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Blue C Sushi - 15 Reviews - University Village Mall, Seattle, WA - Sushi Reviews - Phone (206) 525-4601

Blue C Sushi

University Village Mall
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 525-4601
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First I should say: I don't eat fish. But I really like sushi, and am always on the hunt for a good vegetarian roll. I really enjoy eating at Blue C because they have many veg...


I don't think I've ever been to a sushi place with a conveyor belt/boats that didn't seem to rely mostly on that gimmick to succeed. Blue C isn't really any different. The food ...

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Cute restaurant, but mediocre food 8/2/2012

I don't think I've ever been to a sushi place with a conveyor belt/boats that didn't seem to rely mostly on that gimmick to succeed. Blue C isn't really any different. The food is decent but unspectacular and it is not cheap. Add to that the general craziness of U Village (may have to park in the garage on the far side if it's a busy shopping time) and there's not a whole lot to recommend this place. more

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Blue C in U Village is Great 9/16/2006

We were starved and wanted fast service. Within in minutes of walking into Blue C, I had plates of sushi ready to eat in front of me. Of course I loved that I was seated right at the bar, and could pluck my food off their little belt at will. The server was quick and brought us our drinks right away, and a sushi chef quickly made my special order of masago. One of the features that I really liked at this Blue C was how they labeled each stand so that I could tell exactly what I was eating. more

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good for sushi lovers, great for vegetarians 5/10/2006

i've heard a lot of mixed about blue c sushi but every time i've been there it's been either good or great. and hubby-the-vegetarian LOVES their selection. usually we sit down at a conveyor belt sushi place and i start yanking plates off the belt while he makes sculptures with the wasabi, waiting for the moment when a tamago might slide by. at blue c it's the opposite - *i* sit there waiting for something i like to come by while he piles plates of fried tofu rolls, veggie rolls, spicy sesame noodles, edamame, veggie tempura and tamago in front of him. don't get me wrong - i get my fill of their great sushi too. especially their melt-in-your-mouth albacore. mmmmm. i wish the prices were lower but the cost is fair. i also like how you can press a button at your seat and a waitstaff will come over to help you. no need to try and catch the chef's attention if you need anything. we'll be back more

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Entertaining. You gotta order what you want. 4/19/2006

Quick, cheap, hipster sushi for the young. They brag about their good Nishiki rice and their Yamamotoyama nori, but they are standard for regular dishes (home), not sushi or anything fancy. I'm just happy we can grab sushi quickly (if there isn't a super long wait, which sometimes there is - don't go there starving, wait time is never as long as they say, and if you have to, shop in the mall to kill time and come back - you will be seated right after you come back). Kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) is tough to run if you don't have enough people coming and going, so it's a good thing it's usually crowded. Otherwise the sushi would get old spinning around for too long. They have decent salmon and ikura (salmon roe) - expected from Seattle's geographic location - ikura is never on the belt, so you have to get your waiter and order. I'm not excited that they charge so much for a generic tea bag green tea. But hey, kaiten sushi is basically McDonald's of sushi, so for that this place gets the job done, and it's better than grocery store sushi (and probably cheaper than trying to do it at home with stuff from Whole Foods). They also have fun drinks. Yeah service could be slow, you just have to learn to use that blue button and be patient (it's semi self service - low expectation is key). I'm mostly happy that I can see all the names of the subways I used to ride in Tokyo, and I can come out without breaking the bank. Also being able to have a Japanese cream puff is a plus. Don't expect anything "authentic", but go there for lighthearted fun. more

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Take-Out Glory 4/2/2006

While the atmosphere is great, the waiters friendly, and the on-wall entertainment gigglirific, it is the often overlooked take-out service that makes this UVillage restaurant a stand-out spot. Just zip in, grab a takeout tray, and pick and choose from the great variety of sushi choices on the conveyor belt. From there, just pay at the front and you're set to enjoy great quality sushi away from the crowds. Great for a pick-me-up between classes if you are a UW student or for lunch breaks if you work in the area. Healthy, tasty, and convenient take-out options are hard to come by and Blue C Sushi will easily become the go-to option for sushi lovers in the area. more

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Kaiten Sushi in U Village 3/14/2006

Blue C Sushi opened in U Village a while back. I've been a few times - the kids love it. High time I review it. A Kaiten sushi place is where where they make the plates and place them on a conveyor belt. I think of it as immediate gratification, which is a big reason why my boys like it. On top of that, though, the food is pretty good. The fish is always fresh, and though the assortment is pretty standard fare - shrimp, tuna, octopus, salmon - they occassionally toss in something like hamachi or toro. They do have a few specialty items like the spinach with peanut ginger sauce, spicy noodles and spicy tofu. And don't forget the authentic Japanese desserts, particuarly the cream puffs. OK, that last part is a bit of an inside family joke. But they do have tasty cream puffs, and you can order more authentic Japanese desserts like green tea ice cream and mochi ice cream. Blue C has a full bar, which is good because the wait for a table can be really long - it's a UW favorite. Though mixing cocktails with the Japanese anime cartoons they play on the giant screens on the back wall is something you do at our own risk. They do take out if you're in a hurry. Overall it's not a top notch place, but it's good and reliable and kind of fun. more

