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Bombay Kitchen - 37 Reviews - 6016 Falls of Nuese Rd, Raleigh, NC - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (919) 862-0506

Bombay Kitchen

6016 Falls of Nuese Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 862-0506
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The food is authentic and absolutely fabulous, the best Indian cuisine in the Triangle area in my foodie opinion, but come prepared to wait for it. They start making everything fr...


My wife and I live very close to this restaurant and having been getting food there since it was Sitar. It started going downhill before it switched to Bombay and has continued....

A very Bad experience... 3/23/2011

Overall rating = 0/5. One of the worst experience I have had in any of the Indian restaurants I have ever been. Me and my friends ordered Soup, Chicken pakoda, Murg Masti, Chicken biriyani, Bread basket and Chicken Jalfarezi. I should first admit that the soup was different. I liked it. But what followed was totally a waste of money and time. The appetizers were partially cooked. The Chicken biriyani was a huge disappointment. By the time the bread was served, Chicken Jalfrazi was even worse. Why should anyone pay $10-$12 for a microwaved Chicken Jalfrazi, which you get for $3 in any Indian stores. But the breads were good. Atlast, we informed the owner/server/cook (the same person) the food was not good. He simply replied, ""I used to tell the same thing to my mom every time she cooks"". Dude, what is that supposed to me? ..... We left the place highly disappointed. I would not recommend this place. Please dont waste your money and time to buy this crap. -Vijay more

Bad day for us... 3/23/2011

Went to this restaurant on 23rd March 2011 around 8:30 PM. We called them up and they said restaurant is open till 11, so 8:30 PM is not all that late. We were surprised to see the restaurant completely empty and there is only one guy who cooks, takes order, serves.. all in all.. it took 2 hours to serve 8 people, which is ok given that there is only one person working. Briyani was ok, but it didn't taste like Briyani at all. Chicken Jalfrezi is prepared from ready-to-eat which is very evident from the taste. Food is not very fresh, overall service is good, but food was bad. When we left, we told him that food didn't taste all that good, for that he simply said sorry that you felt that way.. and he said ""we used to tell the same to our mother"".. I don't know what the hell he means by that.. very very disappointing.. I personally campaigned to my friends to avoid this nasty place.. I recommend the same to you too.. I am really surprised about the other rating.. may be they lost their chef or its just a bad day for us.. anyhow I am not going to recommend this place after all this... more

Worst Indian Restaurant in Raleigh 3/23/2011

This is the worst indian restaurant i have ever been to in raleigh. The food was bad, I lost my patience waiting for the food.The ambience was very average and there was only one person taking care of the kitchen and the service. He took nearly two hours to serve the food I had ordered with my friends. The thing which irritated me to a maximum level was the waiter's server when we told him that the food wasnt that good at all.He was being snobbish instead of being courteous and asking what was wrong with the food. Please dont ever try this place for indian will end up paying high price for no taste.Instead you can buy ready to eat from indian stores for a cheaper price coz its the same thing which is being served here. more

Horrible 3/23/2011

The most horrible experience I ever had. Very very bad food. I wouldn't even give that one star. It was a Tuesday dinner time. There was no one except me and my friends who went to have dinner. The waiter who later we found was the chef too seemed pleasant initially. We ordered some dum biriyani, naan and sides and soup/starter. The soup was from a readymade mix. We could identify the taste. Dehydrated vegetables in vegetable soup. The first thing that put us off. Then naan came out cold after a very very long wait and we had to send it back. By that time sides have come and gotten cold and then the naan was served hot. The dishes tasted very bad. I certainly can cook better food or could have had in a cheaper place. We had to wait for 2 hours for all the food to be served at different times and not in order. We heard the microwave sound from the kitchen and also realized he was the only guy who served as well as cooked. I wouldn't say cook but rather heat in microwave. We were all very hungry and just couldn't leave since we ordered everything. I decided to tell him that the food was bad and that he is having unhappy customers. He thought we were a bunch of students and made a poor service poorer. Then came the hefty bill after eating bad food. I mentioned that we didn't like the food and it didn't taste good and the reply he gave was - ""He complained to his mom that the food she makes doesn't taste good. What to do?"" Are you freaking kiddin me. You dont pay your mom even if she makes bad food. There was no concern what so ever and he never asked what that we didn't like. No changes to the check either. I'll never ever go back and highly recommend not to go to this restaurant. Everything was bad. 0/5. more

