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Bethel Animal Hospital - 13 Reviews - 1800 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (614) 326-3000

Bethel Animal Hospital

1800 Bethel Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 326-3000
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We've been taking multiple pets to this practice for over ten years (back before they moved, in fact!), and I don't understand some of the negative reviews. We have always gott...


WORST VET EVER!!! These people do not care about your animal at all. I took my dog in for his one year check-up and shots. The vet knew nothing about my dog and was writing everyt...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/24/2014

They give you a free exam coupon with no expiration on them but won't let you use it more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

Well, I got a totally different view today of this animal hospital than customers/patients get. Both my mother and I take our dogs there and have had nothing but positive experiences. Because I have a love for animals, and am actively looking for a job, I applied for a Kennel Tech position at Bethel Animal Hospital. I was given the opportunity to interview with them and spent the entire day today ""behind the scenes"" in a ""working interview"". I was actually invited to continue with the hospital, but declined, as I did not fully understand, until today, what all is required of a Kennel Tech. It is not just interacting with pets and cleaning cages! However, that being said, I am more than ever confident in taking my babies there. The doctors were outstanding. They were beyond knowledgeable and have so much technology at their disposal it is incredible. They are also super caring of all the pets in their care. The staff was also wonderful and very knowledgeable. They took such good care of all their patients and truly cared about them. We had one little guy scheduled for surgery and his pre-surgery blood tests were inconclusive. They could have proceeded and took the dog's owners money and operate, but they said never without being 100% positive it was safe, and sent him home pending future successful blood tests. I even witnessed three surgeries - a spay, a neuter and a declaw. All three were handled with the most loving care and looked great coming out of surgery! Please know that your babies are treated gently and with the utmost caution when undergoing surgery. The facility was clean, kept up and all the pets' cages were constantly changed with clean bedding/towels. If the pets were allowed to eat and drink (unless not allowed due to surgery/medication restrictions) they had food and water at their immediate disposal. If they were boarded they were visited and walked often and bathed and warm. Even though I didn't take a position with this hospital, I am more than ever confident leaving my pet in their care and I hope to have a long relationship with them. more

Considering this vet for surgery but now ???? that thought? 3/2/2013

These reviews DO concern me.I did buy a very expensive dogue de bordeaux from Petland(SMACK ME!)as much as I swore I would never buy from them admidst the rumors as to where the dogs come from.Anyways,I did not buy the warranty,as,I feel with a vaccinated dog there should normally be no health problems.Of course,as the dog is aging,breeding problems are now surfacing.Petland,of course,says since I am not covered under warranty,it's not their problem.Anyways,again,Holly from Petland referred me to this vet.After reading all these reviews,I am not real sure,I want a surgery performed by a ""traveling"" vet...he is only there on certain days,which also concerns me,and the staff turnover is a HUGE concern for me.WHY is there such a huge staff turnover?When I brought my dog in a couple days after purchase to be checked out,a VERY young looking ""doctor"" checked out my dog.How many years of vet school does one have to attend to be a full fledged vet?She prescribed meds and all,so I was assuming she was really a vet.Maybe I should have asked for her credentials?\r UPDATE ON MARCH 2,2013....And to whoever it was that asked,YES,their is an ONGOING relationship,with the Petland on Bethel Rd by Walmart,with this vet.When you buy a dog there,your first visit is free.I guess by getting you in their vet practice once,they are hoping to entice you into coming back again.I,personally have two vets closer to home.Yes,I did use the free visit,but no,I never went back.The ""vet"" that saw me,could not have possibly been a full fledged vet....she wasn't a day over 20.The office staff was virtually worthless.The girls working at my regular vet have been there for NO,every vet office staff does NOT have a huge turnover.To whomever it was that was trying to get a letter of complaint to the owners,you know s well as I do that letter probably never got past the receptionist.If you dig far enough online,you can find the owners name.Good luck. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/14/2012

