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Bill's Pet Shop - 21 Reviews - 491 Us Highway 70 W, Havelock, NC - Pet Store Reviews - Phone (252) 772-9824

Bill's Pet Shop

491 Us Highway 70 W
Havelock, NC 28532
(252) 772-9824
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I have been going to Bills since I moved here 10 yrs ago and I was sad when the one here in Morehead City closed so now I will go to the one in Havelock. For the person who subcon...


I bought two neon tetras less than 3 days ago. I described everything I had in my aquarium right down to how big the filter was. I also purchased a stripped fish. I watch my fish ...

Will Not Support This Store 11/22/2013

Overall: Ran by passive teenage/young adult girls who don't seem to care too much about the animals and ignore customers as they come through the door, pass through an aisle, etc. Now, I'm not the shopper who appreciates a hovering employee to cater to my every need. However, acknowledgement is common courtesy in retail. The shop isn't filthy, but it could be kept cleaner. In comparison to Petsmart/Petco, this place is a mess.\r Now, my main complaint: Lack of Rabbit Care. \r I've NEVER seen hay in the rabbit habitats; hay is a part of their diet that should always be in supply. On top of that, they sell sick rabbits.\r They had a rabbit with a severe eye infection. Where his eye should have been resembled a yellowed cotton ball. I bought him so I could save the poor guy and take him to the vet, because the store clearly had no intention of doing so. I was told he "got in a fight with a guinea pig" and an employee had him at her house for a couple weeks to recover. I understand that figh more

Good store, some minor concerns though. 9/2/2013

I have gone to this store a few times since moving here, over all the store was very clean and the animals where all healthy. The only thing that concerned me is that some of the small animals would bite me if I tried handling them while if I went to another pet store I was never bitten. They are also very pricey and I would prefer petsmart because they have animals just as healthy but for a lower price. I do believe that some of the employees are not very knowledgeable in some fields as well. Overall it is a good store though and very clean. more

Bill's Pet Shop is AMAZING!!! 6/25/2012

I moved to the area in december and since I have gone to Bill's Pet Shop for ALMOST everything I need for my pets. They have a great selection of products ranging from fish to birds. I recently bought a Ball Python from them and Skully was very healthy and never had any problems (aside from not knowing how to shed all his skin.....but thats the snake's problem not the pet stores). The employees at Bill's are very knowledgeable and have NEVER steered me wrong when it comes to my animals. Not only are the employees great but they have an AMAZING deal on dog food. Me and my boyfriend have two Great Dane pups and they have to eat expensive food. We feed them Blue Buffalo large breed puppy food and Bill's is the only pet store that after you buy 10 bags the 11th is free. That's an awesome deal!!!!! I'm not going to reply to all the negative things that are on here about this store bc I have not seen them or experienced them. Therefore, I will STILL keep frequenting this pet store and ther more

do not recommend!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/29/2011

I would NOT recommend buying ANY ANIMAL from Bill's Pet Shop. I know from personal experience that many animals come in sick, especially puppies and kittens, and unless it's a cough that can be treated with cheap coughtabs or generic amoxicillin, the manager doesn't care about it. On two occasions in particular, a former employee shared the following information with me: first,a puppy came in and, refusing to eat, was left alone and subsequently died, without any veterinary care whatsoever, despite pleas from employees to get it seen. Second, a kitten came through that was so sick it didn't last through the night, and a (now former) employee took it to the vet, paying out of her own pocket because management refused to shell out the funds to get it proper care. \r \r Furthermore, the birds constantly lose their feathers and look ashy and unkempt, the reptiles frequently get sick and occasionally die because of improper heating and maintenance, and small animals are constantly filthy and more

My Review of Bill's and These Comments 1/1/2011

I have been going to Bills since I moved here 10 yrs ago and I was sad when the one here in Morehead City closed so now I will go to the one in Havelock. For the person who subcontracted for Time Warner, just because a puppy is born in a less then satifactory house doesnt mean its from a puppy mill. But what I have to say is what would you rather happen if they were? They stay there or in the store (which some claim doesnt do anything for their sick animals is crap) untreated or go to a loving home and get proper vet treatment for the rest of their lives?\r As for the whole dying puppy thing in the back room, I refuse to believe that every person who works there is so cold hearted that they dont do anything about it. I mean if worst comes to worst they could take it to the humane society and they would care for it. And my question is, if you knew this was going on, what the hell where you doing?\r AGAIN. IF YOU KNEW THIS WAS GOING ON, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING? If you knew this was go more

