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Bikram's Yoga College Of India - 14 Reviews - 11550 Webb Bridge Way Ste 2, Alpharetta, GA - Yoga Reviews - Phone (770) 777-1616

Bikram's Yoga College Of India


11550 Webb Bridge Way Ste 2
Alpharetta, GA 30005

(770) 777-1616
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The best word to describe my experience at Bikram Yoga is revitalizing. At 55, I was looking for something to make me feel good about myself inside and out and Bikram Yoga is a p...


Wish I could give 0 stars!!! I have taken over 500 classes mostly in northern CA some at the Bikram facility in LA, this was my first time back after a 4 year absence, a major inj...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/27/2012

Jenny the owner and sole teacher of alpharetta bikram yoga is certifiably a sadistic, misguided woman who believes power can only be achieved through harsh intimidating methods. One day in class she stated she did not understand the meaning of nice . This is so indicative of her approach to people, business and life. Raised in Russia she is severely affected by her adverse upbringing. She talks through class about other people (gossips), her health, her her her whatever...If you interject a comment she shushes you. No one can speak except her. And her dialogue other than the bikram yoga script is less than uplifitng. No sanskrit or rumi here. It is abrasive, harsh, tones and language spewed onto people trying to get some peace of mind. You cannot even say Namaste or sit in lotus position or she will berate you. I would find a place which felt good for me to lay my mat and every time she would make me move. Just to show who was boss. That is why I left, because I did not want to move my mat to where she wanted me to and so she yelled at me after class. I burst into tears after holding on for 3 years. Not one kind word was spoken to me after $130/month of auto debit. Some months I was so busy working I could not make class. But she never greeted me back with nice to see you or you were missed . Intimidation, needy, disfunctional and a truly mentally sick woman. She should be put away and her business shut down. She causes more pain than healing. more

I Love Bikram Yoga in Alpharetta 6/9/2011

The best word to describe my experience at Bikram Yoga is revitalizing. At 55, I was looking for something to make me feel good about myself inside and out and Bikram Yoga is a perfect fit. Instead of my previous boring exercise programs, this is a ""new way of life"" that is both challenging and rewarding. After 2 months I can feel myself getting stronger every week and that strength is both physical and mental. Jenny is tough for sure and she is an excellent instructor. She corrects my postures when needed, pushes me to do the best I can and acknowledges my improvements. While the classes are tough, it's hard to explain how good I feel after I've completed each class. It's such a high!!! The studio is immaculate and it is designed beautifully. Jenny is a character and I thank her for pushing me and motivating me. I love Bikram Yoga in Alpharetta!!! more

OMG - Gotta love it 1/12/2011

If you want to change your life this yoga is for you. You go into a 100 degree room with 40% humidity and contort your body in way that you are convinced is not possible, but with proper instruction over time you have amazing results. If you want to lose weight reduce stress or create balance in your life try it. I have been to about 10 different studio in the U.S. and Canada and this studio and instructor are hands down the best. Jenny is tough as nails and I'd sooner cross a African Water Buffalo but her demand for the Bikram discipline makes all of her students feel better, look better , and live better. more

Great workout if you stick with it! 7/27/2010

This yoga practice is not for the faint of have to be willing to put forth a great deal of effort, listen carefully to instructions and not feel the need to be babied. You will get out of it what you put into it. Yes, the instructor Jenny is tough but she really just wants to push you out of your comfort zone. I notice often times that she singles me out for doing something incorrectly and then when I correct it, wow...I find out I CAN do the posture (or at least get closer). And somehow, I feel she knows I can and just wants me to try harder, so I appreciate that boost of confidence even though it's veiled in a criticism. Pros: Clean studio, great workout more

Best Workout! 5/7/2010

I walked into the Bikrim studio a few months ago desperate to do anything to feel better. I had major internal trauma/surgery and had felt like dying for over 9 months. I'm a thirty-something wife and mom and was determined to get off pain/multiple other meds. The class was very hard! The heat was incredibly intense and I had to sit often. When I looked like I was going to ""fall out"", I was encouraged to take a break. I went back for my free class and I did a little bit better in the heat. My internal pains were better, so I decided to give it a serious try. I've been going 3 to 4 times a week since and I haven't felt this good in years! I've been able to cut my pain meds out completely and others by two thirds. I'd rather pay for a yoga class than doctors appointments. The instructors are strict in a helpful way. I don't want to do the poses incorrectly and injure myself. I'm trying all the poses now, and each class I reach a new goal. How awesome is that? The rules are posted. It's very simple, really! Come to class hydrated, in tight-fitting clothes (the fewer the better you'll feel), with an open mind. The instructors care about the students and students want the best for each other. Remember, every person in class has been in your shoes and they're silently cheering you on! Pros: You feel incredible! Cons: Be prepared before you get to class. more

HATED IT!!! 1/22/2010

Wish I could give 0 stars!!! I have taken over 500 classes mostly in northern CA some at the Bikram facility in LA, this was my first time back after a 4 year absence, a major injury and move to Atlanta...this place almost made me want to stop practicing all together!!! The pregnant instructor was good, but the hairy guy with tats was HORRIBLE!! It was like taking a military boot camp class...this is NOT what Bikram is all about! I was so mortified that I really lost two night of sleep over it. Cons: EVERYTHING more

