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Bosquez Lourdes R Md

9006 Forest Xing Ste C
Spring, TX 77381
(281) 364-9884
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I have been receiving mental health services on and off for about 17 years. The first time around, went the standard medication and therapy route without much success. A few years...


Dr. Bosquez is excellent and has helped my 5 year old daughter tremendously. However, the front office staff is very unprofessional and I can no longer take it. If you expect go...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2013

When it comes to Neuro-Endocrinology, Dr. Bosquez absolutely has help me and two of my loved ones. After seeing one of my loved ones suffer from depression for close to 20 years Dr. Bosquez was quickly able to get her on an even balance and help remove any thoughts of suicide which had torture her for close to 35 years. My own diagnoses was eye opening and I knew right away that the many specialists I had sought help from were blinded by their focus to their own specialty while Dr. Bosquez pegged a whole system issue that each of the specialists had missed. Thank you Dr. Bosquez. You have made a huge difference for me and my two loved ones. As a patient of yours I can trust that you see my wholeness and can address multiple issues... I wish you could be my PCP because with your attention to detailed, yet broad understanding of the brain, organs and glands interactions, it is amazing how fast you had me feeling truly well! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2013

Awful experience. At first she seemed willing to help. The one appointment before the last was a disaster. She was very rude, un-polite and unprofessional. I mentioned I felt the med wasn't working, and suddenly got upset. Never let me finish talking when I spoke to her during that visit. I knew the office visit ended, just because the stepped out of the office without saying a word and left me talking inside the room. Also, when I went to get the prescriptions from the receptionist, I noticed a name different from the previous meds I got, so I asked the lady and she went and asked the Dr.. To my surprise, she came to me very upset and rudely took the prescription from my hands and went back to her office. A few minutes later she came back with the generic prescription which she had been prescribing me in the past. Then she told her secretary in front of me -pretending I was not there : ""I told her like 4 times what was this med and how to take it!"". AND THIS WAS NOT TRUE!!! She did not tell me about the med name change, nothing. I left the office that day with my anxiety level to the max., and crying. Isn't she supposed to help you to achieve the opposite???? I made one more appointment with her hoping I could resolve the issue and to politely let her know how disappointed I was with the last visit. To my surprise, she did not even apologize and accepted anything I said. She continue being soooo rude. I decided to stop seeing her. I requested my medical records so I could go to another dr.. She said they would be ready within 2 weeks. Never received them until now. Seriously thinking to file a complaint with the medical board against her. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/19/2013

Hi,\r I would recommend this Doctor to anyone,\r When I visited Her the first time we diagnosed My problem,\r tryed a few things till we got it right.\r Dr Bosquez is a busy no nonsense Dr. that is more than willing to go a 110% if you are smart enough to articulate you problems.\r When I sit in Her waiting room waiting for My appt. I truly feel sorry for Her as it seems that there are many people there that don;t have a clue why,,,,they are there.\r You work with Her and I guarantee She will do Her best.\r The problem with our society is we want steak and ale treatment on a burger king budget.\r Help the woman out, she has spent 25 years in medical school and is just trying to do Her best and provide for Her family as we all are.\r She also votes the way I do!!!!\r Love the Doc.. couldn't ask for a better Doctor. !!! more

Dr. Bosquez has turned my life around 3/1/2013

I once defended her and her staff like crazy....I was APPAULD at what people said.....RUN RUN RUN away from this doctor as fast as you can. Myself and MANY others that see her have a new doctor and it's a WORLD of difference!! BEWARE!!! What people write is IS TRUE! if you don't see it now you will!!! RUN!!\r \r Pros: She truly cares and is knowledgeable, and her staff is focused! Cons: The same as any other doctor's office! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/25/2012

Well i have a lot to say i had a horriable experience with her and her staff !! I called for an appointment and got lost called 5 mins after my appiontment time and they charged me $100, i only pay 55 wih co-pay!! i decided to put that aside and she what she was all about maybe it was just the staff, umm i was wrong. all these other people say she listened NO!!! she didnt smile one time or say hi nothing sat down an read over chart for abour 5 mins then said oh, ytour a new patiance i'm Dr..... as she mubbled the rest. She keep pushing the fact thaqt i need to tae drugs. And asked me what do i mean we i say i need counseling? hello you do have a masters right? WOW all i can say is im not here to point fingers i just dot want anyone in need of mental problem to get that much mure frusterated with the doc. Sh is very rude and un friendly. while being ""evualted"" it was very akward and cool in her offic. i hated it and will never eve go back!!!! more

