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Blue Hills Fitness


288 Wood Rd
Braintree, MA 02184

(781) 849-0444
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Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
Blue Hills Fitness - Braintree, MA
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Incorporated in 1987. Blue Hills Fitness has established itself as an icon for helping tens of thousands reach their fitness goals for over 26 years. Our mission is to help every...



Editorial review from Citysearch 5/28/2013

I've been a member of Blue Hills Fitness under its previous incarnations as Gold's Gym and Fuzion. Before joining, i had heard a lot of negative reviews about the place. I gave it a try & have mostly positive things to say about my time there. Iliked the weight room facilities. The cardio room was a little small. I always had a good workout there. Never had a problem wirth Andy or any of his staff. In fact I went out with a few injuries & had to freeze my membership. Andy had no problem doing that & was always very pleasant & proferssional in my dealings with him. A lot of good people among the members as well, many of whom I remain friends with today.I left fhe gym when my membership ran because I moved out of the area. Otherwise, i'd still be there. This is a good gym if you're looking to work out hard with weights & do the Cross-Fit. If you're looking for an easy workout with machines, then Planet Fitness with there tootsie rolls at the front desk & free pizza the first Monday of the month may be for you. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/3/2013

Place is very dirty, never seen anyone cleaning. The gym is small but really only gym in Braintree. Do not join, save your money and go somewhere else. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/24/2013

What Helena O said about cancelling and still getting charged is true. It took me nearly six months to notice and my bank info had changed. With the help of my bank we figured out how they did it.\r \r As for god reviews, Andrew and Fusion1987 ARE one of the owners. \r \r It is a shame to see a such potential be ruined by an owner that should NOT work with people or potential even be day to day management. more

Great Gym, Great People 11/26/2012

READ EVERY WORD OF THIS TIP. You've been warned. more

Great Place!!!! 4/7/2012

Incorporated in 1987. Blue Hills Fitness has established itself as an icon for helping tens of thousands reach their fitness goals for over 26 years. Our mission is to help every member succeed with their fitness goals. more

fake reviews don't make up for a bad gym 4/4/2012

The last 2 reviews are obviously made by the owner of this place. They're struggling with identify crisis first. They used to be Gold's, then Fuzion, then were becoming a WOW, then VEBO, and now Blue Hills. Realtors also say that any commercial space that has changed its name 3 times in 3 months is not a well managed business. Read the fine print if you decide to join cause this place is not going to survive. Clearly in need of cash given the state of the facility and equipment. Has lost a lot of business to better run places like Planet Fitness and LA Fitness. These places have better and newer equipment, locker rooms, etc. more

Mission to help every member succeed 3/31/2012

This Club is taking extreme measure to help all members reach their Fitness goals. Great inspirational, highly motivating Personal Trainers, Group X and Group Cycle Instructprs, Great Customer Service, Great Community, Great Staff in general. Come in and see for yourself. The new Blue Hills Fitness! more

do not go here 3/5/2012

Do not give them your checking account # i joined here when it was golds gym in 1993 for 1 year cancelled membership 1 year later they have been billing me ever since ( 8446.00) numerous time over the years i have caught it on my account called again cancelled it they said no porblem forgot about it.... more

Worst gym - very shady practices 9/15/2011

I joined the gym and used the womens area. It was good at first but then some of the pieces of equipment disappeared? When I asked about it they said the piece of equipment downstairs broke so I found out they take equipment from the women's area instead of fixing or replacing. Then it happened again with another piece I was using. My husband did the personal training and hurt his back during one of the sessions so couldn't go for a few weeks after that. Be careful - listen to your body. My husband tried to cancel the personal training sessions but got the runaround and they kept billing him every week. He finally called and said what do I have to do cancel the membership. After that call, Fuzion charged my husband's bank account $90, then $150 (cancellation fee) then $600 and then $19.95/each for the month of August- all within minutes of each other. We called to compalin but the owner (Andy) wouldn't come to the phone. Last week I got a call from Fuzion asking why they can't bill my bank for Sept. I explained that we cancelled the membership and already were billed the cancellation fee. Yesterday I got a call from a collection agency asking about the bill for September for Fuzion and today I got a letter from the collection agency. There are rumors they are being bought out by Work Out World. I think the owner is trying to get as much money up front before that happens. My advice - wait until W.O.W takes over before you join. more

Excellent gym layout and best customer service 1/18/2011

This gym is by far the best gym I have ever worked out in. The environment is friendly and the staff is top notch. This gym blows planet fitness out of the water and provides the essential equipment to build muscle and lose fat in no time. I highly recommend this gym over any other to someone who is really looking to get in shape. more

Great place to workout! 1/13/2011

Fuzion has never let me down, convenient on my way home from work the facility is well kept, staff is friendly and the equipment is never to crowded to where it holds up my work out, also racquet ball is a big plus in my book! more


