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Bleu Martini - 45 Reviews - 24 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (215) 940-7900

Bleu Martini

24 S 2nd St (at Market Street)
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 940-7900
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Bleu Martini - Philadelphia, PA


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Had a great night in old city two weeks ago! Had been to Bleu Martini in the past but not in a while so we decided to stop in. The place was packed with smoking hot girls with c...


I came here with people who go here all the time... and was entertained, but not in a good way. Jersey all the way. Whoever decorated it is probably on coke... soooo tacky. Eve...

Pricey but Poppin 3/5/2011

Cool vibe. Pricey buts D-town, right? Get ya man to pay... Watch out for the creepers tho, I heard they be puttin stuff in yo drinks. more

Great night 7/25/2010

Had a great night in old city two weeks ago! Had been to Bleu Martini in the past but not in a while so we decided to stop in. The place was packed with smoking hot girls with curves, just the way I like so we decided to ball out and get a bottle and try to get some of those girls to party with us. It worked we went back to VIP and partyed like rock stars and my party of 4 dudes all either got number or were making out with a girl all nite. I never knew they had a downstairs VIP which was really nice as well. The bottles were priced well, starting at 150 which isnt bad, I payed 480 once for a bottle of kettle 1 in Vegas. The bottle server, Jill or Jess was great, very sexy and fun to hangout with. I met one of the managers, Audie, a tall guy with a high and tight who was mad cool. He was very helpful and brought us the girls into VIP that we ended up spending the night with. Overall Great night! Will be back soon! Pros: Polite staff Cons: none really more

Horrible!!!!! 5/9/2010

I made a reservation at Bleu Martini for my sister's bachelorette party this past Saturday. We rented a limo to take us (since we are an hour and a half away). We had a party of 16 people. The place was not what I thought it would be at all! They took us to our table and it was a tiny little room with couches and stupid little tables that were in the way. The place was so small, there was no room to dance or even move. You basically could only talk to the person that was sitting/standing next to you. The lady I made the reservation with said there was a dance floor but I sure didn't see one! The waitress came over and took our drink order, but it took her FOREVER to bring us the drinks!! People didn't want to wait any more (after already waiting 20 minutes) so they just kept going up to the bar to get their own drinks. Then my sister (the bachelorette) stumbled on the side walk outside and the bouncers would not even let her back in! We were planning on leaving anyway since we all hated the place. So after being there for 45 minutes or an hour, we left. It was a horrible experience and a waste of time. We had way more fun in the limo! The only recommendation I would make, is to find another place to go to in Philly! Cons: NO ROOM & BAD SERVICE! more

STAY AWAY!!!! 3/19/2010

This place is the absolute worst!!! Rudest and most arrogant bar staff, hostess, doorman, management, kitchen staff anywhere (except for the bathroom attendant Naomi who is a doll). They have no idea how to treat a paying customer. The food is horrible and somehow, even the waaaaaay overpriced drinks are just bad. Martini's went out about 8 years ago guys. Get with it! The decor is disgusting 80's flashback crap and everything in the place is dirty and sticky. Yuck!!! What's with the "Reserved" signs on every table when you walk in the door??? Especially during happy hour on a weeknight when the place is empty?!?!? Are you trying to impress us, or just trying to chase everyone away? Who do you have to be to get a table here? Scarface??? Do yourself a huge favor and stay far, far, far away from this place. Spread the word. Maybe if we all steer clear, they'll go out of business and we'll be rid of this garbage dump. Good riddance!!! We don't need your thug arrogance in Philly!!!!! Pros: absolutely nothing Cons: everything more

Great Place Always Crowded 2/22/2010

Ok. The female staff is exactly who I want to be serving me. I've been to this place many times and its best to buy yourself a bottle on the weekends. The girls just love to pile up back there while the rest of the place remains shoulder to shoulder crowded. Pros: Ladies, VIP Cons: CROWDED more

i like it 11/26/2009

I go there occasionally, it can get a little crowded but overall good atmosphere. Pros: music is awesome great dj Cons: go-go dancers couldnt dance at all more


I was so excited to be back in Philadelphia. My first weekend a friend and I decided to hit up 2nd street, our mistake was walking in Blue Martini. Both my friend and I were drugged after the whole big ordeal I was telling a friend who used to work there when she informed me that the place was known for it. So watch your drinks, better yet don't go there. more

