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Bingle Vet

2025 Bingle Rd
Houston, TX 77055
(713) 468-1676
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Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX
Bingle Vet - Houston, TX


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Thank you to the wonderful Team at Bingle Vet. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the pets at Bingle Vet! Thank you for taking the time to realize that Mimosa sh...


My wife and I have taken all 3 of our pets to this clinic, and have actually seen all 3 Doctors and think the Doctors are great. However, there is one receptionist by the name of ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/5/2015

NOT trustworthy for boarding a loving pet. I pIcked up my dog after 5 day boarding. My dog's bed was given back to me soaking with old unrine. I asked them to bathe her the day before I pick her up, made no difference, she was wet and stunk like urine. I have no way of telling how long she had to sleep in her own urine. I was told by manager that my dog had probably peed overnight since I picked her up in the morning; which is not the case, the urine smelled old. I cannot believe that my potty trained dog would have pee accidents so much unless she wasn't properly taken out to pee; And even with the play sessions I requested? Who knows what my dog went through all those days. Manager could not provide detailed information of if and when my dog's play sessions happened. They have offered me a complementary bath now. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/20/2015

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT BINGLE VET. I have worked for bingle vet and this is just a scam for pet owners. If you decide to board with them, they will only feed your dog twice a day unless you specifically request more. When a costumer want to know where their dog will be staying at they will walk you back and show you only the right side where the nice suites are. They even told me to just show them only that room. If you didn't pay for a suite your pet will be staying in the left hallway where it stinks and its not so nice. They don't show you around in there, remember. DON'T pay for play time because it doesn't exist. We would take the dogs out like 3 times a day, never did I see a animal care specialist playing. They are just waiting for your dog to poop so they can take it back inside and bring out more dogs. They have about 6 enclose spaces so dogs can use it. If you take your dog a fluffy pillow they will take it away and put it in the shelf because if the dog poops on it, they can't stick it in the washer. They just give your dog a flat sheet and make it look like they did use it. The employees are not drug tested. This one employee said she got that job just because they didn't drug test her. One girl who had been working the longest was secretly pregnant and homeless. Oh and if you request your dog to stay in the treatment area and it barks a lot the doctor would call you in to take it away. They also would turn off the lights if dogs where barking to much. If your dog requires insulin the animal care specialist who have no training can give it to them. They post all these wonderful pictures on Facebook, but it's just the highlight of the day. Most of the vet techs went to pima medical institute and don't have degree but most of them have certificates, which takes about a year to complete. I am getting my associates degree in veterinary technology in a actual college. I would not recommended to take your animals to board there at all. They get very sad and these people will care in your face but not once you leave that door. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2012

I recently took my 1.5 yr old Husky, Shadow, to Bingle Vet for a exam, shots and boarding on the recommendation of a friend. I was thoroughly pleased. We were greeted by a freindly receptionist Francis. Francis had told me what was included in the visit but Brady explained in more in detail what the exam included when we were brought back to the room and she was very nice. Originally I had opted not to do bloodwork because Shadow had been on Heartguard since we have had him but after speaking with Brady I decided to do it. I am glad I did. When Dr. Tesh came in I was impressed. He sat down on the floor with Shadow to examine him and was very thorough. I could see his love for his work. He answered all my (and my son's) questions and did not make me feel rushed at all. He even called me the following day when Shadow was at their facility to give me the results of the bloodwork, but I missed the call. Shadow stayed in their care over the weekend. When I went to pick him up I was once again greeted by Francis. They were extemely busy however she immediately acknowledged me and let me know she would be with me shortly. Since I had missed Dr Tesh's call Francis and Brady talked to me about the results. Shadow is heartworm positive. Francis explained the medicine to me and Brady answered some of my questions. When we checked out Francis was so helpful. She explained all the charges and was very polite. When they brought Shadow me he was clean and happy. I have found our Dr for Shadow and his home away from home. Y'all really touch my heart. Thank you so much Bingle Vet more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2012

