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Blue Chip Electronics Svc - 17 Reviews - 4389 Mount Carmel Tobasco Rd, Cincinnati, OH - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (513) 528-9500

Blue Chip Electronics Svc

4389 Mount Carmel Tobasco Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45244
(513) 528-9500
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I had a different experience there then these posts so I thought I should share. I purchased a new Pioneer receiver and after only a month I started having issues with the HDMI p...


I wouldn't deal with this business except for the fact we HAD to due to warranty issues. Don't waste your time or energy with this company. It will only bring you heartache! Doe...

Pathetic 12/7/2012

I wish I could give them 0 stars. At first I was thrilled to find out that Pioneer had an authorized service center in the Cincinnati area. But Blue Chip sat on my receiver for over a week before even opening the box to determine that I needed an HDMI board they then sat on the replacement part for a couple weeks...which is fine... IF THEY WOULD HAVE REPAIRED MY RECEIVER. But they f@$$ed something up and now my receiver won't display any video through HDMI output. I'm dealing with Pioneer directly now and wish I didn't waste the past month on Blue Chip incompetence. If you have time to spare and don't mind if you have to take your stuff back time and time again before it gets fixed Blue Chip is for you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/23/2012

We bought a flat screen tv 2 years ago from Blue Chip Electronics in Mt.Carmel, from Bob Goldbach The service couldn't of been better, nor the price.He was so polite and helpful to us. We have not had one ounce of trouble with the set, We told others who also went over and purchased from there. We live out of state, but are coming back in the spring to purchase another one from there. I have nothing but good things to say about them. It's a wonderful family owned business. Sorry to you who have a bad experience but I think you should give them another chance. We for sure give them 10 stars. :) more

My service was good. I even bought a TV there! 2/7/2012

I had a different experience there then these posts so I thought I should share. I purchased a new Pioneer receiver and after only a month I started having issues with the HDMI ports. Then they went out totally after a few days. I took my receiver to Blue Chip and while sitting in the lobby checking it in one of the techs that was at the counter asked me a couple questions and after answering them told me exactly what it was and told me the fix. He said that Pioneer had some updated parts including a new HDMI board and larger capacitors which will fix the problem. It was a Friday and he told me that it would be on the bench on Monday. At that point once they confirmed it was the HDMI board/capacitor they would order the part which would take about a week to get in. At that point they would get it on the bench either that day or the next and would call me when it was finished. Everything went exactly as he told me it would. Problem is solved. On a side note while I was there I noticed they had several flat screens in the lobby for sale. It turns out they are buying open box TV's from a wholesaler and selling them at big discounts. I bought a Panasonic 60"" 3D Plasma from them for $840.00. It retails at Best Buy for over $1,600.00. I got it mounted in the living room and couldn't be happier with it. Came with 90 day warranty from them plus the balance of the original warranty. All TV's are returns to the store so they are less than 30 days old. more

Worthless! 1/26/2010

I wouldn't deal with this business except for the fact we HAD to due to warranty issues. Don't waste your time or energy with this company. It will only bring you heartache! Doesn't deserve even 1 star. Cons: Bad Customer Service. Useless! more

blue chip 10/19/2009


service may not be good based on communication 6/21/2009

called them the other day and the person who answered the phone did not seem friendly. Good thing I read the reviews before I made an appointment more

Blue Chip Electronics TERRIBLE Service 1/26/2009

I have read many of the comments/complaints and agree with all except the guy who gave them a good review. Cons: Bad Cust. Svc more

Horrible Horrible Horrible... 0 stars if I could. 10/24/2008

I had purchased my LCD Flat Screen TV from Circuit City and had it aprox. 4-6 months before having to place my service call. A technician from Blue Chip Electronics came to service the TV in my home. When he arrived the TV started working perfectly fine and I have not had a problem since. This took place in May of 08? it is now 10/24/08 and I am writing this review due to receiving harassing phone calls and a statement from Blue Chip, even though my TV is under full warranty, requesting that I pay for the service. The technician failed to obtain the serial number for my TV preventing them from billing the maker for service (what service? nothing was done) and now they are trying to force me to pay for the charges since I will not do their job for them and get the serial number my self. My TV is mounted on the wall and ABSOLUTELY impossible for one person to take it down and get there serial number. What a crock of a company this is... as one person already stated you are better off doing it yourself. Cons: Everything more

