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Blue Plate Llc - 19 Reviews - 308 SW Washington St, Portland, OR - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (503) 295-2583

Blue Plate Llc

308 SW Washington St
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 295-2583
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Blue Plate Llc - Portland, OR
Blue Plate Llc - Portland, OR
Blue Plate Llc - Portland, OR
Blue Plate Llc - Portland, OR


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Great place! I went in on a Friday at 12:30 so I had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, not a big deal. The restaurant is small and they were very busy, but I did not feel rush...


I attempted to have a business lunch at the Blue Plate today. The food came quickly (which is good), but so did the bill. When my client and I tried to continue our discussion aft...

Great place! I went in on a Friday at 3/27/2012

Great place! I went in on a Friday at 12:30 so I had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, not a big deal. The restaurant is small and they were very busy, but I did not feel rushed at all. The waiter took time to answer any and all questions about the menu and the soda fountain drink menu. The food was delicious; the mashed potatoes were my favorite. Soda fountain drinks were good too. I will defiantly be back to Blue Plate. more

BluePlate is awesome 6/7/2010

I've been to the BluePlate many times, as it is close to my work. Food is consistently great. The owner/manager/cook has a true knack for making somewhat ordinary diner plates extraordinary. Highly recommended. Pros: Great Comfort food & Soda Jerks Cons: Very popular and can have some wait during lunch more

Not a good place to have a business lunch 9/30/2009

I attempted to have a business lunch at the Blue Plate today. The food came quickly (which is good), but so did the bill. When my client and I tried to continue our discussion after cleaning off our plates, we were asked to leave so they could free up the table for others. I can understand the reasoning, but it was a little embarrasing given that I was hosting the client (the Blue Plate was my idea) and we were forced to to take our conversation outside into the rain. Bummer. Don't get me wrong, this is a great place if you need to grab a quick bite with a buddy, but I really don't recommend entertaining clients here. Pros: Good, creative food and drinks Cons: They expect you to eat and run more

Slider/Milkshake Heaven 6/28/2009

I'm not sure why some of the other reviewers for this restaurant had complaints about the service. Perhaps they mistook ""busy"" for ""rude"". There was just the owner and two waitresses when I went, and they didn't have a lot of time to stop and say ""hi"" and seat you and chat you up. I didn't mind this, it meant that I got my food faster. As for some of the 1-star reviews that I've read for this restaurant: the owner must have hired different girls, because that's the only explanation for the 180-degree difference between their stories and mine. I happened to arrive at 12pm, which as it turns out is their single busiest time of the day. So I had to wait about 30 minutes for a table. But once we got seated the service was quick and friendly. But not over-friendly in a fake way: I appreciated that. The waitresses were quick and efficient. The food...oh, the food. The sliders were so good, and the sauce on it was so tasty, that I didn't need to eat it with ketchup. And I always eat burgers with ketchup. The chocolate malt was so good that I just couldn't stop drinking it once I started. Addictive. I almost had to order another one. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS FOR BLUEPLATE. It was fantastic. Besides, if it's good enough for Guy from the Food Channel to show up there, it is in the top 1% of all food joints in the United States. Pros: Great food, fantastic shakes Cons: Not a lot of seating more

Tried it for the first time, don't think I will go back. 5/21/2009

I was really craving a chocolate malt so I googled soda fountains in portland and found blueplate. It was really close to my work so I thought i would give it a try. I walked in and the waitress (who did not look too happy that she was working) asked me to take a seat. I told her that I just wanted a drink to go. I asked for a chocolate mint malt and she told me they didn't have mint. Ok, no big deal...I ordered vanilla milkshakes. The cook (who was very nice) told me they only carry mint at xmas. I waited a few minutes for my milkshake, paid and walked out. My issue with this place is that the waitress never once smiled or treated me like a valued customer. Perhaps she was having a bad day? I don't know, but I don't think I will be back. Pros: Close to my work Cons: Service was terrible more

