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Bonnie's Beef & Seafood Co

6867 Gulf Fwy
Houston, TX 77087
(713) 641-2397
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Bonnie's Beef & Seafood Co - Houston, TX


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I never do this writing thing, but I come in this place as often as I can. That review was sooo wrong I cannot sit back and let it go. This place has great food and great people ...


My wife and I ate there last night; we live nearby and have never eaten there. Well the first time was not what I expected. We were seated quickly and Drinks came up fast, (ok not...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/20/2012

Back in the 90's this was a great place. Went there regularly with clients for business lunches and was never disappointed but that was 14years ago. Happened to be in the area on a weekday with my wife at lunchtime on 7/19/12 and I remembered Bonnie's so we went there for lunch. more

Very Poor 9/23/2011

Went second week in September 2011. We had some visitors in and since they are close to Hobby Airport thought we'd wine and dine our customers. Big mistake! Bonnie's used to be a first class restaurant but they have gone down hill big time. The Blue Cheese dressing was watery. Our order was late and we consumed a whole bottle of wine waiting for food. Oyster appetizer was horrible. When our food arrived it was cold. Had to send it back to get ""steamed"" or so they said. I think they probably microwaved it. They did knock some off the price for this debacle which was nice and I must say our waiter was very apologetic and we tipped him on what would have been the full price. But it was an embarrassment to us with our customer and a bad way to end an otherwise successful evening. I hope Bonnie's will consider their patrons again as they did years ago when I used to eat there regularly. I don't think I'll be back anytime soon if ever again! more

Terrible. 7/31/2011

We went in July 2011 and the place has gone so far downhill, it is not funny. The carpet was so old and dingy and worn out. The corn chowder soup was tasteless. They used to have a clam chowder that was good, but this was the cheapest, tasteless stuff I have ever had. I tried the salad bar, which was fresh, but nothing had any flavor, including the macaroni salad and the salad blue cheese dressing. The rib eye steak that I ordered was thin and not something a restaurant shoudl serve. I get much thinker and better quality steaks from Sam's Club stores. This place needs a Robert Irvine-Restaurant Impossible makeover on the decor and the food. Yuck. Never again. more

Great food + wonderful customer service + Great Live Music 2/20/2011

In the vanishing world of ""no service,"" Bonnie's is a STAR. All of the employees were genuinely kind and helpful. I was highly satisfied with my filet mignon, asparagus, and baked potato (took most of it home). The salad bar was excellent. High quality live music, performed by a multi-talented gentleman, was an added bonus. more

Never go back. 10/14/2010

My friend and I came there last night. It is close to my house, but I haven't been there before. My friend ordered a glass of white wine, which he said he could barely drink it, and it was $10. Then he switched to red wine. He got a Louis Martini glass, thinking that it would be a better wine since it was $15. No such luck. The wine arrived in a very small glass. It was definitely not worth $15. My friend drinks a lot of different types of wine, and he could tell it was just a cheap wine. We got NY strip steak for diner. On the menu, it said that every entree comes with a salad AND a soup. We share one entree and we told the waitress that my friend would have a salad, and I would have a soup. Well, she didn't tell us that she would charge us $6 for the soup which I had to go to get it myself. It was ridiculous. We asked her when we got the check, and she told us that because I ate that soup, not my friend ate it. My friend asked her what the difference was if who ate it, and that we were supposed to get a salad AND a soup as it metioned in the menu. She said they couldn't do this (?), and told us she would call the manager to come and talked to us. We waited there for 10 minutes, and nobody came. She just totally ignored us. We were very upset, and left her zero tip. The whole dinner was more than $80. Totally ripped off. Never come back to this place again. more

Everyone is welcome 4/30/2010

I never do this writing thing, but I come in this place as often as I can. That review was sooo wrong I cannot sit back and let it go. This place has great food and great people and they are not racist at all. I asked about that night and those white people that came in were the bartenders ride home. They play poker after work and they came to pick him up like they always do. Things are not always what they seem and people assume the worst. If those people called and the hostess was wrong, she needs to get her hours of operation straight and should be reprimanded, but don't hate the place because of one mistake by an hourly person. We should not ever look at color or assume our color is what is causing the issue. Look beyond that. He says he had a drink with the owner the first time, he needs to contact the owner, the owner cared enough about him as a guest the first time to sit with him, why would he think he did not care the other times?? Pros: food, people,salad bar Cons: not open on Sundays usually more