Pill Pusher and Bad At It 2/13/2012

Dr. Bosquez will give you any pills you ask her for; with not so much as a check-up or questions about your medical history. She then wants to prescribe more and more prescriptions and higher doses. Several times she dosed me so high that I had major problems from the doses - from months of agonizing hives to severe agitation. When I called her office in distress, just before leaving on a trip with family, knowing something was wrong with my dosage, she never returned the call, even though I left numerous messages. Later, when I came to her office and complained about it, she forced her longsuffering office person to come to the room. She said to her, ""Apologize to Mrs. ---."" She was blaming her own incompetence on her receptionist and forcing her to make some bogus apology. When I wasn't buying it, she stated offhandedly that she knew I was upset because ""you didn't get enough of your mother's attention."" Yes, I kid you not. This is after she had known me for at least 6 years. I had returned to her as a patient and was a loyal patient all of that time, staunchly defending her to my therapists who questioned her methods, and whose calls she never returned for them either... That day was really the last straw. I have never met a doctor like her. She only cares about you to a point. It's a wonder she still has a license. A horrible experience. more

Excellent Doctor 11/15/2011

I have been receiving mental health services on and off for about 17 years. The first time around, went the standard medication and therapy route without much success. A few years back, after some stressful job situations, decided to seek help once again. Started with my primary care who wrote me a script and referred me to a counselor. The results were mixed I believe due to an incorrect diagnosis. The treatment plan was not right because I had a different condition.\r \r Went thru two years of seriously difficult times. Gained 50 pounds. Decided to change my primary care so used that as a opportunity to seek another provider for my MH meds. Made an appt with Dr Bosquez.\r \r The ladies at the desk are very friendly and helpful. \r My first meeting with Dr Bosquez was good. She really listened to what I was experiencing trying to determine what issues I was dealing with. She asked me to tell her how I was feeling....what was going on in my mind.\r \r After two meetings she made a diagnosis which made a whole lot of sense. The pieces are starting to fit together and I am hopeful of this new direction and thankful to Dr Bosquez. \r \r I recommend her highly. more

Good Doctor Horrible Staff and Service 3/10/2011

She is a good doctor with horrible staff, they never pick phone up and if you call in to cancel or leave message they never acknowledge and will charge you for cancellation next time you go in. They will not refill your prescription and will try to hold you hostage unless you pay the ransom. I have nothing against the Doctor but the staff here is really more like a debt collection agency workers. more


I can only say to those of you who would dare say a bad word about DR.Bosquez I wish we could bash our differences out in the ring because you are so wrong my friend so wrong!! I have been going here for atleast 7 years and have never have or herd of anything bad about Dr.Bosquez infact she has worked with me several times when my insurance changed or stoped paying or what ever the matter may be this Dr. went way above her call and duty she didnt even think twise just said dont worrie we will take care of it later never once have I ever felt I wouldnt be taken care of on a proffesional level buy Dr.Bosquez or any staff they become to know you and make you feel real comfortable. For me being a 38 year old male Ive been dealing with this along time and have been threw alot of Dr.s I can say Dr.Bosquez saved my life,my marrage,and me being with my 3 children.Now she saves my life everyday just for being there for me and also my son .And those of you who complain about waiting let me tell you a true story that happin to me one time.I was at Bosquezs office for my visit and was like a half hour past my visit and everyone elses.And everybody was getting mad and when they called me into her office and I found out one of her patients commited suicide rite then thats why she was like WOW! I thought to myself what a load this Dr carrys around this has to be one the worst day of the Drs life and im bitchen about a half hour and she is still gona see us and I know from deep down Dr.Bosquez truly is one of the very few Dr.s out there left that do care and do still work for the patients hands down she is the best strait TOP NOTCH!!!!! Love and Respect Shad Sr. more