Worst sevice in America 12/27/2007

I sent my Pioneer disc changer to Blue Chip Electronics for repair (under warranty) because I only had the changer for 1 month before it messed up. I called Pioneer and they told me they would pay for repair and return shipping. After calling Blue Chip Electronics and describing the problem I asked about how long it should take to get my cd changer looked and and sent back. They told me it would be about 2 weeks if Pioneer was prompt (and they always were) with parts if any parts were needed. I sent my disc changer to Blue Chip via UPS ($18.10) in mid November, well before the Thanksgiving holiday. I was told in early December (10th or 11th) that my cd changer was simply off track or something to that effect , it was simple to repair, no parts needed and it would be maild out the next day. A week later I called to get a tracking number and was told that Pioneer would not pay for shipping. I gave the lady a charge card number to use for shipping as I was just tired of waiting (she told me they would fed ex it to me at a $20.00 charge to my card). Yesterday (12-27-07) I called to get a tracking number because I was worried that the changer was lost. I was told that the changer was finished but not sent out yet because Pioneer had not approved the payment for shipping but after getting confirmation I would be called back. I told the lady that I had given her a charge card number to pay for shipping and was assured that it would be shipped 12-28-07. It is now December 28, 2007. I called again to see if the unit had been shipped., I was told that the unit was finished but not shipped yet because Pioneer had not approved payment for shipping. After gonig through this whole mess one more time I was again assured that the unit would be shipped to me on Monday, 12-31-2007. I'd give odds that they are closed Monday for New Years Eve. more

worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life (pt. 2) 11/21/2007

he was rude at hello, I tried to put him up to date with the situation on my microwave and he said that someone was going to come out here and buff it, and that my grill was already ready, so when I asked if the new one came in he said that I wasn't getting a new one, my old one was fixed, and I said, ""I thought I was getting a new one, the lady said she need my old one so she could get the exact same one"" he replied, ""no she never said that I was right here when she was talking to you and she never said that"" so from there you get the idea of the kind of call we had, he basically said that everything that I was saying could not be true and that how would I proove that they broke the grill and that they scratched the door that I could have been the one to cause those damages. I even cried because I could not tell this man what I really felt like telling him, and at first he insisted that he would be the judge of the outcome, that my satisfaction was no good because the microwave was over a year old, that I had to be ""leniant"" and take the results. I thought that by calling the extended warranty number I was getting Lowe's, not true that's another company, and aparantly they don't care either, in nice words and nice tones they basically said what ever the shop said was going to be done was the way to go. So I was getting the short end of the stick from everywhere so upset that not even the extended warranty would really protect me, I called the Lowe's store where I purchased my microwave told them the story, gave them a copy of the other reviews on this site and said to them, this is who is representing you, and after a tec tried to buff the door and did not work, and after seeing that the way they fixed the grill was by putting some melted poly something plastic on there that could be seen from the outside, I called them back and the manager said that I will no longer have to deal with theese people and they gave me a new microwave exactly like the one I had. Pros: avoid it Cons: avoid it more

Worst washer service in Cincinnati! 9/14/2007

Horrid service on all counts. Just finishing my completely unsatisfactory experience with these people. My LG washer stopped pumping water. They came home, didn't run the machine, didn't even open it up, just wrote down a serial number on a piece of paper..... Feel scammed after paying $65 JUST FOR NOTHING. I've been waiting 6 weeks, calling them weekly, and still no reply on the spare part I need. Cons: Bad home service, calls not returned, had to hound them to get a reply more

avoid Blue Chip service in all future purchases 8/1/2007

Our dishwasher from Home Depot purchased 6/05 started making a grinding and very loud noise on 7/19/07. Since the washer was still under warranty I called Blue Chip and scheduled a service call for Monday 7/23. Blue Chip had someone come out on 7/23 and he said ?the motor is fried, do not turn the washer on or it could cause a fire? and said that he would need to order a new motor and would call back in 3 days. There was no call by Friday so we tried to call but the office was closed. Monday 7/30 we called Blue Chip and told them we had not received a call back and what was the status of the service call. They told us that they would call us between 730am-1030am for a service call on Wednesday 8/1. 8/1 my fiance stayed home from work for the service and there was no call from Blue Chip. He called and the line was busy and thenno answer and finally was told that they would call him back with an update. No one called. So he called again and was told that someone would call him back. No one called. Finally in a fit of desperation he called yet again and was told at 330pm that the technician was not coming because they did not have the part and that it would be a few more days. I then called Blue Chip myself at 4pm and talked to Pam. Pam said that the tech discovered that the part that was ordered had come in and was missing a gasket. I asked what kind of part it was and she said that it was a flapper. I told her that it was strange that they were ordering a flapper because we were told that the washer needed a new motor. She said nope, notes say here that it is a flapper. I asked if she could check on this and she said to call her back tom after 9am. Pros: absolutely none Cons: waste of time, rude, unreliable more

