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Boom Fitness

1438 Third Ave
New York, NY 10028
(212) 879-6013
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Okay, come on. The prices for gym facilities are pretty ridiculous. I was a sucker at another gym, David Burton, for too long! So having Boom in the city... The place that usually...


The gym is really nice and clean and the staff is very friendly as others can relate to. However if you try to cancel your membership beware. I was told I could cancel my membersh...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2013

Stuffy, tiny gym and it's next to impossible to cancel your gym membership if you move away. Years later, you'll get this in your e-mail without warning: \r \r Notice of Pending Collection and Special Amnesty Offer\r \r YOU MUST ACT WITHIN THE NEXT 7 DAYS\r \r First Name, Last Name\r Club\r \r \r Dear First Name\r \r Please be advised that your account with Boom Fitness is past due and your current balance is\r $_______. This is our last attempt to try and clear this up before we forward your account to one of those pain in the neck Collection Agencies, who report bad debt to the credit reporting bureaus AND COULD POTENTIALLY EFFECT YOUR CREDIT RATING. I know we hate them ourselves.\r \r Trust us, this is the last thing we want to do. You know that Boom Fitness charges 60-80% less than other health clubs in Manhattan and that's really hard to do. In order to do this we need you to help us by living up to the agreement you signed. It wasn't all fine print either; you signed our agreement and payment terms several times. There was even a ""Special Provisions"" box that you initialed. In addition, you also signed and initialed the hard copy of your credit card receipt several times. You signed and agreed to this a lot of times. We then sent you an e-mail outlining these specific terms and these very same terms are posted in the club on giant posters. So we tried very, very, very hard to make sure you knew our very reasonable terms. If you think you cancelled this agreement, please be aware, THIS AGREEEMENT CAN ONLY BE CANCELLED BY CERTIFIED MAIL. If you did not cancel by certified mail, your account could never have been cancelled. You agreed to this a lot of time also. If you didn't use the gym, well, we were here waiting for you and are sorry you didn't get to experience all that we do, but your consistent payment was not based on your usage.\r \r Still we know it stinks to pay for stuff, even when you absolutely beyond any shadow of doubt owe the money. And trust us, you do owe the money. So we are making a one-time offer to make it easier. We are willing to reduce your balance by 50% if you contact us with a form of payment by Tuesday November 19th at 5pm. This is non-negotiable and will not be extended beyond November 19th at 5pm. If you want to continue working out we will re-open your account, if you want to cancel (only after paying your balance) we will cancel your account.\r \r Please contact Arlene Hallard at 1(888) NYC-BOOM or 732-544-8170\r Email:\r \r Thanks,\r Boom Fitness more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/1/2013

My wife and I were members here for 2 years. As others have written on Yelp, Citysearch, Better Business Bureau and other sites regarding the business practices of ABC Financial who do their billing, this gym, formerly Synergy, was in bankruptcy, and Boom Fitness bought it. This gym, which has extremely high turnover in management, doesn't care about keeping established members who pay more monthly for their overcrowded and broken equipment and continues offering rock-bottom rates for new members. They are also totally pretend that ABC Financial is an ethical company, blame you for *any* billing problems, and I was yelled at by a manager who works here for 4 months, lol, when I tried to ask questions about why I was still being billed after cancelling. There is also a big difference in how they treat male and female members. My wife wanted to either leave due to the decline in equipment and because we were paying a high monthly rate but they rather create high turnover of members than retain established members. Now the gym is overcrowded due to lowered monthly rates and the broken equipment and disgusting shower smells (""looks"" clean but smells like mildew that I have never smelled in other gyms and the cleaning staff look beaten down/afraid). My wife also experienced the pleasure of the owner yelling at her on the street in front of the gym because she talked to them about the equipment which they endlessly promise gets fixed quickly, and tried to renegotiate our monthly fee to match the new lower fees. They gave her a big, epic and dysfunctional backstory about personnel problems on their management team and his his Con Ed bills, and why they could not give established members better monthly rates than new members. My wife was just trying to have a discussion for months about decline in the gym and getting stuck with bad equipment too often during the week when there is such limited space, but was treated badly/rudely by the male staff there. Meanwhile, they seemed to take me a bit more seriously and offered me a competetive rate for an established member to lower my rate, but they did not offer that to my wife. I called Edge today and got a friendly female staff member at the front desk to give me information on the gym rates, whereas at Boom Fitness, the ""male"" staff members are the only ones allowed to divulge such important information. As a member of several years, I am happy to be rid of it, though we are still having problems with ABC Financial erroneous billing practices. Do a search on ABC Financial complaints and you will see many people who are contacting the Attorney General's Office to complain, including former members of Boom Fitness. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/18/2013

BOOM FITNESS: \r You can check in....but you can never leave.\r Writing to the NY State Attorney General's office to\r report, as I'm have many, the incredibly shady, shockingly obtuse requirements for ending the membership process with Boom (via their henchmen, ABC Financial, hired to do the dirty work since no one at the club's location will handle your cancellation). more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/5/2012