When i walk in the door, what i see is a welcoming atmosphere and smiling faces ! After a long stressful day the last thing you want to see is a down or bogus mentality on the faces of the staff and/or members. absolutely not the case at ""fuzion sports club"" ! all the workers and co-workers have an upbeat and motivational attitude. not once have i seen anyone displeased with one of the staff members at this gym. the trainers are highly qualified, certified and they know top to bottom about fitness and providing you with your needs. they offer a free avaluation and diet plan when you join to help you work toward your desired goals. they offer training if you need that extra push in the rite direction, if your just starting out or out of shape i recommend that you atleast take the free avaluation they offer and hear it straight from them and they are happy to answer any questions you may have. whenever you need help with something in the designated workout area there is always a qualified trainer in sight, or 10 -15 year member to help you reach your goal and/or spot you if you like to push yourself like i do. they have wicked awesome programs they offer throughout the day and night to fit your schedule. have an intense program they hold 5 days a week called warrior fit. for beginers to advanced your pushed hard for an hour straight. burn madd calories ! also offer a wide variety of other programs yoga, cycling, and zumba for instance. have tons of free weights and machines to use at your disposal. have a sauna, steam room, and tanning beds in prestine condition for your use. when i end my workout i like too get a protein shake. they have a wide variety of different flavors and choices to choose from full of protein.have tried all of the other surrounding gyms and they all had multiple flaws in there system of business. absolutely no hassle if you want to quit at anytime ! as a member you hear alot of talk and im a gym rat i am here all the time, and i have never heard a bad thing from anyone about the gym or its staff members. i would recommend ""FUZION SPORTS CLUB"" to you or anyone that loves a gym that offers so much for so very little out of your pocket ! more

Worst attitude & gym ever 1/13/2011

This afternoon, I called to cancel my membership, and was treated the worst I've ever been treated as a customer. It was a girl who answered the phone, and she told me I had to fill out a form at the location I signed up at. When i asked why, she didn't know & proceeded to go ask her manager. Once she returned, she simply said ""because it's the gym you signed up at"". This answer didn't make much sense to me, and I proceeded to ask her again why I couldn't just fill out the form at the Canton location until she gave me horrible attitude. She said ""what's your problem"" and ""why can't you understand"". I told her this was no way to treat a customer, and she just sarcastically said ""okay thanks, but you have to cancel at your signup location"". My boyfriend then called because he needs to cancel as well, and I listened as a third party on the phone. This time, a man answered (the manager) and my boyfriend asked him (in the same way I did originally) about cancellation. Well, he gave my boyfriend the same attitude I got & when my boyfriend finally told him about the attitude I had been given, the manager denied it & said the girl was very polite on the phone. At this point, I cut in & confronted him about how absolutely awful the gym was & how I was appalled at the way he treated his customers. I pay hundreds of dollars a year (for a crappy gym, I might add) and they feel the right to ask me ""whats my problem""?? Absolutely DO NOT sign up for this gym. I am not normally one to complain on websites or write bad reviews, but this one absolutely had to be written. more

Here's my review - took a few tries before it posted. 12/31/2010

It is the existence of the Warriorfit program at Fuzion that helped me drop close to 25 lbs, and between 12 and 14% of what had been my body fat about 8 and 1/2 months ago. I can now do things I had never even heard of before, let alone actually tried to do. The trainers who run the program don't just push you by talking the talk, they walk the walk. That's the most impressive part. more

Great Gym!! 12/26/2010

I absolutely love this gym!! It is the first time I've felt so comfortable at a gym and really gotten to know some of the staff. They are always friendly, the trainers are great and I have seen such a huge difference in the energy at the gym during the last year or so. Much more friendly and open atmosphere. I am not intimidated by the trainers at Fuzion like I have been at other gyms, and I feel like they truly know what they are doing so that you get great results but at the same time they won't let you injure yourself doing something incorrectly(I have been corrected when they've seen me doing something not quite right even when they were training another client right next to me). They truly seem to care and want to see you get results the right way, not just take your $$ and run!! When I first joined Fuzion, I found myself bored with my ""old"" routine of cardio with running,biking,eliptical and decided to try spin. Everyone in the class was great and the instructors always take extra time to identify and help out anyone new to get them going. Taking spin was my first step in getting comfortable with trying out even more classes., including boot camp which then got me on track to start working with a trainer for some weight training. With the customized workouts I find that I am pushing myself even more than ever and seeing great results. more

Great Facility 12/12/2010

I have been a member for many years at Fuzion Sports Club Braintree. I have tried other area clubs but would never leave Fuzion including the $10/ month clubs. I would highly recommend Fuzion Sports Club Braintree to everyone. The friendly staff and fellow members make Fuzion a great place to work out. I have personally lost 45 lbs over the last year and a half with the help of the Fitness Service Department. Great club! Great value! more

Beware!!! Shady company!!! 1/28/2010

What qpack said below is absolutely right - keep all records! I now have to take Fuzion Sports Club to small claims court due to their shady cancellation policy. After a cancellation policy dispute, which on several occasions they told me that they would fix, I spoke to the OWNER (Andy) who told me that he not only wouldn't reimburse me, but he is going to deficate my name on bathroom walls. Soooo mature. DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM. Cons: I would give no stars, but apparently it is one star minimum more

Great scene! 9/23/2008

I've been going to this gym for over a year. It's a typical gym. Lots of weights, equipment. The cardio machines are very outdated and most are broken. However, the eye candy more than makes up for it. This gym is for those who want to see people serious about fitness. Men wearing tight tank tops, dripping in sweat, muscles pertruding from every oraface on their body. No attitude. In fact, it's quite common for this place to be a social atmosphere where you see men picking up women, or even other men. more

Good gym 8/29/2007

This is a good gym. Lots of room and the management is constantly improving. Lots of parking. Pros: Lots of Space and parking. more


Users beware. Owners are rude, and dishonest. If you happen to be a member and cancel your membership KEEP ALL RECORDS!!!! This is one of the worst gyms I have ever used. Cons: Shady Owners more
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    The Terminator and the Incredible Hulk (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno) lifted weights at the gym's Venice, California, flagship years ago, but even today, customers...

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