Authentic and delicious, made fresh on the spot, winner! 2/12/2011

The food is authentic and absolutely fabulous, the best Indian cuisine in the Triangle area in my foodie opinion, but come prepared to wait for it. They start making everything fresh when you order it and not before, down to toasting the cumin seeds on the spot to top the yogurt and chutney. It's worth the wait; the chef they have back there seriously knows his stuff. \r \r The owners don't have the best business sense unfortunately and haven't marketed their chef to his full potential, so the place is often empty. I recommend taking full advantage of that and coming in to get the chef's full creative attention whenever possible. We certainly do. Highly, highly recommended. The chef has a very deft hand with spices and coaxing full, rich, complex flavors from both meat and vegan or vegetarian ingredients, and it shows in the finished dishes. \r \r Their bread is un-frickin-believably delicious. I usually avoid bread baskets because it's not worth the carbs to me, but their poori and naan gets me every single time. Utterly fresh (they make it on the spot) and fragrant and tempting every time. Major winner here. more

Pretty good! 1/8/2011

My girlfriend and I went here last night and were really quite Impressed with the taste of the food. The restaurant was pretty empty but it was around 8:30 (and people have trashed this restaurant on here). We are both vegetarians and the selection was good. Both our meals were GREAT! I asked for Hot and it was actually spicy for a change. I love spicy food. My girlfriend's meal was also quite good but much milder. The service was good, even though only two people were working. Seemed like they were a couple. The man seated us and was really nice as can be expected. The woman, who I assumed cooked the food, brought it out and made sure everything was to the degree of ""hotness"" we liked. She was really nice and towards the end of our meal was telling us about some of her favorite vegetarian things on the menu. She even brought out this really good sauce for us to try. I will definitely be getting that next time! The only things that kinda sucked was that rice was extra, but no big deal really since this usually varies from place to place. Also the place was kind of tacky, but no worse than like a Mexican restaurant with Mariachi hats on the wall. I would definitely eat here again. The food is great. Maybe to go would be best for people that want great food but are picky about the way something looks. more

The worst restaurant ever, what a joke !! 1/7/2011

I wish I could give this restaurant a minus one meeting. I spotted this restaurant when the other day I came to pick up my order from Cafe' Tiramisu (in the same complex). So few days later we were in mood to eat Indian. We usually go to Azitra or Saffron. We live far from Cary so usually the above two are quiet a drive. So we decided to try takeout from there. We called at five and the woman picked up and said the restaurant did not open until five thirty so the order would not be ready until six. So we decided to cancel since we were not sure we would be out this long. Anyways we ended up being out later so we decided to try it. I am glad I took my wife's advice and only ordered one entree' just to give it a try. When I called again the woman said did you not cancel the order earlier, I said yes we were not sure. Anyways she told me over the phone that the order for the entree would take thirty minutes since their chef was extremely busy. When I got to the place the first thing I noticed was that the place smelled. I got in and there was hardly anyone seated. I asked the guy how long would it take and he said it would be twenty minutes. I told him that was too long and if he could hurry it up. He left in a huff and muttered 'ridiculous' under his breath. I was taken aback but kept quiet. When he returned I asked him if the food is going to be mild. His response was 'whatever', he said that it would be prepared the way Indian food is usually prepared and I should be aware that Indian food is usually spicy (even though their menu says that you can inform the server about the degree of spicyness that you desire). I could not take it anymore. By now he had my card. I told him his customer service skills were very poor, he was rude and that I had heard him utter 'ridiculous'. I would like to cancel my order and would like my card back. He refused to give my card back, it seemed like he was desperate for my money. He said I had canceled twice and he was level setting the field. I told him that we would never bring our business there and that we would also tell our friends not to visit such a dumphole. Eventually his wife brought the order and said that the food is not prepared the way I asked for it but she had done me a favor. Whatever. I looked at the food and it looked yucky and oily and it seemed like he did not even give us the right order. When we got home we threw the food into our trash can. Our money given to a desperate charity. Avoid this place at all costs. Even if you are homeless, penniless and depressed in life, do not go there EVER !! more