Feeling hopeful now 10/19/2010

After one and a half years of visiting several psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, I was so relieved when I found Dr. Bosquez. \r \r I am feeling more hope now about my depression/anxiety. She has taken the time to really listen and not just prescribe meds. She communicates with you instead of typing the info you are saying into a laptop. She acts like she cares, instead of you feeling like you're a burden and just another crazy patient. \r \r Each time I have visited the staff has been extremely helpful and professional. \r \r I highly recommend Lourdes Bosquez and hope that others are able to meet her so she can help them like she is helping me! \r \r more

do you believe in angels? 9/13/2010

I have a patient of Dr. Bosquez since February of 2.010.\r I decided to attend her consultation due to overwhelming feelings that I was experiencing on having lost control on every situation I was facing by that time. I felt sad and dissapointed. I still had hope, however, I felt nobody was able to help me.\r She not only took the time to ask me what were my concerns and problems and how I felt about them, she gave me the option of taking or not taking medicine to improve my well being.\r she explained the reasons (scientifically, and psycologically) on why was I supposed to take medicine, the pros and cons of having medicine and the impact they would have in my life.\r She has been to me, an angel that God sent me to heal my wounds and give me the strenght to know that the will power and hope are the first two ingredients to recover your life back.\r You are the only one who can change a situation that you are not willing to take anymore.\r As human beings, everyone and each one of us is capable of change. Is up to you to fight for what you want ,and don't quit on what you believe. Nobody is able to take that from you, but yourself.\r I absolutely recommend her as a doctor. She will not forget about small details that will make all the difference on being just a ""number"" or a ""friend-patient"" that is heard and valued.\r more

Stay away from this doctor 7/14/2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Boszquez's for 10 years. During the whole time, I was appalled at how unprofessional her practice is run. She sometimes asks me if I am still taking medications that I took 7 or 8 years ago because she never keeps her medical records up to date. Therefore, if you need a prescription refill (which costs $10 per script) she will often request an appointment because her records show that you are taking a dosage that you took months or even years ago. When you do get a prescription refill, you had better check to make sure it's right because it usually isn't. On more than one occasion, I have taken a script for the wrong dosage to the pharmacy causing the insurance company to be billed for hundreds of dollars. Her staff is also extremely unprofessional. Sometimes I will call for a week before someone will even answer the phone. Also, I will leave several voicemail messages during that period which are seldom (if ever) answered. I end up having to chain-call them (every 15-30 minutes or so) before they finally answer. In addition, they always ask me what kind of medication and dosage that I am taking when I ask for the refill, as if they don't have any records. I kept with Dr. Bosquez for so long because I was afraid of new testing and I was so dependent on the medication and heavy dosages that I couldn't afford to be without it. If you do choose to use Dr. Bosquez, be aware that it is a hassle to get anything done and you'll probably want to start calling a week or two weeks in advance. I do not recommend her. Cons: Poor staff and Poor Service more

Dr. Bosquez is an Amazing Doctor! 6/22/2010

For all of you non-believers read on: My mother had elective aneurysm surgery and the week afterwards, she had two strokes. Subsequently, she was in a coma for three weeks. Finally, she awoke and was not able to eat or drink food. I took her to all sorts of doctors: family, internal medicine, gastroenterologist, ears, nose and throat specialist, etc. and NO ONE could explain why she could not swallow hardly anything. Her regular doctor was just about ready to put a feeding tube in her stomach. I decided to take her to one more doctor, which was Dr. Bosquez and all she did was look at her and hear her story and she knew immediately what was wrong and believe it or not, my mom was able to eat a full meal the very next day! Dr. Bosquez saved my mom in so many ways. Saying thank you just doesn't seem enough when you look at my mom now. Dr. Bosquez is a very smart woman and she CAN create miracles! Pros: Her many years of experience more

Concern about this Dr. 3/29/2010

When we first started seeing Dr Bosquez we never had much of a wait and she seemed to listen. We started off with 2 prescriptions, then 3, then more and more. The wait time in the waiting room began to increase, and she began to seem more and more rushed to get us out of her office. At first I attributed it to just an off day, but then it continued, and appointments were every 2 weeks. My teenager began telling me that the medications weren't working. She made an attempt to discuss this with Dr Bosquez and was pretty well shot down. So I told my teenager to make a list and present it in a factual manner to Dr Bosquez.. She did this and was still shot down.Then my husband went in with our teenager and that was the final straw, again she wouldn't listen to my teenagers concerns and she was extremely rude to my husband. I made an appointment with another Dr, with a 2 month waiting list. We ended up having to take her to a mental hospital. New Dr. New medications and doing incredibly better. Wish I had made the switch much sooner. Feel she is about making her money as quickly and as easily as she can. Pros: Can always get an appointment on short notice Cons: spends maybe 10mins with patient more

