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Bieck Management

5205 N Ironwood Ln Ste 201
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I disagree with previous posts about horrible management. I live at 2555 Oakland also, and here I have recieved the best management out of any apartment I've stayed at. My blind...


If there were a way to give this company a negative star I would. These people are emotionally bankrupt and sinister (and the entire staff needs to look up the meaning of respect)...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/11/2013

I rented from Bieck for more than two years ONLY because I could not find any other place. They must be the very WORST. Don't want to heat their buildings, don't want to repair anything, they lose your check and claim you did not send it in. There is nothing good to say about them, they are just slumlords. Liars, weasels and the longer you stay the less service you get from them. I am not posting this just because of minor hassles- the worst landlord I ever had. If you are renting month-to-month they will lie and say it is the law you must give 60 days notice in summer and 90 days notice in winter. NOT true, they are liars. Stay away! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

If there were a way to give this company a negative star I would. These people are emotionally bankrupt and sinister (and the entire staff needs to look up the meaning of respect). DO NOT RENT from Bieck. Bieck Management is synonymous with the term slumlord. more


I can't say enough bad things about Bieck Management company. They don't even treat their long-time tenants with any respect. Don't they understand it's cheaper to keep good tenants than to have drifters or keep evicting people? But no, they don't do maintenance - even serious stuff. When Bieck FINALLY approved maintenance for a problem to a long-time tenant in my building, the same day the tenant was sent a rent increase notice. Is this how you treat your tenants? Onsites are frustrated because Bieck won't approve necessary repairs. I now understand why they keep leaving. The units are also overpriced. Save your money - and your sanity - go someplace else! more

Breathtakingly awful 3/9/2011

The most despicable, venomous people I've ever dealt with in my lifetime, period. All managed by a woman who, if there were any justice in the world, would be out on a street corner with a tin cup begging for change instead of earning a good salary with this company. These people will take you, ruin you, wreck you, given half a chance. And the softer the target, the stronger they'll hit. It has nothing to do with how good a tenant you are--you could be the best tenant in the world, they don't care. They'll backstab, cheat and lie without even breaking a sweat. When they're finished, they will happily move on, leaving you behind like a distant image in a rearview mirror of freshly-clobbered roadkill. But don't take my word for it. Read the other reviews. All of them. You will notice the ratio of positive to negative for Bieck (as of this writing) is 1:9. That is a horrible, horrible rating, and if you're a careful researcher of prospective landlords, you should take this very seriously. I will sadly spend a large chunk of my life recovering from my dealings with these repugnant people. more

never rent from them again! horrible 12/10/2010

my second month in the place they sent me a 5 day notice saying I didn't pay my rent I had to go to the bank get a copy of the check they cashed to prove to them they took money from my account which I had to do numerous times throught the year. I had a stove where only 2 of the burners worked they told me well atleast one works thatsconsidered working over the summer my air conditioner started leaking water mold started growing on the walls and the carpet I had to threaten to call the dept of health n housing authority..someone broke into my apartment they didn't care all they said was well was there damage to the apartment and tried to charge me for the screen being cut from someone breaking in . they are so desparate for people to move in they let anyone rent. we had underground parking cars were getting broken into the hallways smelled like weed contantly n all they would say is well its their business what they do in their home the outlets broke and burned 2 brand new vacum cleaners and the toilets never flushed correctly no one ever fixed it my building front door was broken in 3 times in one month and they never notified any of the tenants of the incident storage locker was also broken into and the fire alarms go off so much the fire department does not even bother to come out anymore nor does the management bother to get up and turn them off until they are ready this company is for profit and they for profit after my apartment was broken into they would not let me leave I moved anyway they had someone else move in 2 weeks later on my rent that I paid for the month and would not refund me there was damage done to the apartment prior to me moving in which was documented and signed by the manager as well as me they charged me for it and told me its not their problem. well it was not my damage these are horrible horrible people I would never rent or reccomend anyone to rent from them save yourself the trouble more

I would never rent from them again. 10/20/2010

I rented from Bieck Managment for over a year. I payed my rent on time (give or take the occasional day or two) and overall was a great tenant. In general I liked my apartment. It was overpriced but nice. After my lease was over I was on a month to month basis. In order to move out you need to give 60 days notice. I gave 50 days. I called Adam Bieck and asked him if because I was so close to the move out date if he would let it go. He told me that only if they found a renter could he do that. They told me not to worry about it that those apartments fill up quick and then for the next two months they made hardly any effort at all to get the place rented, not only that they raised the rent almost 100 dollars. I was the one who ended up posting 'for rent' signs and posting it elsewhere. Lo and behold no one signed a lease. I was out of the apartment on the 25th of the month and the place was in better condition than I found it. I emailed again asking to be let slide for those ten days and got an email about how they ""just couldn't do that."" Two days later the 2nd or so of the month I noticed that the 'for rent' signs were out of the window. So I called my building manager to ask if it was rented. He said it was and that the tenants would be moving in the following week. When I tried to contact Beick about my security deposit I got transferred to voicemail. When I picked my mail up I had gotten letter from them asking me for $75 dollars for parking. The parking was a separate lease but because I didn't specifically say I wouldn't be parking there anymore they charged me for another month. When I finally got a hold of someone to talk to about it she told me that she was ""just the messenger"" and hinted that she was sorry I was being screwed for the parking. She never mentioned the people moving into the apartment and when I did she said the lease was for the following month. When I told her that I already knew that someone was moving in early they transferred me to voicemail. I would never ever ever ever rent from them again. And you shouldn't either. more

