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Big Creek Pet Hospital - 9 Reviews - 16949 Bagley Rd, Cleveland, OH - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (440) 234-5831

Big Creek Pet Hospital

16949 Bagley Rd
Cleveland, OH 44130
(440) 234-5831
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Big Creek Pet Hospital - Cleveland, OH
Big Creek Pet Hospital - Cleveland, OH
Big Creek Pet Hospital - Cleveland, OH
Big Creek Pet Hospital - Cleveland, OH


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I read the last review for Big Creek Pet Hospital and was shocked!!! I have been taking my pets to Big Creek for a few years and have seen all 3 vets. Everyone starting from the f...


We were clients for 2 years until Friday (September 16, 2011 this is the day i was told not to bring our dog back. after a surgical procedure performed on Thursday September 15th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/4/2013

Re: Charles R\r We appreciate the feedback given by this client both in this review and in both phone and email conversations. The facts are as follows:\r \r 1. Our kennel is a “Flea Free” facility – One way we protect our clients’ pets is by giving one dose of Capstar to all healthy dogs and cats boarding with us from approximately April 1st to October 31st. Capstar kills adult fleas within 30 minutes\r 2. Authorization to give Capstar – the boarding authorization form that clients sign, specifically, explains that we are going to give their pet Capstar, which is highlighted on the form Mr. Reed initialed and signed. What was not clear on our Boarding Authorization form was there was an additional fee for giving this medicine. Based on Mr. Reed’s input we have revised our Boarding Authorization form to make it obvious that we are giving our boarders Capstar and that there is a fee for doing so.\r 3. Possible Seizure – While Mr. Reed did not initially inform us that his dog had a seizure, we read it in his review; and we reported this possibility to Novartis, the manufacturer of Capstar, They report any possible adverse effects to the FDA, whether it is verified or, as in this case, unverified. \r 4. Capstar Safety – Capstar is an extremely safe product. It leaves the bloodstream within 24 hours, which is one of the reasons we choose to use it. During the reporting period 2002-2012 there was approximately 1.9 possible seizures reported per 1 million doses of Capstar sold or 0.00000019%. (for more information about Capstar go to The seizure happened almost three days after being administered, long after the medication had left Heika’s bloodstream.\r \r Dr Fegan spoke with Mr. Reed about Heika’s health and how we could have been more evident that there was a fee for the Capstar. She encouraged him to have his beloved pet examined by a veterinarian, which he did. Mr. Reed reports that Heika appears back to “normal”.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/23/2013

I had an elderly cat who was 16 years old and took him to Big Creek Pet Hospital a few times for various illnesses. The main problem I have with this clinic is they won't set up appointments like normal clinics do. I was forced to drop him off and they would get around to him when they had the chance. And that's even for scheduled appointments they tell you to drop them off in the morning. He got very stressed around unknown places and sounds and I was never able to get him in and out quickly. All he needed one time was an X-ray which they kept him for the entire day only to get around to it at the end of the day calling me that he needed sedation for it. I said by now of course he does it's been ALL DAY and he's scared out of his mind. I don't feel they care about animals there it just feels like they want to get in as many as they can hold and then they will just call you when they had the chance to see your pet. That makes more money than having to talk to clients because they can inject them with whatever they want and do whatever tests and your not there to question it. Another example of horrible service was when I kept bringing him in for lethargy, dehydration, and I knew he wasn't feeling well. $1000 later they discovered a bite wound on his behind he must have gotten from rough housing with my other cat. For being there ALL DAY multiple days, test after test, they never visually inspected him? I never saw it because there was no blood and he never licked the area but aren't there doctors there who are trained to look at things? I don't recommend going here unless you don't mind dropping your animal off for the entire day for a simple vet visit. I prefer specialized care for my pets. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/14/2013

I boarded my dog at Big Creek Pet Hospital twice. First time was a month ago and it was a good experience, and only cost $22. The last time was on Friday, and when I picked her up on Saturday, the front desk clerk told me it would be $28. I asked why the sudden increase, and she said that included a $6 fee for giving my dog ""Capstar"". That is apparently a drug that they give to your animal for fleas? My dog is an indoor dog and has never had a single flea in 15 years of life. I was never informed of this when I dropped her off. I was never asked permission. I was never told that she would be given drugs without my knowledge. I was not called and told. Nothing. \r \r They tried to sneak this charge on my bill. I complained and the front desk clerk took the charge off. Two days later, my dog just had a seizure. Her entire right side of her body is lethargic and she is now blind in the right eye. According to 1800petmeds, ""Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets... Side effects that may occur in dogs include... seizures"". Beware of this company/vet. I will now be seeking council and contacting the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board as well. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/6/2013