Unfortunately some people don't understand the whole picture and therefore, in an effort to make themselves feel better, they decide to post comments based on what they want to believe. I can assure you that boarders are well cared for at Bingle Vet. Many dogs have thunderstorm anxiety, including my dog. Administering a sedative to calm a dog during thunderstorms is not a safe protocol. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2012

I cannot believe that they left a dog outside in the horrible weather we have had for the last 7 days PERIOD. I will not use them anymore. My pets are equal to my children. You should dispute any and all payment and write to the board of Veterinary Medicine. At the very minimum he should have sought the answers for you. That is negligence in the purest form. They breached their duty to you and to your pets. I'm a lawyer - I know! I take issue with that and am going to call them myself! \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2012

Bingle Vet just lost a customer of 2 years yesterday, July 16th. My 2yr old dog, Jake has been in their care since last Thursday for boarding. The staff knew that he suffered from anxiety due to the thunderstorms like most animals. I get a phone call, just prior to picking him up, from Dr. Tesh letting me know they had to extract one of his teeth because he bit a metal pole during the thunderstorm. He claimed that their phones were down so that is why they did not call me beforehand for approval. I am sure they have cell phones and they do have my contact information on paper. So that is one HUGE mistake. I asked Dr. Tesh why Jake acted so unusal on this day versus the other days because it had rained and thunderstormed prior as well. He said he does not know. I asked why he was never given a sedative, again he says ""I dont know"". I had told these people when I dropped him off on the 12th that he is scared of rain and thunder, they could even see it in him since it was raining that morning. I get to the office around 6pm to pick up Jake. I read the invoice and attached on the second page is Dr. Tesh's notes about the incident. They had him OUTSIDE while it was thundering and he chewed the chain link fence. I asked to speak Dr. Tesh immediately and Francis, who is the worst and rudest receptionist I have ever dealt with, calls Dr. Tesh on his phone. I spoke with and asked immediately why they had him OUTSIDE during thurnder knowing he was afraid. This was his answer and this is word for word. ""I dont know I was not there."". I replied that I was not going to argue with him and that they lost a customer. When Jake came out from the back he looked distraught, tired, and skinnier. I am disgusted with the lack of compassion, respect and understanding. Everyone there always answers ""I dont know"". I will never ever bring Jake there again. I will be filing a complaint to every vet board that Bingle Vet is a member of. This incident could have been prevented and SHOULD have, plus they made me pay for the medical expenses. HORRIBLE!!!!!\r \r more

Thank you to the wonderful Team at 6/6/2012

Thank you to the wonderful Team at Bingle Vet. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the pets at Bingle Vet! Thank you for taking the time to realize that Mimosa she was not herself while boarding there and taking the time to call me. After completing bloodwork, it was determined that Mimosa has a Thyroid problem. So happy that when I returned, she was her happy self again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! What would I do without y'all!!!! more

Horrible experience. Unsanitary. 4/23/2012

I came here to get my new puppy a check up. They gave him his first shots and a deworming and gave him a clean bill of health. 2 days later, he had worms in his stool so I brought him back and they gave me some different worm medication. The next day, he started to throw up and have diarrhea, so I brought him back again and they said it was probably just the medication. Another two days later, his sickness got worse and we took him back a third time and they tested him for parvo, which came back positive. I asked whether he could have gotten it from their facilities because he hasn't gone out anywhere other than the vet office, and they said most likely. I was in shock, but they didn't seem to care. I paid $300 for some medication and other supportive care supplies. 4 hours later, my puppy died. Every time I brought my puppy here, he got worse. A bit counterproductive for a place that's suppose to get your dog healthy. I won't be using this place in the future. more

