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Body & Pole - 19 Reviews - 115 W 27th St # Frnt 1, New York, NY - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (212) 334-6900

Body & Pole

115 W 27th St # Frnt 1 (at Between 6th-7th ave)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 334-6900
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Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY
Body & Pole - New York, NY


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I was able to set up a 1 hour private beginners class with Body & Pole to help celebrate a friend's birthday party with the girls. The person on the phone was cordial and guided m...


I am a pole dancing instructor at The Girls Room in Texas and was visiting New York for a week. I was so excited to take a class from Marlo Fisken at Body and Pole and signed up f...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/20/2012

Great place for lessons. Very 'dance background' oriented. Warmup before you go more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/14/2012

My friends & I had a blast! Dalijah was an awesome instructor. She took her time & really pushed us to unleash our sexiness! I will be back! more

Sexy fitness! 3/5/2012

I was able to set up a 1 hour private beginners class with Body & Pole to help celebrate a friend's birthday party with the girls. The person on the phone was cordial and guided me on how to set up my account which made the process go very smoothly. \r \r The class was AMAZING! The instructor (Tiffany) was fun and patient with us. My friends and I laughed and enjoyed the work out the instructor performed. We can't wait to do it again. Thanks Tiffany! more

Great space, patient instructors! 6/3/2011

I went to a friend's bachelorette party at Body & Pole with 8 of my girls last week surprised myself. I'd only taken a few classes at Crunch and was never able to invert myself on the pole. After just 45 min and a VERY patient teacher, I was upside down! I couldn't believe it! Thank you, Lian, for taking the time to teach an old dog new tricks. ;) more

Highly disappointed 5/31/2011

I am a pole dancing instructor at The Girls Room in Texas and was visiting New York for a week. I was so excited to take a class from Marlo Fisken at Body and Pole and signed up for a class the day before her class took place. When I knew plans were conflicting and I would be able to take the class, I called 7 hours ahead to cancel, with no answer or reply. I left a message to insure my refund of $30 for the class and didn't reach anyone until the following day when I called back. The woman I spoke to said refunds were not given and I could contact the owner for more help. When I contacted her she stated that she would not refund me and that a confirmation e-mail is sent to everyone who signs up for a class that states no refunds unless canceling 24 hours ahead. I never received this e-mail and expressed that to her and never got a reply. I work for a studio and help take care of customers who are unhappy. This was extremely upsetting considering her only option to make me happy was to sign up for another class and pay another $30. I felt like she should have appreciated the fact that I chose her studio out of all the studios in New York and been a little more understanding considering I didn't know any of these terms of conditions or informed about them at any point. more

Fun class, but ended 15 min early! 3/20/2011

I planned a bachelorette party here and our class was scheduled for 6:15-7:15. We started on time and learned some fun moves, but I felt like it was over quickly and looked at my watch and it was only 7pm! We paid for an hour, so not sure why we only got 45 minutes. more

AMAZING Place to Pole! 4/30/2010

I am SO thankful that I have found this studio. Their new location is absolutely stunning, no details were left out during their renovations. So far I have only taken classes with Lian and I have to say that she is wonderful. Such a sweet woman and such a talented pole dancer. \r \r Being a person who is experienced in pole dancing, it was nice to enter a class (beg/int) and leave feeling that I’ve learned something new while at the same time not feeling intimidated by how advanced some of the other girls were. There was much individual attention given to everyone and moves were modified to fit your level. I was amazed at how much progress I was able to make in one class, and I left feeling sore for days. \r \r I especially enjoy how much time is allotted for the warm up. It is great that Body & Pole classes are an hour and a half, having a half hour to really loosen up your muscles and an hour to practice on the pole makes a huge difference! \r \r The prices are extremely fair especially when compared to competitor studios in the city which are not HALF as nice (I'm a former NYPD student and have also taken classes at Shakra/ S Factor- this studio knocks the others out of the ballpark). I can't say how much I love this place enough. I'm so glad to be taking classes again and not relying on YouTube to teach me all the moves I'm dying to learn, now I have Lian!\r \r Try it out, you will love it! Pros: beautiful studio, great classes, welcoming environment Cons: I didn't start coming sooner more

