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Berry Hill Animal Hospital - 17 Reviews - 2211 8th Ave S., Nashville, TN - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (615) 292-3332

Berry Hill Animal Hospital

2211 8th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 292-3332
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Berry Hill Animal Hospital - Nashville, TN
Berry Hill Animal Hospital - Nashville, TN
Berry Hill Animal Hospital - Nashville, TN
Berry Hill Animal Hospital - Nashville, TN


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I've taken my two dogs and two cats to see Dr. Williams for many years now. Every time I'm there, I find the care they receive is gentle yet thorough. Douglas at the front desk is...


Unfriendly staff, Unprofessional vet. I took my cat in Berry Hill Animal Hospital to be spayed. I brought her in the afternoon so she was to spend the night and I would pick h...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/13/2012

I would not recommend using this veterinarian. While I feel they provide adequate care and customer service they demand you give your pets additional vaccines and tests that aren't necessary and can really add up. They informed me I had to renew my dogs Parvo and Distemper when she had just received these shots one year prior. I found out later that most vets recommend giving these shots every 3 years. Also they require a heart worm test prior to selling you any heart worm prevention medicine even when there hasn't been any lapse in preventive coverage. All totaled these additional procedures cost me an extra $120. Never did the vet present these procedures as options and discuss with me the pros and cons but rather was told I absolutely had to get these shots/tests. I feel that this is dishonest and have switched vets. more

I highly recommend Dr. Williams and her staff. 4/4/2012

I've taken my two dogs and two cats to see Dr. Williams for many years now. Every time I'm there, I find the care they receive is gentle yet thorough. Douglas at the front desk is extremely helpful with scheduling and also consistently knows who I am when I drop by to pick up medicine for my pets. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is in the market for knowledgeable and compassionate care for their animals. more

I'm a crazy pet-lover, and I adore these vets. 4/11/2011

I don't get the negative reviews here. Yes, I've waited a few minutes to see the vet once or twice, but they have always been as concerned and gentle as I'd hope when giving care to something I love as much as I adore my dog. The prices are a little more reasonable than at other vets, but I would never let that sway me when it comes to my dog. It's just an added benefit. I totally trust the care of my pet to Berry Hill, and I think most anyone else can & should. more

Berry Hill or Berry Hell? 11/22/2010

Unfriendly staff, Unprofessional vet. I took my cat in Berry Hill Animal Hospital to be spayed. I brought her in the afternoon so she was to spend the night and I would pick her up the following day after the procedure. I got a phone call the following morning from one of the nurses to say there was a problem. To my horror, When I went to get Adeline, she had nerve damage in her right front leg from trying to escape from her cage. Her paw had gotten caught, and was stuck in there all night. I was concerned that this facility did not have a cage small enough to prevent this from happening. I thought, surely this is not the first time they have had a cat try to get out of its cage? We decided to reschedule the spay. I was to call Berry Hill once Adeline was better ( able to walk again). When I brought her in I asked if I would be charged for the spay? After all, Because of the incident, there was bandages, medicine, and stress to deal with. The Nurse asked why should I think I wouldn't be charged, so I told her and her response? Your just trying to get something for free. That was NOT the case. Against my better judgment I left my cat there, only to be called by the Vet in charge to tell me to pick up my cat and I was not welcome there anymore. I couldn't believe it. I was justifiably upset to begin with, but that just angered me. I found another vet, which was a little bit out of my way, but definitely worth it knowing my cats will be treated the way I expect. I like being able to drop them off with out worry. more

Unfriendly Staff, Unprofessional Vet, Ridiculous Wait Times 10/11/2010

A friend recommended Berry Hill Animal Hospital when I was looking for places to get my puppy neutered. Growing up, my family has always Hillsboro Animal Hospital in Green Hills, but I wanted to find something a little cheaper and closer to my side of town. I should have trusted my gut instinct after the initial examination-- the staff was extremely unfriendly and, more importantly, the vet was extremely rude and rough with my dog (it was his first time in a vets office and was understandably skittish). I gave them the benefit of the doubt (people have bad days, right?) and made the follow-up appointment for the neutering. Once again, the vet was extremely rude to me. She seemed put out by my questions regarding post-op care, frowning the entire time. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment, but I just got back from my final visit to Berry Hill. The appointment, for a routine check-up, was scheduled for 10am. I got there about 5 mins early. There was one other woman waiting in the clinic, but other than that, the clinic was not busy at all. 10 minutes after 10am, and still in the the waiting room. 10:15... still waiting. 10:30... you guessed it, still waiting. At no point did anyone apologize for my wait- the two receptionists played on their computers and meanwhile I could hear my vet in her office taking personal calls. She would walk out of her office, glance at my dog, then walk off into another room. Not once did she acknowledge me and never did she provide an explanation for my 45 minute wait. I finally got up and told the receptionist that I wasn't waiting any longer. Instead of apologizing to me, he told me to have a good day and went back to his computer. Long story short... don't waste your time with Berry Hill. They have no respect for their clients' time and obviously don't care about retaining clients. The vet is unfriendly, unprofessional. I'm going back to Hillsboro, because even though it's a little further for me, the staff and vets actually treat you and your dog with respect. Go figure! more

