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Bobby Jones & Son Tv

1995 Harrodsburg Rd
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 277-1395
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It's a shame I can't rate this place with negative stars. The staff is indifferent, the promises they make are worthless... it's a horrendous mistake to deal with them. I took...

One of the worst businesses in Lexington 9/15/2010

It's a shame I can't rate this place with negative stars. The staff is indifferent, the promises they make are worthless... it's a horrendous mistake to deal with them. I took my television to them because the remote no longer worked, paying an upfront diagnostic charge of $40. The called to say repairs would cost an additional $60, and I agreed. After almost two months with no response from them despite repeated calls and messages, I went to see them in person; and they said the unit was fixed. I picked it up, took it home, and found that nothing had been done. I didn't bother to contest the original diagnostic charge, but asked for a refund of the repair charge. They promised to refund my money in 7-10 days, but, (and I should have seen this coming) they were LYING. I eventually had to do a chargeback via my credit card because they were unresponsive, unhelpful, and dismissive. Still reading? Then know this: BOBBY JONES TV is INCOMPETENT AND DISHONEST. Stay away. more

Maybe I'm the odd one out... 7/12/2010

Being a very weary consumer, and after having TONS of problems from the shipping company that delivered my TV (NEVER use Roadrunner Delivery in Bristol, VA/TN), it scared me to death when I checked Mitsubishi's support site to find Bobby Jones listed as my local service tech. I read this site, saw the horrible reviews, checked the BBB, and immediately called Mitsubishi and demanded a different repair company. After waiting a week for them to research other options, they informed me Bobby Jones was it. They said that it would literally be easier for them to send me a TV than to get another tech to come from so far away, so I gave it, still dreading what was to come. Bobby Jones calls me a few minutes later to set up an appointment; a week later. A week later comes, and they call and reschedule, saying they had to order the part because they used the one they had in stock on another TV. I didn't complain, since it was only two days, but worry set in again. Two days later, they call to reschedule again. This time I was furious. I paid for the TV over a month ago and only had about 3 days of use out of it before having an issue. I was pretty harsh with them on the phone, but they assured me they would've been there if the part had came in on time. I hang up and immediately call Mitsubishi again. I checked with Mitsubishi and was assured this time they'd definitely make the appointment, and they provided me with the UPS tracking number for the part. Bobby Jones wasn't lying, sure enough the shipment wasn't there yet, taking a little longer than it should have. So Monday comes, and I dreaded either a no-show or a very late showing, but sure enough they not only arrived, but arrived early because the tech, Fred, remembered when I got off work. So I get off work, meet them at my house, and we get to work. Like with any electronics, you can count on running into the unexpected pretty often. Fred chatted with me a good bit about my TV model and gave me various tips about how to keep it in good working order, and as a fellow tech (I'm a PC tech), I knew these weren't just BS ramblings. I was genuinely impressed with how knowledgeable Fred seemed to be about these products, and began immediately feeling more assured, even when we ran into unforeseen issues. Turns out it wasn't the ballast, but instead a loose fan connection most likely caused by, you guessed it, the VERY crappy delivery service tossing my TV around like a cheap beach ball. So after a few more minutes of chatting about DLP TVs they left leaving me a very satisfied consumer. I don't normally leave reviews but remembering all the terrible ones I'd seen on the net I felt compelled to provide the alternative experience. I will definitely use them again in the future, and I will request Fred specifically. Pros: Knowledgable tech, respectful of property Cons: Rescheduled appointment twice more

