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Black Hole Body Piercing

2946 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 231-0712
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I went to Black Hole to get my navel and/or tragus pierced. Kyle at the front desk advised me not to do my tragus because it was too small and likely wouldn't support a piercing. ...


When I went to black hole the staff were friendly and seemed very knowledgeable, and the place seemed really clean. However, my industrial wasn't healing as well as it should have...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/10/2012

I just want to say that today I went and got 2 piercings and Andru was amazing Professional , and told me everything that he was doing and was very nice during the piercings.\r I would tell any of my friends and family to go see him. I was calm because he was amazing. Thanks to Andru for making my life better :] more

Very professional, but not good for kids 2/3/2011

My first time at Black Hole, I took my sister in law for a naval piercing and was extremely impressed with their professionalism. After that, I took another friend for a naval piercing before getting my own nose pierced and a tattoo. Every time they have been very professional & serious about their work. Very clean, explain the procedures, showing me the serial number of every needle, answering questions, and being *very*very*very* clear about the importance of proper aftercare. I had spoken to them about piercing my daughters ears and the piercer told me that they didn't pierce under 5 or 6 because because they want to know the child is mature enough to cooperate with appropriate aftercare, and because the piercing is more likely to stay centered as they grow. Still impressed with their knowledge and professionalism, I knew I would take her there when it was time. She is 6 now, and we made our ""big plans"" for this rite of passage. But, when we got there, we were told that they generally don't pierce kids under 12 (except one piercer who might if we come back tomorrow). This was a huge disappointment to her, so I asked whether she could see their selection of jewelery so that she could at least envision that. They recommended a small hoops to start, they didn't have a simple stud (which, after I thought about it , made sense since they don't really handle children). I was worried she'd catch the hoop on something and hurt herself, and I had made a promise that we'd do it that day. So, we called my husband, who looked on citisearch and sent us to Straight to the Point based on the great reviews. We had a fantastic experience there, and I've also put a review up on their site. I still think BH is good for adults who are looking for serious piercing professionals, but I also found that at STTP, plus accommodations for kids. I think that's important because I don't trust minimum wage teenagers in the mall with this job. more

Horrible service 2/10/2010

So I had just gotten my snake bites done somewhere else a week ago and I lost a ball one morning on my way to work. I work right by there so I went in there to get another ball. They told me I had to buy a whole new ring which is understandable because theirs would not fit mine. I got raped for $35. Was a little pissed but I needed it. I called them later to let them know the jewelry felt good in my mouth n now my crappy one didnt feel so good in my mouth. Asked if It would be ok to get one for the other side b/c I didnt want it to get infected. He said that it might swell up a lil but my other side didnt so I asked is that the only reason, cuz if it is I might get it anyway. Well he got a big attitude with me saying well I already f***** told you twice that I think it isnt a good idea but obviously your gonna do it anyway so why dont you just come in. I was like ya totally Ill come get raped for 35 more dollars since your so nice right. No thank you Pros: Quality jewelry Cons: Expensive & Horrible service more

Awesome and CLEAN place 5/28/2009

I went to Black Hole to get my navel and/or tragus pierced. Kyle at the front desk advised me not to do my tragus because it was too small and likely wouldn't support a piercing. So I went with navel, and my experience was great. They are very meticulous with their bookkeeping. The serial numbers for the piercing kit/jewelry used were recorded on my waiver, and I was given very detailed care instructions. Jayson, who pierced me, was very friendly and explained the process as he went through it. It hurt, but there were no issues or complications. So far, my piercing is healing perfectly. It was only sore for about a day. The room was very sterile. My friend got an industrial piercing the same day, and between the two of us, he changed gloves, cleaned the entire counter, and put new paper over the bench/bed thing. Not only the jewelry and needle but the entire piercing kit including the forceps was in sealed, sterilized bags. Another friend who went with us bought a barbell for her eyebrow (pierced somewhere else), and before selling it to her, Kyle measured her brow to make sure it would fit. It would have been really easy for him to just sell it to her to make a buck, but instead he put her satisfaction first. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Pros: Very clean, friendly, and detailed. Reasonably priced. more