A Total Joke 10/31/2010

As some of the reviewers before me have said, this place used to be called Sitar Palace, but apparently changed owners a year or two back. Sitar Palace was average, but their buffet was always well-stocked. Now, the place is called Bombay Kitchen, and it is a joke. If you want a memorably bad evening that you can laugh about for years to come, this is the place to go. My wife and I came there on a Friday night, not knowing that the ownership had changed. If we had known, I guess we would have tried anyway. For the first half-hour we were there (yes, 6-6:30 on a Friday night), the buffet was completely empty. You read that right -- absolutely nothing available for anyone, and maybe 4-6 tables with diners waiting. No custom orders being taken, either. They eventually brought out one or two dishes, which were horrible. They did have beer, which I was able to get one bottle of (the waitstaff was seldom to be seen). My wife and I still laugh about this place to this day. If you are wondering just how ridiculously awful a restaurant could be, or if you are doing research for some kind of comedy routine, then maybe you should visit. Everyone else should probably stay away. As a side note -- they have an Indian Food store next door now (Bombay Market). Or at least, that is the rumor. I stopped by at 4 pm on a Friday recently to see if I could pick up some Paneer to cook at home (North Raleigh has no other Indian markets). The place was closed. There was a sign on the door saying to enter through the restaurant ... and of course the restaurant doors were locked as well. So, the message from the owners is pretty clear -- they do not have time for actual customers, because they are busy doing more important things, like not actually serving customers. (P.S. I am not sure if Citysearch allows zero-star reviews ... I'm about to find out). (P.P.S. Nope, I am forced to give at least one star. This place doesn't deserve even one star, but why not? I am feeling generous today!) more

Not even indian 6/26/2010

this place is far from being an indian restaurant. the vegetarian selection is awful and being from india i always expect a wide selection. i won't eat here again. Cons: where is the vegetarian more

Poorly run business, sub-par food 5/27/2010

I've been to a fair share of Indian lunch buffets, and even though they're not all great. However, I never expected to find one that is absolutely terrible. I will never go to Bombay Kitchen again. I used to come here when it was Sitar India Palace, and little did I realize how drastic the change would be. The buffet was sparse...the only two entrees were dal (more a soup than an entry) and perhaps chicken tikka masala (or something similar). This was the first red flag. The second red flag should have been that many of the tables still had dirty plates and glasses on them from customers long gone. My boyfriend and I ignored these, being quite hungry, and decided to order off the menu. Note that they have no lunch menu specials, so the prices were pretty high on the menu (over 10 per entree). As usual, nan was not included in the price, but RICE was $3.00 extra. It took forever for the woman to prepare our lhassi. In fact, it became evident that she was the only person working there. She kept mentioning ""the chef,"" but it took so long to make our food that there is no way that anyone else was there. (We were also one of two tables in the restaurant). One group of businessmen came in, an Indian man with them looked at the buffet and then they all left. Red flag number 3. My paneer makhani was sub-par, not even hot by the time it was served to me. My boyfriend's goat biryani appeared to have been cooked in a microwave. The only food I was classify as ""good"" was the garlic nan we ordered, though it did arrive more than five minutes after our entrees. The icing on the cake was when the woman couldn't add our bill up correctly. She charged us $2 extra, but then forgot to add in tax, so we let it slide to get out of there as quickly as possible. Never go here! Go the extra distance to downtown Raleigh (India Mahal), Morrisville (Saffron), or even Chapel Hill (India Palace, Tandoor, or Mint) for quality Indian food. Or perhaps there is a nearer location with better yelp reviews. Seriously, save yourself the pain of this poorly run business. Pros: Didn't get food poisoning Cons: slow service, terrible buffet selection, dirty, over-priced more

