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Bonneville Billing & Collect - 12 Reviews - 1186 E 4600 S Ste 100, Ogden, UT - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (801) 621-7880

Bonneville Billing & Collect

1186 E 4600 S Ste 100
Ogden, UT 84403
(801) 621-7880
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I love how the people writing the reviews are people who owe money. Of course they're going to give the company a ""bad"" review. Puhleeease..... people - be responsible for you...


I owe for some medical bills I accumulated after getting into a car wreck and didn't have insurance. My bills remained the same amount even though they have been in collections fo...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/17/2014

Bonneville collection's is a MAJOR ripoff!!!!! I was given a letter stating my account was sent to collections after an injury at work and then all of a sudden I received another letter later on stating that an attorney was getting involved and now the amount was higher! I was furious already so I called and this girl, who sounds like she hates her job and not WHATSOEVER pleasant, tells me ""you have 10 days to pay this amount in full before attorney fees"" then I reiterated what she said back to her and she said ""no you HAD 10 days now the paper work is filed to get the FULL amount."" So then she lied to me! This ridiculous girl needs to get her facts straight. Im very furious at this company!! Basically i have less then a week to pay it off! Where does this rip off of a company think I'm going to get this $ like I can just pull it out of the air! The girl I spoke to did NOT and I repeat did NOT do a good job either, she kept interrupting me and then towards the end she just hung up on me! I mean seriously! I honestly HATE THIS COMPANY!!! Collection companies have ALLOT of money and I'm sure they can bend a little. I hope u guys get sued soon and go out of business because y'all deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/11/2014

Horrible customer service. Very rude ""supervisors"". When I left messages on the voicemail of the managers and supervisors, I never received a call back. I have a $0 balance with them and yet they are still rude and unwilling when I call. One supervisor told me I was lucky to have received even one notice in the mail about the account having gone into how are you supposed to resolve an issue if you don't even know it exists?? more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/26/2013

Bonneville collections may get results in collecting, they are very quick to take anyone to court which costs us the tax payers money and clogs up the jusicial system. I agree with taking someone to court if they refuse to pay thier debt. But when someone is paying as agreed and they still take them to court now that is just a waste of time. There are other collection companies out there that are much more professional and that actually work with the debtors and understand life happens, and they are still effective in collecting debts. Unlike bonneville who would take your last dime even if it means your infant will starve, they just dont care. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/17/2013

These people are rip offs they took all my money and I lost my house.. Me and my son got kicked out on the street because of these people, Im a single parent and they the courts garnish my complete paychecks until the balance was paid off that was over two months long. No payment plans or nothing... Don't use these people they will take you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2013

Bonneville Connections is truly the worst agency ever! One day I got a garnishmnet at my work for some bill I supposedly owed. Come to find out after many calls and rude disrespectul behavior I did not owe the bill at all and it had already been paid. I was told to simply send in the receipt and was given the fax number, I have now sent this fax receipt a total of ten times with fax confirmations that they still keep saying they have not received anything. Then they will say things like, ""We charge interest everyday"" and laugh like it's some joke. I would never use these people if I had a business, they have no idea how to treat a person respectfully or to be honest. more

This Collection Agency are Conartists! 3/7/2012

I owe for some medical bills I accumulated after getting into a car wreck and didn't have insurance. My bills remained the same amount even though they have been in collections for a time. However just recently my amounts have doubled from their original amount. WTH! This shouldn't be legal! more

People Can't Help it When They Get Sick 1/10/2012

If someone has run up bills from being frivilous, that's one thing, but when you get into debt from having to have medical care thats completely different. I had life saving aortic valve replacement surgery and at the same time had an aortic anyerism repaired. Come to find out, I was born with a defective aortic valve. The only way I managed to get the life saving operation was with the pre-existing insurance plan that Obama set into place. The entire bill was nearly $400,000.00. Yes thats right. I owe a ton of medical bills, around $30,000.00. One of the bills finally made it to Bonneville Collections and they don't care if the medical expenses could not be helped and you don't have any money. No doubt, they are vultures. I hope these people are proud of themselves. more

Not Consumer Friendly and can't work out realistic paybacks 1/5/2012

As a consumer I'm extremely dissapointed that I couldn't work out a payment plan. This institute of nonsense purchased a loan from a Creditor that was more than 6 years old for pennies on the dollar and then immediately sued me. I'm recovering from 3 surguries and a major life event and have credible credit and history. They only wanted to know my employer so they could immediately file a writ of garnishment. I appealed the cost in court and now need to file bankruptcy so that I can afford to pay a realistic amount of income towards real living and to secured creditors. These guys lost in the end because they won't work with consumers with realistic pay back plans. If you have a business and have customers with credit issues work it out don't hire these people because they waste time and money and only leave bad faith and hardship for both the consumer and business overall. Unprofessional, unable to communicate over phone, won't document what was discussed and even worse Legal Counsel that could care less about the situation and only plays to ""win"" even if they lose due to dumb strategy and tactical views into credit law. more