Chloe's Mom KC 8/19/2010

The staff at Berry Hill Animal Hospital are AWESOME!!! All of them treat me and my dog, Chloe, like family. Dr. Williams literally saved Chloe's life the morning she discovered she had Addison's disease. She very calmly accessed Chloe's condition and knew what to do ASAP! Chloe LOVES Dr. Williams and cannot wait to go once a month to see her and get her Shot (that keeps her alive! ) She also loves Dr Gansberger and Dr Brown, who is a wonderful surgeon-ask Chloe. The Drs. are so caring and Knowledgeable. The vet techs always treat Chloe like a friend and she is glad to see them. Chloe is My Heart and I would not take her elsewhere. I have had a poodle and maltese that lived to be 15+ and 16+ yrs so I have seen a lot of Vets and Animal Hospitals. I am always amazed at their cost for such excellent care. You and your Pet will Love everything about BHAH. and DOUGLAS... is soooo patient and makes you feel so Special every visit or Phone conversation. Lots of times I get my answer f more

Amazingly friendly. 3/9/2010

Berry Hill Animal Hospital helped me with my dog and has a excellent staff. Wonderful help on the phone about answer questions about my dog. The receptionist actually told the vet and explained her story before I walked into the animal hospital. While in the animal hospital they made sure to watch for other dogs and put forth the effort to have separated conflict. The vet asked questions but let me explain without finishing my sentences. They were cheap and her examination I believe wasn't even the price they said it was, it was cheaper. My dog did have blood test, urine, and other test but wasn't as expensive as it was going to Pet'smart. She loved the vet and her assistant. As long as I remain in Nashville I will take my animal to Berry Hill Animal Hospital. Pros: Homey feeling, friendly staff, wonderful Vets, great service Cons: No cons more

Best vet I've ever had 10/13/2009

Dr. Williams and her staff are the best that I've ever worked with. I recommend them to anyone. I recently had to to euthanize my 13-year-old cat. She was very sick, but none of the several doctors that saw her could make a definitive diagnosis. Dr. Williams helped me make the decision to put Alice to sleep. She was compassionate and caring both for my pet and for me. When the time came for the euthanization, the entire staff was gentle and compassionate before, during and after the procedure. A few days later I received a sympathy card from Dr. Williams and her staff. A few weeks later I received a letter from Louisiana State University saying that Dr. Williams had made a donation to their vet school in Alice's memory. That kind of care is not easy to find, and I was very moved by how Berry Hill Animal Hospital went above and beyond to care not only for my pet, but also for me during such a difficult time. Pros: kind and caring more

not so much 10/12/2009

i went there 3 times and got no answer or advice about my dogs problem....i could have bought a microscope and an X-ray machine with all that money and done the same effin i took it into my own hands and did some research and cured my dog...\r I highly DO NOT recommend going there for anything more

BEST VET IN NASHVILLE: Knowledgable, Friendly & AFFORDABLE!! 7/11/2008

Berry Hill Animal Hospital is an amazing place to take your pet. The vets there are knowledgeable and their services are cheap. Being a first time pet owner, I searched around for vets and found a lot of really high prices. So high that I actually raised an eyebrow at the low cost of Berry Hill. However, after several positive recommendations I decided to give them a try. SO GLAD I DID!! Their vets treat our puppy like he is their own, they have gotten us in same day, they explain EVERYTHING to you, they are honest about what ""could"" be done and what ""must"" be done and they do all of this at a VERY low cost. Their waiting room is small and the parking is limited but I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes to see a doctor and I've never not had a spot in lot...even if I did, it doesn't matter at all...totally worth it!!! Pros: Low Costs, Loving treatment, Knowledgable vets Cons: Small waiting room more

