addicted after one night 2/23/2008

This place was awesome. Weny over for dinner and drinks - the burger was phenomenal and the service was great, especially considering how busy it got. Best martinis I've had in a while. Pros: Food, Service, Ambiance more

The feeling of New York, included being crowded! 11/24/2007

My friends and I stopped into The Bowery one night just to check out the place. We got seated up in the window which was nice, because the rest of the place was a bit on the claustrophobic side. The service was good, especially given how packed the place was. I'm betting its a great place when it's not so busy. All in all though we had a good time, especially laughing along (or at) the neighboring tables antics. more

Great Comfort Food, Beer with New York Attitude 10/26/2007

New York, New Yawk. LA is so not New York. But if you're like me, I bet you kinda wish LA had a bit of that Big Apple-ness every now and again. A bit of the close city livin', less of the sprawled out neighborhoods. Enter The Bowery. Tiled and reminescent of a NYC subway, albeit waaay more clean--and with beer!--The Bowery is my favorite New York-esque hangout on the left coast. Sure, all of the tables and booths are situated on top of one another, but it's still pretty great for any occasion. It's both an after work drink spot and a place to grab a quick snack before your flick at the Arclight two blocks over. They have a giant selection of beer and wine listed on a chalk board near the bar, and their menu is stocked with comfort food. The burger, while insanely messy, is a major bonus. And, as a cheese lover, they've got plenty of ""normal"" and ""fancy"" varieties to smother it in. The best, though, is the mac and cheese. I have made it my mission to try all the mac and cheese in L.A. With a sizeable portion, crunchy top and a cooked-to-creamy-perfection center, The Bowery's mac ranks in my top three, friends. This is the stuff. Pros: Mac & Cheese, Burgers, NYC Vibe Cons: Boring Servers more

We won't be back. 10/1/2007

I will start by saying the ambiance is GREAT. Noisy, but a great vibe, and a great place to get a drink before a movie at Arclight. A mixed drink, or beer...if you enjoy wine, don't order it here. Our server knew nothing about wine (and was a bit rude about it, and made it out that we were too picky because we DO know a lot about wine and asked for details about the wine other than ""I like that one"") and out of 4 wines we tried, only one of them was kind of ok. The server was also a bit aloof and condescending, particularly to me, and even if the food was fantastic, none of the 4 of us will ever come back because of that. I would have spoken to a manager but I didn't want to miss a movie at Arclight. My partner's entree was excellent (Pork with Lentils) and my friend's hamburger was apparently great also. I was unfortunate in ordering a proscuitto salad (a special)...the salad itself was mediocre at best, but the procuitto was inedible (passed it off to the boys despite my hunger). It was CRISP, extremely salty, and tasted like overcooked turkey bacon. Just aweful. I just got back from Europe, and while I never expected the same standards, that isn't what a guest expects when ordering proscuitto, and I would have liked to know that ahead of time. There also was only had one option for fish, and almost everything else was red meat. In the future, we'll take our money elsewhere. I left mad and hungry, and that won't happen again. Pros: Ambiance Cons: Food and Service more

Institution already 8/3/2007

We started going to Bowery when it first opened a couple of years ago. Still great food, still friendly, still cool. Seems as though a slew of new places are attempting imitation, but no go. There's many reasons it's so popular. I don't hesitate to say that I come here at least once a week and I don't think that will change anytime soon. Oh, and the burger is the best in the city. The waits we can deal with. Pros: Burger, Service, Beer and Wine List, Lots of Liquor Cons: Hard to get seats when crowded more

Great space but a bit over-rated 8/1/2007

I've heard lot's about this very popular restaurant and have tried on several evenings to get in. Finally I did and was a little dissapointed. Bartender (a big strapping red headed fellow who belonged on a rugby team!) was very cool, and he may have been the manager too. Server looked like he could care less about being there and most of the food came out wrong. Big Red was nice enough to offer one of the burgers that was way over cooked at half price, but all and all not worth the wait. Wine was pretty good and the space is very cool. Maybe just a bad day... Pros: Cool vibe and good looking crowd Cons: The wait and a bored waiter more

Yummy and a Movie 5/16/2007

The perfect choice for any night of the week is a bowery burger or short ribs followed by a flick at the arclight. Cool but no bs place has great food and chill staff. more

good burgers, bad attitudes 5/15/2007

As long as you order one of their burgers and manage to avoid the downright offensive treatment by the wait staff, you should really enjoy yourself. My friends and I all really loved the atmosphere. They did a magnificent job with the simple black and white subway tiled walls and bistro style tables and stools. The drinks were quite good, the burgers were excellent, served on English Muffins. My friend seemed less than satisffied with her salad, and she barely finished half of it. It looked very half assed, like someone just tossed a bag of greens in a bowl, put some other odds and ends in it, and then sent it out. The only aspect of the experience that would cause us to hesitate to return was the horrendous attitude that our waiter gave us. We couldn't tell if he was trying to be cute or what his deal was, but we couldn't find any humor in the way he talked to us. In fact, we were really shocked and uncomfortable. Too bad. Pros: food, atmosphere Cons: staff more

A Bite of Heaven... 5/1/2007

I'd heard only good things about The Bowery, so I wasn't surprised at the great service or cozy atmosphere. What really got me hooked though - the best burger of my life. Seriously. Thick and juicy, on a toasted little English muffin, with an assortment of delectable toppings, I find myself longing for a Bowery burger on hungry, lonely nights ;) Seriously, it's that good. more

Cheers to good service 4/23/2007

Came here around 11 or 11:30 on a Saturday night. Sat at one of the open small tables. Had a tasty bar-fried snack. The beer and wine menu is small but has a good range of selections. Beers go from Chimay to PBR. Liquor range is fairly extensive. Space is a bit small, but seats many for the size. We spanned two servers, and both of them were exceptionally nice and attentive. I expect to come back. Pros: Service, Ambience, Drink Selection Cons: Small Space more

10 Years in Hollywood and now the good life 3/4/2007

If I come here anymore I will become a burger and a Chimay. We are obsessed with the Bowey burger, baby lamb chops, and steak & fries. Unreal and so not expensive. I like the restaurant next door too, but no competition. Thank you to whoever made this all happen. Pros: Burgers and Beer and lots of liquor Cons: Having to wait for a seat more
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  • In Short
    Located just east of Sunset + Vine, this smartly styled brasserie-cum-saloon--sister restaurant to pizzeria/bar Delancey--infuses the area with another dose of Lower-Manhattan...

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