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802 Us Highway 80 E
Mesquite, TX 75149
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I recently applied for an apartment and was told that a judgement came up for an eviction. I told the complex this was not possible because I had never been evicted. I called my o...


Called Blakely Witt after speaking with one of their employees at an apartment complex. He said he could not help me because he did not handle the collection end of the bussiness ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/31/2013

I have too have experienced such negativity from this company. No calls, no letters, NOTHING. I applied for a car loan and was denied due to a judgment in the amount of $9534.00. Once I've researched where the company, I gave them a call and was told that it was from an apartment complex, Quail Ridge of Grand Praire, were I resided and left, to my understanding, good terms and a perfectly clean apartment. Again I have not been called, no attempts were made to collect, but how is it that this company can just put this on my credit and refuse to remove it. This is a bogus company, the address provided is bogus, several prestigous apartment complexes refused to work with this company and no longer do business with them. Phillip, Mike all of them are extremely rude and will not listen while you are speaking. I have hired an attorney to settle the debt and was told ""pay what you owe and no arrangements will be made"" and Mike hung up.....if thats his real name. After doing some intense research on this company, nothing positive have been said about them. Several apartment complexes and individual landlords have discontinue working with this company. This company is charging people bogus fees, knowing that they will not get paid and writes all of it off.....(look at you credit report, it has been written off) for tax purposes. They have not made over $500.000, which is nothing for a collection company to make. Now I have to spend valueable time to get this mess of of my credit report and I have to prove that the debt is not mine, which I have but again, they just want $$$$$$. Several complaints have been made against this company and the Better Business Bureau have attempted to contact Blakely-Witt & Asso to get information as to what type of business they have, and not to my surprise, they did not respond. They are not in compliance with the FCDPA. You are not alone with this fight. They have over 77 complaints with the Office of the Attorney General in Texas within the last 24 months. Just COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLIAN to the Attorney Generals Office, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. Lets work together to shut these ass$$$$s down more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/14/2012

BEYOND Unfair Debt Practices: I have been dealing with them for 3 years now. I paid a seetlement agreement that was made with both Mike & Paul Phillips and continued to report that to my credit report! \r \r I tried reaching out to them, wrote letters, reported them to the BBB & FTC and they still remain unresponsive. And the last time I called to speak to Paul that ugly-disrespectful-hateful-no heart man, told me that he would NOT report anything to my credit reports UNLESS I PAID THEM MORE MONEY!!!\r \r Finally after reviewing some of the comments here specially one in particular (jamesamendoza's post), I figured I had nothing to loose and reached out to the Apartments Corporate Office to request a debt clearance letter...\r \r After two days of waiting to obtain a response, the Corporate Office's Controller responded to my email and they informed that a letter would be sent out to me via-email stating that there was no such debt and for them to immidiately delete it from my credit report! \r \r It worked - thanks James Amendoza!!! My credit report is now back to what it should have been 3 years ago - in EXCELLENT standing!!! \r \r Well, no more money to be collected from this end Paul!!! more

Mike was very helpful and nice 11/16/2011

I recently applied for an apartment and was told that a judgement came up for an eviction. I told the complex this was not possible because I had never been evicted. I called my old apartment complex and they also showed that I had not recieved an eviction, but gave me the contact information for the company they use for collection efforts.\r \r Upon reading the reviews I was a little scared to call because although I knew that I had never had any evictions, if it was showing up on my credit report then I was not sure the Blakely-Witt office would be willing to hear me out and assist with getting this cleared up.\r \r I called and was promptly transferred to Mike. He was not available so I left him a voice message. He called me back less then 30 minutes later and asked how he could assist. I explained to him that I use to live at a certain apartment complex and was signed off the lease, at which time I moved out, but I believed my old room mate must have recieved an eviction and somehow I was getting associated with it. He listened and put me on hold while he retrieved the paperwork at which time he assured me that I was NOT on the eviction and apologized for the mistake. He also explained that some times the apartment complex may be looking at the address, and not the actual ""people"" that the judgement was against. \r \r Mike offered to fax me the paperwork so that I could provide it to my new apartment complex manager as further proof that I was not on the lease at the time that eviction was filed. He faxed it promptly and I have the paperwork I need to fight this with the courts.\r \r I am thankful that he was so helpful and had empathy for my situation. I have excellent credit and have never dealt with collections people before, but it was nice to see that the reviews I read were not correct with my experience. Thanks to Mike I should be approved for my new apartment as soon as this afternoon.\r \r I also want to add that the collections agency is not responsible for evictions filed. These are completed by the apartment complex to file. In my case they did not read all of the paperwork before filing the eviction and I will dispute this with their corporate office, not Blakely-Witt. more