Doesn't even deserve a quarter of a star! 7/27/2007

It all started w/a new Fridgedaire Refridgerator from Lowes. Costly purchase, should have been perfect condition- however, fridge leaked water on kitchen floor each day. Was referred to Blue Chip via Fridgedaire Customer Service under the warranty. Was given the service date of a Wednesday morning but rec'd call from Blue Chip two days later stating not available till Friday morning. We agreed and the gentleman came Friday, glanced at the water on floor, roughly pulled out fridge (did not wait or ask for assistance from my husband) and therefore put large deep scratches into our slate. He proceeded to yank drawers around roughly and generally treated our fridge as if it was a toy. He stated that it was our ""Drain Tube"" that was no good and he would have to order a new one that should arrive in 3 or 4 days. He claims the tube was bad from the manufacturer. Who knows? Anyhow- one month later I had not heard from Blue Chip so I called for status. No one knew why the part was not in and/or if they could expedite it. Said they would call us as soon as part arrived. Waited one more month and I called again. No part still. No one knew why. Called a week later, was told they had to speak to the ""parts guy"" and would call back next day. No call for 2 days. I called on 3rd day- still no explanation. Woman stated she would ""look into it and get back w/me"" then HUNG UP ON ME! I have not rec'd any calls from Blue Chip to get back to me! Hmm- wonder how long it will take now? Maybe someday I might get a resolution, but it's not today. Blue Chip is extremely poor in all aspects: customer service, ordering timeliness, treatment of customers items, and resolutions. I guess it takes time to run peoples warrenties out while waiting for ""the part to come in""?! Or atleast that is how this company makes you feel. If you have a choice- I would never choose Blue Chip Electronics. Well- I'm off to mop up my water puddle for the second time today. Hope this info helps everyone out there. Pros: If you love being ignored, and having no problem resolution- Then this place is for you! Otherwise run in another direction!! Cons: Everything is bad- really, go elsewhere! more

Worst service to fix my TV 7/26/2007

Bought new big screen TV from HH Gregg with 5 year extended warranty. On July 14 TV went out. Called service and no one was there until Monday for TV service. Called JUly 16 and servcice was due Tuesday but no one showed up. They said bad address and phone number. Came on Wednesday, it was Blue Chip Electronics. They said the lamp went out and they were having run on my particular lamp and they were on order. No calls so I called HH Gregg on Monday July 23 and they called and said Blue Chip was expecting lamps either Monday or Tuesday. No calls so called Thursday and still no lamps have shown up at Blue Chip. Here it is Fiday July 27 and no TV for Two weeks and I am retired and have not been able to watch TV.. I know the next time I have a problem with my TV I will make sure that HH Gregg does not assign my problem to Blue CHip Electronics as they are the worst I have found. Cons: Bad Service more

You'd be better off learning to fix it yourself 3/26/2007

Worst service experience of my life. I am planning on letting toshiba know that their service vendor is doing them a disservice. My plasma has been out for 10 weeks and i have not even received a phone call. I decided to call the shop and was given the run around by a very rude woman who acted as if i was intruding on her private time and could not give me any info on my tv. I was directed to call back later. On doing so i finally was told that they had ordered a part from toshiba but could not give me a time frame as to when the part would be in. What the H*ll!!! I would think that would be one of the first questions you would ask. Do you think it might be important to give an eta to your customer??? I am still waiting. In fact i was told they cannot give out eta's, they had the nerve to tell me it may be another 6-10 weeks. What the Fubar??? I takes 5 months to get a tv repaired!!!!! Ridiculous. Best Buy had better get me a replacement, this is absurd. I only had the thing for 1 day before it went out. Pros: A SCAM Cons: Everything more