Enjoy what Indian food should really taste like 3/29/2010

Good experiences are seldom written. Bad ones are always. I have dined at this restaurant for over four years now (after getting sick of my experience at other local Indian restaurant(s)). The best part of this restaurant is their menu which covers so many different regions of Indian. A huge selection in all categories. I have tried different dish at each time and they all taste awesome! I have always got a personal treatment at this place showing they do value their customers. I love their bread selections and Biryanis. I would suggest you try the Aloo paratha (whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and peas). I am so glad they are still in the business ( in this hard times). It is the best tasting Indian food hands down. We just celebrated our son's birthday over the weekend and went their for dinner. My kids love the tikki masala. The food is affordable and averages $20-25 per person. I am glad I have them in my neighborhood. Pros: Fresh food made to order. Authentic Cons: Tucked in a corner more

Overcharged and Underwhelmed 11/2/2009

I picked up an order the other night and while I was waiting (it was not ready then when it did come out it wasn't complete), I noticed that the owner left my order out on the counter. I noticed that he charged me $10.95 for the entree, which I remembered was $9.95 on the takeout menu I had. So I thought maybe they changed prices and I had an old menu. I looked at the takeout menus they had out and it was $9.95 in there too. Then I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe they had changed the main menu, but were trying to use up the old takeout menus they had paid to have printed. It was $9.95 in the main menu as well. THEN I noticed that he charged me $1.00 extra on the naan and the raitha I ordered. Again, charged me more than was on the menu. THEN I see that he charged me nearly $3 for rice. WTF?? I saw someone else's review where they questioned him and his lame response. \r \r We ate here when it first opened and I thought it was overpriced and not very good. My husband wanted to give them another try, so I picked up dinner last week. \r \r I know times are hard, but THIS MAN STOLE MONEY FROM ME!! You can't overcharge customers and expect repeat business. \r \r I didn't want to get into it (my dinner had been getting cold in the car for over 15 minutes by the time they got my order right) with him, but I did write on his copy of my charge receipt (as he was waiting on the 2 occupied tables) that he overcharged me. \r \r There are way better Indian places on Capital. It's a bit longer of a drive, but I won't think twice about it now. I'll even drive to India Mahal from N. Raleigh. It's worth it. Cons: Overpriced, overcharged, inferior quality. more

Worst Indian Restaurant EVER!!! 8/3/2009

It seems like nothing has changed. I was just there Saturday Aug. 1, 2009. And to be quite honest, my meal ended at the water. First of all, on their window, they have advertised the lunch buffet all week and a dinner buffet only on Friday and Saturday evenings. I walked in and inquired about the price of the buffet...he informed me that the buffet is only during lunch - they don't do evening buffets. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! So I decided to give it a shot anyways, and was seated with my friend. The restaurant was completely empty upon our arrival and departure. The man was friendly, however, throughout this process, he began talking to me as if I didn't know what I was talking about. We finally decided what we wanted to order - although it seemed that all the items were over-priced to begin with. He came over to take our order, and as we were placing our order for two appetizers, an order of naan, an order of chicken tikka masala, and an order of chicken saag, he asked us what kind of rice we wanted. I looked at him and said, ""These entrees don't come with rice?"" He said, ""No - these are curries only, you can order them with bread or rice"". I was appalled. This was not my first time to an indian restaurant...and every other restaurant I have been to served my favorite (chicken tikka masala) with rice, as well as bringing out papadam with chutney (and sometimes naan) for starters. I made sure to tell him that. He acted like I was wrong and insisted that this was how it was done - and continued to say that plain rice was only $2.00 per serving. He says to me ""This is Basmati Rice, you know. It's expensive - blah blah blah"". I looked at him and said, ""Yes, I know...I know what Basmati Rice is and how much it costs - I grew up with it."" (I'm from the Middle East) . Each meal was already $13.00 as it was and no rice came with it??? RIDICULOUS! And each of the appetizers we had chosen were a minimum of $4.00 each. I asked him to give us a minute to decided what we friend and I talked it over - I was upset. Our meal (entrees W/RICE) would've been $30.00 alone. So we got up and told him we were leaving. I am also forewarning you all - DON'T GO HERE! YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY GET RIPPED OFF!!! We ended up eating at INDIA MAHAL - where the food was great, the people were nice, and the prices were PERFECT. Our total meal came to less than $35.00 - and this included 2 apps, 2 entrees (including rice!!), naan, AND Taj Mahal beer. Pros: The water was ok :) Cons: Over priced - false advertisement - Rice is not included??? more