Not Your typical Yoga Place 4/28/2009

Due to the heated room, and rigorous postures, this yoga is not for everyone. I would strongly suggest going to the website and reviewing the information thoroughly. First time visitors should show up at least 30 minutes in advance. Drink one gallon of water within 24 hours before th class (no, I am not kidding) You may also want to rent a Bikram yoga mat as the main instructor is very particular about the type of mat you work out on. Prepare to sweat like you never have sweated before. Bring a water bottle but there is no drinking during the postures. and you will be told when you can drink. If you walk in well hydrated and prepared for what you are getting into (heat and an instructor who is very direct) YOU will LOVE this yoga. It will set you free. Pros: Great Location, Clean Studio Cons: Bad idea for those who walk in unprepared, off the street more

Horrific Experience 12/17/2008

Do not bother going!! If you enjoy being treated like a child, spoken to like a piece of dirt and constantly put down and abused then this is for you. If you have respect for yourself give this place a miss!! The teacher Jennie should have her instructor/owner title taken away. Pros: Clean Cons: Rude Obnoxious Teacher more

Be honest with yourself 10/20/2008

If your idea of a workout is going to the gym and spending more time sitting on the machines or watching others you probably will agree with some of the other reviews on this page, that the instructors are demanding and not super friendly. But the social scene is not what this place is about, they really try to teach you the discipline and focus of yoga. If you just want to do the trendy thing so you've got something to chat about while in line at starbucks you probably will get frustrated. If you really want to push yourself and learn the forms then check it out, whether you enjoy it ot not depends on why you go. Pros: Sauna Facility, Clean locker rooms more

Worst ever instructor... how she stays in business is anyones guess!!! 7/7/2008

VERY rude instructor... if you are a new starter dont bother you will feel totally put off by the whole experience Jenny is not at all supportive to new students. Looks like 5 star review above is written by the owner! more

AWFUL experience 6/17/2008

My girlfriend and I went to try this studio as it is very convenient location for both of us. Unfortunately, the location is all it has going for it. The instructor and director Jenny is quite rude. For example, I told her that this was my first time to bikram and she told me that she hoped i did not get sick. I explained that if I got too hot that I would just excuse myself from the room. She then explained that NO ONE was allowed to leave the room under any circumstance. I laughed and thought that she surely must be joking but she was not. Once in the room, she proceeded to tell my girlfriend and I that we could not be next to each other in the room as we would be distracted because we could look at each other. The entire wall was made up of mirrors so if I wanted to look at her I could (wherever I was positioned). Whatever, I proceeded to move my mat and she then stated that I was not allowed to put my mat up front. At that time I left. Once I left the room, she proceeded to make snide comments about me until my girlfriend came to my defense by explaining to her that we PAID her for a service and that she was very rude. She then walked out as well. more

You either appreciate the discipline or you avoid it!! 3/11/2008

This studio and its teacher are AWESOME!!! I can't imagine learning from anyone other than this Bikram Yoga owner. If you are looking for an INCREDIBLY clean studio and for a teacher that teaches you to perform the poses correctly you won't find a better place on the planet. If you are offended easily, need to be babied during the class, need to have your ego stroked or do not wish to learn the discipline of Bikram Yoga you should probably go somewhere else. more

Worst experience EVER! Not even worth one star!!! 2/26/2008

I LOVE a very challenging workout? almost to a point of addiction... love running and take numerous yoga classes a month. In saying that Bikram yoga of North Atlanta is terrible. The owner makes you want to leave the minute you walk in. My competitive nature made me stay ? It was awful. Everyone there seemed to HATE the owner/ instructor Jenny. I did hot yoga in college at the midtown location & loved it! This was long and arduous. The instructor takes down to you the WHOLE time... even to the clients she says she ?loves?. Please do not give this location any business? try midtown any thing is better the Jenny & her tyrant yoga:)~ Pros: You can finally leave after a hour & 1/2 and she unlockes the doors! Cons: Everything! more

Bikram Yoga Alpharetta -Not a Yoga Friendly Place! 2/8/2008

The only instructor at Bikram Yoga Alpharetta is a mean tyrant, who I believe thinks she is still under the regime of the Soviet Union. Yoga should be challenging, but not stressful and demeaning. This instructor even wrote in an article on her website that most of her students are college educated with disposable income...what smart business person would make a comment like that except a snobby elitist? During one of her sessions I attended she told everybody lying on the floor in a pose please be sure that all your hair stays on the mat because she didn't want to mess up her husband's carpet...Wow. The first word on her website may say ""Welcome"", but that's certainly not how you feel after attending one of her classes. more

Intense and Challenging, but Offensive Instructor/Owner 8/30/2007

I enjoy a workout that fully challenges me. The class definitely offered this. The postures were intense. I can see why many people swear by it. However, the owner/instructor Jenny is very militant in a non-motivating way. In my first class, I had a migraine attack during one of the postures. I was continually berated infront of the entire class for being unable to complete the remainder of the postures correctly. Pros: Challenging and Intense Cons: Limited to one offensive instructor and same sequence of postures for every class more
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