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Bikram Yoga Dallas - 15 Reviews - 6333 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 253, Dallas, TX - Yoga Reviews - Phone (214) 824-9642

Bikram Yoga Dallas

6333 E Mockingbird Ln Ste 253
Dallas, TX 75214
(214) 824-9642
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I love this yoga studio. I find it much more challenging and personable than other hot yoga studios in the area. The studio was remodeled in March and it's amazing. The floors ...


It is ok but you can find better hot yoga. There is only one shower and the smell can get to you.

Not made for beginners - Be careful 5/15/2011

You should take the intro classes at Sunstone Yoga. Mockingbird Bickram isn't made for beginners that are looking to get into shape. After you have gotten the rules straight and the why of the rules, then go back if you want. Mockingbird Bikram's idea of zen is NOT all welcoming. I met several employees extremely rude. I told the owner and I received a pretentious cold reply. Oh well. more

Amazing NEW Studio 5/14/2011

I love this yoga studio. I find it much more challenging and personable than other hot yoga studios in the area. The studio was remodeled in March and it's amazing. The floors are now a laminate type floor instead of carpet and the studio always smells clean. There are 3 showers in each changing room. The teachers are top notch and seem much more experienced and dedicated than another hot yoga studio I tried. They also have better hours and encourage you to come as often as you can. I would definitely recommend trying this studio. It will change your life. more

You can find better hot yoga 1/14/2011

It is ok but you can find better hot yoga. There is only one shower and the smell can get to you. more

Instructors are pleasant and knowledgeable 12/16/2009

I have been practicing Bikram yoga since Jan. 2001. Over the years, I have visited 5 studios in various locations. I have found that the location in Dallas on Mockingbird and Abrams is by far the best! The instructors are kind, welcoming and knowledgeable. They offer constructive and helpful advice in order to further your understanding/enjoyment of the practice. The studio is big and kept up nicely. The only downfall is that there is only one shower. So it takes a while to get showered after class. I started practicing at this studio 7 weeks after my third child was born and I plan on continuing to practice here for years to come. It has been a great experience so far. Pros: Great Instructors Cons: Only one shower in the bathroom more

amazing results externally and internally 12/2/2009

I am amazed after doing this yoga for awhile how disciplined I have become with my diet and daily routine. I am much more relaxed and do not seem to worry much anymore about anything and everything. I am also extremely focused and do not get distracted with little things like I use to. I highly recommend this yoga practice!! Pros: stress free and have more patience more

thanks! 11/16/2009

If you are not convinced from the first class, read bikram's book! he is a funny ""down to earth"" guy that can fix two things... spines and cars! practicing for 90 minutes in bikram's ""torture chamber"" will change your life for the better.... think of all those toxins you are getting out of your body, think of all the injuries that will not heal, think of the last time you were able to concentrate for more than 30 seconds.... bikram puts you to the test! Pros: Take advantage of this life changing yoga! more

Transformation is not easy but worth the sweat! 5/22/2008

I have practiced Bikram yoga on/off since 1992, mostly in Southern California, arguably one of the best/most popular geographical locations to practice yoga in the US. Bikram Yoga Dallas is one of the best studios I have come across. I'm proud to call it my ""home"" studio since September 4, 2007. What makes BYD a strong studio are the following qualities: very strong teaching, supportive and active student community, owners who stay close to Bikram and his philosophy, and amazing energy in the studio itself. I have learned something different and specific from each of the teachers that helped me to practice at a deeper level. Since I have taken classes at many hot yoga studios across the country, it is important to note that BYD does the following better than most: gets the room hot enough; holds the postures long enough; provides ample/helpful corrections; often brings new info to us directly from Bikram; has amazing energy coming from its long history as a studio and its full (but not overly crowded) classes; and has students fill rows from front to back, helping foster the overall energy level. BYD supports you in developing a disciplined daily practice; practice that Bikram intends/discusses in his books. Other hot yoga studios may seem more comfortable b/c the room is cooler, you sweat less, the postures are not held long, limited corrections are given, and you can set up anywhere. While I think that any yoga is better than none, if you want a healthy body, mind, and spirit--then BYD is for you. Bikram yoga can transform your body, mind, and spirit. Transformation is hard work, but worth it. Come to BYD if you want ""authentic"" Bikram Yoga and if you want to transform your self. My advice is not to just try 1 class. Take the plunge and try the monthly auto debit. Do at least 60 classes before you decide whether Bikram is right for you (after 60 classes, it will be!) or whether you like BYD (after 60 classes, you?ll be writing your own glowing review). Pros: teaching, studio energy/ambience, owners maintain strong connection to Bikram, friendly student community more

