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Bexar County Adult Probation - 6 Reviews - 207 North Comal, San Antonio, TX - Parliamentarian Government Reviews - Phone (210) 335-7200

Bexar County Adult Probation

207 North Comal
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 335-7200
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All reviews seem negative


i know somebody who needs help and the probation department does nothing. A friend of mine called the probation department and told them the details, which were supposed to be an...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/20/2014

I have been in this system for about 5 months, the first time their I felt as if it was unnecessary treatment, turn off your cell, stand against a wall and wait to get called.....then 5 months have passed, it IS necessary, people , constantly NOT paying attention, because they're texting, or the person who is late by a few hours, trying to jump the line, then they're sitting , bragging about how they were partying all night, so they were late....I say waste time, trying to make this system right more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/7/2012

If anyone knows of anyone that has been in jail looking for a way of making an income and is having a very hard time doing so because of their record. Contact me. I have something they will be able to do with no background check, no credit check. This is for someone who SERIOUSLY wants to change and is looking for a fresh start. If someone who isn't serious, joins our company begins to act out with ignorance; they will be warned and if continues...this opportunity will be terminated. It is an awesome opportunity for many. If you know of anyone: Stay at home parents, disabled, bad record, bad credit, homeschooling parents, students, anyone really. more

i know somebody who needs help and the 5/25/2012

i know somebody who needs help and the probation department does nothing. A friend of mine called the probation department and told them the details, which were supposed to be anonymous, however his probation officer who I believe her name is Stephanie told him the details anyhow. Nothing has been done. I thought that probation officers had a duty to supervise and help offenders. I think I should contact the DA or the judge so something will actually be done. This offender has been arrested numerous times and cited numerous times but nothing has been done. All his probation officer would have to do is check his background and find out. more

This place is a joke... 7/15/2011

Today I went to the probation office to get some information so I can better support a family member that got into some trouble. \r \r I entered the building and go through security and the guard asked me if I knew where I was going. I told him no and began to explain my situation and the information I was seeking hoping he would tell me who I needed to talk to - how wrong was I.\r \r The guard first made me fell like I was the criminal and began to lecture me as if I'm stupid for even asking and seeking the information I was asking for. He asked why the lawyer was not doing the leg work - how is that his business?\r \r I also did not realize the security guards employed by the city have law degrees... Or at least this guard seemed to know everything that I did not ask for. \r \r Never once was I rude and always address the guard as ""sir"" showing him respect. He was totally out of line in his treatment of me and should be removed from his position. I would expect I was not the exception here and he treats everyone in this manner. \r \r I left frustrated without the info I need to support my family... Thanks Probation Office...\r \r more

Bexar County Adult Probation 10/7/2009

The BCAP Office looks nice on the outside and the tax payers got an improved building but what is up with the lack of large name placards that identify the building as such. The building is a large gray colored brick building. Citizens and those convicted individuals frequently confuse the jail with the Probation Office. The traffic has increased on Comal Street with many unauthorized citizens parking in the Sheriff's parking lot meant for BCSO employees only. It is time the BC Commissioners or someone in the Bexar County Adult Probation Office take appropriate steps to address this matter. Please get simple signage even it consists of cardboard. Thanks. Pros: nice building Cons: How do you identify the building? more

hard to contact 8/1/2008

despite the outpour of individuals coming from situations resulting in a probated sentence,Bexar County Probation is still attempting to dutifully fulfill its responsibilities to process new probationer's \r paperwork coming directly from the courts.\r i ,personally am a probationer and was turned away and sent on a wild""paperwork"" chase to locate an application for probation form that i had filled out with my attorney in court,and was supposed to be sent to the probation office.\r after finally locaing the court clerk(which due to other ""court processes"" took the better part of two days) i was finally told when checking back with the probation office that it had been sent ..only later.the important part is that Bexar County Probation finnally did recieve it,that crucial piece of paperwork that was mandatory for my begining my probated sentence and i am finally able ,though a week late,to report and begin my probation.\r hopefully in the future such instances can be avoided. there sould be a review of how many questions and complications could be resolved if more of our city's resources and taxpayer""s financial efforts were directed to staffing out diversified populations civil empoyees.. more

A system in need of SERIOUS house cleaning 7/24/2008

My brother is on probation for a DUI. No one is disputing the fact that he his paying for his crime against society. What I find completely and totally unacceptable is that they are a department of contradictions. They have a list of demands on a regular basis that require the person on probation to jump through numerous hoops; hoops that have no logical purpose. If my brother did not have the support of the family, he would have been violated and sent to jail because he would have been unable to meet their demands. Today his probation officer calls him at work (in New Braunfels) and tells him to be at her office in downtown SA by 3:30 to pay $90. In the middle of a hurricane with tornadoes all around, he has to call the store owner to come and relieve him or he will have to shut down the store. She had supposedly been trying to reach him for 3 days - but only via his cell phone - which is broken and he can't afford a new one. Not once did she bother to call his house. There is no method in which to make a payment electronically. The monitoring device he must wear for 6 months is another waste of money. A dedicated, NON digital line had to be installed, he has to be home by 8pm each night. He keeps his job and has an occupational license. If 8pm are the terms of his probation, why are tax payers and my brother paying twice to do the job that is the responsibility of the probation officer? The entire system needs to be evaluated and revamped. Additionally, probation officers, police, judges, and any other public official that makes decisions that affect peoples lives should be required to do periodic psychological testing. What I have witnessed in the judicial system is a series of inequities and arbitrary decisions based solely on the mood of the person rendering the decision. There are many horror stories - there is right and wrong, and what is happening within this department is wrong. Pros: I'm sure there are many PO's that are still in the job to rehabilitate Cons: There are too many on a power trip and the dept is a mess more

Probation? yeah right! 5/8/2008

My husband is on Probation. He is a daily user. I waited years with hope that probation was going to slightly control him. He knows how to con the system. He dresses well the day of probation and drinks ""The liquid stuff"" which clears his system. They never test him, they never check him at home at curfey, they never drop in to test him spontainiously. I wanted to go with him and tell his probation officer but they kicked me out. What a scam for everyone involved. Yeah Mrs. Fulton, why don't you do your job and save a can make a difference if you did your job!\r 4 months later 09/10/08-----I have contacted the probation officer of my concerns on my husbands use..He was arrested cuz we fought over more use money, He failed a UI test, He missed his probation meeting twice he has not complied with half of the classes he needs to take and guess what?...He is still here doing the same thing everyday!...What is long as he sends the monthly payment everything is ok. To this day she has never come to the house or checked his curfew. I give up!\r 1yr and 4months later. 01/19/2010 He is no longer my husband. I Divorced him He still continues to use crack 5 to 6 days out of the week. He is using now and has probation tommorrow. To this day they still have not once came to the house to check on him. They have now stopped drug testing him because according to a counseling session they made him take ""He has no drug problems""...crazy..huh? He laughed on they way home and bragged about fooling them. Well, he is a con-artist and like everyone tells me I m the one he is conning more than anyone else..I just keep hoping one day they will Re-hab him..I talked to his probation officer and still no results..I had a friend talk to an officer there and they think Im probably lying...Dear officers at San Antonio Adult Detention....Please make this city a better place and do your JOB...The whole community is going down because of these drugs and drug addicts..YOU can do something about it. YOU are the only ones they fear because you are the only ones that can take something they love away, their freedom and their drug!!! Pros: defendants don't have to go to jail Cons: victims continue to suffer more
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