Electronic Technicians? I don't think so! 2/24/2010

Who in their right mind would ever think these guys are electronic technicians? I guess these so called ""extended warranty companies"" must because they all seem to use these idiots. This just goes to show having a ""lick of intelligence"" or being ""qualified"" or ""having a clue"" is not one of the criteria the extended warranty companies require. I guess being ""low bidder"" is more important to these companies than customer satisfaction. My first encounter with Bobby Jones Electronics was when a 3 month old 73"" Mitsubishi TV's screen went blank...a year later, the extended warranty company finally ""cried uncle"" and replaced the set. Being told by the extended warranty company to purchase an extended warranty on the new set, like a fool i did. After a year, the bulb burned out on the replacement TV and I called the extended warranty company for service. I knew I was in trouble when Bobby Jones' raspy voiced receptionist called me to setup an appointment. When the technician arrived (after several days wait and a couple of no shows on scheduled appointments without so much as a courtesy phone call telling me they weren't coming), he said ""yep, it's the bulb, I'll write down the model number and we'll order one for you right away."" After several weeks and repeated phone calls, another technician (???) shows up (dressed like he's on his way to a RAVE, drug buy, or both) with a bulb. When he tried to install the bulb, it wouldn't fit...of course it was the wrong bulb. He disassembles the old bulb ""cage"" and installs the new bulb. The new picture on the TV was worse than before he installed this new bulb and when I complained, he said it looked OK to him. I told him to undo his supposed fix and reinstall the old bulb and order the correct one. About a month later, another so-called technician shows up, again after repeated phone calls to Bobby Jones Electronics with supposedly the correct bulb. Guess what, it the wrong bulb again!!! Again, this ignorant SOB takes down the model number of my TV and promises me he will order the correct bulb and he will be back in two (2) days to install. Well that was a month ago and having called Bobby Jones Electronics repeatedly each time the raspy voiced receptionist telling me ""you're part ain't in yet.. I'm still waiting for service and after multiple complaints to the extended warranty company, I've given up. I ordered the replacement bulb myself which only took two (2) days to receive from a supplier in New York. MY ADVICE IS ASK YOUR EXTENDED WARRANTY COMPANY IF BOBBY JONES ELECTRONICS IS THEIR SERVICE COMPANY AND IF SO, SAY NO THANKS!!! Cons: The most stupid people I've ever come accross more

How do these guys stay in business?! 10/12/2009

I don 't want to waste your time by just repeating what everone else has said about this company...but it's all TRUE!! I have an Onkyo receiver that needed warranty repair. I drove it 2 hours to Lexington, 2 hours back. The same problem still persisted. I spoke to the technician on the phone. He was completely ignorant to the issue I had reported and addmitted that he hadn't tested it after simply ""fixing"" a bad solder joint on the HDMI connector. I then drove it back to Lexington again.\r \r Now, every time I call, I get ""call back at 1PM"", or ""we'll take your number and call you back"", or ""the technician is out, I have to wait till he comes back"", etc.\r \r This place is a joke. Everyone who has worked there has left except for this bar hussy with a raspy voice. ""Don't worry honey...I'll call you right back as soon as I find out the status..."" Has she ever called back? What do you think? Cons: Everything more

Poor Excuse for Business 9/26/2009

If your warranty company tells you that you will be working with Bobby Jones, beg them for a buy-out and point them to this website, and to the B.Brating. Expect that you will get scheduled and that no one will show up, then they will say it was a breakdown, or something went wrong in their system, or that the printer didn't print the work order, or anything to convince you that it will be different the next time. After they have rescheduled you three or more times then you might get lucky enuff to see an actual person show up that is drunk, smells like stale booze and cigarettes, and looks like they been wearing the same clothes for about a week. At this point, if you are brave enough to let him touch your tv then you will be fooling with them for 3 more months of excuses as to why they do not have your parts. Then when they finally do show up to install the part you get to hear about how the company sends them out all over the country and bounces their payroll checks and now the company owes them a ton of money and the owner is a liar, and that the company can't even order half the parts needed to do repairs because the owner is not paying his bills. Then you find out that the reason it took so long to get the part is that they had to wait until another order came in for the same television on a different contract because they didn't have the money to get yours. Then you find out that it's not the only one, there are nearly a hundred more in the home office that have been sitting there for months that haven't even been touched for that very same reason! Why hasn't this place been shut down? This is the biggest excuse for a business that I have ever heard of in my life!!!! Please, if your warranty even so much as mentions this company...GET AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN!!! Pros: NONE! Cons: Horrible Service, Liars more

