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Boiler Room


228 NW Davis St
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 227-5441
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I love Boiler and have been coming here for years. The crowd is great, minus the few stragglers that are too drunk and probably shouldn't be allowed in/should be cut off at the ba...


The staff is less than friendly to anyone except a few regulars, the seating is poorly planed, the Karaoke, except on monday night after comedy, is oh so bad.. the place is clean,...

I love Boiler and have been coming here 2/14/2012

I love Boiler and have been coming here for years. The crowd is great, minus the few stragglers that are too drunk and probably shouldn't be allowed in/should be cut off at the bar. It's not rocket science, to the people who have written that they have had issues with the staff: if you're acting like a drunk moron, you're not getting in or getting served. That's not the bouncer or the bartender's fault. Anyway, as a long-time fan of Boiler Room, I will give you a quick rundown of what you'll find. *Great karaoke selection (They have multiple obscure tracks by The Darkness!) and wonderful KJs who put on hilarious performances of their own from time to time. *Strong, cheap drinks to give you the courage to sing. *Supportive, cool crowd of good old fashioned Portland locals looking to have a drama-free good time. *Cool staff that are wonderful to talk to, unless (I guess) if you're too drunk to count your own money and are yelling at them for no reason. *A FUN night that you'll be talking about the next time you venture down to Old Town looking for a great time. more

Rockin' Karaoke Bar! 11/11/2011

I love this place!! Just went in again recently and it continues to rock. Great music, nice staff, fun crowd! I don't understand some of the negative reviews because they could apply to any bar in Old Town. . . (people puking, people being cut off, drunks, and young meat hounding men.) You don't go to the ""entertainment district"" to be the only person in the bar! Of course it's crowded and the people watching is fantastic. When you're not dancing... The mix of amazing and talented singers and people who just give it their best is what makes it safe to get your ass up there to sing! What I really appreciate is the bartenders' ability to scan the bar and actually select who is next, rather than looking up from one spot and taking whoever steps in front of them. Classy! My only complaint about this joint is that once I'm there, I can never get myself to leave before closing. It's truly a Vortex! Love it. more

I hate people when they're not polite 1/8/2011

the bouncer steals money. bouncer: you are a big fat man, pasty complexion, short beard that reminds me of the hair on my scotum. your behavior will catch up to you. manager: I don't know why you let this piece of fetid fecal matter deface the door of your establishment. I suggest you fire him as soon as you can. he will lie if you accuse him. just fire him. potential customers: if you see the above described bouncer, go somewhere else to have fun. bouncer boycott. more

Karaoke and Dancing, horrible. 6/3/2010

I love horrible reviews for places I love. This place sucks... its horrible... please.... stay away. I love the Boiler Room. This place turns into a karaoke nightclub on the weekends, but that works for me. Last Saturday I sang two times from about 10 till 2am. Not bad, but its Saturday night, what do you expect? The food isn't anything special, but its there. Not a whole lot of seats, if you hate to stand/dance/mingle, stay away. The staff didn't really talk to me much. Oh well, I got my drinks just fine. Pros: Cheap for the area Cons: Karaoke? more