Vile Repulsive Pill Pusher 2/8/2010

The positive reviews are most likely written by patients who seek only prescriptions rather than help from a professional. You dont have to spend too much time with her to realize that all she wants to do is medicate you. She has absolutly no concern for you or your condition...None. if you tell her you still have a problem she does not want to hear about it she instantly says that she will give you a different script. She does not have time to talk to you about your problem (isn't that what she is supposed to be there for?). Her Staff will not speak to you on the phone. She had to cancel my appt once for ""Personal Reasons"" and her staff tried to charge me $85 for missing my appt and another $10 to get a prescription because she couldnt be there to give it to me !!!. Her primary concern is not the patient but the dollar..She once asked me if i speak Spanish and when i responded ""no"" she said "" Too bad in this city you should take the time to learn it"" She is arrogant, Rude and rushes you out of her office... All she really is, is a drug dealer with a licence...Stay away...Stay FAR AWAY !!! Pros: You get to laugh at her bad Plastic Surgery Cons: She is one step above a Witch Doctor more

Finally - answers for my angry 8 year old 1/11/2010

Dr. Bosquez was a God-send for us. My son has other issues as well as anger management and she was able to connect all the dots. This was something I had always suspected, but till I found her, no one agreed with me. We had dealt with several other birth defects and I always felt his anger issues were related. She immediately had specific testing done that showed her exact diagnosis. She was even telling me things that he would do- her experience with this problem was right on the money. I left the first visit feeling that we were on the right track.\r \r I had brought up his anger and defiance to the pediatricians and the surgeons who corrected the birth defects, but they not experts in this field and were never able to witness an episode. The episodes were pretty much only at school and many of our relatives had never seen him act that way. We are now on meds and his melt-downs have diminished and he even seems to be able to stop them on his own. He is really becoming happy and more confident now that we have the right answers, meds, and care. Thank you for everything Dr. Bosquez! Pros: Really understood our problems Cons: Lots of other patients- busy practice more

Best doctor around town 8/20/2009

I have been seeing Dr.Bosquez for three years, after I was over prescribed by another doctor. \r My initial reaction was that she was very brash, and inflexable. After going to her for a few months, I found her just the opposite. She is excellent with medications, cut down my medications considerbly.\r I have never felt better. Pros: knows what she is doing more

Dangerous Doctor 3/21/2009

If you are reading the negative reviews of Dr. Bosquez and are still bringing your child to see her, you are crazy. Our experience echos all of the other negative reviews from the misleading insurance practices to the medication mix-ups to the unprofessional office staff. I am reporting her to the Texas Medical Board next week. We are lucky our child wasn't seriously harmed by this incompetent and uncaring physician. RUN quickly away from this doc!!! \r \r PS I also don't understand after writing some of these negative reviews, that those people would give her three stars. If there was a way to select ""no stars,"" I would do it. Pros: We got in quickly (no wonder) Cons: incompetent and uncaring more

A Great Psychiatrist 1/11/2009

Dr. Bosquez is one of the most attentive, competent, and professional psychiatrists I have ever come in contact with. Her ability to actively listen to issues and customize a problem specific treatment regime is incomparable to any I have experienced. She makes me feel as if I am the only patient that she has. As a patient I feel that I can tell her anything without her taking offense and feeling insulted. If a medication is not ?agreeing? with me and side effects may be too extreme for me, I am very comfortable letting her know. Her humbleness allows her to change treatment regimes to fit MY needs while still being very effective in my treatment progression. She is a medical profession that really listens and cares. Dr. Bosquez is able to bring medicine and psychiatry down to my level, which is not common amongst medical professionals. A patient?s thorough understanding of their illness and treatment regime is an integral component of treatment success and being able to live a happy, healthy life. I highly recommend Dr. Bosquez to anyone looking for a great psychiatrist with a track record of success. Pros: Professional and Compassionate more

Excellent for med management psychiatry 12/23/2008

Excellent management of meds, knowledgeable about meds. She says ""if you don't follow your doctors instructions then your treatment wont work"" so if you can't handle the meds, tell her about it, she'll work with you to adjust them to make you comfortable. In my case she over a short period of time got me into a medicine regime that I truly feel better on and can tolerate easily. Pros: nice, professional service Cons: expect some wait more
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