A Bunch of Scam Artists 8/4/2009

Did you ever hear of the boy who cried wolf? Bobby Jones Electronics has strung me along for 7 weeks. \r \r They never showed up for the first appointment. They then tried to make an appointment for the following day, but when the repair man called my house at 10:00 pm, he said it would be ""a waste of my time and his"" to come, that he could just diagnose the problem over the phone and that I should call for another appointment.\r \r I called and complained on the next business day, and they said they would take care of the matter. Really?\r \r Two weeks later, I received a call from them at 11:45 am saying that there would be a repair man at my house between 12:00-3:00 that day. A fifteen minute notice! Later on in that conversation, they said that the driver didn't have my part and wouldn't be at my house. They never called back.\r \r A couple of weeks later, I called after business hours and left a message for them to call me back. Did they? No.\r \r I called again. They said they would put me on the schedule and call me on the next business day to tell me when they were coming. Did they? No. \r \r I called them back. They said that they would be at my house that day between 12:00 and 3:00. I waited. They did not show up. \r \r I called them back. They said that they didn't know how it happened, but I was moved to the next business day between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. I feel like a hostage in my own house. I do have better things to do than to wait for a tv repair man.\r \r Finally, we called Sharp and told them of our dissatisfaction (our TV was under warrenty). The lady my husband talked to said she was going to recommend that they not renew their contract with Bobby Jones.\r \r Please, do NOT do business with this company. Pros: Absolutely None Cons: Unprofessional, Incompetent, Liars more

Do not deal with this place for anything! 3/11/2009

DO NOT DEAL WITH BOBBY JONES FOR ANYTHING! If a company sends them for a warranty repair, point to their 'F' rating with a certain bureau and demand someone else. They will send a kid right out of school that can not do the simplest task and more likely than not tear up several other parts. They will make appointments and not show up. When you finally call and get someone to answer the phone they will tell you anything, make another appointment, not show up, call again, Oh, that part isn't in, so and so shouldn't have made an appointment. If you deal with them after reading the bad experiences others have had, you can not say you were not warned. Be prepared for days of waiting for someone to show up that never shows, your appliance to go from a small problem to not functioning at all for over a month, and endless redialing just to get hold of someone to tell you the next lie. There is no way that a place that does business like this should be able to survive. I believe they are living high off of warranty and service contracts of big companies. Hopefully after enough complaints the companies will wise up and dump them fast. I know I will never buy another Hitachi as long as this place is on their approved list. Pros: nothing Cons: lying, incompetent, worst customer service possible more

I am so sorry 1/18/2009

I was employed by Bobby Jones and I have seen first hand how messed up the business really is. Every paycheck that I got from there bounced, I had to go to gas stations around town and try to get my paychecks cashed. I don't know where the money that you guys are spending there is going. I cant begin to apologize to each and everyone that I had to work with. I am so sorry that I had to lie and mislead everyone. And one last thing if you are working with this company Fred, Carl, and Vince is all the same person. Cons: everything more

Stunning Incompetence, Clowntastic Business Practices 1/12/2009

Frist of all, I can't believe this place stays in business from one month to the next. We sent a Hitachi 51"" to these folks for repair on August 8th, 2008. When these jokers picked up the television, they estimated two weeks turn around time. We actually got the television back December 18th, 2008...and it's still not fixed.\r \r After the first two weeks passed, we began making follow up phone calls inquiring about the status of repairs. The responses to these inquires took three seperate forms, all of which were used at various times throughout the next several weeks: 1. ""We'll check with the tech and get back to you"" only they never got back to us; 2. ""The part is on order and should be here soon""; and 3. ""We don't really know yet.""\r \r After this phase, they begin to tell us alternatively that the requisite part had ""just come in"" or that it hadn't arrived yet. After a few more weeks, the part was consistently there but wasn't fixing the problem. After that, Bobby Jones blamed HItachi for what had become a 3 month ordeal and explained that Hitachi was not responding to their requests for tech support - something they needed since they, as repair professionals, couldn't fix the television. Knowing that we were being scammed at this point, we contacted Hitachi directly and they advised us that they had never been contacted for any kind of support and that they likewise hadn't received any requests for replacement parts from Bobby Jones. We advised Hitachi of the various lame excuses and bald faced lies Bobby Jones had given us regarding the status of our television and they got directly involved in the situation.\r \r Hitachi provided us with new internal electronics for the television free of charge while we ended up paying Bobby Jones $180 underserved dollars for a job poorly done. When our television was finally returned to us on December 17th, it functioned well for 2 days and now cuts off spontaneously. \r \r These people are complete d-bags. Cons: Technical incompetence, pathological lying, fraudulent business practices, and inexplicable rudeness from the receptionist. more