Fire Mike 3/21/2011

Called Blakely Witt after speaking with one of their employees at an apartment complex. He said he could not help me because he did not handle the collection end of the bussiness he was on the sales end. He was very helpful and polite. He gave me his card and told me to call the office and speak to Mike at this point it all went down hill. He just did not want to do anything. He was very condecending and extremely rude. I have contacted the apartments to paid them direct. They informed me that they were in the process of not using this company anymore. more

Scum bag of the earth!!! 12/14/2010

This company doesn't deserve any stars. I called today and was treated with the utmost disrespect ever! I was making the initiative to PAY my debt off and this @$$hole named Paul Phillips gets an attitude with me and totally didn't want to help me out in any way. I was baffled at how ignorant he was and very unprofessional. I could see if I called with an attitude but I didn't. I was very nice and cordial, he just started out talking like the biggest @$$hole that ever walked the earth. He needs a major attitude adjustment. He's a miserable lonely bitch with no phone etiquette whats so ever. Oh, and he even hung up on me when I asked about setting up a payment plan. I guess he got too many accounts screwed up his ass to care about anyone else but himself. Anyway, This company SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Phillip has major attitude 7/15/2010

I have read all the reviews, and they are correct. I will not complain about the attitude as much, because mostly all bill collectors have attitudes, but the office is hard to find out of date and the front desk people are akward and not very nice. When I learned of the debt I had it was 5 years after I moved out of the apt and Phillip was very rude and made me cry. I would not recommend them to anyone unless it was the last choice on earth. more

Unfair Debt Practices 4/24/2010

This company is rated F by the Better Business Bureau, and rightly so. They have had 35 complaints in the past 36 months. These guys are slimy. They need to be dealt with. I have decided after reading everyones posts on the web about this company to take another route in resolving my problem. They posted a debt to my credit without letting me know by phone, or in writing. I found out by pulling my report. When I requested debt validation, I got no reponse. If this happened to any of you, you should have recourse. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act requires companies like these to validate and allow you to contest their claim within 30 days of written notice. There are a few blogs out there with advice on how to deal with this. Educate makes me sick to see companies like this get the upper hand. I have filed a compaint w/ several agencies, and thinking about doing more. We'll see how it pans out. I'll update in a few weeks. Cons: Company does not practice by law more

An A-Hole named Mike 1/24/2010

I called and the unfortunate pleasure of speaking to a space cadet by the name of Mike. He called me Jay Leno because I was literally laughing at him over the phone. The reason is because he was so angry and yelling over the phone that it was too funny for me not to laugh. In short, I will call him back when I get the debt removed because I obtained a debt clearance letter from the apartment property that I lived at from 2004 to 2008. In short; I won Mike, aka the A-Hole and now do everyone a favor and end your life.....LOL....LOL.... Pros: Mike being a certified Loser Cons: Thinks he knows the law and has an unhappy life more

Terrible Business 1/12/2010

Called Blakely-Witt to research a collection on my credit report that I was never notified of from some apartment complex I never lived in. Talked to someone named ""Paul Phillips"" and told him that I never lived in the complex. He told me that according to my file I ""leased the apartment and rented it out to someone."" which is not true because no apartments will let you sublease. He wouldn't tell me why it was saying I owed money. He told me that I needed to prove I didn't sign the lease and fax his my driver's license and social security card to start an investigation if I wanted to dispute it, which also isn't true. They are supposed to prove that I DID sign a lease, not the other way around. He kept cutting me off like he was ""busy"" and if you try to look him up, he isn't listed as a licenced lawyer. I will NOT be dealing or paying these people but will be disputing this and if I have to bringing these frauds to court. Cons: Rude, cuts you off when speaking, no help more