I have lived in Manhattan for over 3 years, working as a private consultant. The idea of having a discounted membership through a big corporation at some swanky disco gym or a giant sports club always sounds better than paying out of pocket. I've had the opportunity to use the discount websites to check out all these BIG Name clubs for a month. Not to sound cheap but I wanted to know what I was really paying for and let me tell you---loud music, slimy floors and gritty protein shakes. \r \r I decided to check out Boom Fitness after hearing that it was a quarter of the price of most clubs in Manhattan.\r \r All I have to say is that Boom is one of the cleanest, friendliest, and least-intimidating environments I've encountered in Manhattan thus far. \r \r In closing I was warned about the cancellation policy, but why would I cancel? It's an all-inclusive club for $30 a month! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/5/2012

Fantastic! I'm not usually the type to be motivated to stay fit and healthy but once you step into this gym with people who don't judge you, drinks to keep hydrated right at the start, a smoothie juice bar, and they all eat really good food! This place festers HEALTH. I needed this type of motivation. Beyond the atmosphere... they have wonderful pricing. But that's obviously been mentioned. This type of pricing is rare in the city for service this great! Free towels, really clean bathrooms, friendly service, great staff and so many other things! They want you to keep in shape but on your time and to your capability. I love that! The equipment is really great and abundant. I'm so glad to be a member of Boom Fitness! Go Go Go, more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/4/2012

I love Boom Fitness, it is not huge and fancy like some of the others but it serves my needs without being too crowded and very very cost effective. The staff are always friendly and helpful, for example a guy will come along to your cardio station and hand out towels for you with a smile. Boom is probably the only gym I would actually shower at because they renovated their bathrooms last month and I shower there every day and use up all the products. The facilities are newly renovated Also, how can you beat 24 hours a day that they are open. Thumbs up. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/4/2012

The gym and facilities are nice and clean. The classes are good. Some instructors are better than others. Some are nicer than others but I'm here to work out so I care more about the class. PS. I love the new bathrooms. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/23/2012

Great gym, It seemed small from the front but it really opens up in the back and it's a really decent space. Really good value, after you do the math for the first year it's definitely the cheapest in the city. more

Terrible cancellation process - AVOID!! 5/14/2012

Simple low cost gym, but we warned, they make it very hard to cancel. I've been trying for nearly a year to cancel my wires membership, their process requires a registered and certified delivery letter to be sent to a business in arkansas. And you need to keep the receipt to use to fight them to stop billing you. Terrible unfriendly businesses practices. AVOID!!! not worth the hassle. There are better much more professional gyms in NYC. more

Good Gym 5/1/2012

Nice gym! I've been a member for quite some time, about 2 years now and I never had any true problems. Great Price. Awesome Classes and Instructors. Trainers are friendly as well as the staff. Sure the equipment may be occupied for a while but that's not the gym's fault. They put up signs telling everyone to keep a certain time limit. Also the spacing needs work - but I always find a spot. It's a great gym overall and I have nothing to complain about! Awesome job Boom! more

Thank you Boom. 4/30/2012

Okay, come on. The prices for gym facilities are pretty ridiculous. I was a sucker at another gym, David Burton, for too long! So having Boom in the city... The place that usually makes you pay 2.00 for a .25 bag of chips has a gym at a price a lot of people can afford. If this gym was a ""Scam"" like the person below me said then you would have any gym facility at all! Scams just take your money and run. You can use the facility. Although I do agree that the cancellation process can be tedious and exhausting. But if you are aware of it from the get go - be prepared and keep up. Like all things it needs preparation. I love the facility and it provides all my gym needs and at a price no gym can really beat. So thank you Boom! more


This place is the biggest SCAM! DO NOT JOIN. You will NOT be able to cancel your membership! I have followed everything that the contract told me to do - obtain a doctor's note, and everything the doctor's note had to specify - and they will NOT cancel my membership. They said that my request was ""denied"" but they wont specify the reasons! It's absurd - I just keep getting bounced around and placed on hold by useless representatives on the phone who have attitudes and are of no help at all. I keep asking, ""what is wrong with my doctor's letter and how should it be corrected?"" and they will not give me a straight answer or tell me what needs to be done. The rep just keeps saying ""I'm not sure why it was denied, but it was denied"" -- gee, that's helpful. I escalated and the supervisor herself had no idea what the terms of my contract said - and actually said that it stated something that it did not, which was preventing me from canceling my membership. They should have these contracts on file and I'm shocked that they don't. The supervisor instead said that I needed to scan her our gym contract and she would then review it and compare it to the doctor's note. I'm waiting to see what happens, but if it's not canceled very soon I am reporting this place to the Better Business Bureau. All in all, this place is a HUGE SCAM! DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM UNLESS YOU'RE PREPARED TO GET RIPPED OFF AND SCAMMED OUT OF YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU WANT TO CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP! They will have you jumping through hoops and will be as vague and unhelpful as possible in order to prevent you from canceling your membership - extremely UNETHICAL business practices. I read reviews too little too late about people having an impossible time canceling. For your sake, watch out for this place and think twice before you join!! more

