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Bethlehem Auto Sales - 22 Reviews - 300 W Union Blvd, Bethlehem, PA - Used Cars, Trucks & Vans Reviews - Phone (610) 694-8881

Bethlehem Auto Sales

300 W Union Blvd
Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 694-8881
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WOW i remember you.. How about you tell everyone the truth..First of all i told you i would give you all the information neccesary to run a car fax.I never once played like i didn...


I got lucky in the sense with these guys as far as not getting a bad car. I knew what to look for and I know what I can and cannot fix when it comes to cars. So as fair as the car...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

Do not ever buy from this dealership. Kevin was very nice and apologetic. But the owner was nasty.My husband and I don't have good credit because we had a son who was very sick and out of the hospital and in the nicu. Make matter worse I got hurt myself was out of work for few months. We couldn't pay some of our bills and fell behind. We had to make sure the kids has roof over the heads and food and clothing. The car I orginallly had was reposses more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/21/2013

This place is a HUGE RIP OFF.My boyfriend bought a car there and he traded it in as soon as the registration arrived 3 months later on a new car.THREE MONTHS!!!.If your stupid enough to buy a car there then you deserve to drive junk.We were!And be prepared to walk because your car will be broken in a few hours after it leaves the lot.We had relocated to the area and had no idea of the bad reviews.Someone suggested we look at Citysearch.I cried afterward.We bought other cheap cars and we expect slight trouble and usually get a good two years out of them.This car did not have three weeks left in it.We tried not to drive it far so that it was still running when we traded it in.When we went car shopping after this nightmare rip off all the local new car dealers had nothing good to say about Bethlehem Auto Sales..They all knew who this Jack guy was and they even said they do not care if we tell him that he sells junk and should be shut down.They could not believe that state had not shut them down.Our car was a disaster.It must have been in accident recently from what our mechanic said and half of the bolts holding the new parts together were missing.The Radiator was held in with wire ties it was so bent and not able to reach the bolt holes.There is no possible way Billy G, Nancy V, Barbara S ,even exist as happy customers unless they are being paid to post positives..I can't believe that every one we talked to knows that this place is the worse car dealer in the whole state if not the whole country.Jack is the owner and he is a very rude.He hangs up when you complain or else his worker says he is not there and I can here him telling him to say that.DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE.This place is a total nightmare.I cried for weeks and my boyfriend almost got fired from his job.What saved him from being fired was that his boss knew of these thieves and believed my boyfriend.This is for Jack.YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM OUR LAWYER! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2013

i recently bought a Avalanche from the and all went well. These guys really worked hard to meet my needs and budget. The inventory is great and the prices even better. Thank you, Billy G. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2013

Thank you for the great Blazer. Your large inventory of 4x4's made my choice easy. Great sales and service and thank you for the easy financing. Nanncy V. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/11/2013

I bought a Hyundai Sonata here. What a great place. Good deal, good service and I am totally happy! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/19/2013

I recently bought a Dodge Dakota from this lot. I have to say it has turned out to be a good decision. Dealing with Kevin and Jack was a good experience. These two guys show that they care before, during and after the sale. I will recommend them to anyone and I plan on buying my wife's car there in the Spring. Eddy K. more

Crook, dishonest. New something was 8/21/2012

Crook, dishonest. New something was wrong with car but was not upfront with it. After I told him I would pass on the car, he was very defensive and talked about trust. more

Worst Place Ever!!! 5/21/2012

NEVER EVER WILL I DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PLACE AGAIN! Stay away folks! I am still waiting on registration and wont be able to drive in a couple of days. They gave a lot of bogus excuses & when I checked with DMV...they tell me that there was no transactions on record. Now I have to take them to court! Plus...when I called the bank to report them...the bank stated that they had numerous complaints & that they are going to stop doing business with them! more

