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Boatman's Furniture Ctr

2745 Theatre Dr
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 238-4504
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Boatman's Furniture Ctr - Paso Robles, CA


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My first purchase was a beautiful Hooker bedroom set. I love it and they worked with me on the price. we have purchased 2 Lazboy chairs, since, and are very happy. We're going ...


Horrible Service, Expensive Prices. We bought a Lazy Boy sofa set from them. Upon delivery the delivery guys refused to move old sofa so my 13 yr old daughter who just had 2 screw...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/4/2014

Boatman's has a REAL showroom! We drove up from Orange County, up & down the coast, stopping at furniture stores along the way. All we had found was the ""same old same old"". Totally boring. Then we walked into Boatman's and the first thing we saw is this built-to-scale- wooden Harley Davidson motorcycle. Anyway, it was nice to find a place that wasn't just a big garage sale. It's a really cool showroom. We hung out with the owners for a while and let them know we are moving up here to the area in about a month. Suzanne is one of the owners and she was a lot of fun, very welcoming. She helped us with our list of what we need and want and reminded us to just buy one thing at a time so we can see how it fits into the house plan. I want that wooden Harley!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/15/2013

I like Boatman's. Period. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/6/2013

Never Again will I shop there. This is a long story so I will try to keep it short. We bought 2 power recliners and 1 power sofa. In our first round they told us that it would cost us to have the furniture delivered. In the second round they said they would give us the delivery free. Note that their web site says free delivery any where in San Luis Obispo County. After 3 months 1 of the recliners stopped working. The motor had been shaving our carpet and was clogged with fibers. We just have normal carpet so this should no have happened. They would not back up the motor warranty because they claim the manufacturer would not. We were not at all happy with the furniture so we thought that if we traded up it would satisfy everyone. The only way they would let us trade up is by us paying for a new motor, which they claim cost $200.00. We picked out new furniture at over 1 1/2 times the cost. They came out and picked up the first furniture and told us it would be 3-4 weeks to get the new stuff. This was kind of surprise to us. We now had no furniture to sit on. After 4 1/2 weeks I called to check on our furniture, they could not find the order at first and then said it would be in next week. Guess what furniture. We continued to call and would get what as only can be described as "" that's to bad....sorry...... attitude"". You could almost tell they had used all their excueses before. I was told one time that the factory was so busy that they had to shut down for a week. At 7 weeks we went back to the store, we had to do something we had company coming. We got them to agree t o loan us some furniture. We also notice the floor model that we picked out was gone. We were told by one person it was damaged (cut ) and by the owner who said it was not cut and was sold. Note we offered to buy the floor model but were told they did not sell them. At 10 weeks I went in and requested our money back. The owner all the sudden started screaming at me, telling me I was playing God and yelling that the reason the furniture broke was because I was to fat. He did this while another couple were shopping who immediately left. He kept screaming and told me his lawyer would handle the mater. I thanked him for his comment on my weight and left. His wife ran out after me and asked that I give her a few days to find out what was going on. Note I am a big guy. but no where on the furniture was there any kind of weight limit nor did they inform me that I was to heavy for the furniture....with this being said they never should have sold us the furniture in the first place. Also note that the reason the motor stopped working was the feet that hold the frame up off the carpet were missing, I figured this out and I am sure they did to. They just wanted to get the motor money. New motors by the way are only $35-40 on line and are easy to install. Just more lies and more greed. After 12 weeks we finally got our furniture. The thrill of making a large purchase was ruined. The bottom line her is greed, these people live a better life style than most yet they just want more. They are running the Boatman's name into the ground. As far as a comment in one of the reviews about BBB, they are old and out dated and it is harder to put in a review. As far as some of the other good reviews, they almost sound like advertising to me. The owners are arrogant and only want to help you if you are spending a lot of money or you threaten them with canceled orders or court. The workers are all good people. I do hope the sales/delivery person does not hurt his future reputation. Save yourself the possible trouble and not go there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2013

This is so sad, what used to be a great local business is being ruined by these ""new"" owners. Never ever ever ever ever ever again. Never. Not ever. We ordered a couch on May 26th, we were told 6 weeks. 12 weeks later, after numerous calls to them asking why it wasn't here yet, we were told it was finally in and would be delivered, and sure enough,they showed up the next day... with the wrong couch, it had been delivered backwards from what we had ordered, apparently their Right Hand Facing and the manufacturers Right hand facing are completely different. They promised that they would have it redone and delivered in 2 weeks. Here we are in 4 weeks later and I can't get an answer on the phone about where this furniture is OR a call back. Never again Boatman's, never again will I do business with you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/24/2013

