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Bluepointe - 50 Reviews - 3456 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA - Pan-Asian & Pacific Rim Reviews - Phone (404) 237-9070


3456 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 237-9070
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Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA
Bluepointe - Atlanta, GA


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I wish i could put more stars down for this place...OMG!!!! I'm telling all my friends about this place .I love it soooooooo much!!!!


Cooking is not just adding condiment. Need to understanding balance of them. Just too much salt in all dishes. Pros: service Cons: taste and price

I can't love this place enough 11/14/2011

I wish i could put more stars down for this place...OMG!!!! I'm telling all my friends about this place .I love it soooooooo much!!!! more

Bluepointe: Place to Avoid 10/17/2009

I went to eat there and ordered the spring rolls. The menu didnt see the had shrimp and being allergic, i fell quite sick. I asked for the manager and he said he will comp the bill. I thought that was a nice gesture. However, when the bill came, they charged us the full amount. When I asked for the manager, the waiter said he left for the day. Real unprofessionalism! I had to return home and throw up. Will never go there again.. Pros: nice ambience Cons: They can kill you more

Need to re-evaluate 4/30/2009

Cooking is not just adding condiment. Need to understanding balance of them. Just too much salt in all dishes. Pros: service Cons: taste and price more

terrific food good atmosphere 3/5/2009

Went here for my partners birthday dinner - and was not disappointed. Raw bar and sushi was fresh and tasty. Overall service was good and wine decent. I expected to pay a bit and the bill was about $150 for a dinner for two. The interior was cool my only complaint is the booth table are so wide, instead of a romantic birthday dinner for two you felt a bit like we were looking at each other from a distance and we both were a bit hoarse from having to speak so loudly to hear each other. Would definately recommend it and would enjoy coming back. more


I took my girlfriend their for Valentines Day. She got the Lobster and I got the Alaskan Butterfish. It was hands down the best dinner I have had at any restaurant in Atlanta. I will definitely be going there again. Pros: Everything was great Cons: Perfect Valentine Day Dinner more

My Favorite Restaurant!!! 12/14/2008

This restaurant truly delivers a wonderful dining experience! The dishes that are served are very unique & flavorful--many of them have a Thai spin, which I love! Because I cook frequently, it has become increasingly difficult to find a restaurant that truly impresses me with the menu alone. Often, I leave a restaurant thinking, "" I could have made that""...but not here! The Sea Bass is phenomenal & everything else that I have tried here has been creative from the presentation to that actual taste! The dishes here definately have a flare! The staff is also top-notch! They are very attentive, but not to the point of being intrusive...this is the best service I have had in Atlanta! Our dinner took a little longer than normal and the waiter brought us a sample of 4 desserts on the house--all of which were great! I can not say enough good things about this restaurant! Pros: Unique dishes & fabulous service! Cons: None--this place is the best! more

One of the best meals I ever had! 8/21/2008

A group of coworkers and I ate here last year while while on a trip to a conference in Atlanta. I wasn't looking forward to it, having never enjoyed Asian food. But, wow, was I blown away. Everything was delicious. I don't remember what appetizer we had, but it was a sampler of different items. I had the filet for my meal - excellent! I cannot say enough good things about this place. The service was great, the decor was wonderful, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. However, I would not normally spend that on a meal, but we were on business so of course it was expensed. Pros: Food, Service Cons: Price more

Wonderful way to spend a special evening! 7/29/2008

My wife and I decided to do something special for this anniversary, so, since she still had a partially used gift card that she had received as a retirement gift from co-workers last year, we started going through the on-line menus for the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. We noticed that Bluepointe listed a Five-Course ""tasting"" with wine pairings. We hadn't tried a meal like that since our one trip to Seeger's three or four years ago, so it piqued our interest. We called the restaurant, and a server, I believe, described the meal in glowing terms. We were sold and made reservations.\r \r We arrived slightly early and were told that a couple of people with earlier reservations were still ahead of us. We went to the bar and made our one mistake of the evening. We had an excellent drink. We forgot we were about to have five wines. From what I could tell, they poured a bit more than half of what one would expect for a normal serving of each wine. That added up, especially after that nice stiff drink.\r \r The first serving was an extra item: a king crab filled omelet appetizer. Next came the first course- lobster won tons - accompanied by a glass of Veuve Cliquot champagne. Of the dishes that followed, quail, Opah (superb fish), and pork tenderloin, each had an excellent accompanying wine, and these wines came from at least three continents. The regular dishes ended with another extra, lemon sorbet, followed by the fifth course, dessert. It was a chocolate souffle with a small scoop of ice cream accompanied by a small glass of muscat. Oh, decadence! We then each had, ordered separately, a double espresso. \r \r The waiter was marvelous: friendly, intelligent, helpful and not at all overbearing. We were never pushed or neglected. He was very professional.\r \r We realize that the meal, in and of itself, was different from the usual meal they serve at Bluepointe, but we'd both like to go back and try one of the ""regular"" meals. It's got to be good.\r more