No thank you 2/1/2009

I was ready to get my first piercing and had heard of Black Hole. The people are so rude! I wasted my money and had the worst expierence. The front counter person was rude and uncaring. The piercer, who I have heard was suppose to be caring and helpful worked so fast I didnt even get his name.\r I would not recommend this place. Pros: Clean Cons: The staff more

messed up industrial 10/29/2008

When I went to black hole the staff were friendly and seemed very knowledgeable, and the place seemed really clean. However, my industrial wasn't healing as well as it should have been a month later, and when I went to a different place they said my barbell was too short. Now that I have a different barbell it feels much better! So after paying $60+tip to get my industrial, I didn't appreciate having to pay another $20 for a new barbell. Thankfully the bar didn't do any permanent damage, but it caused me a lot of discomfort, and wasted my money. Pros: Nice staff Cons: Didn't pierce quite right, had to get new barbell more

Dont go to black hole 10/9/2008

i really wanted to get my nose a friend of mine reccomended black i decited to take a chance and get my nose pierced there..i do not reccomend black hole to no one wanting to get pierced...the customer service is friend that reccomended black hole to me went with me and she was showing her piercing to the woman working there and she rudely told my friend not to touch her piercing in the friend and i looked at eachother and were like WHAT!...anyways...i was told to go upstairs and thats where i was going to get my nose the guy who pierced my nose came in..he was actually pretty nice..and seemed to know what he was after my piercing was all finished...i paid and it was time to leave..anyways.months went by and it just didnt seem right in my always would fall out of place meaning the part in my nose would always slide out and stick out of my i decited that i wanted to get my ears i was reccomend straight to the point...and i was like ok lets try this before i got my ears done...the guy working looked at my percing and it was actually bend wrong in my looked more like a bent stable then a ya...i do not reccomend black hole to nobody...GO TO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT IN TROUTDALE...THEY ARE AWESOME... Cons: customer service..the piercing skills more

Best piercing EVER!!!! 8/28/2008

Black Hole is the best! I just got my ears pierced and I just love it! I had Nautia and she was amazing she really made me real great! Also The jewelry chooses are great!!!! If you are going to get you body pierced go to BLACK HOLE!!! Pros: service Cons: nothing! more

The only place i go. 8/18/2008

I've been going to black hole for several years now and have always loved them.\r brian and josh have pierced me more times then i can count and always remain professional and answer any questions i might have. they could handle some friendlier front desk staff at times...but generally speaking i haven't had a problem. this last saturday the girl that was working the desk was great! \r i recommend them always... Pros: great jewelry options and wise staff. Cons: sometimes not the greatest front desk staff/street parking more

some good, some real bad! 7/5/2008

I went in to get my cartilage pierced a few weeks ago. Brian was the piercer that day. He was such a total f@#k to me and my friends. He did the piercing so fast I didn't even have time to breathe, and then he told me it would be healed in three weeks. He was so rude that none of my other friends wanted to get pierced by him. If he thinks he's better than anyone just because he works there, or for whatever reason, think again. He was really stupid, and I will never go back or refer this place to any friends. Stay away from Black Hole, especially Brian. Pros: there are other shops in town Cons: rudeness, attitude, etc..... more

Go to a piercer that CARES! 6/24/2008

I went to Black Hole because I'd heard they'd been around the longest and I was getting a simple nose piercing for the 2nd time. I wouldn't say the woman at the front counter was particularly friendly but that isn't what my review's about. The piercing itself was virtually painless although I questioned the placement a few days later and got attitude. Weeks later I developed the ""bump"" which can be fairly common from what I've discovered. However, after a month it was getting bigger so I called them about treatments. Over the phone I was told to add a capful of peroxide to my salt solution for 1 week and then 2 the following week if no improvement. Not only did it not improve, it got BIGGER and turned WHITE! So I went in and the same woman who works up front from a distance of 4' asked how long I'd had it and told me to get another peroxide product to use at night. I didn't buy it because it didn't resonate with me. My piercer was standing next to her and took over the phone call she had instead of looking to see what was going on. Fortunately I finally went to an AWESOME piercer who actually sat me down in a chair with a bright light to see what was going on. She went over what my treatments had been and various other questions. Turns out, my piercer bent the stem too short and the inside of my nose was compressed and freaking out from being in defense mode. She gave me additional treatments and even said she'd research an herbal alternative to hydrocortizone if we needed to go that route after 2 weeks of salt and chamomile treatments. AND she didn't charge me!!! She actually fixed the stem, explained what was happening, best and worse case scenarios, etc. I will be adding a review on her site as well. I'm happy to say after 1 week my nose is completely healed!! Pros: Wide selection of jewelry Cons: Procedure incorrectly done and no attention to aftercare more