A lot for a little 8/28/2009

This is a great place to start out a night of lounge hopping when you don't have any real plans. It's free to get in, always full of people, and the dj is loud and energetic if nothing else. Drinks are pretty pricey, probably to make up for not charging for entry, but this is definitely a good Old City pit stop. Pros: Great location and the price of entry is $0 Cons: The waitstaff is pretty rude. more


Last Saturday we entered Blue Martini at 10pm with a group of white girls celebrating a birthday bash. Me and 4 other black females left at 12pm for another birthday party promising to return in 10 minutes. The inside staff said ok. OUtside new bouncers said no. The sad thing is the AFrican at the door didn't let Black people in. The white bouncer was too scared to tell him that was wrong. He only lets African's and White people in after 12 claiming he met the quota. All my white friends were in rage so they came outside to see what happened. He went on to curse them out and said they can leave. Not only did this happen to us it happened to 10 other black people. One black guy got arrested for taking a camera phone picture of the staff. The bouncer took his phone and kicked it across the street. Completely ridiculous. I have pictures of this all on my handy dandy Digital camera. I'm reporting the Police who stood by to watch, and the Bouncer. BLACK / WHITE/ EVERYoNE do not go here. Just like the private pool case .BLUE MARTINI is going down. Pros: Nothing Cons: African Bouncers are CRAZY more

TERRIBLE deplorable service. 2/13/2009

went there with 5 of my girlfriends for dinner tonight, just got back, so horrible i had to immediately give a bad review. it was the WORST service i have ever experienced. i am not one to complain but we waited over an hour and a half for our food. took the waitress 10 minutes to even say hello to us. drinks took forever, getting the check took a half hour. we talked to the "manager" repeatedly to no avail, finally after the 4th or 5th time, free drinks, which we deserved. then they give us the bill, which they split into TWO bills for some reason, charging us 18% gratuity (which is added to ALL bills) TWICE. then i tried to ask the "manager"/hostess why it was split and that it was totaled wrong, and she argued with me. finally to appease me they added both bills onto one, charging me AGAIN, the 18% gratuity TWICE. i was livid. we paid and left, noticing that people who got there after us at 8:30 still hadnt gotten their food, and this was 11:15 pm... I will NEVER return there and encourage you not to go. OH YEAH, and they charged me 50$ to keep the reservation. thaaaanks more

GREAT MUSIC 12/2/2008

Went here couple of times. One time it was not even half full, barely anyone there. Great music though!!! Another time it was too packed, no room to dance nor sit. Still, great music but no room. Some girl got trashed, threw up everywhere and touched me with her gross hands :OOO. it was awful. Trendy but small place. They need to remove the tables after music starts so they can make it more dance-club-like. Pros: Good DJ, old school+new school+hip hop remixed Cons: severs in the bathroom creep me out, parking, line to go in is way long more

Not happy with this place. 10/28/2008

Drinks were good, but food was cold and under cooked. Drinks were great! Bathroom was filthy, bouncers were pushy, wait staff never gets around to the tables. Won't go there again. Pros: good drinks Cons: dirty place, jerky bouncers, bad food more


I went to Blue Martini with 3 friends on a Saturday night and was treated so disrespectfully I'll never go back. We were yelled at by three different bouncers for standing in line for the bar. The only place you could actually stand and not get yelled at was in the bathroom! We got thrown out before we could even get a drink for standing in the "walkway". Who the hell is managing this place??? Your bouncers are running a sh*t show. more

worst place 6/26/2008

Never go there the girl Jenna with blonde hair is the worst worker, she was rude and spilled a drink on me and did not even apologize. That place will go out of business having someone like that working there. Pros: Martinis Cons: Jenna more

Worst Club with Aweful Bouncers 4/20/2008

If you are Caucasion, do not go here. Several of us went here for a bachelor party and we were thrown out by the 2 big dumb African American bouncers. I do not dislike other races, by no means but the first big dumb bouncer told us we weren't allowed to stand in the walk way. So we listened to him and found some place else to stand. Evidently, we were standing in another walk way. We listened to the retards again and found some place else to stand. As we were making our way to another spot, the steroid taking African American bouncer pushed me into my friend and cussed at us and told us to move. I turned back to him and said that we are trying to move but there were other African's dancing in the so-called "walk way" but the bouncer alowed them. So he eventually pushed us to the front of the bar where we found a spot for about 2 minutes. Then the short and fat African bouncer told us we can't stand there. At this time, we were annoyed and simply asked him where can we stand. Maybe he didn't understand our politeness and maybe he only spoke ebonics? I don't know. But he cussed at us and told us to leave. We asked why and he just pushed us out the door. My friend tried to go back in and give the fat bouncer a peice of his mind but I convinced him to not waste his time. Those guys are bouncers because they can't make themselves into anhything better than that. They will continue to be fat and make $6.00 and hour because that's all they know how to do. I am glad I do not live in Philly. I would be embarrased to tell anyone I lived in Philly because it's so dirty. This is why everyone else in PA considers Philly as a "whole other state" more