Registration Way To Long 2 months 20 days still waiting 3/16/2012

I got lucky in the sense with these guys as far as not getting a bad car. I knew what to look for and I know what I can and cannot fix when it comes to cars. So as fair as the car it needed some minor exquast work a new thermostat,tires and a hub bearing which I fixed 6000k miles later and the car is running fine no problems at all with the car. Now as far as customer service and the registration these guys are horrible. My temporary registration runs out in 10 days and I will not legally be able to drive the car after that. I called penndot and the DMV neither have received the registation papers from the dealership yet. Everytime I call Chris to ask him whats up he plays dumb and says he sent that but we both know thats not true. These guys sit on the money as long as they legally can to make more interest off it. I've been in contact with my lawyer and am fully prepared to bring them to civil court if I do not receive my title within 10 days. more

Stay Away!!!!!!!!! Bad Customer Service !!!!!!!!!!! 3/10/2012

Worst experiecne ever!!!!!!! We drove 2 hrs to purchase a car from them. Wish I would of read the reviews first. I never would of went. They are terrible. Didnt give us hardly anything for our trade in, and didnt take any money off price of car as they said they would. The bumper was missing some bolts and they said they would take 200.00 off price of car to help us pay for repairs. LIED...Then a week after having car I got pulled over by police because he said my taillight wasnt working. So when we looked at the light the cop found tape over the light bulb. So when they took off the bumper and painted it they lost the bolts for the bumper. Then 2 days after that a wheel bearing needed to be replaced. So I callled the dealership and talked to Pat Cerino. I asked him if i needed to drive it back 2 hrs to have them look at it or could i take it somewhere aroiund my house. He said i didnt need to drive it there.So i took it to a dealer and 544.00 later it is fixed.My money , not theirs... I faxed the bill to them and they refused to pay it. They should be closed down. With all the bad reviews and all the people they rip off they should be out of business. Good thing we live 2 hrs away or my husband would of drove the car right thru the front window....Beware everyone..Bad Business & Customer Service........ more

Horrible Business! 2/27/2012

less than 2 years ago I purchased a VW Jetta with 89k miles for almost 6k after tax n tags. 2 DAYS after I took the car off the lot the check engine light went on. Turns out the catalytic converter was bad (600$ for the part alone) took the car back to the dealership. not only did they refuse to fix it they also refused to return or trade for something else on the lot. 2 weeks after that the O2 censor went bad, and the air condition compressor went as well. 1 year after purchase the engine blows. Here we are 2 years later we are now getting rid of the car as it needs a new transmission, and alternator . the absolute worst dealership in the lehigh valley! more

Horrible experience 2/10/2012

Everybody aware, this place is a scam and stay far away. I had a horrible experience at this place when I bought an SUV here. The salesman Chris said the SUV is in good condition and no check engine light on, a month later when the inspection time comes, I found out that the check engine light wire was disconnected and the SUV has oxygen sensor problems plus ignition coils and power transitor plus whole bunch of other codes. They intentionally cover the problems so that we did not see and bought the vehicle. One more thing, this place took 3 long months for the registration to be processed. The Jack guy owner of this place always play dumb by saying ""I can't hear you"" or "" I don't understand what you are talking about"" when we ask why the registration and title take 3 months long to get processed, and why you lie to me about the vehicle problems. These guys never return your phone calls eventhought they promise to call back. Don't buy anything from this place even they sale for thousand of dollars cheaper than other places. I will file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General, and local municipal court. This place deserves a negative rating. more

Same old inventory owner is a terrible mean nasty no body 11/18/2011

I drive by this place every day.I have seen police there all the time breaking up arguments with people they ripped off.The owner has been taken to court on a monthly basis.They do manage to sell a car here and there but for the most part they just move the cars in different spots weekly.The company has ripped off thousand of people I can guarantee any good reviews they do have were written by the owner or his employees.No body like this guy repair garages do not even want his warranty work.The owner has a very long tarnished reputation was a former J's sub owner which failed and he started selling cars somewhere a long his many years of worthless living.His family hates him too.He has no character and carries a low IQ and tries to pass him self off as a business minded person.Through the years his name has come up in every breakfast shop in the area,all the locals are aware of this shady low life company.All those negative posts are right on the money and then some.I honestly feel they were kind to the scumbag owner.He is pretty old now so hopefully he will retire soon.I hear he has a metal door in the office that is like safe room.Any confrontations he has had are mostly behind a locked door and him dialing 911.His name is Jack. more