Bonneville Collections isn't even remotely professional...and of course the people writing reviews are people who have at one point owed them money WE ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS. If Bonneville didn't have people who owed money they wouldn't have a business! Just because someone is behind on a payment doesn't mean they are any less of a person. They deserve the same respect you or anyone else does! Take this for example I was a Bonneville customer who was treated very poorly. I was in a major car accident, and should have been covered by both my auto and health insurance. Unfortunately, to save my life I was taken to an out-of-network hospital. I was in a coma, so I am apparently scum for not letting them know that hospital wasn't in my network and deserve to be treated like a piece of crap for not paying them the second I got out of the hospital. IT GETS BETTER! Because of the lovely way medical billing works this specific account actually went to two seperate collection agencies...(AGAIN ACCORDING TO BONNEVILLE COLLECTIONS I WAS SCUM, AND WORTHLESS SINCE I COULDN'T PAY $100 A MONTH). Now the other collection agency I worked with was very understanding, and actually got payed off quicker because they treated my with respect. Not only that but the amount was larger with them. However instead of calling and yelling and then threatening court, they worked with me and my situation. Didn't roll over and tell me oh its ok you don't have to pay anything! They treated my with respect, and understood that someone who hadn't worked in 6 months could probably start out with a payment smaller and then make larger payments. In the end I now own a business, and actually use that collections agency (Express Recovery), and they are amazing and professional. I wouldn't treat any of my customers even if they were to spit in my face the way any Bonneville Collection Representative has treated me so I would never want any of my customers who may owe me money to ever have to go through the DISRESPECT, and HARASSMENT Bonneville Collections has to offer! more

Just Another Lowlife Collections Co 7/13/2011

I have ye to come across a collections company that is not owned or managed by low-life bottom feeder types, and Bonneville is no exception. They even jam ordinary caller ID so you don't know who's calling. Right ... like that works. Here's a clue, Bonneville, you're THE ONLY ONE who does that! Based on personal experience and a little research, this company is dishonest, evasive and cannot be trusted. If you are a business, do yourself a favor and screen your customers better rather than resort to low-life companies such as this one. more

Boneville Smells Like the Great Salt Lake 5/25/2011

Two issues: #1 we own a business and in the past four years we have had only 3 checks that were returned for INSF. So why would anyone want these illiterate idiots collect checks for their business. We have found that most people pay their debt. So, Bonneville would never get our business. #2 I had a $7.83 check returned by my bank. My employer sent my direct deposit to the wrong account. The only check that it affected was one that went to Bonneville. I was on the east coast for 10 days and when I got home and found the envelope I sent off a check for $27.83 (ouch). They claim the check I sent was for only $27.00 and so because of that they are charging me another $20 for the 83 cents they claim wasn't included in my check. And what can consumers do? Absolutely nothing. more

Most professional agency around 11/13/2008

I love how the people writing the reviews are people who owe money. Of course they're going to give the company a ""bad"" review. Puhleeease..... people - be responsible for your own finances. The doctors offices, businesses, utility companies, etc.... need services like what Bonneville Collections provides to help them get their money back. If you provided a service to somebody, don't you think you should be paid? Also, there are strict laws which collection agencies have to abide by. You better believe they adhere to them. And they are pros, the company has been around for a long time. Much better than some of the other fly by night ""businesses"". They get the job done otherwise they wouldn't be in business. How about pay your bills and then you wouldn't have to worry about them at all? more

From a bill collector at Bonneville... 8/4/2008

I'm a bill collector at Bonneville collections. I cannot stand them. Most of the people working there are 1)Single Mothers 2) College Students 3)Desperate for a job Pros: Collectors here don't make a commission, the incentive is purely to keep their job Cons: Certain collectors will ultimately be rude no matter what more

scam artists 10/15/2007

I wrote a check the other day that was not accepted due to Bonneville, when I contacted them I was told they were trying to collect on two checks returned back in 2005. That was over two years ago. Since I write over 50 checks a month that would mean that the 1200 checks I have written since that time were good. When I address the time issue the gentleman said I letter was sent out and that is all they have to do. If fact, in his exact words, it's kind of funny how all of the sudden the checks just seems to show up years later"" Well it is not funny to me!. The checks total $23.18 but the cost to pay them off was over $150.00..I said I need time to investigate if I did indeed had the return check and to also see if I had actually paid them off. It took some time to get the info together and now when I called the $150.00 has gone up to $816.50. How can that even happen ? Every thing is on a recording and no one to speak to at the company. I intented to file and get my self a lawyer. If it is going to cost me that much-- itis going to cost them too. Meanwhile I will just continue to write several checks a day........ Pros: thumb down Cons: thumb down more

Brutal, not understanding, & treats families with babies horribly, A concerned Gramma 5/1/2007

Yes, Bonneville Collections is one of the WORST collection agencies EVER designed, if that's what you want to call it. If they worked with people, especially those with babies who are trying so hard to turn their lives around, even being in the USA MILITARY, how could anyone treat people that are protecting us, THEIR rights, & dying for America like they do. They are unconcerned and the Lord Our God, will take care of people like that when he call his people home, I can't say any of them for sure will be part of it, but, if they are, they will be chastened.. My advice? LIGHTEN UP!! Pros: THUMBS DOWN Cons: THUMBS DOWN more

Consumer Dis-Satisfaction 10/19/2005

I wrote a check that was returened by the mechant through Bonneville. I took over a week to get any written notice from Bonneville. A previous payment that was made was not credited in time and because of Bonneville's tardiness increasing fees accumulated, fees that Bonneville never notified me were accumulating. Pros: None, None, None Cons: Ignorant Phone Staff, No Written Contact, Slow! more

Not so great collections 7/2/2002

They offer the world but don't deliver. They told me they could collect all my checks no matter what, needless to say they did terrible. Each time I called they gave me promises and but never followed through. They blew results out of proportion just to get me off the phone. Pros: average rates, low setup charge Cons: left on hold forever, don't care about me more
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