Walk in clinic, convenient hours, decent prices and nice/very helpful vet. more

Consistently Excellent Care for our pets 12/8/2011

We've been taking multiple pets to this practice for over ten years (back before they moved, in fact!), and I don't understand some of the negative reviews. We have always gotten in quickly, and have received excellent care for our dogs and cats. They helped us take two Labrador Retrievers to age 17 in good health, and another ""first dog on earth"" mix to age 16. I particularly appreciate the absence of the ""hard sell"" approach you see at so many vet clinics for tests and medication. They have always given us an upfront evaluation of our critters conditions, and given us options for treatment at different levels of cost . I've voted for this group with my pocketbook for many years, and will continue to do so. more

Bethel Road Animal Hospital has saved so many of my animals! 11/28/2011

I have been going to this hospital since purchasing 3 mastiffs from Petland around 5 years ago. They saved my neo mastiffs (Hooch) life. They all fell in love with him as he had to stay a bit since he ingested a toy and much foreign material. The staff there are wonderful. If you have been working with a vet there you can request to see that vet if they are in that day. I did recently lose my Dogue Day Bordeau (Genevive) early in November. We found her dead at home, and after her autopsy report we learned that she had a form of a blood cancer. She had a tumor burst in her heart. I am just happy she went quickly. I am writing this for the person that currently has a sick Dogue. She gave us so much love. Bethel road has helped me with a number of pet issues the were quite servere and they went into action and have saved many over the years. It is a great place! more

Best Doctors Ever!! 11/22/2011

I have been bringing my animals here for years. I love the personalized attention that doctors and staff show my animals. I would never trust any one else with my animals I drive 45 minutes out of my way to come here. more

If you care about your animal RUN!!!!! 11/3/2011

WORST VET EVER!!! These people do not care about your animal at all. I took my dog in for his one year check-up and shots. The vet knew nothing about my dog and was writing everything on a scrap piece of paper. I asked why he didn't have my dogs file and history and his answer was ""because it was too thick."" My dog has epilepsy and has been on phenobarbital for the past 5 years. The vet knew nothing about his condition. He never asked for a stool sample to check for heart worm, never checked his ears even after I told him he just had an ear infection. When I told the receptionist how dissatisfied I was she said ""i'm sorry and that the vet that check my dog was a fill in for someone that was on medical leave"" REALLY??? Needless to say I will NEVER take my dog there again and I told everyone sitting in the waiting room to run if they wanted proper care for their animals. Again, these people do not know what they are doing and do not care for your animal.\r \r more

Excellent care 6/10/2011

I've been going to Bethel Animal Hospital for 4 years now for the care of my three cats, and small animals. The doctors are very friendly and caring, the facility is always clean and welcoming. The walk-in method of the clinic's non-surgery cases is both very helpful and incredibly frustrating depending on the time of day you choose to do so. If you go on the weekend, you're in for a long, long wait, as everyone else seems to have the same idea in mind. Middle of the day on a weekday you can pretty much stroll right in and see a vet within 5 minutes. more



Not exactly sure where the other reviews are coming from 12/11/2010

So, I am sort of surprised by all of the negative reviews because I have been going to this vet for almost 7 years now with my oldest dog, and two years with my youngest. My two pet rats had mammory cancer and they both removed the tumors and put them down for me when it was time (and more importantly, didn't laugh at the girl who was crying over something most people try to kill, not keep alive.) They provided end of life care my my Mom's cat, and put her down when it was time. I have always found the employees to be polite and really love animals. I also like the fact that when I walk in with Conan, the employees all know who he is. I am very happy with this Vet and actively recommend them to people. \r \r As far as pricing goes, I have found them to be fair and reasonable. The hours are great, particularly if you are working (how on earth do you get a dog in to see the vet if they are only open until 5 on weekdays?) They even are open Sundays!\r \r \r The only gripes that I have ever had are (and may actually be related to the mangement issue that other people were complaining about - but the care is being delivered by the staff, not the management, you know?):\r 1) They recently went to an on-line ordering system for heartworm and flea meds. I really feel they should provide it in-store, I only sporatically had access to internet.\r 2) They do seem to have some turn-over in their Vet staff, but everyone that I have ever had has been good so I'm not that picky. This is probably not the place for you if your pet has ongoing issues that require a working relationship with a specific Vet. \r 3) I do find it shady that they had (if they don't still, I don't know) a relationship with PetLand, since in general Vets should be discouraging people getting their pets from pet stores (pot calling the kettle black here by the way, my oldest dog is FROM Petland and thats how I ended up at this vet initially.) \r 4) I did have a run in once with a well-meaning but not overly bright high schooler working the front counter-who I have never seen since- who felt strongly that I shouldn't buy my flea meds from Target and I quote - 'Because they buy fake medicines from overseas that could kill your dog!!! Are you sooo irresponsible you would put your dog at risk?? You need to buy it from us, we only buy the stuff made in the USA!' -Frontline is manufactured in France FYI.\r more