ughhhhhhh!!!! 11/16/2010

im so mad!! i just bought a pup from there. and i find out that they gave him a treatment 2 weeks to early. my vet called and they're excuse was its the breeders fault who works at a vets office and gave it to him how did she not know he was way too young? then i find out hes only 7 weeks instead of 8. was taken way too soon from his mom. and has parasites that you only get from being exposed to large amounts of feces. he got most of his shots too young and all these heart worm and flea treatments way too early too and is way under weight. my poor puppy is now shivering on our couch with a fever and has to be taken out every 5 minutes because of his diarrhea. i feel so bad for him. i should of just went and got one from a local breeder instead of a pet shop who probably gets them from puppy mills. i should of known better. im sooo disappointed i was going to go back and get his crate mate but forget it! i am already too stressed and heart broken about this pup, i couldnt handle if the more

Awesome Pet Shop! 10/9/2010

I baught a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier from them almost two years ago. Max is the sweetest dog ever! he's never had any health issues at all. when we got him we talked to the lady that breed him, in the store. I know for a fact that they buy puppies from breeders. They were so nice to even throw in a Crate, Sweater a 16lb bag of puppy food and toys for him! they are great and I would buy a puppy from them again. more

Don't believe the lies 5/30/2010

I have been a loyal customer for a few years now, first at the store in Morehead City and when that closed down, I started to frequent the one in Havelock even though I live in Morehead City. Now, I have read all the reviews below and I would like to comment on the negative ones, considering I DO know the owners and employees VERY well, but understand just because I know them, doesn't mean I am going out and having drinks with them either, so my review WILL be unbiased.\r I would like comment on the "puppy mills" and salt water fish and supplies.\r First, I have read some of the comments below claiming they get their dogs from "puppy mills". This is NOT true. I know this for a FACT. They do buy some of their puppies from large chains that do sell dogs at a discounted price and then turn around and sell them for twice the price, but that is just how you turn a profit. The chain store they do buy them from do provide papers for these animals. They also do in fact buy from local breeders an more

Think about what you're reviewing. 1/28/2010

To the TWC Contracter... Would you rather those puppies stay in those conditions??? Or Do you want them to go to Bill's pet shop and have the employees find a good home for them. As for the fish tank stands. They do only have one type of stand for the most part. If you don't like it look somewhere else for a stand. But honestly don't b**** about it. The employees are very helpful and yes, sometimes they do not know the answers to certain questions, but they are not afraid to admit it and let you know they are not 100% sure about their answers. I would rather be told the truth then some bull sh** answer coming out of nowhere. The owner did drive a jag before. But some people need to get their facts straight because she does not drive a jag anymore. The puppies don't come from puppy mills, and if you ask an employee to see the breeder info they will say no and that is for a good reason... How do they know you're not going to go straight to the breeder? Yes it would be cheaper i more

Honestly 4/15/2009

I know everyone there very well! Bills is a great place all the employees are nice and always there to help you in any way. I worked there for almost 2 years i loved it and i miss it. The things that are bad being said about Bills is misleading. Yes prices can be high on certain things, Animals DO NOT come from mills, Store is always clean because Bills wants to serve you the best Quality, All the employees try there best to answers questions if they dont know actually they will ask one of the other workers that does, I wouldnt say anything bad about Bills even though i was fired from there i still wouldnt talk bad about the place. I would recommend Bills b/c the employees are there to help,friendly, and a question is never left unanswered. \r \r Thanks Autumn more

Neon Tetras 1/19/2009

I bought two neon tetras less than 3 days ago. I described everything I had in my aquarium right down to how big the filter was. I also purchased a stripped fish. I watch my fish frequently, since two nights ago one of the neons got stuck to the bottom of the filter and died. This morning I woke up, both remaining fish were fine. The stripped fish is now the only survivor. MY neon was also the victim of the filter. Apparently they weren't strong enough swimmers.I've never had a fish other than a betta. I did research on feeding and set up but since I had talked to the people at Bill's I felt comfortable that the filter/fish ratio would be fine. Guess I was wrong. I won't slander their prices, their setup or anything like that, i will merely state that i won't shop for fish there again. When you put your trust in the knowledge of someone who is supposed to know what they are talking about, it's disparaging to have an outcome like this.The only way I can see this situation being redeemed more