Updated: Second trip 4/8/2009

I am normally a big fan of both diners and places with daily specials, but my recent lunch at Blue Plate left me completely underwhelmed. Their drink menu is certainly impressive, with a number of interesting in-house sodas, shakes, and even sweet tea. Their food menu is a bit sparse, consisting of two rotating dishes and a couple other mainstays. Picky eaters should check out the daily specials beforehand. My lunch choice was one of their specials, what was essentially a french dip. Their sandwiches were cooked on a couple of consumer-level griddles, possibly the Presto griddles available at most department stores for around $20-$40. This may have been the reason my sandwich was not the most pleasant experience - the meat was tough and bland, and the bread may have simply been a store-bought hoagie roll. The sandwich was edible, but not something I would order again. The mashed potatoes alongside it were better than fast food or instant potatoes, but need some seasoning. I also tried the butterscotch shake, which ended up as a vanilla shake with some butterscotch syrup glued to the side of the glass. The shakes are a bit pricy, at $4 for a small and $6 for a large, but the small was easily enough to satisfy. I wish I had instead opted for one of their interesting sodas. While I did not have a bad experience with customer service, I understand the complaints here. There are only two employees who take care of everything from cooking to washing dishes to cleaning tables and handling the register. While not rude, they did not exactly seem friendly either, likely due to the frantic pace they keep during busy times. As a whole, the place seems like it wants to be an old-time diner, but is really hurt by a lack of initial financing. It could be a great place with an actual kitchen and a couple more staff members. As it stands now, I will probably give it a second chance but it is not somewhere I would show off to friends or out-of-towners. Update: Went back a week ago for the meatloaf sandwich on a Friday - much better overall experience. There was a third employee there so the service was better and seemed a little more relaxed, plus the sandwich was fantastic. Glad I gave it another shot, and will be back to try a few more items. Pros: Good selection of sodas and shakes Cons: limited seating more

Simple Yet Tasty! 8/19/2008

I was scared off for quite awhile of trying this place because of all the ""unfriendly"" reviews. The menu/feel though looked exactly like what I typically like and its so close that I eventually did try it and was not dissapointed! The staff was a bit quiet but not unfriendly at all to me, in fact I saw someone compliment the food and engage in a 5 min conversation w/ the cook sharing recipe tips and food history. The food was good, warm, filling, tasty. I like to get the Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, and if Im extra hungry its only $2 to add on a slider. It's a simple lunch counter/soda shop w/basic fare and the staff was just fine. I can see where if you had very high customer service expectations you could have a problem, as they don't always greet and act super overly friendly like I see so many servers in chain restaurants acting. For a real, simple tasty experience though, Blueplate was just the ticket. Pros: Hideaway spot, awesome sliders, tasty grilled cheese/tomato soup Cons: not much seating more

Drink your lunch 2/28/2008

Milkshakes have often taken precedence over eating in my visits to this little retro sodashop. Although, the food at blueplate is also really good. The meatloaf is tasty and hearty. The blt salad is good and filling, an anomaly for downtown lunch spots. The first shake I got here had marshmallow whipped creme, but since then I don't think I've had the same yummy topping. I guess that's okay since the shakes, sodas, and specialty oldtime sodashop favorites are always a great way to waste some calories! Oh, and the service is really friendly. Yup, this place is a great place for lunch. Pros: Mikshakes, sodas, meatloaf, variety Cons: gets busy @12pm more

A blemish on our friendly city reputation 11/26/2007

Bummed. That's what I was after my third attempt at Blueplate. I've never been treated so rudely and I'm still at a loss as to why. I've been working downtown for two years and am always looking for that ""spot."" You know, the place where ""everyone knows your name"" and they don't even have to ask for your order because they already know what it always is. I was starting to feel as if it was something about me they didn't like...but after reading everyone else's comments, it seems it's just the owner and his one staff person have a bit of an entitlement issue. Portland has always impressed me with its local shops and friendly attitude but Blueplate is a blemish on our fine reputation. No matter how good their sundaes. No matter how warming their grilled cheese and tomato. I cannot...I ever step foot inside that establishment again. It seems they will never know my name. Pros: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Cons: Service was enough to spoil the cheese! more

Three strikes, you're out! 11/21/2007

I wish I could recommend this restaurant; it has so much potential, but I just can't. I have tried this lunch spot three times and each time I leave feeling bit offended at the appauling service. To the server, ""Tipping is still based on service right?"" and to ""Chef Jeff"", ""Lose the tude, dude""! The food is great and the atmosphere is just charming but anyone who knows a thing about business knows that customer seervice is key, Blue Plate just doesn' get it. Grilled cheese will only get you so far. Pros: Simple menu Cons: Gross service more

Rudest Staff in Downtown PDX! 11/21/2007

I have been to this establishment several times and each time I have left with a bad taste in my mouth. This potentially great lunch spot is ruined by its owner and seemingly one wait staff. RUDE and obviously annoyed by patrons. Its certainly not an elite establishment, but for some reason customer service must have not been included in the Blue plate Business plan. BLUE PLATE BAD! Or should I say BOO PLATE. Don't waste your time or your 5 bucks walk around the corner to Mother's its worth it. BTW if I had my way I wouldn't even give it one star. Pros: grilled cheese yummy Cons: staff and owner more