Excellent Food, Worth the Price 5/8/2008

My boyfriend and I (both newbies to Bluepointe) had an oustanding meal here for his birthday. We had a nice bottle of champagne to toast the special occasion. The oysters were very flavorful and rich. He had two sushi rolls and proclaimed his spicy tuna roll ""the best he's ever had."" He eats sushi at least once a week so this is a great review. My butterfish was simply cooked in a miso glaze and tasted delicious. The seaweed salad next to it was a perfect partner. \r \r The service was very good- a bit amusing how many different people stopped by to ask how we were doing- but they treated us to a lovely salty caramel/chocolate birthday dessert that tasted like toffee. Yum. \r \r I also enjoyed the people watching. Since it was a Tuesday night, it was pretty hopping. But not too loud for a date.\r \r We both want to return sometime for sushi and drinks at the bar. Overall, 2 thumbs up. This place is on my list now!\r Pros: Great food, excellent service Cons: Not walking distance to a bar for an after dinner drink more

Intersesting Cuisine 4/13/2008

Sushisushi21; how does the race of a person affect the quaility of the food that one produces? I am sure that you are obviously not hispanic and therefore must make suhsi very well. Maybe Kroger sushi is right up your alley. Surprising that you couldn't remember the details of the food that much. Must have had one to many expensive apple martinis. I must say that I have experienced many fantastic meals at Bluepointe. The service has always been spot on and a custom 6 course tasting menu is always available which varies every night. The sushi, whicht quality of is usually judged by the freshness of ingredients (not the race of the chef) is some of the best in the city only surpassed by a few. Overall Bluepointe is a very trendy restaurant with a great night scene, but it does back it up with quality cuisine and their AAA 4 Diamond service (displayed in the hall on the way to the restroom). Enjoy. more

Overrated in Buckhead 3/7/2008

The service was great, no complaints there. For a Buckhead restaurant, there are many choices that are much better in that area. For one of the ""Buckhead Life"" group restaurants, I would rate this one at the bottome for the quality of the food. The steaks were overcooked, my salmon was served in a bowl and tossed on the table by one serving the food, not even on a base plate, in this fine white linen table cloth restaurant. My daughters did like their lava cake dessert. This is a one and done restaurant. You feel the need to try it based on the other ""Buckhead Life"" group restaurants, but once you spend that kind of coin, you feel like you had been taken. Much better choices down the road. Pros: Service was excellent Cons: Presentation of food was poor for a highly rated restaurant more

Expensive...Why? Better off with the cheap apple martini's 2/16/2008

Yeah, yeah... the hype of this place makes me laugh... Service was awesome. Food was really expensive for what you get. I got a raw chopped up scallop appetizer with some chopped garnish? Sushi rolls are to be avoided, I think the Kroger lady makes better rolls, not that i wouldn't know ""cough"" ""cough."" If you like mexican sushi go for it, not to be against non-Japanese chefs wielding Walmart bought knives? The management just being frugal with their affordable entrees ... they're just watching their labor costs? If you have to take your date here to get props then tell Paris to valet her exotic outside where the paparazzi can see you. Overall the Service and People there were beautiful to say the least. Bar scene there on Tuesdays was interesting to say the least, make sure you pull up in your porsche and sport your rolex. Pretentious:Yes! Affordable: Depends on wallet size or credit limit. Thirty thousand dollar a year Millionaire's paradise for a ""strut and fret upon a stage."" Pros: Beautiful Restaurant, Trendy Scene, Great Service. Cons: Expensive for what you really get... Food should be much better for a restaurant more

Wonderful dining experience 1/29/2008

My husband and I celebrated our 34th anniversary on 1/19 and we had a wonderful experience. The sushi was outstanding and our meal was delicious. Our sevice was also great. If there was a complaint it would be that we didn't know they were going to surprise us with a dessert for our anniversary and I ordered a sorbet (because we were so stuffed) and then they brough this enormous dessert that was out of this world. I wouldn't have ordered the sorbet but then I would have missed some of the best homemade sorbet I have ever eaten. We plan to take our children back in a few weeks so they, too, can experience some of the best fine dining I have ever had. more