I, sadly, will echo the negative comments seen below for Boatman's. Apparently the original owners were wonderful businesspeople, but the new owners have some serious problems with honesty. We ordered a chair from Boatman's around Christmastime, and were told it would take 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. No problem, we waited the full 6 weeks before calling to ask how the chair was coming along. And that began the odyssey of ""I promise, it really will be in next week,"" by Suzanne. After another 12 (yes, 12!) weeks of this, we began to get suspicious, because the story was always the same, yet no chair ever arrived. Finally she promised us the chair was DEFINITELY on the next shipment up, so we went in to pick it up and of course -- no chair. My husband became quite irate at that point and she took off $200 on the price of the chair, saying she now had ABSOLUTE proof the chair would be shipping next week,including an item number attached to the shipment. We figured $200 off was a decent compensation, so we said we'd give her one more week. Guess what? No chair a week later. Hubby went in and pitched another fit and managed to squeeze a refund out of them (the only thing I am thankful for, we really figured we'd be suing them in small claims court). We spoke to a former employee, who told us it happens ALL THE TIME, and said the only people who get their money back are the ones who to in and really make a stink, so I guess I'm happy my husband was short-tempered. But after realizing we needed another living room chair over the Christmas holidays, we still ended up short a chair at EASTER, all because of them. Please save yourself the pain of being lied to and stalled and go someplace with a better reputation. If you don't believe me, check out their showroom -- lots of nice furniture, but very few customers shopping there, and there is a good reason for that. Their reputation is awful, county wide. We had just moved into the area and therefore didn't know this, but we do know now. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/9/2013

I found a dining room set at another store for $4500 plus tax plus a delivery fee on top of that. I found the exact same set at Boatman's Furniture Center which they ordered for me for $2300 tax included. Also, there was no added fee to have it delivered. There was such a huge price difference that I had to make sure the right model was being ordered (it was). I never told Boatman's Furniture Center the other store's higher price. \r I totally love my dining set. We've had our family and friends over many times for dinner.\r I don't usually post reviews but I just thought people should know about this. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/9/2013

Before I ever visited Boatman's I had read plenty of negative reviews online which led me to check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Guess what? No complaints. After learning that, I decided to actually go to Boatman's in person. Again, guess what? I was treated like a special guest and ended up filling my house with furniture...$10,000 worth of furniture...all from Boatman's. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/1/2013

I live on a ranch and bought all my western cowboy furniture from Boatman's. No one else has anything like them --- western-themed furniture, artwork, everything. Go check it out. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/19/2013

We had a great experience at Boatman's. We walked in to buy a mattress and they weren't trying to sell us the most $$$ one available. They helped us buy the right one to meet our needs. We live in Pismo Beach and they delivered. Thanks Boatman's! See you again! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/19/2013

5 stars! Great store - very welcoming & friendly. Everyone there was easy to talk to and had a lot of product knowledge. Mostly USA products & veteran-friendly. Highly recommended. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

It is too bad that these folks have kept the Boatman name on their business. Cecil and Myrtle Boatman and their kids worked very hard to build this business. The family name becomes destroyed by the new owners. Very sad. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/25/2013

Wow! Can't believe this place. I've read the reviews and I have to agree wholeheartedly with the negative ones. I went to the store yesterday shopping for a mattress. I saw a floor model on sale which I liked. I told the salesperson I had to check with my contractor for a delivery time and would call the next day. I did that. When I called to purchase the mattress and arrange for delivery I was told it had been mismarked and was now $300 more. Yet I had a card in my hand with the sales price. Suzanne, the manager, got on the phone and was not very pleasant. She practically blamed me for the mistake and said she could not possibly sell ""that"" mattress for the quoted price. She might consider splitting the cost with me. I told her I had never heard of a store not honoring the quoted price. She could have cared less how I felt and was most callous in her treatment of the situation. All I did was call to buy a mattress. I definitely won't be ever going to that store again. This is surely a buyer-beware kind of place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/2/2013