Boycott the most classless spot in Portland. 5/30/2010

Guys, if you are going to take your girl friends out, take them someplace classy, not to Boiler Room. This place is awful. And ladies, if you are desperate and want to go somewhere with immature and drunk guys that are only there to get smashed and hit on you or show off, this place is for you. In fact, after two visits here, I've decided to come online and write a review, something I never do, only because this place is so classless. First experience: Overly crowded. Finally got to get a drink from slow bartenders and signed up to sing karaoke. I went to use the restroom and there was a girl puking in the men's room. There were a few immature guys outside mocking her, yelling mean things at her even as she was walking out. Total jerks. I saw a group of guys standing in the middle of the bar. Some other guy tried to get through but these guys wouldn't move out of the way. Finally the guy was squeezing through and I saw one guy start pushing him, as if these guys were looking to fight. The people here just seemed tense, impatient, and egotistical. Overall, the service was awful, and the crowd was classless, and just one big meat fest. One guy karaoked Kings of Leon's ""Use Somebody"". I'm very forgiving, but this was the worst karaoke I've ever heard. No one clapped for him except me and my buddy, and I noticed the crowd was occasionally rude to the singers. Second experience: A couple weeks later... I had a group of friends from out of town. We were eating dinner at Kell's, and they wanted to Karaoke. Unfamiliar with Portland, the only place I knew of was Boiler Room. Maybe it was the fact that I was one of the only guys in my group of friends or that I wear glasses and don't look like some 20 year old smug frat boy, but the bouncer looked at me, after all my friends had gone in, and said, ""I dunno about you"". Excuse me? After my previous experiences with all those drunks, and this guy isn't going to let me in now? I told him I had just shown up, and that I'd like to go in, but needed to use the ATM. He seemed to chill out for the time, and let me inside to use it. While I was in the middle of using it, he grabbed me by the neck from behind, pulled me outside, and threw me into the little tree outside, saying ""You're done here"". Luckily, no one used the machine and I didn't lose any money, but he definitely should not have done that. Totally ridiculous. Since I hadn't drank anything here and wasn't intoxicated, I thought maybe he had me mixed up. I called a friend of mine who came outside, and I tried talking to the bouncer. I just wanted to know why I was thrown out like that. He promptly got right up in my face, and started cussing and threatening me. Unfortunately we soon decided to leave, having our money taken at the door and our night spoiled. I should have learned my lesson the first night, and shouldn't have assumed that somehow my next experience would for some reason not be as bad. I've been to plenty of bars in cities around the northwest, and this was by far the most unfriendly and unprofessional waste of time I've seen in my life. I've never been confronted by a bouncer like that in my life. What is his job there anyways? I might go back and deal with their crap and not buy anything if my guy friends ever want to go back there, but I would never take any ladies back here. If you take your girlfriends here, they will get hit on by sleazy guys, and you just might get thrown out instead. No wonder there are other negative reviews online. Sheesh. Hey Portland, please boycott this place. The management should read the negative reviews showing up and deal with their mean and antisocial staff, especially that angry boar of a bouncer that was working the front door the night of 5/28/10. Pros: Reminds you that even the biggest a*holes can get employed. Cons: Unfriendly staff, high prices, immature crowd, long waits... more

Worst Time in Portland 2/6/2010

I previously have enjoyed Boiler room up until this evening. I had a girls night out with my girlfriends and had about three drinks over three hours. I have been to Boiler Room many times previous. In the past I have always enjoyed the karaoke bar. This evening I was told that I was cut off when I was not close to intoxicated. I was aware that Boiler Room looked for this, I was not aware their bartenders were allowed to play favorites and show their temper for the evening. I have never felt more offended. I will make sure my friends; and all that I know pass on an overrated establishment with (previous cheap drinks), and welcoming staff. The man with the tambourine should seek a job where it is not ran by uptight individuals with a chip on their shoulder Cons: Awful Service more

Boiler Room, boiling hot - a review 8/20/2009

The Boiler Room in downtown Portland is one of the city's most classic karaoke spots. It's been around for at least as long as I've been twenty-one and has karaoke 7 days a week, all night long. Its corner, old town location is easily accessible to the spill-over from nearby bars which brings quite a range of 20 and 30 somethings and even a few mid-lifers. Inexpensive beverages and two pool tables compliment the awesome activity that is Boiler Room Karaoke which allows performers to be on the same level as the audience. An audience so close that it's sometimes hard to tell who the singer is. I happened upon BR just the other night (Wed) and was happily greeted with throw-back K-Jams like ""Don't Stop Believin"", ""Shot to the heart"" and ""I Will Survive"". Seemed typical enough except... You could barely distinguish the voices of the singers. Not because of a crappy sound system, but because the audience (many in the audience) were each singing at the top of their lungs, all the words, to all the songs. So much energy, so much love, so much music. Kind of unreal. For a few hours you felt like you were in the closing scenes of the most magical musical ever! In true musical form, the night ended with ""Seasons of Love"" (Rent). ""Five Hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes!"" Have to give the Boiler Room 5 stars for a boiling hot night of musical karaoke madness and awesome audience participation. More reviews at BolaKaraoke! Pros: Crazy, Fun, Inexpensive Bevs, ADA Accesible Cons: Somtimes too busy, but that's a good thing! more

Love this bar 7/10/2009

The boiler room is by far my favorite bar in portland. Its consistently a great time. The staff is great and the bartenders (especially Anna) are always extremely nice despite having to deal with drunk people all night. Pros: always a good time more