Small and arrogant 12/15/2007

This place is so pompous and up-tight for a crappy little martini bar. We grabbed a table that suddenly became reserved after we sat, then were forced to go with the hostess to find another one and then were directed back to the original table we were at and told that we had one hour before the party was going to arrive. We had already bought drinks at the bar, but were planning on ordering more. The waitress asked us twice if we were ready and I told her that as soon as my two friends returned from the restroom, we'd order another round. She gave us a dirty look and then we were told by the hostess that the party was arriving and we would have to move, but we had only been sitting for 20 minutes. Gimme a break sweetheart, not everybody wants to buy an overpriced bottle of liquor just to sit at a table. That doesn't mean we won't buy a heck of lot more and leave a great tip. The place was way too small and way too loud. I was offended by the treatment and won't be back. more

the computer made me do it 6/28/2007

i made an early reservation on a friday evening and arrived at the restaurant slightly before the scheduled time. i was seated next to my friend at a table the size of a pizza and was told we had to sit right next to each other, since all the other tables with seating for two had been reserved. we explained that we too had made a reservation, so could we please sit at a table with two chairs? the hostess told us that "like, the computer made the seating arrangements, so there was really nothing i could do." side note: we were the only two people in the restaurant. our options were to share a plush bench wide enough for 1.5 people at an immovable table equipped to hold a saucer and maybe one drink or leave. does the computer run the whole restaurant? we did not stay to find out Pros: close to many other restaurants Cons: incapable, unaccomodating staff more

good atmosphere...wish it were bigger 6/24/2007

i've been here twice...the first time was with a bunch of friends..and we took over a corner of the bar and made it a dance floor...the second time was with a girlfriend for a drink and food before salsa dancing. both times i enjoyed myself...and the bleu martini and the flirtini...but i wish there was more space for dancing, because the music was good. but with no cover i will definately return for the drinks and the atmosphere. Pros: great drinks, trendy atmosphere Cons: too small no real dance floor more

Great drinks and great food! 6/12/2007

I went to Bleu Martini for one of their Wednesday charity happy hours with my friends and after each trying a different martini, we ended up ordering food. The food was really good and we had a great time. I highly recommend checking out Bleu Martini if you have not already been there. more

Fun times with Flirtinis! 5/6/2007

I absolutely loved Bleu Martini, and that's alot coming from someone as picky as me. My friends and I usually do the Rittenhouse scene on the weekends, but we decided to switch it up for a change, and headed down to Old City. Everyone at Bleu is nice as hell - from the bouncer to our waitress, they made sure we were well taken care of. It wasn't too crowded, but definitely a good amount of people. Loved, loved, loved the flirtini drink w/champagne. I loved the flat screen tv's allowing me to watch reruns of My Super Sweet Sixteen while listening to Beyonce in the background! The spring rolls were great. Did I mention I loved the flirtini? Pros: ambience, great staff, great variety of food Cons: parking more
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Owner Message

  • Located in the heart of Old City Philadelphia's bustling nightlife strip, Bleu Martini's neon blue lights make it hard to miss. Eclectic Asian, American, and Fusion cuisine combine with a vast variety of mouth-watering martinis for an unforgettable experience. Nightly music and in their large two-room space make Bleu Martini a place to party.

    Specializing in more than 30 different martinis, Bleu Martini was named one of the best martini bars in the city. Their VIP lounge and waitress-only table service gives you the comfort of sitting back and enjoying the lively atmosphere. They also offer a variety of options for private parties, happy hours, and corporate events.


  • In Short
    The former Foodtek restaurant has evolved into a trendy Old City nightspot with a trendy fusion menu and a sizeable collection of wall-mounted sculpture. Blue lighting bathes the bar and nearby booths in an arctic glow, while loud funk and disco provide the siren call for heat-seeking patrons. As to the menu, dishes range from lobster with foie gras and fig molasses to chili-charred filet mignon. Cocktails are de rigueur.

  • 3/2/2004 Provided by Citysearch

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  • Hours:

    Daily 4pm-2am
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    Cash, American Express, Visa, Master Card
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    Center City East, Center City