Boatmans furniture is the most dishonest business I have ever come in contact with. Susanne will lie to a customer to make a sale and lie after the sale to avoid giving any customer service after she has your money. She also 'pockets' money intended for her own employees' tips.I know this to be true based on the testimony of three former employees.It is very sad that a person like this is working in contact with the public. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/25/2013

Please please do not waste your hard earned money at Boatman's Furniture Center. My husband and I just purchased our first home and we were so excited to begin the process of purchasing furniture. This establishment absolutely ruined our whole experience. First, the floor employee didn't give us room to breathe while browsing. We couldn't even discuss anything without the employee looking over our shoulder. The whole browsing process was uncomfortable and he couldn't answer any of our questions. Second, the woman behind the counter with short blonde hair was absolutely the rudest employee I have ever came in contact with. She deserves to be fired and put on the street in my opinion. She literally was screaming across the entire warehouse to other employees attempting to get answers to her questions. My husband and I told her specifically that we are just browsing but we are interested in seeing how much credit we would be approved for. She complained that she is not the employee that usually runs credit applications the entire time and literally took 30 to 45 mins to complete the process while printing out a FINAL transaction without our consent. When my husband and I told her again we just wanted to see what she could do for us as far as credit and again that we were browsing, she literally threw a tantrum. She barged into her office while saying things under her breath. I was completely done at that point and started walking toward the exit. She then came out of her office and yelled, "" well what do you want to do then?"" I told her once again we need time to think about it. She exhaled very loudly and as we turned around she started to rip up our paperwork. I will never step foot in this business again and I will continue to spread the horrible experience we had to all our family and friends. Please do not support this business. Don't waste your time! more

Horrible Service 12/8/2011

Horrible Service, Expensive Prices. We bought a Lazy Boy sofa set from them. Upon delivery the delivery guys refused to move old sofa so my 13 yr old daughter who just had 2 screws placed in her ankle & wearing a protective boot along with my fiance who had a back injury had to move it out of the house! Then with in 4 weeks several holes in the back of the sofa from intermitent rubbing on the wall! more

Evil Personified! 11/1/2011

While I was looking around at the product in this store, a heavy set female employee with long brown hair was screaming at another employee at the top of her lungs. No wonder there are so many negative reviews about this store. If they treat their customers like their own employees,they should not even be open to serve the public. more

Disregard for Their Customers 7/9/2011

TERRIBLE Customer Service! I recently moved into a large home and ready to make some large purchases I entered Boatmans. However, not long after I entered the store I was told that strollers are not allowed in the store. I have a one year old and I am also pregnant. I cannot lug my child around on my hip for any extended period of time. That is a ridiculous request. I usually do not leave reviews but this was terribly rude. I'd rather drive to Santa Barbara and pay twice as much for my furniture then spend my money with a company that has little regard for the interests of their customers. I will never shop here in the future. more

Buyer Beware 4/18/2011

We bought a dining room set from Boatman's and when it was delivered we immediately realized the chairs did not match the table - same wood but totally different style. The table is from Hooker's Old English Plank-Top dining group, but the chairs have curved French Provincial legs. I called Boatman's owner and she suggested we come back and look through the manufacturer's catalog. No where in the catalog did the chairs we were sold appear. They also appear nowhere on Hooker Furniture's website. It appears obvious that the chairs were part of another dining room set that Boatman's owners hoped to get rid of. We then ordered the chairs that MATCH the table. There are warning signs all over the place at Boatman's - Restocking Charge, No Strollers, No Cameras, No Food or Drink, and on and on. The sign that is really needed is: BUYER BEWARE. more

The rudest people in the furniture business 9/2/2010

The first time was Dec 09. My wife and I were just leaving the store after a sizable purchase. I held the door open for a person who was coming in with two cases of soda. As he walk through I expected a thank you. I didn't get one , so I said you are welcome. Still no response, so I repeated louder. Still no response so I called him an @#%hole. Turns out he's the owner. Six months later wife and I looking for dinning room table. Wife receives a phone call while in the store. She talks and hangs up. Phone still in her hand, this owner yell at taking pictures in the store. She wasn't taking pictures....I called him an @##hole again. As we were leaving I told him that we would never return. Then he yelled at me to get out of his store. Bottom line is I think this guy (the owner) is on drugs. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this business. I will sit on milk crates and eat off a sheet of plywood before buying anything from this store. more
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