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Borough Food & Drink - 44 Reviews - 12 E 22nd St, New York, NY 10010-6111, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 260-0103

Borough Food & Drink

12 E 22nd St, New York, NY 10010-6111 (at Between Broadway and Park Avenue)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 260-0103
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The reviewers have been really hard on this place! I have been there twice and felt compelled to stick up for it. My friends and I had an amazing meal, had an awesome time at th...


We just got back from dinner with a party of four on a Saturday night and were quite disappointed with the food. While we liked the concept and homey, friendly feel of the restau...

AVOID! Go to TGI Friday's Instead 5/21/2008

I would've been disappointed with this food if I got it at Applebee's. The chicken wings and calamari were the possibly the worst I've ever had- fried beyond recognition. Everything was overpriced. The only thing we ordered that they got right was the beer and the pickle that came with the burger. One positive: you don't have to wait for a table- there's no one there. more

Great Food, Great Service! 5/2/2008

The reviewers have been really hard on this place! I have been there twice and felt compelled to stick up for it. My friends and I had an amazing meal, had an awesome time at the bar, and then had a great brunch there the following weekend. Hands down best brunch menu ever! The mac & cheese dish is amazing!! The staff was extremely accomodating and the service was incredible. I think this location finally has a winner and I will definitely be back. I think I also might plan my friends birthday there. Overall a great experience!! Pros: Food and Service Cons: Nothing more

Below Average Food 3/29/2008

I was not impressed. My salmon entree (recommended by the waiter to be the one of his favorite) was bland and very average. We ordered the dessert sampler and even though I am a sugar fiend and will love almost anything (i.e., I am very easy to please in the dessert department), all of the featured desserts in the sampler were tasteless! I thought this was not possible but this place managed it!! I like the idea of using NY ingredients but if the food is not up to par, who cares?! Avoid! Cons: Below average food, poor value more

One of the best burgers in NYC 2/22/2008

I decided to check out Borough for my birthday dinner with my family, primarily due to the fact that New York Magazine ranked it as one of their favorite new burger places of 2007.\r \r Much to my delight, Borough's bacon cheeseburger not only lived up to the hype; it surpassed it. In addition to being one of the best burgers I've eaten in quite some time, the entire restaurant was spectacular. The food aside from the burger was also outstanding (I had the matzoh ball soup, fried calamari and some fried pickles), the tap was made up exclusively of microbrews from New York State (I tried the Checker Cab Blonde Ale, which was delicious), the ambiance and decor were perfect, our waiter was impeccable and the entire staff was incredibly gracious, with the hostess and manager coming by several times to ensure we were enjoying our meal and also seeming genuinely excited that I had chosen to celebrate my birthday at their restaurant. In fact, they even brought out three separate dessert plates on the house at the very end.\r \r Now that's how you treat your patrons. If anyone reading this is looking for a great recommendation, you simply can't go wrong with Borough. Pros: Everything more

New York City through and through 1/6/2008

Came here on Saturday night with a 7:30 reservation. I was surprised it wasn't more busy but it did fill up as the night went on. Our server was awesome and helped us pick out drinks, apps and entrees. He even let my friend try a wine first before committing to it. He was a little slow at times but to be fair he had a party of 13 at the big table next to us. The menu is super fun and utilizes all things New York City. We tried the dip appetizer, which I have to say was amazing! I don't know what they used to season the bread with but damn, it was good. My friend had the burger and fries - a huge portion of fries! - and ate all of it. I had the pasta w/ sausage. It was creamier than I would have liked but still good. Overall I thought it was a great experience and would definitely go back. The wood decor is welcoming and the place was cozy for winter. Pros: Helpful waiter, fun menu, good food Cons: A tad pricey more

No thank you, Borough 12/15/2007

I signed up here just to tell you what a rip off Borough is. I had the lobster roll ($24.) It was laughably small. Really, I thought they were joking. The salad had a super salty dressing on it that made it hard to eat. My friend ordered a salad which was half beets, and nowhere in the description did they even mention beets. Beets are like anchovies- not for everyone. You'd think they'd get a mention. But mostly that lobster roll. Good God it was small. more

