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Wow...seems like the fear of speech has settled in Fremont based on the comments. If you'd rather try on clothes by yourself, I'd suggest trying Target. If you'd like to serve so...


I visited Bliss for the first time yesterday and found the customer service both comical and mortifying. First, like other reviewers here, I was set upon by two separate salespeop...

i HEART bliss. 8/16/2006

Wow...seems like the fear of speech has settled in Fremont based on the comments. If you'd rather try on clothes by yourself, I'd suggest trying Target. If you'd like to serve some fashion that might get you noticed, Bliss is there. I come in from NYC all the time and I'm always impressed with whats on the racks. Of course, it's not Target prices but its cute and sassy which makes every dime well worth it! Plus you can score a few things on sale almost every time. more

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Not worth the money or the time... 7/5/2006

I don't mind paying the prices for good merchandise but I have to say that I found the staff at Bliss lacking when I was there. It seemed that they were more interested in selling me as much stuff as possible rather than being honest about fit and appropriate styles. Case in point... I just sent to Goodwill a shirt that I paid too much for and never wore along with a skirt that I couldn't stop asking myself, "what was I thinking?" when I saw it on later. My bad for not taking it right back but I have shunned the shop for some time now because I am not a fan of places that push merchandise rather than thinking about building a long term relationship with a client. It's unfortunate that more shops aren't providing exceptional service nowadays to win back repeat business. more

Great stuff!! 7/4/2006

I was in town and drove by several stores looking for some new stuff. This store had cool shirts and jeans. The staff was very friendly and helpful making recommendations of things I would NEVER pick out but ended up saying, "Wow...that actually works." I ended off buying a pair of Goldsign and Parasuco jeans, and 2 gnarly t-shirts from France. The store had a good selection of stuff and also had neat little accessories for my girlfriend back at home....which she absolutely loved. Unlike other reviewers, I found the price to be fair for the stuff at Bliss. The jewelery and clothes I got are high quality and hard to find. For all the complainers about price, go to a Gap outlet store. You get what you pay for. My girlfriend can't wait to go there when I bring her up with me next time. more

Wow...all this negativity 6/29/2006

I fly into Seattle for work quite often and I always stop by Fremont for yummy Jai Thai and do some major damage at DREAM and Bliss. I've never had any problems as other reviewers noted. Wow?! On occasion, my boyfriend comes with me and the selection of jeans is off the hook! The owner himself has helped me on occasion and I can see how others may find him loud and in your face, but I love it. I dont' find myself having much time to shop and it's great to see a store who has a great staff who can assist me. I guess it's not for everyone but I certainly love my experience and it's why I spend way way more than I would or should. Keep up the good work folks and cya next time. more

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If This is Nirvana, Then I'll Take a Raincheck 4/23/2006

Bliss huh? Well, it's not bliss when I go in and check the SALE price and still see $75 for a t-shirt that doesn't fit a normal size body. No thanks. Fashion doesn't have to make us broke. And the clothes aren't that exciting. If you want to go broke, at least look good doing it...(Les Amis). But my point is that your time is better spent at the copy place xeroxing your hand or counting Fremont Thai restaurants. more

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Why do I keep going here 4/12/2006

I"m not sure why I continually stop by this store - probably because I live close by and walk by it every day. I keep thinking I'm going to find something, but I never do, and the employees are really pushy, condescending, and annoying. A friend of mine did buy a fake Marc Jacobs bag here though, that she is still excited about months later, so I suppose it is possible to score a major find. more

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The opposite of Bliss 3/14/2006

I was accosted when I stepped in the door by a loud 16 year old that claimed she had the perfect pair of pants for me. Um, no thanks, I answered. She continued to follow me around until I asked her to leave me alone, politely of course. I'm a lady, afterall. She didn't of course, as this place must run on commission. She invited herself into my dressing room to give me a necklace that she just couldn't wait to show me. I told her to get out and then grabbed my clothes and high-tailed it out of there. I'll never go back! more