Worst Indian Resturant in Raleigh AVOID ! AVOID ! AVOID ! 7/29/2009

Please avoid Bombay Kitchen ...Food is horrible..Few dishes in buffet. The service is worst..They will cook the food depend on the crowd...\r \r I have to wait for each dish ..There is only one non-veg dish. She/ owner/operator ?? said for 8.95 ...this is what you can get..What a comment? $8.95 is cheap???? When? \r \r Who ever said nice comments. about this place.Don't buy those reviews...Those are real SCAMS.\r \r AVOID..AVOID... Pros: Location Cons: Food, Service and Quality more

The Tupperware is the Best Aspect of Take-Out 7/1/2009

One of my favorite friends and I decided to do an Indian night with a new Restaurant (Bombay Kitchen). Our meal was a “to-go” order and as Indian food lovers requested ""Hot"" for spiciness. We were given a 45 minute prep time (Keep in mind our food order was 80+ dollars). Not only was the order an additional 30 minutes late, none of the (4) different chicken dishes ordered was prepared “Hot”. We called immediately to speak with the manager. The manager “Sonny”, was MIA the whole night and never returned our call. Even our Naan bread was under cooked. When we called the next morning, the manager informed us that since we are AMERICAN, “hot” means a different thing. If we had wanted a “Hot Dish”, we needed to place an order for Indian Hot. So nice of them to tell us… Do yourself a favor, if you want Indian food, go someplace that serves the same food to all nationalities and boycott the Bombay Market. Besides, there were only (2) customers dinning in when we picked up our to-go order at 8:30 pm on a Friday night…. You be the judge! Pros: They Package the Food in use again, ""to-go"" packaging. Cons: Very Bad Service, Very Bad Food, more

Heading downhill 4/4/2009

My wife and I live very close to this restaurant and having been getting food there since it was Sitar. It started going downhill before it switched to Bombay and has continued. We hoped the trend would reverse but it has not. The food is okay... a little better than what I can make using Harris Teeter nan and Fresh Market already made sauces. We get almost the same thing everytime (Chicken Saag, Lamb Vindaloo, Roti and Garlic nan bread, and Samosas). This used to cost us about $30. Now it is over $40 with less meat (my wife's saag had 3 pieces of chicken) and rice (one small container between the two of us). This isn't an isolated experience. The sauces are runnier than they used to be and not as good. I cannot remember the place off Hilsborough St. That is the best Indian in Raleigh I think. The Brier Creek restaurant is a close second (but much more upscale). I'd hate to see BK go because it is so conveniently close, but it just is not worth the money. Pros: Location Cons: Price/Value, Inconsistent more

Not the best 3/15/2009

I'm giving it 3 stars mainly because it does have an Indian Market beside the restaurant and it's fairly close to us. I'm attempting to learn to cook Indian cuisine at home and they have had what I've needed there so that has been nice. I had the Lamb Madras and the wife had Lamb Curry. I liked the coconut in their Madras but the meat was tough in both dishes and the naans seemed a little dated. Have Taj Mahal do a Madras with coconut and your money is better spent there IMO.. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Never host any party there.. 2/21/2009