What a Let Down---and terrible STEAKS! 11/29/2007

A recent outing to Borough left a sour taste in our mouths. Despite the cozy atmosphere---woodsy surroundings and low-lighting are prevalent here--and pool table in the back, food was unacceptably bad for the price. Entrees took too long to arrive after appetizers and weren?t worth the wait. The salmon dish was good, if a little bland. An overdone cheeseburger ($16) was served with an ample serving of good crispy french fries. But two steaks we ordered ($26 each) were just bad. Served in a skillet with fries and a slab of herbed butter on top, they were hard to eat and more grizzle than meat. We kept one and sent the other one back to the kitchen. Our waiter returned with another steak--less fatty but equally devoid of flavor and as rubbery as the last one--about 10 minutes after the rest of the table had finished eating. A table visit by the manager left us taken aback by his smug attitude and nonchalance. We had tried three steaks at this point, and all of them were bad. That?s not a fluke--it?s really more indicative that something?s wrong in the kitchen. We all agreed this restaurant wouldn?t last more than 3-6 months. \r Pros: Cozy atmosphere, pool table and couches in the back, good place to meet friends for drinks if that area is not already occupied (but not good for dinner). Cons: Really subpar food for the prices. $26 for fatty flavorless steak. Average burgers for $16-18. more

Good Experience 11/21/2007

We were here last night, and we enjoyed it immensely. The service was friendly and quick, although our appetizers were not cleared when our dinner arrived. Our waiter was enthusiastic, and the food was very good. Stylish setting, all in all, a good time, but a little pricey for ""comfort"" food. more

Disappointed 11/10/2007

We just got back from dinner with a party of four on a Saturday night and were quite disappointed with the food. While we liked the concept and homey, friendly feel of the restaurant, we were highly underwhelmed with both the dishes and service. Both the dip and dumpling starters were mediocre. Of the mains we tried, only the cheeseburger lived up to expectations, and presentations were uniformly lame. The lobster roll was small and bland, with a watery mayo base. The Reuben sandwich was average at best and was served without any accompaniment on an oversized empty plate. Our server was friendly but unhelpful in choosing among dishes (everything was his ""favorite"" from the ribs to the lobster roll to the burger). Nice wine and beer lists, but our server failed to even offer to fill second rounds. We won't return or recommend. Pros: Interesting beer list; nice lounge area; cool concept; friendly service Cons: Mediocre food; small servings; unhelpful service more

Worst Service Ever, Terrible Customer Treatment, Manager Should be Fired 11/8/2007

I have lived in New York for 6 years and on Nov 8 2007, I had my all-time WORST restaurant experience at this place. We ordered our food and 45 minutes went by-our food doesn?t arrive and we can't get our waiter's attention to save our lives! Finally when we literally walk over to the waiter and the only thing he can tell us is ""I'll get the manager for you"". We even asked the hostess twice and got the same response. Another 15 minutes goes by and we are still waiting- no manager, no food. Finally, given no other choice my friend and I decide to get up and leave. As we are ready to walk out, the manager comes over and instead of profusely apologizing for the ridiculously terrible circumstance, he proceeds to say something to the effect of ""if you would just sit down instead of rushing off, I would be happy to tell you the story of what is happening here"" in the MOST condescending tone and the proceeds to smile at us in this way as if he was going to win us over with his charm or something. I was appalled and when I proceeded to give him a piece of my mind he asked me ""not that use that tone and language with him"" The whole thing was absolutely absurd and not ONCE during this entire conversation did he apologize for the restaurant?s incompetence. That manager should be fired and I would recommend everyone stay away from this place- not only is the service beyond horrendous but they treat their customers like chopped liver. Pros: I didnt ever get to try the food, so I see no pros Cons: Everything...this place is terrible, esp the service more