Quality service! 12/29/2008

I had gotten a 6 week old puppy and didn't want to drive all the way out to MHC to petsmart to get supplies with a brand new puppy so I decided to check out bills despite the reviews because it was MUCH closer to home. I did not regret my decision.. Yes their prices might be a little bit higher but that would have been my gas going to MHC .. plus.. the service is much more personable here because it's a smaller shop. I had my dad with me but even still one of the workers walked around with us and helped pick out all the puppy essentials that I needed and didn't push me to spend more than I could handle spending. She even helped carry stuff out to my car!!! The next time I went in .. I like the feel of a smaller petstore.. I use to work at one! This one is clean and the puppies all look healthy. And that is DEFINATELY not easy to do when you have puppys who go potty all the time and birds, hamsters, fish, reptiles and all that. They have a wide variety of birds.. I was quite impressed more

Bill Uses Mills!! 12/25/2008

I used to be a subcontractor for Time Warner Cable and one time I went to a lady's house who was breeding puppies out of her home. These poor innocent puppies were being born and raised in the worst of conditions, I mean feces and urine everywhere, cigarette butts, beer bottles, and other unmentionable items. She admitted to selling most of her dogs to Bill's Pet Shop. Since that moment I've never set foot inside another one of their shops. more

Doom for bills 12/6/2008

For the past 8 years I have a loyal customer of Bills, but recently a new pet store Petsence opened and I found there prices and knoledge superior to that of Bills. I will now be going to the clean low priced PetSence store. more

mills 8/2/2008

if bill's pet pet shop really gets their animals from mill than that is good and bad and i say that if the owner can afford a jag but she can not afford to take her animals to the vet some one NEEDS TO PUT HER OUT OF BUSINESS but other than that bills pet shop is a great place more

RE: Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover 4/5/2008

Your review was very slanderous. I know that people that own Bill's personally, and I can say that what you claim is a bunch of lies. It sounds like claims from a disgruntled employee out to get even with the employer. I would like to say that the people at Bill's are very knowledgeable and friendly and go out of their way to help you. The store is very clean and the prices are resonable. The sales are great! They are very generous in giving to different groups (coupons for free fish for giveaways to kids) and deserve our business. I highly recommend them. more

Poor Customer Service 2/19/2008

I have been a frequent customer in the past. I have always been satisfied when visiting. On my last visit my 7 year old came up to me and told me she was not feeling well and that she had diarrhea coming. They would not allow her to use the restroom at all. I had over $25 dollars worth of merchandise in my arms and was looking at purchasing fish. By the time I got out of the store she was puking in the parking lot and ended up messing her pants. Embarrassing for both of us! Seriously how hard would it have been to allow a child to use a bathroom in an obvious emergency. I have spent over $800 since we have been stationed here at Cherry Point less than 8 months. I would consider myself a loyal customer. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM ANY BILL'S PET SHOP. I CANNOT WAIT FOR PETSMART TO OPEN! more

Expanded 11/15/2005

This place has always been so nice but recently they expanded their store its almost twice as big. They have all kinds of birds and fish and reptiles. They have dogs and vats and other animals too but the prices on them are soooo high. more

Very knowledgeable 11/13/2005

I've always had a good experience when going to this pet shop. Employees have always been able to answer my questions and help me find what I am looking for. They have a variety of products for all types of animals. Prices seem to be high compared to regular department stores, though. They have a large selection of fresh and saltwater fish for sale and a small area for cats and dogs for sale, also. more

Bill's Kicks Tail! 6/29/2005

I absolutely love this store. I bought 2 gerbils, dozens of fish, and a skink from Bill's, and I have never had a problem with the pets, or with getting the right supplies. Any questions I have had were answered in a clear, friendly manner. They keep the store surprisingly clean for a pet store. I recommend Bill's Pet Shop n Havelock because not only are they clean and friendly, I've never bought a fish that died 20 minutes later. more
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  • BilBill's Pet Shop is your locally owned one stop shop pet in Havelock, NC. We not only have a wide variety of pet supplies, we also provide services for you to find that furry friend you have been looking for. We carry all the way from organic food to pet clothing. We even help you find that family friend you may have lost.

    Our supplies and services are offered to the following:

  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Small exotic animals
  • Reptiles

    Since we are locally owned, we care about each pet and their family. We have expanded our business three times in the past 30 years and keep growing in order to help everyone in our community.

    Call Bill's Pet Shop today for all your pet's needs!