You owe it to yourself to try this restaurant! 8/31/2007

It had been several months since I had last dined at Bluepointe, so when a friend called to suggest a fun dinner out, we both remembered what a great experience we'd had there on our last visit! The atmosphere is ""quintessential Buckhead"", and the food is fabulous in presentation and such unique blending of flavors. I came away feeling satisfied that we had made the right choice for a girl's dining night out! We ordered appetizers, and ended up sharing an entree as we found the portion size to be ample...dessert and coffee were nearly impossible, but we couldn't resist the creme brulee with lemon and pear! You owe it to yourself to try this, service, and atmosphere are all top-notch!\r \r more

Too much money for 0 service 8/19/2007

Walking in this hip and trendy place was disappointing. When dining (please note: Dining not eating) the experience and customer service should begin as soon as you exit the car. This particular restaurant is nestled in the corner of a high rise. So, It felt a lot like going to work. Entering BluePointe is confusing and awkward. The hostess stand is situated in an odd spot igniting an uncomfortable feeling as you wait for the hostess to grace you with her attention. We, as in 2 people, had arrived 15 minutes early for our 9:00 reservation and was immediatly advised to go to the bar and wait. No problem... after all we were early. The bar, however, was yet another awkward and uncomfortable setting. Getting a drink took far to long and the lack available seating was fuel for a fist fight. There is a long red bench with a few tables that are spaced too far apart. There is no intimacy and no place to put your drink... well, unless you stalk one of the tables, but forget about sitting at the bar. So, $50 and 45 minutes later we found ourselves waiting for our table..... still. This was obviously not a busy restaurant problem but a lack of good management. After 45 minutes we decided to leave. The managers reply? ""If I sat you now would you stay?"" Our reply: if you can seat us now why are we not already sitting. They compromised service and quality to get more tables. I heard the food was ok, but I wanted to try it myself. So, my first impression: an overglorified Applebee's. Pros: Close to BETTER restaurants Cons: Too long to list more

Due it once and you're satisfied. 4/27/2007

I can't complain about the service because we had reservations and were seated and served our drinks promptly. I ordered an appetizer, it was good but still after the main course and dessert, I was still hungry. Although we thought the food was great and the environment nice, this is not a place we will return. Overall, for the money, I expected more. I agree with a prior review, ...use your company business expense account to impress someone with lunch or dinner. They will enjoy the good food and company. Pros: Proximity to Phillps plaza Cons: Somewhat over price overall more

Completely forgettable 4/14/2007

I knew I had a problem with the Buckhead Life Group. Atlanta is littered with this kind of completely... more

Completely forgettable 4/14/2007

YerMomEatsChilis Provided by Partner
I knew I had a problem with the Buckhead Life Group. Atlanta is littered with this kind of completely uninspired pap. "New American", "Asian Fusi... more

Just OK 1/7/2007

I had heard wonderful things about Bluepointe so I decided to try it out. I wasn't completely impressed. The server left a lot to be desired for. He was distant at best and it seemed as though he wanted to quickly turn over the table to increase his chances of getting more tips that evening. The appetizers and sushi were excellent. I highly recommend the crab spring rolls. The entrees were good but too expensive for the quality. If you make reservations, expect to wait about 30 minutes after your reservation time for a table. Pros: trendy, great place for a romantic evening Cons: customer service more was okay! 12/25/2006

I am confused about this place. What is it specializing in? The Buckhead Life Group has restaurants geared towards specific areas in the culinary spectrum, and this one seems to be shooting in mutiple directions. Now with that statement out the way I must start with the scene. The restaurant is open and very blue, as hints the name Bluepointe. The chairs and walls are decorated professionally and everything feels very modern and sleek. The bar also makes for a fine view. Honestly, it was a nasty day oustide and the big windows gave the restaurant a dark feeling, but I guarantee on a nice day that place is gorgeous inside. Starting with the Blueplate appetizer I must say I was impressed. I love the taste, the crab spring rolls were fantastic. I was not as impressed with the main course. Again, it was good, but it did not stand out in my mind. The fish at the Atlanta Fish Market is defintely the place to go for fish in the group of restaurants. The peanut crusted grouper tasted pretty good, but again did not have the pop I was expecting. My girlfriends braised beef short ribs fell right off the bone, but oddly had a little too much fat with it. We then thought it might be a great idea to try some sushi, and this is where I was impressed. The rolls were tight and did not fall apart in my poor chopstick technique. The sushi was full of flavor, and delicious. Overall, I would say try the other Buckhead Life Group restaurants first, but if you feel the urge to go hey feel free to give it a whirl. Almost forgot to mention the service, The waitress was nice and prompt, and answered all of our questions 8 out of 10 on the service. Pros: Sushi, scene Cons: Is this an Asian focus or seafood? And yes it does make a difference. more
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