The Curse Is Intact 10/22/2007

Having gone in the spring shortly after it opened and enjoyed the novelty and most of the food (albeit at a cost), last night was a big disappointment. As soon as we sat down, our waiter came over and told us everything they didn't have (not a short list). The excuse was that they were changing the menu and that they would be making some changes to the space, whatever that had to do with our dinner. When I asked about substituting the chorizo for something else since I don't eat beef or pork, the kitchen was only marginally accomodating. I was ready to go somewhere else, but my friend had already ordered. I then compromised and ordered the duck salad and fries. The waiter came back to say they were out of the salad. My only choice left at that point was a $20 linguini with clams, which is not the kind of thing I would go to Borough for and not for that price. I told the waiter to cancel the fries since I'd changed my order. He said he'd already put it in to the chef. The courteous thing for him to do was take it off the bill at the end of the evening, but of course, he didn't. The pasta had more garlic than clams and I was still tasting it hours later. I chose ice cream for dessert because they couldn't screw that up. Will never go again. Pros: Normally, the variety of choices on the menu Cons: The food and the fact that they were serving dinner despite having so little of what was listed available more

Terrible food, chaotic service 10/21/2007

We arrived for our 9pm reservation. Our party did not get seated until 9:40pm. The staff at the front desk seemed to think this was completely acceptable and not unusual. \r \r It then took half an hour for our wine to arrive at our table. Water was delivered to the table with our check. All six of us in the group left their food. My short ribs tasted like they had been boiled in chlorine. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. Cons: Service, food more

BF&D is Terrific 10/8/2007

This is my first time writing a review but felt I had to after reading some of the negative comments BD&F received. I went with a group of friends and we had a wonderful time. The restaurant is great, staff is friendly, food was terrific and our waiter Carmine was absolutely the best. Please do not listen to the negative reviews and give this place a chance - you'll be glad you did. more

Restaurants change... 9/28/2007

I have eaten at Borough F & D twice and both times I had an exceptional experience. The hosts and waiters are very friendly, we were seated on time, and the manager came over to see how our meal was going. I ate there when it first sister who has eaten there with me (and loved it) ate there recently and said the menu changed for the worse. She did not like it at all. So you will have to decided for yourself. Pros: Delicious food, good beer selection, friendly staff, cool concept Cons: As far as I know it is not open for lunch more

disaster 9/26/2007

I live across the street and have experienced, firsthand, the multiple disasters at this location. This one takes the cake: trying to call and get a reservation is a trip through incompetence. We were seated at a terrible table in the loudest, thumping music possible. Our food, while passable, was brought out one on top of each other...salad and app. weren't hardly on the table when our main courses arrived. Overall, I can't hope too hard this place goes out of business...each time it does, we listen to the crash of remodeling and breaking glass. People and business make their own luck and if the owner can't hire a competent team, the place will continue to turn over. Pros: Outdoor seating Cons: Loud music, dismal service more

Stop being so hard on this really cozy new place! 9/24/2007

Reading through some of the reviews here I was a bit hesitant to try Borough Food and Drink (esp. after that Rocco's disaster) but I work in the neighborhood and I always like to see a place for myself before making any final judgements and I did. \r \r From start to finish my experience at BF&D was absolutely amazing. Just seconds after being seated my husband and I were warmly greeted by our very charismatic server, Justin. Although he seemed to be waiting on every table in our section of the restaurant he found the time to walk us through the entire menu pointing out his favorites and overall best-sellers. \r \r The concept behind the restaurant is very fascintating. The menu items are actually sourced from ""mom and pop"" shops throughout the five boroughs. This extends to the beer list as well. My husband and I decided to try the ""empire beer flight"" in which we got to try four of the draft beers. I personally enjoyed the Checkered Cab Ale from Chelsea. After we finished our flight he brought over a round of favorites compliments of the restaurant. He told us we were his favorite. And after hearing some of the whining from the tables next to us, I believed him. \r \r We split the bowl of dumplings for an appetizer which were a bit spicy but delicious. For entrees, I had the Hangar Steak and my husband had the Burger. Both were prepared to the correct temperature and brought in a timely fashion. The burger has a spicy caper aioli paste that is very interesting. When it was time to order dessert we thought we didn't have any room but once Justin mentioned the Banana Split, ""no"" just wasn't an option. Not only does this dessert win points for presentation but the ice cream is amazing as well. \r \r Overall, the experience was awesome and the neighborhood needs a place like this. Perhaps the music could be a bit lower, but that's about it. \r \r Go try it first before you believe the trash talk. And when you get there ask for Justin, he'll take care of you!\r \r Pros: fun server, great food, great beer Cons: loud music, strange lighting more