NEVER EVER go to Big Creek Pet Hospital. The vet administered the bordatella vaccine WITHOUT informed consent from me.. which is ILLEGAL!!!!!! I brought my 4 month old lab puppy in for a follow up visit due to the yeast infection in her ears. It was my first time with this particular doctor, as we had a different one for the first visit. He enters the examination room and starts checking her ears. I was in mid discussion on how her ears were doing and all the sudden he shoves this vial of medicine down my puppys throat!!!!!! He did NOT tell me what it was before he did it. He did NOT ask my permission before he did it. He did NOT inform me of the risks associated with the vaccine. Vaccinations were never even discussed at this visit. (I was against the bordatella vaccine in the first place, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it and she is not around other dogs nor is she going to be boarded any time soon). There was a major lack of INFORMED CONSENT which makes this MALPRACTICE AT ITS FINEST!! I was appalled!!! The vet also failed to obtain a history of my puppy before the examination. When I asked him questions about her past shots (which are already in the computer from the previous papers from the breeder i bought her from).. he told me he did not look at her past records and would have to go in the computer and look.. which meant he had no idea if she had any allergies to any medication. I sent a complaint form to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board. It's unbelievable how UNPROFESSIONAL they are. \r \r I also asked if the Practice Manager would call me and we could discuss what happened. I was told he would call me the next day and he never did. So I called the office 2 days later and finally he called me back. Another unprofessional way to conduct themselves. Both the vet and the Practice Manager admitted they were in the wrong and credited me the $26.50 for the shot that wasn't wanted in the first place. (Their wording in the report: ""have declined Bordatella Vaccination for pet at this time, but was given by mistake at no charge to owner."") Big deal they credited me.. it's something that can't be undone! This vet should not be allowed to practice or be allowed to administer drugs.. he is way to careless. I asked to be reimbursed for both of my visits because I do not want to support such an unprofessional facility like Big Creek Pet Hospital. The Practice Manager said he would not do that. So I said then I would pursue it further by writing a letter to the board along with writing reviews such as this with my truthful experience. He then got very loud with me on the phone and accused me of blackmail and said that he was going to report me for it. I said that's what these reviews are for.. and by no means is it blackmail. The Practice Manager continued to get loud with me and was threatening and harassing me by saying he was going to report me for blackmail. I calmly asked him to stop getting loud and that I have every right to be upset with the unprofessional standards of your facility and have every right to inform others of my experience. He then needed a period of ""cooling off"" as he worded it, basically because he was angry that I was going to expose the unprofessional and illegal procedures performed there and he needed to do more research into the legalities of the situation to cover himself and his veterinarian. \r \r We will see what the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board has to say.. I'm sure they will not be happy. \r \r Again, DO NOT GO TO BIG CREEK PET HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!! more

VERY PLEASED 9/27/2011

I read the last review for Big Creek Pet Hospital and was shocked!!! I have been taking my pets to Big Creek for a few years and have seen all 3 vets. Everyone starting from the front desk to the time you see the doctor is super friendly, efficient and VERY PROFESSIONAL!!! I COMPLETELY trust that my babies are ALWAYS in safe and caring hands! If you don't want to take my word for it, go visit yourself and know.... this will be the best and last vet office you will need! Also, it just goes to show, there are some people in the world no matter what you do..... you just CAN'T please!!!! more