terrible ownership 3/24/2011

I looked online and found a car i wanted, a 97 mustang cobra. I talked to a salesman and scheduled a visit for that weekend, as i am stationed in bloomsburg and wouldn't be able to get down to bethlehem after work. The salesman seemed like he didn't know what car i was talking about at the time. I called today to make sure the appointment was still on, and the owner answered the phone. I explained that i was looking for a lower price than listed for a 14 year old car with over 100,000 miles. From there we got into a heated discussion about why someone wanting to make money selling vehicles would work on making a deal for one car, when that person is looking to upgrade his other two vehicles sometime this year. Apparently, my business professors in college were wrong when they said customer loyalty is important. Apparently this joker buys everything in his life with no negotiation on price...i'd love to be his realtor! I tried to explain to him that i wanted to take a look at the car first so we could negotiate, but he talked over me the whole time. I have reported him to the better business bureau, and i wish there were other people to report him to. Its apparent from the reviews that he was never taught manners, or apparently, anything about business. I guess my money isn't as good as anybody else's money, so i guess i'll have to spend it on a different car. I also really like how he shows his true character by commenting on people's reviews and clicks on the 'not helpful' button on peoples reviews too. hey buddy, maybe you should run for some kind of office, you've got the slander part down. more

Bought a car here before 2/5/2011

Can't believe it - bought a car here about 10 or 12 years ago from Nick and my son needed a car recently so we stopped in and there he was - Wow - still working and treated us very well .We ended up buying a six year old sedan from him and are pleased with our purchase .Hope he never retires . more

I had a very positive 11/19/2009

Dealing with Jeremy was very easy and enjoyable. He didn't try to blow smoke up our rears, and came to an agreement very quickly. I am very happy with my SAAB 93, and would go back there anytime I need a car. Pros: No layers of bueacracy to deal with like at large dealers. Cons: None of the niceties you get at a big place. more


What kind of owner would allow his employee to argue on line with a customer who caught on to his scam.That should speak for itself.You can bet the farm that the owner stood behind his bald headed geek employee while he wrote a response.Scam of all scams.If you don't believe me knock on the neighbors doors and ask.Also try knocking on the doors in a 10 mile radius.They will all tell you this place is a rip off.The used car lot 2 doors down laughs when he saw that you walked over from Beth auto sales price shopping.Sure Beth Auto may be cheaper but you get what you pay for.JUNK!Pay the extra buck and go somewhere else.Grade school car dealership.Owner needs to be used as a dodge ball target during recess. Pros: Lauhing is healthy Cons: You'll be askied to leave before your laugh is over. more

How Does this Guy Stay In Business 7/27/2009

1st encounter was horrible. So, I wrote a bad review and bought a car elsewhere. Cons: Too Numerous to Mention more

To Angryone2 7/13/2009

WOW i remember you.. How about you tell everyone the truth..First of all i told you i would give you all the information neccesary to run a car fax.I never once played like i didnt know what one is.How about you tell everyone what the information on the title was that you wanted to see.....Hmmmm maybe because it is illegal for us to show you..You wanted to see the previous owners name...Which due to the privacy act we cannot show you..So yeah waving cash in front of someones face and asking them to do something illegal does not work here..Oh and by the way barely informative i told you everything there was to know about the Grand Cherokee You had no intention on buying...Since you called me and also wrote me That morning about the Liberty..If anyone should be called shady here it should be you not us.We weren't the ones waving money around asking you to do something illegal.. more

How Does this Guy Stay In Business 6/29/2009

All the many negative experiences rang true to my own, which compelled me to write in some detail below. The salesman (Jeremy) was barely informative about the cars, but the owner was the real Psycho Car-Deal Killer. Businesswise, they both tried every evasive tactic in the shady book of Auto Lot Sales; KNOWN and UNKNOWN to man! Here are some examples of what transpired, nearly verbatim; this, after they initially pretended that they didn't know what ""background paperwork"" meant: Pros: Owner threw me out when I began asking QUESTIONS Cons: Bad Car Dealers happen to Good People. LEAVE!!! more
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