The place to go for awsome food 9/17/2007

So I recently visited BF&D and fell in love with their concept 5 borough under one roof. It was a Saturday nite and I and my friends decided to go to this new restaurant we read about in a Time Out article. The minute we walked in the door there were two gracious hostesses in the font. Unfortunately we had no reservations so we had to wait at the front lounge which was worth it. The atmosphere was so lively, and the decor was nice. A lot of wood).So we started off with some cocktails which were amazing I had a Coney island Cosmo made with white cranberry juice and top with a sour cherry. We then were seated at a communal table in the back of the restaurant only to find that they had a billiard table and a flat screen TV (love it already) Since we were newbie?s we let the waiter order a couple of appz for us which were fantastic bacon flatbread, Dumplings and mac@chz pancakes but took a bit two long, understandable since it was a Saturday nite and the place was packing them in. Our entrees came out soon after the was good since we were so very hungry. Let me tell you there so good especially the fried chicken and the bar steak so tender. The service was GREAT!!!(Steven) his recommendation was good and he made us fell so welcomed he also was good to like at. We had a blast and will definitely be coming back for some more. Pros: Service,atmosphere,Cocktails mac@chz Cons: Make reservations more

food is just all right, music is ridiculous 9/16/2007

I've been there 4 times. I keep saying I won't go back but I do. The music is so loud you can't hear each other talk. I've asked time and time again to lower the music, and they don't. Everyone complains but they don't get it. The music is house music and its very very loud, ruins the entire dining experience. Pros: interesting menu, enjoy the space Cons: music too loud, food only fair more

Idea from Heaven !!! 9/14/2007

Went to Borough Food and Drink on 9/12 with some friends in from out of town.Let me tell we all had a blast. First off , I thought the idea of having all great dishes from around the five boroughs all in one local "" a great idea"" .As a native New Yorker for over 44 years I enjoyed each item on the menu that was ordered by our group of 8.From the Flatbread ( my favorite ) to the mac @ cheese and dumplings, the first round of dishes were gone in a few minutes. The burgers were good but the jerky chicken was the best dish of the night. The service was very good and the drinks came quickly. Will be back for a second round and hopefully get one of the tables out in the front...I will let my friends know about this one !!! Pros: Flatbread, Dumplings, Service and Decor more

Keeps getting better and better! 9/11/2007

Never have a been to a place so often in such a short period of time. I live across the street From Borough and have stopped in all hours of all days and can say that i love it. For a restaurant that has only been open a short time (2 months give or take) they do an incredible job. To all those nay-sayers out there who have judged them early and never went back to see if they improved you should, it is truly remarkable. The menu has changed slightly and it wonderful, try the burger, the pasta, or the bar steak with blue cheese butter all awesome. But a warning: try the salted carmel ice cream only if you want to be addicted for the rest of your life, its that good. The service has gotten better with the food and there are alot of new faces around, there is one noticeable constant though, his name is Jeff and he is a delight, been there from the beginning and he knows his stuff, and can pick a beer that you will love, the list of locale beers is huge. Ask for him for a rememberal experience. And for a quick bite sit at the bar, its full service and Summer is the best. And if you catch a night that Summer and Jeff are there watch out they have a good time together and will make sure that you do too. \r \r My over all review is this, yes they may have got off to a rocky start, but the place rocks now. \r \r Pros: Food, Beer, Pooltable, Service Cons: Cocktails (kind of themey), Music (can be loud and disco-esque) more
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  • The Scene
    With all the rough wood in this joint, you half expect to be in a Cracker Barrel. Unlike the famous chain, however, this roadhouse has a bar, pool table and library-like front...

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