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Not so Blissful 3/12/2006

Bliss is one of those stores that I love to hate and hate to love. On one hand, they have lovely clothing that is very original, fashionable and hard to find funky-style. On the other hand, if there is a problem, they will not take it back and refund your money under any circumstance. I bought a beautiful sherpa hoodie and when I got it home I noticed yellow spots all over it. (It was white) I called the store to see if they had another in my size (they didn't), could they get one in my size (they couldn't) so why won't you refund my money? I fought and fought with them and they we really quite horrible to me. I called my VISA card and asked them to take off the charge and since it actually says right on the receipt NO REFUNDS (even when it's defective? c'mon, guys) their hands were tied. So I will never shop there again. Nor will I shop at Dream, which is owned by the same people with the same policy right across the street. Bliss, you might want to reconsider your strict policies. This is the land of Nordstrom. more

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Customer service is not the strong suit at Bliss 3/1/2006

It took me a few trips to Bliss before any of the sales clerks managed to stop ignoring me. I don't know if it's because I didn't flash any money or if they were genuinely that interested in folding jeans, but no one wanted to acknowledge my presence. That is, until one fateful day in 2005. I'm guessing I looked like a woman on a mission when I walked into Bliss in search of wedding attire. As soon as I came through the door, a young employee was on me like white on rice. It turns out she was the store manager. And what a manager. Ten minutes in, I futilely wished we could go back to pretending I didn't exist. After I tried on one outfit, the manager over-enthusiastically told me the top and skirt combination looked just gorgeous on me, that she'd sold a few already even though she just got them in, that the size I wanted was the only one in the shipment, that really, it would look so good on me even if it needed some alterations--which she promised would be easy for the tailor--that at the rate the pieces were going I would have to act now or lose them forever, and weren't these shoes absolutely adorable with the ensemble? (Decidedly not. Ruffled white, super-pointed pumps didn't even look good in the '80s.) She basically followed me around the 500 square foot floor space for the entirety of my visit, extolling the virtues of the outfit with saccharine sweetness. I eventually found something to wear, but not without enduring repeated visits, still more sales pressure from the manager ("These earrings, this necklace and these bracelets are just perfect for you! No? What about these? I think these are also great on you") and prices I wouldn't ever have considered had I not been desperate. Although Bliss tries to represent the glimmer of hope for Seattle fashionistas, it usually falls short. You might be able to find a gem from time to time, but you have to ask if it's really worth all the hassle. For example, Bliss carries some designer jeans, but you're better off going to a store like Nordstrom's where the service, prices and alterations are better. At Bliss, you'll find bipolar sales strategies, returns for store credit only, and basic hems--not much else in the way of tailoring--for more than you'll find elsewhere. At what cost fashion? Not this much. more

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A less than Bliss-ful experience at Bliss 2/17/2006

As a Style Consultant and Personal Shopper I try to support smaller independent boutiques as much as I can when working with a client. I took a male client into Bliss to check out their selection of shirts and anything but jeans because that's all he had. We were basically accosted by a male sales associate that was rude and disrespectful towards my client and when i asked him to please stop badgering my client he got nearly belligerent and started throwing clothes over the dressing room door at my client and insults at me. When I tried to talk to the manager about how upsetting this was she wasn't much help either and offered a measly "oh sorry". I have supported both Bliss & their sister store Dream for my own shopping and the shopping of clients in great volumes before but I will never, ever patron them again after this experience. more

Cute stuff, a little young 8/19/2005

Bliss is a great store if you're 18 and tiny. If you're any older than that and normal sized, it can be hit and miss. The selection is pretty eclectic and it depends on the day as to what you'll find. I do feel slightly more hip just for going in, but then am usually disappointed because I can't find anything that screams "me." more

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Snobby and overpriced 8/17/2005

Bliss is extremely overpriced and is basically full of knock-offs of the real deal. They carry generically trendy and boring women’s clothing, hand bags, jewelry, and other miscellaneous accessories. I’ve been in there several times to try to find something cute and unique, either for gifts or for myself, but I have never found anything worth buying. A friend of mine was excited to find a fake Marc Jacobs bag, but that was about it. Every time I’ve been there I’ve felt unwelcomed and snubbed by the snobby staff. It’s definitely not worth a trip or even a look. more

At last, men's clothes! 8/16/2005

I was thrilled to see the recent addition of men's clothes to the fashion palette of Bliss. Now Fremont has a shop that caters to the tragically hip metrosexual. Since carrying men's clothes is a new experience, it remains to be seen how they continue to stock it. The best bet is to pop by and decide for yourself. more
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