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Bikram's Yoga College Of India - 10 Reviews - 11239 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA - Yoga Reviews - Phone (818) 752-4325

Bikram's Yoga College Of India

11239 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 752-4325
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Taking classes in this studio helped me in so many different ways to become a better person and helped me with my back problem. First, I was frustrated and annoyed by some teach...


I, like the other person above, have taken Bikram all over the country and Canada. I believe in the practice. It has brought me so much joy and enlightenment. And I have had the h...


Taking classes in this studio helped me in so many different ways to become a better person and helped me with my back problem. First, I was frustrated and annoyed by some teachers there, like other reviews say, but I learned to be patient and listened to them, and at the end of classes, i leave the room always smiling and feeling positive. I had chronic back problem that the doctors had told me to have surgery, but an instructor told me to keep taking classes and wait and see. My back is much better, and I don't need the surgery anymore! The instructors in this studio are so understanding and caring with my physical and personal problems that after the classes, i talk to them about my personal problems about jobs and money and family getting sick etc... and i feel like i saved some $$ on counseling! The bottom line is I always leave this studio smiling and feeling great! I love this studio! more

TERRIBLE STUDIO!!!! 10/20/2010

I, like the other person above, have taken Bikram all over the country and Canada. I believe in the practice. It has brought me so much joy and enlightenment. And I have had the honor of taking from amazing, giving teachers. This studio is totally amiss. The main teacher, Ted, was embarrassingly bad. I have never met anyone so driven by their ego.I don't think this is what Bikram intended. I asked why he was inconsistent with how long he held certain postures, and he said he did it on purpose. So, he is re-structuring what Bikram wants all his teachers to do? He kicked me out of class, with two postures remaining. Why did he kick me out? Because he said I ""wasn't listening"". I was looking in a side mirror to see if my back was straight and he said using that mirror was only for vanity. I told him I was checking to see if my back was straight. He said I didn't listen and kicked me out. I was focused on my own class, trying not to listen to his psycho babble which is more about him than focusing on the students. It is so sad. I guess everyone awakens to their lessons in their own time. But, this is a TERRIBLE STUDIO. I am a positive person and it really left an awful taste in my mouth. I asked for my money back and he refused. So, now I am forced to go back for the rest of the month. You would think that he would get the hint after all of these bad reviews. But, alas, the EGO is a powerful powerful beast. Poor Ted. :( more

It is what it is 9/30/2010

This is a fantastic Bikram studio. The room is large enough for something around 40 students, it is always the right temperature and humidity, there are tons of classes, more than any other Bikram studio I am aware of, starting at 6:30 in the morning and going all the way until 10:00 pm. The teachers are consistently among the best I've encountered, and although there's always some turnover this studio has a large core of experienced teachers, and they also practice there, so there is a sense of community. The studio also has a very large group of regular practitioners who are quite good, it is my home studio and by far the most tightly disciplined studio I've been in. Once in a while a newcomer who doesn't get it or can't handle it will make a disturbance, that's the kind of people most of these negative reviews come from and it's really sad because this is a particularly great place to take up Bikram. I've read all the other reviews here and on Yelp, and one thing that keeps coming up is Ted, the studio owner. Ted is a great teacher and a really wise guy. He will challenge you. He might have you hold a posture for longer than usual. And having said that, more than one time I've seen people have a problem with Ted. I think what happens is that, because it's his studio, he doesn't have to tolerate the bad behavior or bad attitude when somebody does not do well with the yoga (or him) usually either a first timer or somebody visiting from another studio who doesn't understand the discipline and culture of Bikram Studio City. But before he decides not to tolerate it, he tries to help people get through it, and sometimes they truly can't handle it, they should just leave. So in short, some people just can't be helped. I've never seen Ted or any other teacher be ""mean"" or ""yell"" at a student. I can't imagine anybody who practices Bikram regularly ever giving this place less than 4 stars. Many people don't realize that even though there's all this buzz about Bikram yoga, most studios are still sole proprietor small businesses, the corporate money hasn't really gotten into it yet. So facilities are usually pretty meager, there are only a few Bikram studios around the country that could be fairly compared to a really nice gym in terms of facilities, most are much worst. This particular studio is about top 20% I would guess. It has showers and lockers, but they are upstairs and it is in a little strip mall so it is not easy-peasy. Many people who come here regularly are local so they just shower at home after class. There are restrooms in the back for changing at the beginning of class. I don't deduct any points for that because it was it is, if a fancy place had terrible teachers I would take off points. Most bad reviews of Bikram studios seem to come from first timers who have never tried it and have some miscommunication or problem with the teacher or the concept as a whole, it's really too bad, better if more yogis shared notes about more studios. more

