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Bottino's Supermarket of Washington Township - 25 Reviews - Hurffville Crosskeys, Sewell, NJ - Catering Reviews - Phone (856) 582-6330

Bottino's Supermarket of Washington Township

Hurffville Crosskeys
Sewell, NJ 08080
(856) 582-6330
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I have my orders delivered and this is great, since I don't drive.Delivery orders have been excellent and the people in the computer room are very courteous & helpful when they a...

my favorite supermarket 8/4/2013

I spent 35 years working in supermarket industry and find Bottinos to be top long as you pay attention and do your due diligence. Have shopped at Bottinos for close to 15 years; have returned exactly 2 items.....meat is excellent , produce is typical ShopRite which means go to Duffield's. more

Bad produce and expired items 10/14/2012

The produce is very bad. Bagged cauliflower already black on the shelf. Grapes very soft and old. Watch out for the expiration dates on items, many are already past their dates. more

Bad security 12/23/2011

Security wrongfully accused my friend of shoplifting, a loyal customer, which was an honest mistake. Item was not on her possession, but in the cart underneath her pocketbook in the child seat. Didn't want to hear an explaination. harrassed & threatened her until she was crying. Security gave her option of cops, handcuffs and court or $150 cash without a receipt. He accepted what ever cash she had in her pocketbook, which was less than $150. I will NEVER shop here again. How unfair. That security guy should be fired. I will shop at Acme. They need to learn how to treat their customers. more

BRAVO! 12/15/2011


quality slipping 5/31/2011

I have my orders delivered and this is great, since I don't drive.Delivery orders have been excellent and the people in the computer room are very courteous & helpful when they ask for subs. but lately produce hasn't been up to par.I'll give another try & hope its better. more

Produce lacking and other items 3/31/2011

I was there last weekend and I have to say whoever is in charge of the produce needs to be fired! The vegs were not fresh, parsley was so limp and yellow it was ridiculous, and has anyone checked out the grape tomatoes; no wonder they are on "sale"; veg shelves were not stocked and those broccoli crowns look so unappealing and what is up with all the GREEN bananas - Yuck! I'll go to Duffield's much fresher produce! I agree with a previous comment about the cashiers - they are chit chatting way too much and not paying attention to me the paying customer, NOR do they BAG!!! That's ok though they don't know how to do it anyway. Oh yeah and the meat department people are WAY TOO RUDE!!!!! You ask them a question and get a condescending answer - I don't need it! The store manager or at least I think it's the mgr. walks around as if he's lost and it takes them forever to open up some more lanes when the lines are long and bogging up the shopping aisles. Poor management. There isn't much of a selection as far as food stores go, so I guess we are stuck. Acme always smells like those rotisserie chickens they cook and it is not a desirable smell. I did hear a few years back about a Wegman's coming to Twp over on Fries Mill Road, but that fizzled away - I wonder why too much competition for Bottino's? I want a Wegman's or something of a higher caliber then maybe stores like this would bump up their service, food items and selection and management. And people don't even dare step into the Shop Rite of Glassboro - the clientele there leaves MUCH TO BE DESIRED!!! Rude, Rude, Rude!!! more

Store is the worst 1/17/2011

Bottinos is one of the worst stores I've ever been to. The service is way less than desirable. The only reason they have customers is because it is convenient and Acme is more expensive. If there were any other options in Township they would go out of business! more

resident of twp 11/28/2010

I go to both Bottino's and Acme, usually because of what is on sale that week. But I have to say that for the last 6 months or so I have been going less and less to Bottino's because of the staff. I know that the kids want a job for after school and the weekends....but...I can't stand it when I go shopping and stand in the line and have to listen to the kids talking to each other of "the lastest gossip" and their "complaints" of the previous customer! And the on top of it... not be greeted when it is my turn to pay and act like I am not even there! My complaints to the managers seem to not be important, it is usually stated that "what can we do, they are kids"...Sorry, in my opinion, they need to be told that they are being paid to do a job and that their "yalking" should be while they are on break and/or when they are of the property. Every once in a while I go in to see if things have changed and to my keeps getting worse. Sorry Bottino's I feel much more valued at Acme... more