Totally Addicting! The best yoga in Dallas - 5/21/2008

Great staff, great facilities, class instruction was very detailed, very precise. Mats, towels, showers, water, books about yoga. A great moving meditation. Apparently this is the ""Original Hot Yoga Series"" not Americanized yoga, which I found quite appealing. Pros: Certified instructors, invigorating moving meditation, highly addictive more

Bikram Yoga is Life Changing, Bikram Yoga Dallas is the Channel 5/21/2008

I walked in to Bikram Yoga Dallas with an open mind & a willingness to learn. I am one of those people that understand the concept, ""The right way is the hard way."" \r I had NEVER practiced yoga prior to this experience at Bikram Yoga Dallas.A friend of mine here in Dallas has practiced Bikram Yoga for quite some time.She moved recently from New York, where she began her practice and recommended I try it.I am an avid runner and have been experiencing tightness in my hips, boredom, and my knees are beginning to ache more than usual; I needed something more. \r I researched Bikram Yoga, read the testimonials, asked questions,and soon realized that this style of yoga could be the answer to a ""new body, new mind, and a new life"" as Bikram Choudhury puts it. \r When I walked in the front door of Bikram Yoga Dallas there were about 15 people in the lobby, talking, smiling, there was glow that was emanating from their faces.There was a good energy about the studio; this was a great first impression!When I approached the desk I was met by two wonderful gentlemen, Isaac and David. They introduced themselves cordially.(I came to find out later that David was the studio owner.) There was a brief registration process & then I was shown the women's changing room.The changing room had everything; shower, cubby space, bathroom, etc. \r I was led into the yoga room by Isaac (kind of cute gentle giant with a wonderful smile), & he set me up in the yoga room. \r David led the class. He was a very inspiring teacher & motivated the entire class. The room was hot! At times I thought I was going to have to sit out a posture or two but my will wouldn't let me. There were others in the room that made the practice seem so effortless and I wanted to get my money's worth. It was hard, probably the hardest ""workout"" experience I've ever endured. I felt amazing after class!\r I will say in closing that if you are looking for a one-stop-shop then Bikram Yoga Dallas is the way to go! Great studio!\r \r Pros: Incredible staff. Invigorating, rejuvenative workout. Great studio! Phenomenal yoga community Cons: n/a more

Excellent yoga, excellent studio 4/28/2008

I have been practicing at this studio for nine months ? it?s excellent. Bikram Yoga is one of the best things that I've done for myself. Since I started I have trimmed my body - 25 pounds so far - and have found inspiration to eat better and to take better care of myself in all aspects. I strongly recommend this yoga and this studio to anyone who's wanting to take better care of his/her health.\r \r It's hot and it's not always pleasant. But not everything that is good for you is pleasant all the time. And many things that are pleasant all the time are not good for you at all. I hated my first class, but I had paid for the whole month, so I kept coming. After the second week I was in love with it.\r \r If you?re thinking of starting to practice yoga, I recommend that you try this. It?s been great for me and for many people. In some cases, reviews on the internet tell you a lot. But in this case you really have to see it for yourself, because it affects everyone differently.\r \r I suggest that you do it for one month, coming as often as you can. Only one class won?t be enough for you to know how it works. Try it for a month and if by the end of it you still don?t like it, you quit. But I?m pretty sure that you will like it.\r \r Go there and try to do as they say. If you give it 100% effort, it will give you 100% benefit. It?s been that way for me. Good luck! Pros: Great for your mind, body, soul Cons: Sometimes the heat is mean to you. But it works... more