Friendly and crowded 6/11/2008

The night I went to Boiler room I was meeting my brother and a large group for his birthday. He had arrived 30 min before me and said there was no cover. When I arrived...there was and I had no cash! The door guy said there was an atm around the corner, but I couldn't find it (maybe I'm blind?) Luckily my brother had some cash and got me in.\r \r Well my first impression was CROWDED! It was like trying to slither through a crowd at a rock concert. Wait times for drinks was the longest I've ever had to wait...about 20-25 minutes...not that the bartenders were slow or ignoring people (they were actually quite fast), but there were just way too many people in there. We all ended up taking turns standing in line for drinks because of the wait. \r \r Besides that, everyone was very very friendly (bartenders and customers), and we ended up having a really fun time and forgetting about how packed it was. In fact, everyone in the place seemed to be having so much fun singing like a big chorus...this is a great place for a party. Pros: Great kj, fun atmosphere Cons: crowded more

The Most Awful Service Ever!!! 3/18/2008

If you want to be treated like garbage on your fun night out, be sure to stop by the Boiler Room. It appears whom ever owns the joint likes to hire unfriendly and angry staff. Especially Anna. Watch out for her!!! Not only will she bite your head off when you order your drink, but she'll attack you when your trying to figure out what to tip her at the end of your evening. Don't take too long, it makes her mad and she will throw insulting remarks your way. Any attempts to get a smile out of any of them is like breaking bones. You couldn't pay me to go back or my friends / family. Maybe it's named the Boiler Room for a reason. Pros: Makes you happy your you and not their awful staff. Cons: Awful Staff more

Great Karaoke, Cheap Drinks, Fun Peeps 2/14/2008

Several trips to the Boiler Room make me rate it as the most fun Karaoke Joint in the downtown area. Met the owner and her buddies last week. Anyone that cool has to own a great bar. Particularly enjoy the keyed up Karaoke DJ...always a great guy. I've done Renegade by Styx and episodic Journey stints at this place. When it's not raining the smoking portch is a great place to make friends (although when it is raining it's a kind of huddle in the door situation...which might make it more conducive to meeing peeps...who smoke). Theyz gots pool two. Bathrooms were fairly clean and being able to purchase 6 Pabst's in the bottle at 1 AM makes this the drunken Karaoke mecca of the third/second street downtown situation. Great memories of last call singing Garth ""Aint Goin Down till the Sun Comes Up."" If I was your friend, you would be getting tired of this place because I would drag you there so frequently. As downtown goes...I give it a ten a frickin ten. Pros: Great Karaoke, Great Smoking Portch (when it's not raining), great owner's crew Cons: If you are outdorsy and it's raining...check out somewhere else more

By Far - The Best In Portland 2/11/2008

This place is the best!!! I've been on a Friday night and a Saturday night and both nights were a blast. The Friday Night KJ is amazing! The vibe is so great. Lots of good looking people and great service at the bar. I didn't consider myself a karaoke person - but tried it and now I'm hooked. Too much fun! The Boiler Room has a great layout that is perfect for mingling - easy to get to the bar, no stage for the karoke virgins, like myself, who would be too intimidated, great area for playing pool, outside area. I will definitely be back. (BTW - we went to another bar down the block (which shall remain nameless) and it was just loud music with people standing around looking bored - the antithesis to the Boiler Room) Pros: Fun Party Vibe - Great Service - Lots of Good Looking Guys Cons: Only one stall in the girls bathroom : ( more

A Karaoke Bar where the owner sings and the KJ really entertains! 5 stars! 10/29/2007