Favorite Shoprite!! 9/29/2010

I live in glassboro currently, but previously lived in washington twp for 22 years. I drive to Washington Township's shoprite any time I need anything from the grocery store. I went into Glassboro's Shoprite one time, and it will be the last time. Washington Twp's is much cleaner and neater, the prices are much better, and everything is always in stock. I LOVE this shoprite!! -Christina Glassboro,NJ more

the sewell worst period 8/28/2010

i live down the street for 6 yrs and drive right past it and go to walmart the store is staffed is jerry springer level and the seafood is solid frozen from who knows where the store has outdated food all over i agree we need a whole foods or a king from north jersey they look at you like they are doing you a favor the whole store needs to go to charm school more

bottino's going down the tubes 7/24/2010

only go there for location. have taken back too many food items that are spoiled or out dated. if you shop there you must check date on all merchandise. this is one store that does not rotate it's stock. another thing i don't like is that they are not consistant with supplying the same merchandise. god forbid they have a sale on one item, the usual stock is off the floor. actually buy any detergents or laundry items at target because bottino's is way overpriced. more

Can't even get a call back 4/29/2010

Love the store, but have asked several times for them to carry Nature's Pride Healthy Multigrain. They keep telling me they will talk to Wonder and call me back. The call never comes, except one call to tell me they had a loaf if I wanted it. I want it on my shopping days!!!! Duh! more

class trip 4/25/2010

lauren (human resourses) gave our classroom (special needs) a great tour of the store. It was a first for them and they LOVED it...She also gave them desert and juice at the grand cafe! Thank You Lauren! more

My favorite Supermarket 2/19/2010

This is my favorite Grocery store ever. I love the personnel and they feel like family. I know many by first name cause I shop here 2-3 times a week. The store is always so neat and clean (not like the Shoprite in Glassboro) and the sales and regular prices are the best. I am very thankful for thisa store... more

bad foods 1/10/2010

the only reason i go to bottinos, is acme's more expensive. their products are not the best, their bread, fish & cheese are horrendous.there is a smell of fish & bleach when u get near that counter. the other day i purchased tide $10. when i got home, wasn't in my car or in my house. called cust. service. a man says "i got it, it's right here." 2 days later, went 2 cust. serv. w/receipt. said wasn't there. then they told me, security has me on film walking out w/cart & tide in it. i went back a 2nd time. they said the same thing, spoke to mgr. he said same thing. should have asked to see the film. have no idea where the box of tide could have gone. you might think the mgr., just to promote good will, he would have given me the tide or my money back. told him would never shop there again. he didn't care. wish there were a higher up to complain to. jo de salvo, sewell nj more

Great store 12/16/2009

This store is fantastic! Always find what I need in the same aisle. Never smelled bad fish, but if you are shopping near the seafood department obviously you will smell something but nothing to be alarmed about. The negative: The people with a sense of entitlement that are TOWNIES and will never be satisfied. You might get run into with a cart by a TOWNIE. Overall, a great store with wide aisles, wide selection, fresh food. Also, the employees have been nothing but over and beyond nice when I shop there. more

TOO GOOD 12/11/2009

Good: THE OWNERS N STAFF are too dam nice they put up with a lot of crap from the TOWNIE'S ....alot of nasty arogant south philly transplants lot of the customers do not appreciate the STAFF an quality n the friednly family service of the store !! THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT ......but they take all the crap with a SMILE !! THE BEST AROUND !!!! CHEER'S. Bad: JUST SOME OF THE RUDE CUSTOMER S U RUN IN TO THERE. Improvements: MAYBE some bulk food items !!. Other: THE BOTTINO FAMILY ROCK's wish there were more BOTTINO's in busisness today !!. more

Online at Bottino's 8/11/2009

I am an older customer who uses the online service each month for large order and it is great. Girls are knowledgeable and courteous. I high recommend it and find I can usually make up the $10 with the use of coupons. more

We need a wholefoods 7/14/2009

Good: Location from my house. Bad: The place stinks, of fish and bleach, management is never helpful, show nasty attitudes. Their meats are tough and faty, what grade it must be; they sale it as choice, must be right at the legel line. Many times the food goes bad too fast, they must tinker with the expiration dates. Improvements: For them to move, get a wholefoods or Genardies in its place.. more

gross 3/31/2009

this store is terrible. the whole place stinks like seafood, and anytime we have gotten seafood there it tastes fishy. the produce goes bad in 1 day. all of it. and expensive. their "italian specialties" taste like chef boyardee. stay away more
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