Slow and don't care about customers 12/29/2008

Took our brand new out of the box Onkyo to this shop for repair on 12/11/08. We got lucky and it was an easy fix. We were told it was ready and would be shipped on that Friday the 12th. They told us we could call back on Monday for the tracking number. We called and found out it had not gone out yet. They would tell us ""we'll call you back"" and never would. It is now 12/29/08 and they still have not shipped this back to us. They keep telling us it will be shipped but COD to us. Onkyo told us we had to pay the shipping to the store but they would pay to ship back to us. If we had been told it was going to take three weeks to get this shipped to us, we would have drove to Lexington, from Louisville and picked it up ourselves. Thank God this a Warranty, and we don't actually have to pay them anything. Pros: None Cons: Slow, not honest, give you the run around for weeks if not months. more

Avoid this business for repairs!!! 8/19/2008

I had an issue with an LG product, manufacturers defect that they sent me an extended warrantee to cover the repairs. The LG approved service company they gave me the contact info for was Bobby Jones Elec. I had no problems to begin with other than they were at leas 20 min later than their 8am-12pm service window and took at least an hour to 2 hrs to work each time. The approved the work and requested the parts. On the second visit, a young man ,with a stutter so bad that I had to talk to LG service person on the phone because they could not understand the guy, shows up with a new part that was damaged much worse than the part i had. He was also not familiar AT ALL with how to remove and replace the part. \r It took them several months to return the part to LG in order for LG to send another, and yet this never happened. They put me off every time I called to check the status of the parts on order and said they'd get back with me the next week. They never did and I had to keep calling until a woman got on the phone and said that LG was being difficult to work with and they could no longer take care of this issue. I would have to call LG myself and get them to send the parts. This is rediculus as I have never had anything but great customer service from LG and never been on hold with them longer than 5 min. They gave me a free extended warrantee to fix this issue, come on!! \r Do not use these people for any reason!! Ask for a different service provider (LG has at least 2 more in Lexington, I just got their numbers)!! Cons: Poor service, no communication more

Highest price ever for the lowest service possible! 5/26/2007

The biggest mistake in my life was that I delt with Bobby Jones Electronics. It is not worth it the nerves and the time to trust my TV to them. Decide for yourself. The whole service of my TV took 4 (four) months during which I received the extremely disrespetful responses for the status of the repair from them. After the whole nightmare and initial estimation of $300.00, my total bill was $850. Outrageous! I would better buy a ney one for double the amount. I had no control over anything with this company and this is the only thing you can expect if you trust your property to them. Good Luck! Pros: NON Cons: Worst ever. Extremely expensive. more

Do not deal with these criminals at all !!!!!!!!!! 5/18/2007

These people are criminals. Be aware and do not give them anything to repair. I was charged a $160.00 fee in advance for my projection TV and I can not get it back for three long months now. I call them every week and these shameless people tell me different story every time, promissing that everything is OK and they will give me a call next week. They just want to get rid of me and ofcourse they have no intention to call. I looked at so many other web sites about them and I only discover complaines. I am looking for a way now to press charges. Pros: No One Cons: Criminals more