Horrible! Health Hazzard! Slow and rude managment!!! 3/26/2010

My boyfriend and I rented our first place together in Cudahy. The place seemed nice, had enough space for us, wasn't the best but defently a nice starter apartment. Or so we thought!! I didn't find the apartment, my boyfriend did and he took care of everything. They didnt require a security deposit or a first months rent. As new renters we thought it was great. We later found out otherwise. \r \r Once winter set it, even though we got free heat, it was always freezing in our place. They refused to turn the heat on until mid december, which is cold!! \r \r Once the snow started melting off the roof, it started leaking into our kitchen. The paint bubbled and it leaked dirty brown water onto our floor. We filled up a number of containers collecting the gross water. We contacted the management and it took them almost a week to come and take care of the problem. They scrapped the old paint, put plaster over the holes and repainted it. It looked fixed and fine for about a week...then it started leaking again. What did they do this time? Wait another week then put a HUGE HOLE in our ceiling. Thats right, a giant hole! They said they were going to leave it there to dry out, for yet another week. Once they finally came to ""fix"" it , they just put a piece of wood over the hole and a tubberwear container attached to the wood where they put holes just in case any more water leaked. \r \r While the hole was in the ceiling we had a horrible ant problem in our kitchen. We had never had any problems with bugs before that. I was also worried that animals living in the walls would come into our apartment, we have a cat, I was worried for his saftey!\r \r Whenever we called to discuss the problems with the management they were very rude and confrontational. Personal we were concerned for our saftey from mold and bugs. The management however were less then concerned. They told us flat out they were not worried about animals, bugs or mold. Management pushed us off and were horribley rude. \r \r I can't wait for our lease to be up!\r \r Whatever you do, DON'T RENT FROM THEM!!!! Pros: Nice Neighbors Cons: HORRIBLE!!!! more

They should be shut down 3/13/2009

They should be shut down! Their building is straight out of the 70's, it even has the original carpet! The walls are paper thin, the windows COVERED in mold! There were constantly insects and spiders covering the hallways and only once in the year I lived there did they bother to clean them up. They had a faulty stove in the apartment that caught fire the second it was turned on. Then they told me that because the firemen had moved the stove I couldn't have anyone come in and inspect the stove to prove what had happened. They made me, a 130 pound girl mind you, responsible for hauling the charred stove down form the second story to the front of the building so it could be picked up instead of getting one of their lazy maintenance men to come and get it out. Then they have the nerve to leave my kitchen unusable for 6 weeks. I will never recommend this horrible management company to anyone! They have no respect for the next human being and are all about getting every single dime you have. They will even make jokes at your expense after you've just experienced something traumatizing. As I look back on the whole situation I wish I wouldn't have been a naive 18 year old desperate for housing close to campus. There are so many things this company is unethical for and I can't wait till I see the day they get shut down! They pray on the desperate and vulnerable... trust me! Pros: Spacious Cons: Horrible management, unhealthy living conditions, Mold!!! more

Keep looking! Rude mngt who will take you 12/29/2008

Don't sign a year lease with Bieck. Lived at Lakefield Gardens in Grafton. I wish I had seen the previous review. Tons of problems, mold, water leaks in apartment, basement had water flowing through it in winter, no or non functioning gutters and downspouts leading to icy or flooded walks and crappy plowing in winter,different prices to renters of identical units. Septic system gets pumped either every other day or DAILY!!!!! Septic lids are not secure. Some people were given a month to month where others were required to sign a year lease. The park like setting is deceiving. One or two problems is fine but here there were just too many problems. Kim Auger is probably the most condescending and rude person I have encountered in a decade.They are a big company with a tight lease contract and they will nail you! Pros: Look pretty, open space, new appliances Cons: lots of hidden problems, MOLD, SEPTIC and Terrible Management more

Great Management 5/15/2008

I disagree with previous posts about horrible management. I live at 2555 Oakland also, and here I have recieved the best management out of any apartment I've stayed at. My blinds broke--the next day maintenance was over installing new blinds. Clogged sink--they were here the next day. Someone parked in my parking space--they immediately towed the car. My experience here has been great and any maintenance or problems were promptly taken care of. Pros: Clean Building, prompt maintenance service, reasonable rent more

do not get close 4/23/2008

save yourself a hassle. do not rent with them, such a poor management. rude on the phone, gets even better when you get to deal with the big piece of work manager. they beleive in no maintenance, haha do not try to request any, even if you do, they will say to you we are not doing it. more

poor management, health hazards, deferred maintenance, unreliable people and management 10/17/2007

We lived here for ten months. Their Lakefield property is ACTION PACKED with problems. Pros: quiet setting, next door to a horse farm Cons: deferred maintenance, absentee management, poor customer service, unwilling to fulfill obligations more
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