Patience, Determination, Concentration, Faith, Self Control 8/30/2007

The title describes the five aspects of the mind of a bikram yogi. I have been a member of this studio for over two years now and have found it a place of serenity. It is a place where all of us yogi's share inner peace, as well as sweat, pain, fear, frustration, hope, accomplishment and happiness. \r \r This yoga is not easy. It requires much determination to complete one's first class, second especially, and many classes thereafter. It is a discipline, just as many forms of exercise are. However, this complete yoga exercises one not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One will gain a complete awareness of the many aspects in life, whether they want/need it or not. This yoga will make one face 'hurdles' that many do not necessarily want to deal or bother with. It is a challenge, but like many things in life, you gain what you put into it. You will feel the benefits of this practice from the inside out.\r \r Now, realizing that this yoga is practiced in a room that is heated to 100 degrees, you will sweat.....A LOT. Three to five pounds of water weight to be exact, but you rid your body of all of the awful toxins you have in your system. \r \r However bad others make the studio sound, it is what it is....a room of hot, sweaty, happy, determined people. You may not see many smiles on people's faces while practicing, but these patient yogi's are smiling internally, knowing that they will feel and see the benefits in class as well as outside of the classroom.\r \r The room is thoroughly cleaned each night after the last class, but you have to keep in mind that there may have been hundreds of yogi's in the studio hours before you taking is what it is.\r \r Karen and David have created a great community here......see you in class. more

Smelly, militant-style bikram yoga 8/13/2007

I was more than disappointed with this yoga studio. I had heard great things about Bikram yoga and decided to give it a try. As stated in other reviews, the staff is very stern and militant in their teaching styles. The worst part though, is that the studio smells like stinky gym socks. I cannot wear any of the sports bras, shorts or shirts I wore to class anymore because the stench stayed on them, even after multiple washes. I was very discouraged by my experience at this studio. I have heard others talk about experiences at hot yoga studios around town (not all are certified Bikram) and they boast of clean smelling studios with nurturing and friendly teachers. I would check out other studios before this one, even if the others are not Bikram certified. more

Not great 5/16/2007

The staff is very not friendly but rather militant and overly stern. Although Bikram Yoga, and any form of yoga, is a great workout for the body and mind--the staff's approach hinders inner peace and physical ease. more

Newbies beware 4/8/2007

This is an ok studio but if you are new don't expect to feel the love. For that reason I can't recommend this studio. more

will not return! 8/4/2006

I visited this studio in July 2006. I was first put off by the foul sweaty smell in the LOBBY! I've been to other hot yoga sudios, and never experienced this. I did not like the attitude of the staff there. They were very condescending to the ""newbies"" that arrived. You had to pay for everything there - towels, etc. I got sick while practicing, and it took several minutes for the instructor to come over to ask if I was ok. Needless to say, I never returned. more
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Owner Message

  • Bikram Yoga Dallas provides a center from which to ground and an atmosphere that promotes growth. The studio is free from the clutter and noise we so often deal with in our daily life. Walk through the door and become transported to a time and space that is just about you and your practice. The lessons you learn in the room have a way of working into your life outside. From the friendly faces you meet upon arrival and the available amenities making your experience more comfortable, Bikram Yoga Dallas radiates home. The new faces quickly have names as the studio becomes a healthy habit. You haven't exercised in a decade, just ran your third marathon, Bikram Yoga Dallas provides uniquely fertile ground for discovery. While we cannot guarantee your experience will be easy, we know that with faith & patience, you can change your life from the inside out. We've seen it happen. Welcome.


  • Sessions in this large facility are held in a heated room to help deeper stretching and prevent injury.

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    Mon & Wed : 5:30a ? 9:30a | 4:30p ? 6:30p Tue & Thur : 5:30a ? 9:30a ? 11:30a | 4:30p ? 6:30p Fri: 5:30a ? 9:30a | 4:30p Sat : 8:00a ? 10:00a | 4:00p Sun : 8:00a | 4:00p
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