Terrible Experience - Never Again! 4/9/2009

My friend and I were super excited to try Bikram Yoga for what we hoped would be a fun, vigorous workout. The minute we walked into the studio, the stench was so bad, we didn't know if I could handle it. We decided to deal with it and went ahead with the workout. If that wasn't enough, the owner Ted is quite a pill to swallow. He walks around class with a mike/headset firing out commands like a drill sargeant/ auctionere. He talks so fast it is difficult to understand and he is intense, intollerant and controlling, making for a very tense class - the opposite of what you want when you do yoga. \r \r It is extremely hot in the room and you will need to drink lots of water to keep hydrated. At times I felt faint and needed to have water, but Ted did not like that. When someone (including me) went for a sip of water, he would stop the class and call them out.. saying ""Please don't drink water. We will all take a water break soon"". The problem was - he only allowed two brief water breaks in almost two hours!! Not wanting to pass out, I took a water break every 25 minutes or so and he picked on me for the entire class.\r \r In the beginning of the class, someone's cell phone went off. It wasn't very loud, but I can see how a teacher would not want that due to the distraction. Ted took his displeasure to another level. He started berating the class looking for the guilty person. He went on for a while and no one admitted guilt (probably because they were scared of him), so he started picking on people and at one point accused the new girls (me and my friend) and said that we shouldn't be shy and just go turn our phones off. The nerve!\r \r He will push you to do poses that your body is not ready for (which is downright harmful) and yell and pick on people (he referred to one chunky male as a ""English Bulldog""). Very innapropriate and unprofessional.\r \r Oh, let's not forget the smell. You will NOT get used to it.. in fact, it gets so much WORSE! The rug is FILTHY and seems like he never washes it nor does the room ever get aired out between classes. When you are standing, it's bad enough, but when you get to the floor excersizes and your nose is closer to that vile rug... let me put it this way, my friend and I felt like we would hurl multiple times from the stench. I much prefer the smell of a barnyard to this studio.. it's that bad. \r \r This was obviously not the experience I had hoped for. The only redeeming quality was the fact that I sweat.. a lot, which was my goal. I won't let Ted ruin the Bikram experience for me.. I am going to look for a clean studio and a professional instructor next time and give it another shot before I look for alternatives for my sweaty fix. Pros: We sweat a lot Cons: Mean & Annoying Teacher, Extremely Dirty and Smelly! more


I am new to L.A., have been taking yoga for 15 years, every instructor I have ever had, has complimented me on my grace and style. I've practiced all over the country. I am 56 years old, a Senior Citizen who deserves respect, no respect from this studio.\r \r My son wanted to treat me to a night out to this Bikram studio. Mind you, he paid $36.00, for this instructor to insult us continuously, and tell me that he would ask me to LEAVE HIS CLASS if I ""DIDN'T LISTEN! It was very clear he did not, for whatever strange reason want us there. \r \r This instructor had anger issues, and should seriously reconsider his line of work, or change his attitude! His style of instruction is compared to a car auction dealer with a microphone attached to his ear!\r \r He was throwing punches left and right to my son also, who was in the back, of the room. We both left the class because of the unpleasant remarks directed to us.\r \r If you want to be HUMILIATED, TALKED DOWN TO LIKE YOUR SOME KIND OF IDIOT, this is the class for you!\r \r Bottom line, HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL, MEAN SPIRITED, ANGER ISSUES, and a TOTALLY UNPLEASANT EVENING. We deserve our money back and an apology. Turns out, this guy happens to be the manager, owner of the studio? And won't even return phone calls regarding complaints. BAD BAD business practice. You lost our business for sure! for a rating...NO STARS from these unhappy customers!\r \r Pros: HA! There are Mirrors??? Cons: UNPROFESSIONAL, POOR INSTRUCTION, BAD ENERGY, TEACHER INSULTING STUDENTS more