I went for the grilled cheese sandwich and... 11/3/2007

OregonianSteve Provided by Partner
I went for the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. They weren't anything special, but the atmosphere is nice and funky. I'll probably go back ... more

This is a great place! 10/20/2007

Jeff and Sara were the friendliest and funniest staff! The food was wonderful and perfectly portioned. You've gotta try the sliders, tomato soup and drinks. We'll definitely be back. Pros: Friendly staff, great food, nice atmosphere Cons: Parking more

Good food with a bad attitude 9/23/2007

My entire experience was ruined by one sentence. Apparently, Chef Jeff didn't appreciate that not everyone in my party showed up (6 of 10 confirmed). He came up to us and said, ""Just so you know, you cost me $150 today."" After that the brilliantly nuanced taste of my Meatloaf sandwich only served to taunt me. \r \r I love the idea of BluePlate. The food was unique and definitely tapped in to memories of a time gone by. Unfortunatley, that flavor isn't accompanied by the values of the era. I'm talking about customer service, but I am also talking about something Portland restaurant and businesses usually have: a common respect for their fellow man. \r \r Our missing guests may have cost BluePlate a few bucks, but that little comment could end up to be worth a lot more in lost business. Its funny how someone who can create such wonderful food could reduce their own art to a simple math equation. Pros: Good food Cons: Terrible attitude more

Great Idea -- too bad they are all about making money, turning tables, bad customer service and poor quality 9/23/2007

When I first read about the idea of BluePlate I thought.. ""Wow, what a great idea!"" A classic style soda fountain that capture the charm of a by gone day. But the old saying is true... ""You can never go back!"" This modern day version of a classic is staffed by cheep unfriendly people more focused on getting you in and out as quickly as possible, avoiding any kind of customer service, small portions, high prices and an overall bad experience. Stick you head in the door to check it out, but don't stick around long enough to ruin your childhood memories. Pros: Great idea, classic charm Cons: poor service, low quality, over priced more

Blue Plate is something special! 7/18/2007

I've eaten lunch here twice now, (carry-out both times) and thoroughly enjoyed both meals. For my first I had their NW Sliders with mashed potatoes and Purple Haze Float. By any burger standards these were great; scarcely-pink-in-the-middle meat, tender bun, and a tasty herb mayo. The float was fantastically licorice-heavy. Then I had their roast-beef dip and Chai Bomb Float. Both were really good. The meat in the sandwich was tender and the float was spicy; everything as they should be. They have chocolate cokes on the menu, something I've made at home for years, unable (until now) to prove to my friends was a viable drink option . . . and you can get any soda served as a float. I look forward to taking advantage of their later hours and new dinner plates. Pros: Great food, drink and service. Cons: They're only open five days a week. more

Not the best malts in town 7/2/2007

Coworkers recommended this place for shakes and malts, so a group of us went together. We picked a bad time to come because their milkshare machine was on the fritz, but luckily the guy said he'd give it a try for the dozen of us who had just entered his restaurant. Another family behind us, however, was turned away. I was impressed that they were able to crank out our orders so quickly. Unfortunately, the strawberry malt I ordered did not have enough malt in it, very few actual strawberries were detected and it seemed very small for having ordered a large. They didn't fill up the to-go cup either, and they used alot of marshmellow cream stuff on top to fill the space, which I didn't really care for. I love real whip cream, but not this stuff. Next time I'll order it without the marshmellow stuff - or I'll go to Humdingers or Fat City in SW for a real malt experience. I come from a dairy state originally, so I know a good malt when I taste one!! Pros: Cute place/location Cons: Overrated, malts are disappointing more

Best Tomato Soup Ever! 3/11/2007

While the menu is VERY limited, the grilled cheese and tomato soup on Monday's is sooo good! The tomato soup is hearty and homemade. The soda fountain atmosphere and ""penny"" candy create a fun environment. They offer boxed lunches and even do large group lunches! Instead of ordering greasy pizza for that lunch meeting; I would opt for a home cooked meal from the Blue Plate Lunch Counter! Yum!!\r Pros: The tomato soup and chocolate coke Cons: VERY limited menu and it changes daily more

So Delicious! 1/18/2007

I would be lost without Blue Plate. When I crave comfort food, this is the first place I think of. The food is familiar, yet inventive and always, always exceedingly delicious. The wait staff is friendly and on the ball. If you like coffee, I highly recommend the Cowboy Coffee milkshake made with Stumptown beans! Pros: Delicious food, toasty sammiches, cute servers! Cons: Very little seating. more
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    Visitors to this days-gone-by café can pass the time waiting for meals sitting on the swivel stools in front of the soda counter and talking about the powders and candies...

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