When you're looking for a great place for an evening, the Boiler Room is it!\r \r Friendly bar staff, good prices on cocktails and $2 PBR give it a whole lot of stars to start with - but this is truly a Karaoke Bar and is non-smoking. Not to worry, smokers easily congregate outside under the caregul eye of the cordial yet professional doormen who fairly enforce the rules.\r \r The star of the show, ""Dr. Love"" is an extremely talented performer and great KJ and host - and puts so much energy into his shows I wondered whether he got it from another planet. It's sheer entertainment and a plesaure to be at the Boiler Room when he does his incredible show!\r \r The song library is great - and you're sure to hear some great talent - and to perform yourself is as simple as filling out one of their slips - and if you need help with a selection, Dr. Love is glad to assist.\r \r A veteran of Karaoke, I was pleased in all ways. This is a great place, easily accessible in downtown by car, bus and even the MAX being a short two blocks away from the Old Chinatown platform.\r \r Monday nights the Karaoke starts a little later, 'cuz there's about two hours of stand-up comedy which is extremely entertaining. Last week I thoroughly enjoyed a routine given by someone so familiar with the material - police drama - only to find that he is indeed one of Portland's finest. Kudos to him!\r \r Anyhow, when you've got a few bucks in your pocket or room on your Visa, the Boiler Room is the place to spend it - and you might even hear the personable and friendly owner belt out a tune. She does a wonderful job and has done so well in creating a great atmosphere.\r \r It does get packed on the weekends, so get there early to get a good seat. There's a pool table and easily accessible rest rooms, too!\r \r Hope to see you there. It's one of my favorite spots and I wanted the citysearch readers to know about it. Pros: convenience, great prices, friendly staff, clean bathrooms, family style seating for parties Cons: no smsoking inside but easily done right outside the door with ashtrays right there more

HOT STUFF 6/13/2007

I think that B Room is fantastic. The bouncers are hot and wonderful.... MO MIKE. The drinks are great and fast service. The crowd is very mixed. Sometimes crowded, but who doesn't like a bar to have people? The music's nice. If you like to sing, get your name in there real quick. Or play pool. It's a great place. It's the usual. Pros: Bouncers, Drinks, Friends, People, Music Cons: Bathrooms more

This is a Not Bar 4/25/2007

The staff is less than friendly to anyone except a few regulars, the seating is poorly planed, the Karaoke, except on monday night after comedy, is oh so bad.. the place is clean, but the layout is stupid and the regular's are not too keen on new faces. Walking to the door or the bathroom can be a hazard because someone has both pool tables right in the way so you have to weave through the players and spectators.. the no smoking is nice.. Monday night open mic, followed by Karaoke is the only thing this place has going for it in a big way.. Sorry but this place is just not a place I will plan on going... Pros: Monday Night Open Mic Comedy Cons: Every night but monday is not so good. more

Comedy/ Monday nights/laughs Funny host 4/23/2007

Great place for some laughs on a Monday night. Its great to see the not so experienced take a go at it. Nice Bar.....Highly Recommend Pros: Comedy Monday nights Cons: Too many Karaoke nights.....more laughs more

Worst service 2/10/2007

When you go to the Boiler Room you expect to sing Karaoke. The reality is only staff takes turn singing. When you try to reason with the DJ about why it's been an hour and a half since you put in your name and you haven't been called up to sing, she gives you some sort of excuse about it being busy and brushes you off. We went there with a large group and put in our names and were barely called up. If you are looking for a true place to go Karaoke, go somewhere where they actually will call your name. I'm not there to hear the staff sing over and over again. Never going there again, and neither are our friends. Cons: So crowded you never get to sing more

Best Karaoke bar in Portland! 1/4/2007

...but don't tell anyone I said that, it is crowded enough as it is! This place pours the strongest drinks, has the best looking bartenders, and rocks the socks off any other karaoke bar around. Just don't be rude to the staff, and you will get along just fine! more

Fantastic Time! 7/18/2005

I love this bar! We went with a group of friends after work and had the best time, it has a great atmosphere - really laid-back. The Karaoke was fun but not the only part of the bar, we were able to play pool all night and the service was perfect. I would totally recommend this place for anyone looking to find a fun night out. Pros: Fun atmosphere, Good service, Great for groups more

Horrible Service 1/1/2005

I don't think I've ever had such terrible service ever before! The staff should just be fired they are such an awful waste of human flesh. I'm not even sure why they are so rude, especially when our party tipped upon receiving our first drinks. None of use will ever return and suggest no one ever bother to go. The service does explain why it was so empty on a Friday night though. Cons: , Food more
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  • Singles and groups of friends gather at this Old Town karaoke bar to belt out '80s tunes in front of the entire crowd.

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  • Hours: Thu-Sat: 7pm-2:30am, Sun: 8pm-2am, Tue-Wed: 7pm-2am, Mon: 8am-2am
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