The Worst Bikram Studio Ever... 12/4/2008

I've been practicing Bikram since 21, I'm now 31. I've lived and taken classes all over the country during that time: San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago and Los Angeles. I've even taken a class in London, UK.\r \r Ted at the Studio City Bikram studio is the worst teacher I've ever encountered. It's unfortunate because the studio is in a very convenient location for many LA'rs. I've experienced classes where he literally disrupts the entire class in order to chase a student out of the class for commenting that it is too hot (which it was)!\r \r 1. He holds postures for a very long time. Too long and not within the guidelines of Bikram's technique. \r \r 2. He teaches more classes per week than any other teacher I've encountered, ""15 - 20 classes per week"" is what he prides himself on. Unfortunately the fact that he teaches this many classes makes him sound more like a recording and less like an instructor. I think this also gives him less time to practice himself and he forgets what the Practice is actually like.\r \r 3. Ted seems downright angry and annoyed during every class. He speaks so negatively during the class and preaches but nothing inspiring... ever... only authoritarianism.\r \r 4. He tends to be late to class, and will leave students sitting outside for more than ten minutes waiting for his arrival. No Professional.\r \r In addition, the studio is unnecessarily unclean. Sometimes he uses some kind of chemical on the carpets to cover up the stench. But the smell cannot be masked by synthetic scents, only cleaned and maintained (neither of which this studio does).\r \r I am disappointed beyond belief but I thought all should know about the performance of this poor studio, especially Bikram, as this is the type of person that is representing HIS Yoga style to the general public. Teachers who lose their way should be Re Certified and evaluated. For this reason Ted should not be teaching. Pros: Potentially a great practice, great location Cons: Instructors are not connected, studio is extremely dirty, teachers leave students waiting for their arrival out in a parking lot, etc... more

Great workout But Teacher Can Keep You From Your Zen 6/3/2008

A friend reccomended I try Bikram. I love it. I just started. I have also recently decided to lay off driving for 6 months (Gotta do my part to go green!) But this is why this is the only Bikram studio I can go to. It's close by. I will keep going because I know I won't always get Tim (Or whatever his name is.) I know the instructors are going to try and help me keep my best form. But I HATE the was Tim teaches class. I have seen him be sarchastic and rude and downright bitchy. I just try my best to do my poses well and hope he doesn't see me to pick on me. Now it's true I have no prior knowledge of how these classes go, but I can't help but feel that, in general, this is not the atmosphere you want to have in your yoga studio. Since it's the stretch and the work-ou that I enjoy, I will keep going for a month. And I know it will be difficult for me to give up, but I have a feeling it may be hard to keep going because I may not be able to continue to take the attitude there. I realize he is a business owner (as Bikram studios are something like franchises) and I realize he must have to put up with a lot of complaining from people. But still, you know, it just doesn't FEEL right. Pros: The workout Cons: The main guy. more

Least enoyable Bikram studio 3/22/2008

Interesting to see that someone else has experienced the rudeness of Ted and his studio.\r I witnessed him berate someone for not going full force with a pose.\r The girl finally left after he continued to harass her for several minutes.\r He then continued to bad mouth her after she left. Unprofessional, to say the least.\r I have been to several studios over the years in Hawaii and California and have never\r experienced this anywhere else.\r The irony is that a couple weeks later he did the same thing to me.\r I couldn't believe it. The guy has a different agenda than my other experiences and it is not good.\r The sad thing is that when I complained to the main headquarters the response was\r that they have had numerous complaints about him and his studio, but can't do anything\r about it because it is his business. \r Wow. What is the world coming to? Not only are there wars and such, but now hostile yoga studios.\r What an oxymoron. I'm talking about the phrase ""hostile yoga"". Not the instructor. He is just a moron. Pros: Great workout for the body Cons: Dirty and smelly studio, rude owner more

not in line with the excellent tradition of bikram yoga. 4/16/2007

This isn't a peaceful environment. When I was there the teacher stopped class to yell at one of the students repeatedly. Having taken Bikram classes across the US, this studio is the only one I haven't enjoyed. Cons: teaching style overly rough, not positive or peaceful more

DO BIKRAM, it will change your life 11/19/2006

I love Bikram yoga. Being an avid runner and athlete, I thought yoga was for wimps...that is, until I took a Bikram class. It was a harder work-out than my 18 mile runs..and it will push the limits of your strength (in mind and body). Ted, the owner, is great. His classes run long (longer than the standard 90 minutes) and he pushes you very hard...but he's doing it for your best interest. Leave all negativity at the door though...he doesn't tolerate it. Other great teachers are Jon and Kristi! \r 90 minutes of meditation, exercise, and detoxification for a minimal fee. You'd be a fool NOT to try it;) Pros: Intense workout, ample parking, not expensive, UBER-healthy Cons: The carpet does smell bad:( more
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