The head receptionist at BAH is awful and impolite. I called with a serious concern about a cat I saw get hit by a car and she LAUGHED AT ME and mocked my concerns while making suggestions to me in a condescending tone. I ended up catching the cat and bringing him to a different vet, who saved his life AND got him adopted to a great family. I wanted to let the owners of BAH know about my bad experience so I went to the clinic to try and speak with them. An employee informed me, much to my surprise, that since the owners live out of state, I would have to write them a letter and bring it back to Bethel Animal Hospital for them to forward via fax. To my dismay, even though I did as they asked, I have never heard from them (this occurred several months ago). I can only assume that either my letter was ""lost"" by the receptionist against whom the complaint was aimed, or that the owners are so unconcerned with the quality of staff they hire that they couldn't even dignify me with a response. I was new to the area and considering bringing my animals there, but now I wouldn't even tell someone I hate to have their pets treated by them. more

AWFUL! 10/18/2010

Do NOT take your animal here. While the most staff is caring and capable, the management is running it into the ground. Through conversation with employees I learned the owners moved to South Carolina and attempt to run the facility by Faxing back and fourth. They left their EXTREMELY RUDE daughter-I believe her name was Lacy- in charge. It is clear the employees are under strict regulations that prohibit the best care for your animals. Find a new place to go! Since I've been there (sept. 2010) my three favorite employees have been replaced with lower qualified employees. When I found this out, I immediately left with JoJo (my boxer) and found a new vet. Don't trust them! more

Great Vet with caring fulltime staff! 8/21/2010

I have 3 cats, and i have been taking two of my cats here for over 2 years (ever since they were kittens) and have been nothing less than satisfied with this office. The majority of the staff are absolutely wonderful, and one of the techs remembers us and our cats every time we are there. Very personal experience. The vets are very knowledgeable and have taken care of all neutering, infections, and urinary tract problems with all of my cats. I have noticed some of the I am assuming part time staff are slightly less friendly and enthusiastic, particularly the time i brought one of my cats in first thing Sunday morning. I would assume any bad experiences with this office would be the part time staff and not the fulltime staff. There are also several veterinarians in the practice, but if there is a specific vet that is not preferred, the staff does allow you to request a specific vet. Of course there may be a longer wait for special requests. Another plus for this office are hours and price. The walk in hours are very convenient and accommodate a busy working schedule. Given that it is walk ins, there can be a long wait, but that is expected with any walk in service. Their prices are very reasonable, and I have even been given free services in dealing with surgical complications with one of my cats. I definitely recommend this office to anyone with pets. more

terrible experience. 7/23/2010

it's just a bunch of ignorant, trashy girls complaining how they don't want to be there. you can hear them through the exam doors. they assured me that my dog did not need a heartworm test and now they refuse to grant 1800petmeds permission to fill my heartworm medication!! all because i didn't buy it from them! they are terrible. guess i should have gone with the interceptor medication they're pushing and getting throwbacks for since heartguard is now available as a generic. They are dangerously unprofessional. more

Horrible 5/26/2010

My parents took their dog in presenting kidney and gastric issues. The doctors at BRAH did blood tests and found nothing wrong with her. After many weeks of questioning the diagnois my parents again questioned their opinion and were told that they were welcome to get a second opinion, which they did. The dog was in kidney failure, had it been diagnosed weeks earlier the dog would possibly have had a better outcome, instead she passed away at the age of 11, after BRAH telling them nothing was wrong and that she would live a long , healthy life.? Cons: They lie more

most caring vets 2/20/2009

I had to put my cat down, and the vet was very sensitive and helped explain everything in detail before actually doing anything at all. i will be taking all my future animals here. Pros: no appointment necessary more
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