Color Does Matter!! 4/3/2010

Oh my good this was my second time at Bonnie's the first time was ok the owner came a had a drink with me and my wife. The second time Was a SET BACK for humanity. We called ahead to see if they were still open the hostess said yes. We arrive and we stand there for 10 mins before anyone comes. When someone does come he looks at us and goes behind the counter and starts looking thru papers. I had to say excuse me then he just looks and says Can I help you? I reply yes we would like to be seated . He says we're closed I told him we just called and she said come we're open. He says well I'm the manager sorry were closed folks. I respond ok then we'll just have a drink and he says the bar is closed too. I just said ok and we started walking out and as we were leaving 3 white men were coming in we told them they were closed and they kept walking we noticed that the manager sat them at the bar!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN!!! IF YOU ARE A PERSON OF COLOR THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!! Pros: Water Cons: Sloppy service and racist more

Crap Steak House 3/16/2010

I went to this place today hoping that all the negative reviews i read were wrong, thinking my luck might be better. We arrive are promptly seated, and the waiter does what he does in his greeting. The server brings out the bread to our table, and it just happens to fall off the wooden board onto a menu then finally on the table with no cloth (no problem it happens i think to myself), he picks it up with bare hands and flops it back onto the cutting board, expecting my friend and i to eat it. (The waiter noticed and took the bread and replaced it). Next we ordered drinks, which by the time we got them we were almost done eating bread (10+ min on Crown & coke, & a blue Hawaiian) My drink was ok, my friends drink had a big lump of coconut creme floating in it which looked quite disturbing to the both of us, as if something had fallen into the glass and the bartender not noticing it. (at this point we contemplated on leaving and paying out tab, but thought we would definitely give this place another shot.... bad idea) We Order our food: 2 steak dinners, 1 well done the other just over medium. My prime rib listed two (2) sides, baked potato, and horseradish sauce. I thought to replace the sauce with something a little more flavorful and was denied, and was told it would increase the price on the dinner if any items were replaced, so i left that thought alone.... Dinner Arrives: my over medium was more like rare to medium rare, (not Medium), fully pink and cold prime-rib. I was still able to tenderize the steak if I wanted to, that is how badly unprepared it was on my end. I mentioned this to the waiter we received no apology, no discount (not that i was looking for it), and absolutely no chance of making the the way it should have been. I would not recommend bonnies to anyone after this event as well as reading the previous reviews. STAY away from Bonnies Steak and Seafood.. Pros: My date Cons: Service, Food, drinks.. the restaurant more

Go somewhere else!! 2/13/2010

The hostess was very pleasant and we were seated promptly. That's the highlights. The drink orders were delivered incorrectly, the soup was bland, they ran out of bread AND baked potato, two of the overpriced steaks were overcooked and one was undercooked. Years ago this was our 'special place' restaurant, now I remember why we stopped going here. We will NOT be back. When I want a good steak, I'll go to Saltgrass or Texas Land and Cattle. more

Great food even better service. 12/17/2007

This is my first time writing a review but after having dinner at bonnies I thought it was worth writing about. My prime rib was excellent, the atmosphere was very cozy and comfortable, the salad bar was great, and our server was on point. Pros: service, ambience ,prime rib Cons: parking more

Best Drinks in town!!!@bonnies 11/30/2007

I went there for lunch, although IT WAS VERY BUSY I was greeted and seated right away. the hostess was very nice :) As we left she ask us if we enjoyed our lunch, I thought that it was nice of her to ask. The waitress was also very inattentive with us. Now days when you go out for lunch in this fast pace city .You are lucky to get a thank you for coming ,steaks were good best salad bar and the drinks were Excellent. Great place to impress your clients definitely going back. I have heard about Bonnies , good and bad . So I decided to check for myself. And I was very Happy.11/07 Pros: private meeting room Cons: parking more