Great Studio 3/16/2010

I just went to my first Body and Pole class and it was different from what I'm used to. It is true what the other reviews said: Kyra is such a great instructor and sweet. She taught me lots of new moves, even when I said I don't think I can accomplish it, she pushes me to do it and I made advancements. And they do greet you with the biggest smile. :] And I love the decoration of the studio. The few things that I want to make people be aware of is that you might feel a bit lost in the beginning because the space is shared with another studio (example: there's a coat rack, and you leave your shoe near it before you head into the pole room). You would be especially confuse if you're too early (like me><). But people there are friendly and will try to make you feel comfortable. So overall, great studio. I recommend it. I like that expiration date is 1 year so lots of time to use your package. And 14ft poles! ~Um..side note because there's so much fuel in the pole dance industry about B&P and NYPD. I love pole dancing. And we are all entitle to our opinions but give people the benefit of the doubt. I am a NYPD student, and I don't think it's true what people are saying about how bad NYPD is. And I just tried out B&P and this studio is absolutely great too. So it makes me so sad when people are bashing each other. If you pole dance, in my book, you are an amazing person. Because pole dancers have a passion and people with passion is inspiring. So..I'm done with speaking. Be happy. Try this studio out! :D Pros: Teaches lots of challenging move all at one go<3 Cons: I wish the mirror was full length more


I love this place! Every visit makes me want to go back for more. I'm always hungry for new techniques when I'm with a session here. Kyra is an excellent instructor. She will push your limits and take you to your fullest potential. And Lian will bring your sexy kitten out, there's no holds bar. These two instructor provides the greatest combination of teaching sexiness and proper techniques. They will bring you out of your shell along with increasing your strength and beauty. This is a great workout for me. I've watched myself slowly increasing my strength and holding my own body weight. I'm watching my body transform, becoming more toned and lean every week. I highly recommend Body and Pole...It's not like any other studios I've been to. This place is empowering. Pros: Krya!!! 14 ft poles, FABULOUS instructors! more

Great class! 2/18/2010

Went for a mixed level class last night with Kyra. Loved it, everyone got their own poles so I had lots of time to practice on my own stuff at whatever pace I wished. Kyra is great at forcing us to work on our own weaknesses (and also my often neglected leftside), and takes suggestions for things we might want to work on -- or at least we make her demonstrate the nifty-gifties so we can ooh and aah over her masterfulness. Really, great class. She always (and Lian as well) has a positive, contagious attitude and obvious love for pole and personal improvement in her students. As well as a high level of creativity to explore the new. I have nothing for respect for what they are trying to do, and I will be back! Again! Pros: great instructors, personal attention, talllll poles Cons: hmmm, let me think about that? more

Good dancers, but unprofessional in handling matters 2/16/2010

I had plans on attending this studio and learning from these ladies, as I heard they were good dancers. However, when I reviewed their website I found it very disturbing that a studio, that “claims” to be a business, would air their complaints about another studio on their website. After reading the very long and emotional e-mail it occurred to me that the owners of this studio are not business minded nor do they function with good business etiquette and will find themselves out of business in a matter of a few years, or sooner, if they do not act like professionals. Ultimately, they do own a business. Being a great dancer, fun and friendly attitude, and the great instructor is very important, but if you do not handle business in a professional manor, you will find yourself without a business. If the other studio doesn’t sue them for deformation of character then I would really consider taking your business to the other studio, as that is the studio with the right character.\r \r As a professional lawyer, I would have a hard time taking a class with ladies who would speak negatively about another studio. What NYPD did was correct. They are paying for these ladies to come. The professional thing to do for Body and Pole would have been to offer to split the cost to fly the ladies in and then offer workshops at your studio. It is never a good idea to publicly speak negatively about someone else, especially a business. It doesn't make the studio you talk about look bad, it makes you look bad.\r \r Judging by the dates of the review posts, I would suspect that Body & Pole encouraged friends to post these reviews, if they did not post them their selves. I am not associated with the other studio in anyway, and have never taken a class with New York Pole dance studio; I don’t even live in New York. \r \r In the future, I would recommend that you not post complaints about other studios publicly, take care of the matter privately. If you would post this on your web page what is to say that when clients come to your studio you’re not talking negatively then. When people come to learn they want to learn in a safe, drama free environment.\r \r Ricka Smith\r Pros: good dancers Cons: matters handle unprofessionally, fitness aspect lost more

Absolutely fabulous 2/12/2010

Wow, wow, wow!!! Body and Pole is simply the best studio in all of NYC!! The space is beautiful and fun. The instructors, Lian and Kyra, are simply amazing. They are amazing people in addition to being beautiful pole dancers. There is no emphasis on running a studio just for money here! They genuinely care about building your strength, increasing your self esteem and making you a better pole dancer. They tailor the warmup, stretching and tricks depending on the students in the class. They are very personable.\r \r I would not recommend any other studio (especially NYPD!)! Pros: instructors, space etc etc etc Cons: this category should be deleted from body and pole more

My favorite pole studio! 2/11/2010

I've been poling for almost a year and still felt like a beginner that cannot advance. About 2 months ago I was ready to give up with extreme frustration. I was not inspired. I've been to several pole studios in the city and most held me back and gave me lack of attention. After finding Body and Pole it was like a dream come true! Immediately, after giving Body and Pole a try I knew this will be my new home, my new family - the search was over!! I have never gotten so much encouragement, inspiration and attention since I started poling. The instructors are friendly, professional and warming! I love you guys! I have grown so much within the past 2 months training with Body and Pole vs the 9 month at other studios. Thank you! =) Words cannot express how happy I am to finally find a place that I can actually look forward to going every week! If you want to become serious about pole dancing I highly recommend Body and Pole!! Pros: The best pole instuctors in town!! more