This is NOT an attorney's office 6/4/2009

This is not an attorney's office. These are not lawyers, but the sleaziest bunch of collection agents you will ever see. Don't bother trying to find out more about ""Kyle Reed"" or ""Paul Phillips"", because they don't exist. They are assumed names. \r If you have an ""account"" with this company, do not assume you are it's ""customer"". You are not considered a customer. You are considered a ""debtor"", and that means that in their eyes, you can be treated in whatever way they deem the best way to get your money.\r If you suspect the ""debt"" you owe is fraudulent, it is best to find out the name of the original company you did business with (which will be the apartment complex. You have a LEGAL RIGHT to that information), and deal with the apartment complex from that point on. If you legitimately owe the money, tell the apartment complex that you will pay THEM and them only. If the claim is fraudulent, and you don't rightfully owe the money, threaten the apartment complex with getting a lawyer involved (make sure you can back that threat up, though), and they most likely will pull your account from this company. They hate lawsuits and most of the time, won't risk one.\r This company counts on it's ""collectee""s to be stupid, poor, and desperate. This is why they make sure that you aren't told about your debt. That way, it only comes up when you are trying to move. That guarantees two things: you have at least some money, and you are desperate, as you can't move until you pay them off. Make sure you are informed, know and exercise your rights! Cons: Everything more

Bad agency 3/11/2009

I call this place because suddenly incorrect negative info was put on my credit report by them. They falsely used someone else negative info and added to my credit file. Now I have to spent valuable time and money to resolve this and get it clear. I call them on this matter and all I get is rude and unhelpful people who lied to you on the phone by saying things that you did not said. They cut you off every time you tried to speak. Is like talking with some kind of con-artist organization looking to commit identity theft. I will take legal action to get this agency to stop identity theft. I am also reporting this agency fraudulent activity to the Federal Trade Commission. more

OMG!!! 2/27/2009

OMG!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS EVERYTHING THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS SAYING HAS HAPPENED TO ME. I moved out of Prescott Place apartments thinking everything was fine almost 3 years later I received a letter from Blakely Witt and Assoc saying I owed 104 it was a big surprise because I havent heard anything from the apartment complex or the atty office or whatever it is until then. Im not sure why I owe this money I dont even know what its for but I need a place to stay and I cant get it until I pay off the 104. I dont know whats up with this company or even my previous apartment complex but I feel I should've been notified expecially since I dont know where this is coming from that I owe. more

They do not practice in compliance with the law 2/12/2009

Apparently I am not the only person in this case. It is when I received a credit line reduction from my credit card company that I discovered that this debt collector had posted an alleged unpaid debt on my credit report. I don't even know what this alleged debt is for because I paid the balance of my account when I moved out from my apt. I even gave them the address where I moved in, so they have my address and my phone number.\r What they did is a violation of the Federal law (FDCPA). They want to recover money by even not spending any time to send a letter or a phone call as it is required by law. I do not see the point, bad faith, incompetency??? If people owe money you first try to recover from them before posting their debts on their credit report. Apparently this is not how they proceed and it is illegal. I already sent a letter to the reporting agency to investigate and I was checking their address in order to send them a letter today when I saw all your comments. Because of the so outrageous violation of the Federal Law (and Texas Law) they may be liable for damages. And by the way I don't think this certain Kyle Reed you're talking about is an attorney because there is no such a person registered as a licensed attorney. Always check on the Texas Bar Association if a person pretends to be an attorney. If you have an issue with them you may want to talk to an attorney, there are some of them who do not charge for the first consultation. As far as I am concerned if they don't remove the alleged debt from my credit report and don't compensate me for the violation and the damage they caused I am willing to let an attorney handle this situation. Cons: I am wondering if they even know the law more