What more could you want? 8/11/2011

I've belonged to this gym for a few years now, and honestly, I couldn't ask for much more from this place. I pay probably the least I can for this place and get the same stuff I'd have anywhere....a while set of weights, a solid locker room, and the only machines i know how to use. I used a trainer for a little at the beginning of the year and he was pretty legit also, felt the best I have in awhile after those few months but decided to cut it out of my budget after awhile but if you are looking to train this place definitely offers some good, talented people. The people are friendly and the gym is never too crowded to work out so I really can't complain. more

For all gym haters...Try Here! 8/11/2011

I hate working out but I find Boom to be a great and welcoming place to go. I started taking their yoga classes and it was easy to work my way up into shape. I barely ever use their machines, but their are tons available and the cost was cheap so I don't feel like I am wasting my money. This year they added Zumba and I love the classes! They are so fun and upbeat; its a great way to get my heartrate up! The staff is very pleasant and they have all the immenities that I could ever need! more

An Unhealthy place to work out at 7/8/2011

It's a very small gym, if you don't sign up for a special promotion its $70 a month. Which for what you get isn't that great. There's no air circulation except for some fans. The men's locker room entrance is in the cardio room so you get to smell all the chemicals they use to clean the restroom. If you're working out right by the locker room door ( which is about 10 ellipticals out of the 18 that are available and a rowing machine) good luck to you, because you'll be inhaling all of those unpleasant smells. There's no one that keeps an eye on the length someone is on a machine - so when there are people waiting for cardio equipment - they can stay up there for an hour or so when they should be curteous enough to get off after the 30 min limit when there's a wait. Not every cardio machine has a tv, and the cable tends to go off a lot so you won't be able to get espn, or any cable channel, but you can still survive through a workout without a tv, it's just unpleasant when it does go out. If they can get the smells in the cardio room under control it wouldnt be so bad - but i would say it cant be healthy to breathe those fumes in when there's no ventilation in the gym except for the front door. more

DO NOT SIGN UP!!! 12/21/2010

I signed up for boom fitness 2 years ago. I was led to believe it was a one year contract but not told that I needed to actually MAIL them a letter if I wanted to stop membership. And of course, mailing letters means they can pretend that they never received the mail. So, they continue charging me for one whole year extra and I only find out after my credit card expired and the debt collectors started to call! So, heres the catch... I have to pay them dues for a service i havent even used for a WHOLE YEAR just in order to cancel the membership! DO NOT JOIN this gym if you ever plan to quit. It is impossible to stop membership and the staff are extremely rude and uncooperative. more

HORRIBLE, read reviews at otehr sites too!! 11/5/2010

STOP!!! This place is a nightmare!! Very nice, beautiful, and all that, but when it comes to Customer Service it is a nightmare! When I wanted to cancel some services, I had to fight and went through a loop! Also, read ALWAYS the contract, do not believe what they say in person, they always try to trick you, READ the paper. They will say one thing and the paper says another one. If you want to avoid headaches and don't want to loose money and time, avoid this gym, seriously. \r Don't let the looks and the decor fool you. Oh yeah, it might be clean on the outside but it is pretty dirty in the inside. Besides, they don't have many good classes, it is pretty small and they are so obsess with getting more members (making money). \r Just keep in mind, it is a business and the $19.99 monthly fee is a bait, make sure you know what is behind before you sign.\r AH: RJ is gone and the new management doesn’t seem to know what they are doing, the place is a mess or not, maybe it is all a game to play with your money for a while....They outsource to ABC for financial services, which make it even worse. The place is a mess!!! Keep the money in your pocket, it is the safest!\r PS: I am reporting them to BBB office.\r more

I am so glad I joined Boom! 9/29/2010

I am so glad I joined Boom! I was walking by not long ago and I was handed a flier that said $29.99/month. I couldn't believe it. Later when I had time, I stopped by and was shown around by one of the managers. Its has every thing I was looking for in a gym. Lots of great equipment, fitness classes and most of all a very polite staff that is always very helpful. I am never afraid to ask a question on or about what ever exercise I am trying to use. Most of all, its got great hours and I know I can always stop by and use the gym! more

Nice gym 9/28/2010

Nice gym more

Bad gym 8/17/2010

this gym is spending all of it's effort at making itself ""affordable"" but doesn't seem to grasp the concept of customer service. Start with the basics. I consider this place a scam. Impossible to cancel membership more
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  • Private fitness club with two locations features cardio equipment and weights, yoga and Pilates classes, plus personal training.

  • 3/31/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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    Mon-Fri 5:30am-11pm Sat-Sun 8am-8pm
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    Visa, Master Card
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    Midtown, Yorkville, Upper East Side