What a blunder I committed! And what a fool I am I must say. I read horrible reviews about this restaurant but still wanted to give it a shot. They somehow convinced me that they host so many parties and food is the best in town. They talked so nicely and sugar coated until they signed me up and then I saw their true color. It?s a husband-wife management but one doesn?t know what other is promising to the customer. It was all discussed and agreed upon and the party hall was booked. Suddenly a day before the party, husband called me and told me that their music system is not working and I will have arrange my own. I argued and reminded that it was agreed upon and now it?s a bit late, he started rubbishing and asked me to take deposit back. Imagine, just a day before, by now I have send all invitations and reminders to my guests and I am now being told to do the party somewhere else, somehow I handled. Now there is really hard part. Party night, the food tests awfully bad, the promise of great test is broken. I felt terrible in-front of my guests. My party is trashed. And the worst is not over yet, my guest count and their headcount of my guests are terribly different, even if I add all babies and toddlers, their headcount was 15 guests more. I tried explaining and produced them the guest list but they didn?t agree to me, it seemed like they knew how many guests where attended more than I did. I requested them to play CCTv recordings and prove but they cleverly told me that the camera is not working. It was a clear lie but I couldn?t help it. I had to pay what they wanted. \r Bottom line, if you want to screw-up your party horribly, that?s the perfect place to host the party. Just check their clientele in busy hours; you will know how many people like their food.\r Pros: They talk nicely Cons: Food awfully bad, they charge for more people than the actual guest count which includes babies and toddlers. more

I Knew It! Crappy food, service, and atmosphere! 1/29/2009

I live very close to Bombay Kitchen's location and often walk by it to get to Harris Teeters. I have never, for the life of me, been able to tell if this restaurant is open for business or closed down. For this reason alone, I would never dine there. If they don't understand the basics of curb appeal, how could they master the art of cuisine? \r Anyway, I finally broke down and went to Citysearch to look into it, since my work calls on me to suggest dining recommendations to our clients. Just looking at the reviews currently out there, and the patterns in the reviews, I know I will never eat at Bombay Kitchen, much less risk the lives of my clients by suggesting this place.\r There is one pattern in the review that speaks the loudest. Notice all the 4 and 5 Star reviews give kudos to the ""Owners""? COME ON!! Rarely will somone that actually eats somewhere site the ""ownership"" as why they like or dislike a restaurant. They will talk about the food, decor, and the service: like all the 1 star reviews here!\r Bombay Kitchen Owners, stop writing good reviews for your own restaurant to alter your overall review. This is misleading and slander, and bordering on illegal. Here is what you could do instead. Improve the actual quality of your food, service, and decor!! Start with your food. If you cannot provide a buffet that is presentable and tasty, TAKE IT OUT! Next, look at your kitchen. Is your chef good or great? If not, GET HIM OUT! Next, talk to your family member that is the server. Explain to her that if she does not greet your guest immediately, and serve them quickly and warmly, no matter if she knows them or not, YOU WILL FIRE HER. You can then improve the decor, only after your improved food and service start making you money. People will forgive bad decor, provided that the food is excellent. Heck, at that point, you could even keep the bad decor and make it your trademark! Like, Croc shoes, ugly but comfortable. But get rid of the TV?! more

Don't eat here! 8/5/2008

Terrible! I went on a Friday night around 8:30. The buffet looked like it hadn't been touched all week, as all the items were dried-looking on the top and edges. I ordered from the menu, only to learn that rice is not included, nor refilled!!! The server basically ignored me, even though I was one of only three tables eating in. She spent the bulk of her time talking to a table of apparent regulars she knew by name. When she took a break from talking with them to head back to the kitchen, I got her attention and asked for more water, as mine was empty. She brought the pitcher and left it on the table, I guess to let me know my service was over for the night. A man came out of the kitchen at some point and asked how everything was, but I was too ticked off to explain it politely, so I just asked for a box...which he never brought. The server came back out, visited with her friends some more, went the register to check them out and visited some more, so by the time she came over to clean their table and I was able to ask for a box, it had been about 20-25 minutes since I first asked her colleague. When she checked me out, I told her I never heard of paying separately for rice. She said it saves customers money because some of them don't want it, so it is not included in the price, while other restaurants include it in the price. I paid $12.00 for 6 or 7 small chunks of chicken and a 2 cups of sauce in my vindaloo, plus they didn't even give me those big crispy crackers (I don't know the proper name) with my meal that you always get at Indian restaurants. \r In short, this place is overpriced, the food is sub-par ( I got the box because my husband will eat leftovers of any caliber), and the service stinks. If you know the server, you may enjoy it, because she will come to your table and bring you fresh rice and bread while she visits with you (even if you order from the buffet), but if you don't know her, I would advise you to go somewhere else. Pros: I never have to go here again. Cons: Price, service, food, and the ridiculous TV more
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