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Good vegetarian sushi choices 2/7/2006

First I should say: I don't eat fish. But I really like sushi, and am always on the hunt for a good vegetarian roll. I really enjoy eating at Blue C because they have many vegi options: 1. Tofu roll: has all of the regular stuff you may expect from a vegi roll... tofu, avacado, cucumber, sprouts, etc. I think it compares well to the fancier vegi-rolls of the more expensive sushi joints. 2. Tempura Vegi roll: I haven't found this any place else, and it is super good... fresh hot greenbeans lightly fried in a tempura batter and then rolled. The contrasting textures are really pleaseing. 3. Avacado and Cucumber rolls: old standbys that are cheap... I think that an avacado roll (6 pieces) is around $1.50. 4. Lots of non-sushi items... sesamie noodles, cucumber salad, potatoes katsu, spinich gomai (I'm not sure how to spell that... it is a ball of steamed spinich in a sesami soy sauce), soft tofu in a chili sauce, etc Like another reviewer, I was curious about the "how long does it go around the belt?" factor, and asked one of the waitresses. I learned that there are bar codes on the back of each dish on the belt, and that each dish is scanned each time it passes around the belt and plates not taken in a certain amount of time (I don't remember how much time exactly, but it was a surpriseingly short time) the dish is removed. I have found the service to be consistantly pleasant, with a couple servers who stand out as exceptional. more

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I'm just sitting here watching my food go round and round 12/25/2005

I still haven't found a sushi place in Seattle that compares to some of the crappiest in Vancouver BC. Blue C is expensive and not especially fresh. When we asked for tempura (which is on the menu, but not the belt) we had to ask 3 times. I'll go back only because there are so few decent options around here. more

The truth... 10/21/2005

I do not know why people think this is the place to be My service was disappointing, the food sucked, and it was not that cool. I will say it was a nice atmosphere and its quick or you can drag out the meal if you feel like it. My waitress was really rude and acted like the world revolved around her! HELLO YOU ARE SERVING ME! The food kept going around on a conveyor belt and you picked what you wanted. I noticed the same dishes going around and around, which made me think, "If those have been going around for an hour, how long was my food on that belt?!?" Gross! enough said? more

Sushi Lovers! 10/19/2005

This is a wonderful and hip spot to enjoy some world class sushi. The atmosphere is young and full of life. The shrimp temura is wonderful. more

I love this place! 10/18/2005

I live near U Village and it is great to be able to stop in at Blue C on my way home at night and pick exactly the sushi I want, put it in my take-out tray and pay for it all in under 10 minutes. Blue C doesn't have the most extensive sushi menu but for a quick, fresh sushi it is ideal. more

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Decent sushi and great ambiance 9/27/2005

The sushi at this establishment covers all the basics. The nigiri and the rolls are both good. Blue C uses a kaiten system to serve customers. A kaiten is a conveyor belt system that allows the customer to pick up the food as it goes by. The cavernous dining room has a great surround system and a big screen tv. The restaurant is not overly loud. The prices are very reasonable and there is a happy hour. This is a good place to eat either alone or with friends. more

Good fresh sushi you can choose. 8/3/2005

This is the second of the Seattle Blue C Sushi restaurants. Located in the SW corner of University Village, it is sleek and modern. One sits in a booth or at the counter and chooses which of the many fresh items you wist to try. They move along in front of you on a conveyor belt, each with a label telling what it is. Prices are determined by the color of the plate rim, which corresponds to one of the colors of the various subway lines in Tokyo! You decide how much you want to eat AND how much you want to spend. Take-out is easy. Grab a box at the desk and pick what you want. A wait person will tally your bill. Pay and off you go. Fun place for a quick, healthy meal. more

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Defending Blue C 6/1/2005

I personally think this place is great. If you've got kids and/or if you're a sushi newbie. When the food comes around on the conveyor belt, it's all clearly labeled. What's in it, what it's called, if it's raw or cooked, how much it costs. If you're with less adventurous diners, that's invaluable. I've been twice. I took the family, had a great time, enjoyed most of the food, and got out of there for very little money. If you're a deep-pocketed sushi veteran on a first-name basis with the chef at a first-rate sushi bar, I guess there's no point to coming here. more

all atmosphere, no taste 5/17/2005

If you are looking for good sushi, keep looking. Blue C University Village is all about atmosphere, (which is pretty cool) and it seems pretty kid friendly. But I don't understand why anyone who really wants to eat sushi would bother going here to eat. The fish is a little off, the tempura tastes (and aftertastes) like grease, even the edamame is overcooked. The food looks nice, watching it move past your seat on the hip conveyor belt is fun, but it's ultimately frustrating because although it looks like sushi and it makes you hungry for's just not sushi. It's goo pretending to be sushi. more
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