Lots of fun for a bachelorette party 2/8/2010

Loads of fun and an excellent work out all at the same time. The instructor's are well prepared and trained to teach you some extra moves to spice up your relationship. Pros: Excellent workout Cons: If your legs are short it is hard to rock all the moves more

AWESOME workout! I'm hooked 2/4/2010

When Body and Pole opened in the back of my yoga studio (the wonderful Fierce Club!) I had to give pole dancing a try. I did and I'm hooked. Lian is a great instructor...she explains things clearly and builds on concepts rather than overwhelming you all at once. I found it to be a great mental workout too, in the form of building self esteem. It forces you to look yourself in the face and be comfortable in your own skin while doing these crazy cool moves. It's an intense challenge and requires strength in muscles I didn't know existed, but I'm hooked! Pros: great staff, cool space, and comfortable environment! more

Absolutely Amazing! 2/3/2010

First and foremost, the instructor's body is what convinced me to continue going to class! Lian was super knowledgeable and very friendly, greeting my friends and I with a hug and a smile. She worked with ALL levels of expertise, even me, with little to no upper body strength! She also emphasized the point that its not a skinny girls' class. All shapes and sizes can do this and look and feel sexy doing so. I'm recommending this class to all of my friends and encourage you to go as well! Just beware, you will be in pain (the good pain) the next day :) Pros: small class, excellent instructors, close to subway more

Great Place for Pole Dancing 1/31/2010

I just started pole dancing and I am hooked. Thanks to the great instructors of Body and Pole (Kyra, Stella, and Lian) who are patient, talented and knowledgeable, yet each have a different way of teaching the class to keep pole dancing safe, fun and insightful. The instructors are flexible, able to tailor the class to the needs of each student, and know how to challenge each student's workout safely. As a beginner student, it felt good that each instructor was able to help me work past feeling self-conscious. Now, I look forward to each class every week to build on what I learned last week. Come and check it out! You won't regret it! Pros: great workout, relieves stress, FUN, excellent instructors more

Best pole dance class in the city! 1/30/2010

I was greeted with a huge smile and hug which set the tone for the entire class. \r \r A small class guaranteed extra attention and subtle corrections on moves I've been doing wrong for over a year. \r \r The space is sexy, inspiring everyone to move organically without feeling self-conscious. \r \r Whether you're thinking about trying a class for the first time, or want to practice on the 14ft. poles, body & pole is an incredible place to take class. Pros: small classes, awesome teachers Cons: I have a job and can't go every day! more

Professional, nice and friendly 1/26/2010

They adjust to your needs, and help in a friendly way, You don't feel like they only want your money, they take care of you and consider you as a student but also as a friend. I have tried other pole dance schools in Manhattan and I have chosen Body & Pole : Lian and Kyra are great instructors and very nice women, they make you almost feel at home. Pros: Fit your needs more

Excellent Workout, Great Atmosphere- the BEST studio in NYC 1/1/2010

I started pole dancing at Lian’s with friends for fun as an alternative form of exercise. At Body & Pole I love the warm up and cool down stretches as much as the high-energy pole work. My biggest fear with pole dancing was the stigma attached with stripping but this is truly a fitness tool and has served as an excellent supplement to my yoga practice. Lian is a phenomenal teacher and tailors each class to fit the needs of students at a variety of levels. I am so clumsy and a bit of an oaf but in the environment of Lian’s classroom I feel confident and sexy. I credit Lian’s pole classes for the self-esteem boost that made me more comfortable and confident in bed. Body & Pole has also taught me to be more open-minded and understanding. I have a newfound respect for strippers and will never again nag a boyfriend for visiting a strip club. This dance is truly an art form and no different then ballet, jazz, or tap (except that it’s probably more challenging and a better workout then all of the above)! Pros: talented instructors,art on walls,fun music,commitment free more
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  • If you're looking for a workout that you'll actually look forward to doing, then Pole Fitness is it. Body & Pole is a new pole studio that focuses on fitness. Located minutes from Penn Station on Fifth Ave, Body & Pole, offers pole fitness classes, flexible schedules & no commitment! We offer dance classes for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. In our fitness classes, you will work in your own pace. We will never hold you back! Pole Parties are all available & customized for your unique needs. Private parties provide an unforgettable "girls night out" experience! Bachelorette parties, Divorce parties, Birthday parties or "Choose your Celebration". Pole parties can be at our downtown Manhattan studio, at your home or a location of your choice. Get in shape, tone your entire body & have a blast while doing it! Body & Pole is Co-Ed studio.

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