Very disappointed... 4/19/2012

My last two visits ended horri ly. Wont be back. more

Great Service. Great Staff (Doctors Nurses & Receptionist) 1/29/2012

I do not get the negative comments about one receptionist, Francis, at the Bingle Vetinary clinic. She was the first person that initially took care of me on my first visit, and the same person at my second visit. She was courteous and friendly to me, and very gentile with my dog Isabella. The doctors and nurses did a great job and I couldn?t be more satisfied with the care Isabella received. more

Amazing Personal Care 10/14/2011

I was SO excited to find such sweet people to take care or my pet Hedgehog. They are guinuely concerned and strive to make her little life a long and happy one. Personal phone calls to check up on her, emails to update, understanding of time and distance constraints, above and beyond care for my pet. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic group! I appreciate it! more

Awful Receptionist 10/10/2011

My wife and I have taken all 3 of our pets to this clinic, and have actually seen all 3 Doctors and think the Doctors are great. However, there is one receptionist by the name of Francis who is very short and rude with not only us, but others that are in the office at the same time. It has happened on more than occasion and we are starting to think it may be time to look for a new vet. Usually I would not write a review, but it even seems that when calling the office she is very rude to either my wife or myself. All of the other receptionists are great! more

Clean up the front 9/27/2011

It's a shame that Dr. Bob has such horrible receptionists up front in the afternoon. I have been using Dr. Bob for years and am considering looking for a new vet because of the rude and inconsiderate girls up front. There is one receptionist that I can sometimes catch in the mornings who is very friendly and helpful, but as for the other two they are running people off. more

Unwelcome Feeling 9/14/2011

I have been taking all of my pets to this clinic for years, last month when I dropped one of my dogs off for surgery the people in the morning were wonderful and very friendly, but when I picked her up in the afternoon it was a different situation. The two girls at the front desk were very rude not only to me but to eachother, it made me feel unwelcome. more

Great Vet, Horrible Receptionist 8/20/2011

We have brought our dogs to Bingle Vet for the past few months and have loved it. HOWEVER we have been very displeased with one receptionist named Francis. She seems to be frustrated often and has snapped at us a few times. I love Maria (another receptionist) but dread walking in or calling when Francis is there. The vets there and the facility are topnotch, but try to avoid that one receptionist or you might be tempted to search for a vet elsewhere. more


We have been going to Bingle Vet and over the last 7 months we have lost three of our beloved pets but they have been the absolute best and we would never go anywhere else! Thank you so much for everything you do. more

Bingle Vet is THE best Vet 6/17/2011

We've taken all of our animals to Bingle Vet for the past 10 years or so. Our cat and dog love Dr. Vaughan - he can do things to them that they would bite ME for doing. He's great with them, and Dr Tesch was awesome when we had to put down one of our dogs. Dr. vaughan has done ACL surgery on one of our dogs about 9 years ago and today we're taking her in for her 15 yr. check up. We haven't had the opportunity to board there yet, but with the beautiful facilities and pet loving people, I'm pretty sure they're not going to want to come home. more

Excellent Receptionist 4/20/2011

I took my dog in on 4/8/2011 for the first time and everything was perfect. I must say the best part of my experience was the receptionist that helped me when I was there. She was excellent, and very friendly, answered every question I asked. I will continue to use this vet from now on. more

Best Vet Clinic #1 4/4/2011

I do believe that this is a "World Class Vet Clinic". The staff and doctors treat us like family. They take time to explain any questions I might have. The hours offered are flexible and Saturdays are available. I am soooo happy with my experience at Bingle Vet that I travel from Baton Rouge, LA for my dog's treatment. more

Bingle Vet Rocks! 4/1/2011

You can be sure your pets are in good hands at Bingle Vet. Took my Boxer in for allergies recently. It's not in my neighborhood , but I went on a friend referral and I'm so glad I did -I've been several other places and they just keep giving me meds and special food which alleviates the symptoms but never really gets to the source of the problem. Dr. Vaughn worked with me to find the true allergen; which turned out to be wheat! and now our problems are over. Their facility is great and the whole staff has bent over backwards for us. I never take the time to do write-ups, but they are a great find! more
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