In a nutshell, this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in any capacity. We entrusted a Sony 55"" LCD projection to them and have regretted it ever since. To begin they told us that they would let us know when they discovered an issue and not order components without further confirmation. Surprise, 3 weeks later we owe $600 without any call or any attempt at contact. Not only did we pay this amount after 4 months of requesting information, but after our TV was finally returned, to avoid a company like this damaging our credit, it was apparent that the only service was to change the $199.99 bulb that can be found by any consumer at Sony's website and takes 5 minutes to change by anyone with a 3mm allen wrench (with absolutely no previous experience I have pulled this and replaced before Bobby Jones's ""thorough analysis""). FYI the desciption we finally got was that the lamp indicator came on signalling this bulb was no good which was absolutely not the case. I am still waiting for a reason that it costs $400 in labor to change this bulb (again 5 minutes labor for any one with a 3mm allen wrench) So not only am I out the cash but 6 months later the TV is exhibiting the same condition as well as the corners being damaged from apparently being dropped (good luck getting this company to agree to this damage when they can't fix the original problem). Thanks for the thorough diagnosis Bobby Jones. We made about 15 attempts to clarify the charges by phone as well as email and were always told we needed to talk to the manager. I have yet to have a call or message returned by the manager or to get him/her to answer the phone when I call during business hours because he/she is apparently a very busy person. Maybe it takes 7 or 8 months to return a call? Customer service appears to be a very high priority with this company. My guess is that the 1 postive review is by an owner/employee. It is amazing to me how this company is still in business. Cons: HORRIBLE SERVICE, HORRIBLE VALUE, TV STILL DAMAGED, CHARGED WAY MORE THAN QUOTED more


THESE PEOPLE ARE A RIPOFF!!!! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! Goatman2000 is obviously a Bobby Jones employee. I know other people that have used Bobby Jones and they have all had bad experiences. I recently took my home theater receiver in for service. They told me they would call me with an estimate (after collecting $40 up front of course). After two weeks I never heard from them, so I called them. They had not created an estimate. I called a few days later and they tell me it's going to be another $85. I give them permission and then have to wait another two weeks for parts to arrive. Long story short after having my receiver for over a month, talking with a different person every time I went in, not bothering to call me and then lying to me that someone did call me about the status of my repair, I pick up my receiver and now it has a speaker channel that doesn't work. They said they would fix it but they have to order the same part over again and I would have to pay for the part, not to mention wait another month to get the part and have it installed. THESE GUYS RIPPED ME OFF $120! Now I have to send my receiver to a reputable service center for repair. After complaining to Onkyo about their service (which they have received several complaints about Bobby Jones) they have removed them as an authorized serivce center. \r \r I knew I was in trouble with these people when I overheard the manager at Bobby Jones talking to the IRS followed by his lawyer. \r \r ****DON'T GET BURNED, DO NOT USE BOBBY JONES ELECTRONICS **** Cons: They don't call you and then lie that they did. Very very slow in repairs and don't complete repairs. They should not be in business!!!!! more

Bobby Jones Electronics Inc. HAS GREAT business! 4/8/2007


worst buisness i have ever delt with 3/6/2007

All im going to say is DO NOT let this buisness work on anything of value!! they have had my Hitachi 57 inch tv for 4 months now and they Still have parts orderd !! They Lie ! and make excuses every time you call. It took me 2 weeks to find out that the reason the last parts was orderd was because they droped it !!!! Pros: nothing good to say Cons: nothing good to say more

Avoid these folks - can't repair anything and they will damage your TV. 2/2/2007

I have nothing good to say about these folks. They are perpetually late (3 appointments so far were supposed to show up ""between 8AM and 12PM"", but don't show until well after 1PM). They have no knowledge of how to work on Plasma screen TVs. I've had the same problem now for weeks, and after 3 visits it isn't fixed. They finally took the TV to the shop, and when it was returned it had several large scratches on the screen, a gash on the stand and broken plastic on the bottom of the stand (dropped??), the casing of the TV was scratched and dinged all around, and several screws were either loose of missing from the back panel. The guy who brought the TV back pulled it out of the back of his extended cab pickup like a piece of plywood. The TV was not in any way protected. I knew there was a problem when they took my TV, they put it on top of another one in the van they were driving at the time. Whenever you call them, their computer is down and somehow that means they can't talk to you. I really don't see how they stay in business. more

Not to be trusted!!! 6/5/2006

After my initial call from the shop to approve the service fee, I didn't hear from them for 4 months. I placed several calls to them, and all they would say was that a part had to be ordered. After 4 months, I called them again, and they had no record of anything being done to my TV after my initial approval. I have yet to get my TV. more
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