Dog Neglect 9/18/2011

We were clients for 2 years until Friday (September 16, 2011 this is the day i was told not to bring our dog back. after a surgical procedure performed on Thursday September 15th which we believed was caused prior to surgery by big creek hospital. When we brought our dog in to have her anal glands expressed in July they told us the vet would do this procedure as there is an extra charge BECAUSE THE DOCTOR PERFORMS AND WE AGREED TO THIS however this is not what happened. A vet technician did the anal glands THE NEXT DAY the dog had bloody stools after we called the vet they asked us to bring her in ($72.00) charge for the exam only to be told the blood was from the anal glands DUE TO AN INFECTION AFTER THE EXPRESSING OF THE ANAL GLANSDS.and would have to be treated with antibiiotics. After 2 months of giving her meds ($50.00 for a 14 day course) we were told the dog required a ""anal flush"" to get rid of the infection. We had no choice as the dog was scooting and crying in pain. We also were told Dr. Fagan would be performing the procedure. The dog was brought in at 9:00 am (PER THEIR INSTRUCTIONS) but wasn't treated until 6:00 that evening. When we questioned the staff afterwards and wondered why this happened in the first place everyone there covered for each other and said they would let Dr. Fagan know how we felt. Assuming the dog would be treated for 30 days (as is their policy) WE WERE TOLD ON FRIDAY, (the day after surger) not to bring our dog back..Dr. Fagan said find another vet. She WOULD NOT ANSWER ANY OF OUR QUESTIONS SHE JUST KEPT SAYING , YOU DON'T HAVE FAITH IN MY STAFF, DON'T COME BACK EVEN THOUGH WE HAD 30 DAYS TO HAVE A RECHECK FOR THE PROCEDURE.. NOW WE HAVE A DOG THAT HAD SURGERY ($200.00) FOR THIS PROCEDURE AND WE WILL HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE WITHIN THE WEEK TO CHECK HER TO MAKE SURE THE PROCEDURE WORKED. I AM WRITING THIS REVIEW TO WARN OTHER PEOPLE THIS VET IS NOW OPENING ANOTHER LOCATION IN OLMSTED FALLS....SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN HER FACITLITY IN MIDDLEBURG HTS. AND IS TAKING THE WORD OF THE STAFF INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO LONG TIME CLIENTS. WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS THAT WE HAVE SPENT FOR OUR DOG BECAUSE WE BELIEVED IN THEM. THIS IS THE ONLY PART OF OUR STORY, WE HOPE TO HAVE A REPORTER CALL US. WHEN A SURGICAL PROCEDURE IS DONE ALWAYS A FOLLOW UP BUT IN THIS CASE OUR DOG WAS COMPLETELY DISMISSED AS WERE WE. AFTER REPEATED PHONE CALLS TO THE VET TO PLEASE SEE OUR DOG BECAUSE OF THE SURGICAL PROCEDURE WE WERE TOLD..FIND ANOTHER VET,,,YOU CAN'T COME BACK HERE. VERY UNSATISFIED. WE PAID WITH A DEBIT CARD WHICH WE ARE TRYING TO STOP PAYMENT AS SERVICES WERE NOT RENDERED. more

Very welcoming vet! 5/24/2011

I took Binks to Big Creek Pet Hospital yesterday for the first time. The reception staff was very friendly and polite. Hannah was first to come into the exam room- she was empathetic to my kitties needs, very knowledgeable, gentle, friendly and efficient. The Dr came in after and spent ample time with me to answer questions and provide feeback about the exam. I never felt rushed or obligated to get any additional services or perform any unnecessary procedures. The entire staff was organized, friendly and very welcoming. I highly recommend Big Creek Pet Hospital to help take care of your furry friends! more

Excellent care 4/27/2011

I was searching for their website and happened to come across citysearch and read the one star review. more


I received a letter in the mail claiming my pet was overdue for vaccinations and if I booked today, I would receive 50% OFF!!! Of course, I made the appointment, I mean who doesn't want to save money in this economy??? This is HOW it all went down... more

Re: Unethical/Misleading Billing Practices 11/18/2010

Unfortunately, we have to respond to this review via the internet as the customer refused to return multiple phone calls. more

Caring and educated staff....LOVE BIG CREEK 11/11/2010

I have never done this before, but I can't sit here and do nothing! I have been with Big Creek Pet Hospital for over 8 years. I have been with Dr. Fegan and her staff through the puppy and kitten stage, illnesses, injuries, and even through the death of my beloved pets. Throughout the years I have been given estimates for all of my procedures so I know exactly how much to expect when I pick my pet up. The staff has never made me feel horrible about some of the choices I had to make, and I appreciate that from the staff. I also LOVE how the staff makes my pet feel like he is the number 1 animal there!!! Know that reviews leave out many parts, so go in and see my favorite vet (and her staff) more

Top notch vet 11/11/2010

My golden retriever has had nothing but the best care from Big Creek. The Doctors and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They tell me exactly he needs, then get the job done quickly at the price they quote. They treat my dog like their own. Eddie (the dog) gets all excited when we take him in, that should tell you something. more

Unethical/Misleading Billing Practices 10/18/2010

I took my male cat to Big Creek exclusively to have his fur shaved around the lower belly and hind legs. I was told the procedure could only be done under anesthesia and it would cost $150, possibly less, as he just needed a partial shave. I was given a sheet to write exactly what I wanted. I specifically wrote ""a light shave around lower belly and legs"" and I circled the drawing of a cat on that sheet, pointing to the areas that needed to be shaved. When I picked up my cat, he had not been shaved AT ALL, and Big Creek insisted on charging me $274! They justified the price by claiming it included 45 min of brushing and blow drying!!!! I stood my ground and refused to pay more than $150. They would not show me my cat until AFTER I paid (hostage situation). Only then did I realize his fur was still wet, and some of his fur was still matted! Neither Dr. Fagan nor anybody from BCAH return my messages. I still do not understand why they failed to do what I requested. As a result, I paid for an expensive and uncessary shampooing, and also submitted my cat to a totally unnecessary medical procedure. The BBB will get my letter and so will the Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce, and the State of Ohio Attorney's Office. more
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