Never Again, as well 11/25/2007

Had been to Bonnie's in the past, but not in over a year. It was once known as a fine steakhouse. That is not the case anymore. My husband's ribeye was thin and had too much fat on it. His lobster tail was way overcooked and rubbery tasting. I ordered the lump crab cakes and it was nothing but stuffing with a few bits of crab. The soup was very bland. I don't know if the place has changed hands but the quality was not there anymore. We were very disappointed and will not be returning. more

NEVER AGAIN!!! 9/16/2007

My husband and i went there for our 5 yr anniversary expecting to have some great seafood and steak,(Not). Was it romantic? no, only if your over 60 yrs old and like squaredance music. Were we seated promptley, no! Was the soup and bread good? no! the bread was horrible and the soup taste like chemicals,it had no flavor (the onion soup that is). Not to mention the steak had too much fat and tasted like it came from the fiesta grocery store, the salmon i ordered was ok but not spectacular for the price, and not what i really wanted due to the fact ,we thought they would offer more seafood plates, you can only add lobster or crab to your entree that is already pricey.They have a country rustic setting and the lights were to bright, we eat out quite often and i never been more disapointed,the food and service was too low quality for such high prices. Oh,i forgot to mention, you also have to go get your own salad,if i had wanted to do that we would have went to a buffet.I would only recommend this place to elderly people,which was all we seen there anyway. Pros: none! Cons: too over priced,for low quality food more

Not Really worth it. 9/6/2007

My wife and I ate there last night; we live nearby and have never eaten there. Well the first time was not what I expected. We were seated quickly and Drinks came up fast, (ok not to bad, Right?). The specials sounded good, but after 10 minutes another group was seated next to us, They Got Different Specials! What was that all about? We all had the same server. OK, so we ordered the $33.99 Porter House and a Sea Food Kabob thingy. (Salad Bar was great by the way.) The Steak was and older piece of meat, you could tell by the way the cooked fatty pieces tasted, (we are not new to Steak Houses, as well as cooking our own). It was also abit more salted down than it should have been, another way to try and hide older meat. (I have worked in the restaurant business in the past, and not a burger joint.) The Sea Food Kabob dinner was bland, I'm really not trying to be critical, but when we got the $74.00 bill, $83.00 with a proper tip, we were not satisfied. We both were disappointed with the food, with the exception of the Salad Bar, again it was just fine. Like another here said, with all the steak houses around, sea food as well, why waste the dollars there, even if it is close. Also, it is very dusty there; you can see layers of dust over the salad bar and other displays around as well as the very old and dirty both seats. I won't go back even to see if they improve, they have been around long enough to know how to clean and cook. Pros: Not really any. Cons: Cost to much for low quality food. more

Good Salad Bar, Service and Steak found wanting 6/25/2007

My parents and I recently ate there on the way back from the airport and found the food ok and the service lacking. Our night started with nobody taking a drink order for 5 minutes or more. The waitress then had trouble remembering the specials even though we did not sit down until 8:30. The meal started ok with the stuffed jalape?os and salad bar being good. The meal started going down hill when the 16 oz NY Strip had to be returned due to the fact that better than 50% of the piece was fat. The other two meals (fish and prime rib) were ok but nothing special. When the NY strip finally came back it was cooked perfectly but was not one of the better pieces of meat I have ever had. Overall Bonnie's is a decent restaurants but with all the other good steakhouses in Houston I don't plan on ever going back. Pros: Good Salad Bar Cons: OK steak and iffy service more

User review by glenbo 10/26/2005

Fabulous salad bar, good soups, and the finest steaks and service we have found. Ask for Jerry for your server, if he is still there. more

Romantic Booths 10/28/2002

I went there with my wife. We sat in one of their smaller booths and enjoyed the dim lighting and the closeness of sitting next to each other. The food and the service was exceptional. It was a good value. more

Pleasant atmosphere 6/7/2002

I have to agree with the rating given here verbatim . Good value and pleasant atmoshere . Soup and salad bar are almost a meal by themselves . Excellent soups . more
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  • In Short
    The look of the place is middle-class comfortable, with split-level architecture, brass accents and acres of crisp white lace curtains. It's smart enough for business,...

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