Kyle Reed is a Liar!!!! 11/26/2008

It makes me wonder if that's really his real name.... I think it's a collection agency not a ""attorney office""..... He was rude and abrupt and very unproffessional. I just learned of my debt today, one whole year later. He stated that I could not dispute my charges, and that I owed the debt. I cleaned my apartment so how could you charge me for cleaning crew... I think the apartment complexes have some responsibility in this as well... They take your deposit then hire some idiots to collect on the balance. Its just another way to collect more money from you and to have you stuck in a rutt so that you cant move and your at thier mercy. I will be so glad when our new president comes in a regulates these fools............... Pros: none..... Cons: Horrible customer service more

Most Ignorant Attorney at Blakely-Witt.. KYLE REED 8/19/2008

My ex told his mother that he paid the balance on the apartment we owe. Well, I just called the Blakely-Witt's office to verify it. Turns out, my ex didn?t pay on it. He tried to start it up on a payment plan, but never initiated it. So, as I?m talking to the associate, he starts getting really rude with me. I caught him in a lie, then confronted him about it. He told me that my ex never called, but then said that my ex defaulted on his promissory note. \r \r Then I asked him if my ex never called how would he have been given a promissory note. He got angry because I caught him in a lie, then corrected himself by saying, that my ex made an agreement to come in and set up a payment plan with the down payment of $687, but since my ex never came in that defaulted the promissory note. \r \r So I asked the attorney, how can my ex default on the promissory note if it was never signed, or sent out to him. He got soo pis. sed off, and told me to pay the full balance and hung up in my face. IF THIS IS AN ATTORNEY I?M TALKING TO.. HE'S A VERY ignorant Attorney. His name is KYLE REED. Pros: Its here in Dallas Cons: Rude, ignorant people, liars, scammers, i could go on and on more

NIGHTMARE!! 3/19/2008

Speaking with this firm was the worst experience in my life. From the time they answer they are rude. I can't tell you how many time I was Purposely hung up on by Mike who claims he does not have a boss and just walk in the door and got the job. The operator would not let me speak to anyone else but this ungodly man who not only disrespected me, but my mother as well we we tried to resolve the matter.They have NO desire to help you even if their information is WRONG!! Pros: NEVER! Cons: READ THE ABOVE! more

RUDE RUDE RUDE 2/26/2008

OMG how RUDE - My son had an alleged apartment debt that was in error. My son does not live with us and we told them that when the first HORRIBLE person called. They kept calling us anyway and his girlfriend and his cellphone. I happened to be with my son when they called the last time. He gave them permission to speak to me. I told them he disputed the amount and asked for their fax number. As I was asking for their address, the oh so RUDE man informed me that it would not stop the collection process and then abruptly hungup. CAN YOU IMAGINE - HOW PROFESSIONAL!!! These people are are only interested in one thing - MONEY. They do not have any interest in resolving the matter. I do not know why anyone would use them. \r \r For anyone out their being hounded by these people. Ask for a fax number - send them a written statement saying you dispute the amount and that they are not allowed to call you on the phone any longer. By law they will have to stop and only send you something in the mail until you can fix the problem with the orginal debter. NEVER send a collection agency any money!!!!! Deal with the original debtor only!!!! If you actually owe them money send it directly to them after you get a written letter that the debt is paid in full. Then you will not need the collection agency to get it off your record. GOOD LUCK YOU WILL NEED IT!! more

What a bad experience! 1/26/2008

This collection agency is a joke. I had an outstanding claim from an apartment deposit, and I was unaware of it. Instead of contacting me to collect, I found the claim on my credit report (first negative thing ever!). It was over a year old, and I had never heard from anyone. I got the apartment manager to correct it with Blakely Witt ( because it was an error) and it's still on my credit. They told me it would be taken care of, but it's not. I was turned down for a major purchase because of it. If they had notified me back in September of 2006, I could have rectified it then. Instead I'm still trying to get them to just notify someone that it is an error. THEY DON""T CARE! Pros: can't think of one! Cons: not helpful at all. more

The worst collection agency 12/19/2007

You can't even try to do good and pay your debt off. They are rude and my old apartment company doesn't even use them for that very reason. Especially Paul Phillips who will not even tell you what they need for you to do and calls you ""A JOKE"" when you try to pay. I have never dealt with people that won't take my money! \r \r If you want to recover your money do not use them! Cons: rude, belligerent, uncooperative and obviously not capable of collecting a debt. more
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