Great Service 3/16/2007

I've read these other reviews on this site, and frankly, I am astounded that we recieved service from the same place. I could not have been happier with the quick and professional service I recieved from Blue Chip Electronics. My television went out on a Tuesday afternoon, after calling the store where I purchased the set from, I was referred to 2 possable service centers, Blue Chip and another service center. I called the other center and was told they could not make it for over a week. Blue chip was able to make it the next day. The technician called me in the morning, just as I was promised. And was not only on time to my home, but called me to offer me an earlier time. The young man was very professional. Not only did I feel like he knew the job, he was able to repair a few things I had just assumed were how the TV operated. I'm not sure about these other customers, but I can tell you not only was I happy with them, they will be my first and only call from now on. Pros: Timly Service, Professional technician Cons: That my TV had to go out to find out about them more

Worst service ever experienced in 45 years of life. 2/1/2007

I started by calling HH Gregg on 12/7/06 to request service to my TV, they called back the next day with the name and contact number of Blue Chip Electronics. That was the last pleasant experience I had with this event. Blue chip said they would be out on the 12th, they didn't make it until the 13th. The Tech said they had to order a part and would call to arrange pick up of my TV as the part had to be installed in the shop. After one week of hearing nothing I called them on 12/19, the lady on the phone said she didn't see any notes in the system and would have to call me back that evening, the next day after not recieving the promised call, I called again (with the same results) she still didn't know anything and would have to call me back. This went on until January 3rd. That's right, 2 more weeks! In two weeks she couldn't find out anything or even call back as promissed, that is until I called HH Gregg to file a complaint on the 3rd. Then I finaly get a call on the 4th to say they will pick up my TV on Saturday the 6th, which they did. Pros: Nothing, I didn't go to them by Choice, HH Gregg did this to me. Cons: Everything about them. more

worst customer service anywhere 1/3/2007

I recently bought a chest freezer and it did not work, so we called Blue Chip Electronics for repair, due to the warranty. We set up an appointment for the end of November. They came and said it needed a new part that had been cracked from the manufacter, not a big deal though. They were to return that next Tuesday about 5 days later. They did not come or call. We waited a little while and still no call. So we eventually called them and set up another date for today, 1/3/07. We even called the night before to make sure they were still coming, they said yes they would be there tomorrow. So I stayed home all day because they do not give an exact time they will come, they call 2 hours before they come. So it is about 3pm and they have not come or called yet. So I call and the lady says, well you are in the computer that you called and need us to come, but your not on anyones list for today! Ironic, because we had confirmed our appointment with them the night before. So they are supposed to come on Friday (two days from today). Although I would not count on it. I would not recommend this company to anyone. The man that came out the first day was rude and now we have been waiting two and a half months to use our new freezer. Pros: Only pro was I could write this review and let everyone know how lousy the company is. Cons: Everything else, customer service skills and especially time spent on this. more

Bad communication with customer. 11/1/2006

I have no idea what the outcome will be with the repair of my plasma tv but if the customer service I recieved while trying to get it serviced is any indication, then they probably half assed the repair as well. We'll see I guess. I initially called and the gentleman said they would call me back to set up a pick up for my tv within 2 days, three weeks later I finally had my tv picked up and I was told I would reciev a call within 7 days with description of problem, today, the 12th day, I called and the tech was unavailable and they asked me to call back this afternoon. So I guess it is anyones guess what I will find out then. I cannot vouche for their service yet but will add those comments at the conclusion of this repair. I hope this helps everyone out there make the right choice. Best Buy has determined they will replace my tele so I cannot give a full review afterall, I can say however, today is Saturday Nov. 11 06 and they are supposed to open at 9 am, no one got to the store to answer the phones until 9:15. Maybe I am demanding or harsh but I believe that if you are 10 minutes early, you are late! I treat my customers as if they were the only person we take care of and I tend to expect that from othe rsmall business as well. I wish I could finalize my review but honestly, after all this time and waiting and lack of communication, I have doubts weather or not the tele would have been fixed correctly anyhow. Sorry if it sounds slanderous but with my overall impression to this point , it seems like a just and somewhat educated opinion on the company. Hope this helps Pros: Have not seen any pro's yet and I mean that in every sense of the word! Cons: Poor call back service, I deal with follow ups all the time and they don't cut it. more
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