Best piercing shop for any age 4/10/2008

I brought my little girl in to get her ears pierced and the staff was amazing! The girl at the counter was so friendly and explained everything including my little girl's inquires about the gem in her face. Even though they were really busy she was able to make us feel incredibly comfortable. The piercer was so fun and thorough and I would definitely recommend Blackhole to anyone!\r \r more

Didn't make it past the snotty 20 year old at the front desk... 3/25/2008

I had heard great things about Black Hole, so stopped by to ask what I thought were a couple simple questions about existing piercings before deciding on a shop. The piercer was in back talking to a client, and unfortunately I didn't even make it past the snotty front desk girl. She responded to all of my questions as if I was stupid, and left to answer the phone in the middle of my sentence without so much as an ""excuse me"". I was the only one in the shop, so I'm assuming it wasn't because she was busy! I walked out the first chance I got and would never go back. Customer service was horrible, although i've heard the piercers are good. Still, I work way too hard for my money to give it to someone who treats me like that. Pros: good reputation? Cons: pretentious front desk staff more

totally amazing 1/17/2008

i had a really cool guy that pierced my tongue for me i was totally nervous and he calmed me down and did it quick and easy!! i've never been so satisfied with a piercing before i'm planning on taking and recommending all my friends there Pros: really nice people answered all my questions i had to ask Cons: a little pricey but that's what's needed when you get good quality more

First-time piercee totally impressed 11/12/2007

I've never had anything pierced except my ears when I was 9, so I was a little nervous about the process. I went in the day before to ask some questions and the ladies were friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions thouroughly and made me feel totally at ease. I came back a few days later and David pierced my tragus. He was completely professional and clean and he talked me through the whole thing. The best part was IT DID NOT HURT AT ALL!!! He told me when to breathe, and the next thing I knew, it was done. Quick AND painless- you can't ask for much better than that! Pros: Friendly staff, clean facility, welcoming atmosphere Cons: Street parking, but no biggie more

josh is amazing 9/18/2007

best piercing experience ever! josh pierced my nipples a few days ago and i couldn't have been more pleased with the results. they have a very clean shop and are incredibly mellow and helpful. made my girlfriend and i feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. i would highly recommend black hole to anyone and will definitely be back. Pros: atmosphere, attitude, skill more

Best Piercing 2/23/2007

My wife had a piercing done here. Really nice job. Staff was great, made you feel like a close friend. Walked us though the ""Hole"" thing. Very clean. Great Place! Pros: Friendly Cons: Parking more

Fantastic 1/13/2007

I just got my cartilage pierced, and it was a really great experience. The piercer, David, helped to calm my nerves, and he did a really good job. The place was clean and tidy, but also comfortable. There was a lot of jewelry to choose from, and everyone working there was willing to help, including explaining necessary cleaning techniques. I highly recommend Black Hole. Pros: Parking more

Friendliest piercing place ever 9/25/2006

I went in to get my lip re-pierced and I couldn't have been more pleased. The front desk guy was super friendly and helpful. David, the piercer, was WONDERFUL. He managed to just stretch the piercing, saving me $25. He also helped me out with an infected piercing without me asking and offered helpful advice. These people obviously care about the customers, not just making money. I will go here for any other piercing needs. I cannot recommend them enough - and I've been to my share of piercing parlors. Pros: Friendly, full of knowledge, considerate Cons: Seriously none. more

best service 9/3/2006

i came in to get a nipple piercing restretched, i had one piece of jewelry that often fell out. i thought that it was the fault of the jewelry. the piercer looked at it, and instead of trying to sell me something new, said that it was fine, and i just needed to make sure it was tightened properly. \r \r he then restretched it for me. he had great bedside manner and i felt it much less than the other time i had to have them restretched. he made sure to show me how to make sure they were secure. they havent come loose since. and on top of it all he didn't even charge for the stretch. best experience i have had at a piercing parlor. more
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  • Since 1996, shop exclusively offers body piercing services; all staff are highly trained and state licensed and use autoclave-sterilized equipment.

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