Caring doctors and unbeatable prices 6/23/2008

I've been going to BHAH for 12 years. I'm always impressed how they accommodate a same day appointment, as I had to make one today. The staff is so nice and they truly care about your pets. I'm also convinced there is nowhere in town that charges more reasonably. They simply offer great service at a very reasonable price. I trust them. What more could you ask? Pros: Caring, informative, very affordable Cons: limited parking more

bad service 3/26/2008

This place is a waste of time and money. My cat lost a lot of hair recently and i took him to the vet to find out what was going on. At the first visit, the doctor blew off my concerns and called it normal shedding, despite the fact my cat had large skin flakes coming off of him. She didn't bother to look at his skin. The worst part, she took tests and told me she would send it out for testing, and then never sent the work out. The second visit, I payed more money for more meds. They then told me it was a change in food. However, my cat has not improved. Three hundred dollars later and my cat has still not been properly diagnosed. A good vet would have first done a skin test and work, and then went from there. This clinic didn't bother to even look at the skin, and on top of that, blew off my concerns on the first vet visit.\r It is disheartening because my cat has been going their since he was a kitten. I don't ever remember such little concern for the clients pets, but I will definately be switching vets. more

Best clinic in town! 3/20/2007

I have used Berry Hill Animal Hospital for the past several years (and several pets!), after being discouraged by several other vet clinics in town. They have intelligent vets, kind, friendly staff, and a clean atmosphere. They can normally fit you in - even if they are busy - and often when no one else can. They also are the only clinic in metro Nashville that does not overcharge for their services! (I have lived in several cities and know this to be true) I will continue to use them for my veterinary services and boarding, and will refer my friends as well. Pros: Everything more

Wonderful clinic 6/23/2006

I had to take my dog to Berry Hill animal hospital last week because he had a skin infection and his regular vet couldn't get him in for two weeks. I got an appointment quickly and the person answering the phone was incredibly helpful and friendly (even after I called back and changed the appointment twice!). When I got there, the facility was very clean and quiet, and the staff were friendly. My dog is usually nervous at the vet, but was very relaxed. Dr Ham (who is wonderful) treated my dog and she did a wonderful job. The next week I needed routine vaccines updated for my dog to be boarded due to an emergency trip out of town. Again, his regular vet couldn't get him in, so I called Berry Hill. Though they didn't have an appointment open, they were sympathetic to my needs and said they could work me in. I went in expecting to wait at least an hour (which was acceptable to me considering the circumstances), and was completely finished and out of the office in 20 minutes! The doctors are very thorough and the rest of the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend this clinic and have made it my dog's ""regular vet""! Pros: very reasonable prices, friendly people, clean Cons: parking is tight and the waiting room is also a bit small more


this is a wonderful caring animal hospital that I would recommend everyone use atleast once to try it out! It is well worth the drive if they are not near you! Everyone in this office is very caring and they have a love for any and all animals. The staff makes the office a 5 star location! I take my dogs (3) and cat here often for shampoo's and shots! PROS: Great office CONS: more

they are incredible 3/30/2006

when i got my first pupy, one of my friend advised a clinic in nashville, but I realy did not satisfy their service, besides they were unreasonably expensive after fist shoot, I searched for another clinic and I found Berry hill hospital. in this hospital, doctors and staff are really friendly and trustworthy.especially douglas(one of the staff)was incredibly helpfull during my puppy's serious illness, my puppy was hospitalized and i was calling hospital 10 times per day to get some information, douglas was always very nice and helpfull there are two doctors in this hospital,and they do great job together, whenever my pupy has tiny problem, They solved the problem even they didnt charge it this hospital is affordable and they give the best service, friendly environment and trust Pros: affordable, very friendly Cons: nothing more

Best Animal Hospital in West Nashville 3/30/2006

Our Boxer pup got pivro infected two months ago. After an initial rip off at Murphy Road Hospital, we took our pup to Berry Hill Animal Hospital and they treated him with care and LOVE. My wife wittnessed how they treated our pup while he was in the hospital and she was very satisfied with the attention the office staff and vets were treating our boy. Thanks to Berry Hill, our boy is doing excellent so far. The office staff at Berry Hill is very friendly, especially Douglas is amazing. We call Douglas whenever we have problems or questions and he is very responsive and helpful. Overall, I find this hospital to be great and our service experience so far is excellent. Everytime we take our dog there, we leave with simile in our faces and know that our pup is treated with care. I would highly reccomend this hospital. Pros: friendly people, inexpensive, convenient more

Well worth it 3/29/2006

I have been to quite alot of vets over the years and the staff at Berry Hill Animal Hospital is exceptional!!! I recommend this clinic to all the other pet lovers in the Nashville area. They don't over-charge and they treat my pets as if they were their own. I'm not one for writing reviews for anything on the internet....but this place deserves a thumbs up! more
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