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The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness

16 E 40th St #2 (at Between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 685-0985
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Four years ago when we where going through IVF for the first time I went to Mike Berkley for acupuncture. The fact that he was co-located and recommended by my fertility doctor ma...


Beware. My experience with Mike Berkley was very negative. I went for acupuncture to support an early pregnancy after a history of miscarriages. He was arrogant and self-absorb...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/11/2013

Wow! What a shocking range of reviews! It is clear to me, based on my experience, that there has to be something askew underlying the few extreme negative comments. There are always a few...\r \r My husband and I had been very successful and satisfied patients of Mike Berkley's, and I believe we are discerning people, particularly as we'd had numerous experiences with various doctors and health practitioners - including acupuncturists - during the difficult journey to conceiving our daughter By nature I am not a cynic, but I absolutely cannot believe the few negative comments made, supposedly, by prior patients. I can only make sense of these by making the deduction that they were placed by some folks whose personal unhappiness distorted their experience. I'm sorry, but those comments are not about the practitioner that I worked with. \r \r The comments concerning his fees and the attention that he paid to seemingly unsatisfied patients as described above, are not consistent with our experience, and there can be no question about his high level of understanding and expertise in the area of women's health and infertility as it relates to women AND MEN!\r \r Concerning acupuncturists and their knowledge and fees: I had been to two acupuncturists prior to see Mike. The first acupuncturist was recommended by a friend who was under the impression that this acupuncturist was an expert in infertility I was given herbs that came in bottles. I later learned they were ""patent"" herbs, or herbs that are made for the masses, they are not made for the individual patient, while reproductive issues are usually very complicated, individual and, difficult to diagnose - sometimes even by reproductive endocrinologists, Another acupuncturist made up a perscription which I was later told by a teacher at a well-known acupuncture school, inconsistent with the treatment which my symptoms suggested I needed. I was recommended to see Mike by a wonderful reproductive endocrinologist who is highly regarded and of tremendous character. He recommends any patient interested in acupuncture and particularly herbs to Mike. Mike spent over an hour with me talking about my complicated history. He took time to review information I provided on lab results. He gave me an overview of how acupuncture and herbs could work in my case. He promised no quick fixes, but conveyed confidence about several of my issues, including my high FSH (several doctors had said there was nothing I could do about my FSH - NOT TRUE!). I was treated professionally and kindly. He took and returned my phone calls and always answered my questions thoroughly and kindly. He NEVER forgot me in a patient's room. And yes, while the herbs are marked up, so are western medicines marked up at the pharmacies, we just never see those mark-ups that different pharmacies charge to insurance companies. Let's be real, people have to make a living! As to the idea of crazy prices for visits, I purchased a package that allowed my husband and I to pay $50 a visit!\r \r I take this time to share my experience and this information because I know in my heart that our success in conceiving our now two year old daughter may never have happened without Mike. I am so grateful, and I wish the same success to others.\r \r Mike is unique. He is a creative man. He writes, he created a beautiful and serene environment for his patients, he has even sung a song to me! How or why would anyone have a problem with that?! I felt supported by a real person. The reproductive endocrinologist had told me Mike understood both Eastern and a much greater amount of Western medicine than other acupuncturists, was dedicated to his medicine and to his patients, and - in our experience - he was entirely correct.\r \r Ann S. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/10/2013

MIKE IS TAKING ADVANTAGE. I got a second opinion on Mike's herbal prescription for me from another herbalist who said that Mike's prescription was good but that it was missing a few key herbs for egg quality improvement (which is what I really need). So I went with the new herbalist. \r \r When I placed the new order with Kamwo pharmacy, it cost $150 for the month. The same prescription was $600 month with Mike. My new herbalist explained that herbalists can include a ""retainer"" for themselves at Kamwo. Mike was making an extra $450/month off of me on top of the $700 or so I was paying for acupuncture 2x/week. \r \r I think it is really low to take advantage of people who are already paying tens of thousands of dollars a year trying to have a baby. Find a more honest herbalist than Mike.\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/17/2013

Wow, Mike Berkley and Chinese medicine are amazing!\r \r For three months I suffered with recurrent sinus infections, ear infections, and bronchitis. Not even two rounds of antibiotics could put an end to this nonsense. But, Chinese herbs did! After only a few doses, I felt like I could climb Mt. Everest! No more antibiotics, prednisone, prescription nasal allergy sprays, and no more asthma medications.\r \r Thank you, Mike, for getting me back on my feet! more

A Big Thank You to Mike Berkley! 5/5/2012

Four years ago when we where going through IVF for the first time I went to Mike Berkley for acupuncture. The fact that he was co-located and recommended by my fertility doctor made the decision easy. Mike Berkley was always very encouraging and kind. His ability to calm my nerves in conjunction with the acupuncture treatments was undoubtedly a significant factor in our ability to conceive a beautiful baby girl. Two years later when we were trying to have another baby we had a harder time. We went through a few rounds of unsuccessful IVF and a miscarriage. Through it all Mike Berkley was very supportive and when he finally recommended that both my husband and I have acupuncture and take Chinese herbs we decided to go for it so that we would at least have the peace of mind of knowing we tried everything. I'm not going to lie, the herbs were disgusting, but we stuck with it and it paid off, this time the embryologist called our embryos ""to die for"". Of course through all of this having a great fertility Doctor, in my case Joel Batzofin, was critical. Without IVF we would not have gotten pregnant. But we firmly believe that Mike Berkeley and his treatments were a major part in our success and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for our two beautiful girls now 3 years and 6 months old. more

Berkeley Center Acupuncture WORKS! 10/24/2011

I am a healthy 33 year old woman. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 7 months when we decided to try acupuncture with Mike Berkeley. After my first three weeks of treatment, twice a week, I had the most incredible experience. I have suffered from paralyzing menstrual cramps for over a decade but after the first six acupuncture treatments the menstrual cramping and pain was reduced by at least 70%. It was the first time I didn't need to take ANY pain medication. Two weeks later, we finally conceived! We are incredibly grateful to everyone at the Berkeley Center for Reproductive Wellness. more

Why Mike Berkley may be an iconoclast but he's a Master! 9/26/2011

Yes, Mike Berkley may be one of very definite opinions and beliefs but that is due to the fact that he has taken the time to truly research and investigate what he espouses. While he is a person of divergent natures at times, this is what makes him unique in that the GENIUS of this practitioner is that he has proven experience in these beliefs and opinions. It takes an evolved persona and one who has learned that quite often in the medical field, we don't hear the's either sugar-coated or left out. Mike Berkley is one of the most compassionate empathetic providers I have ever worked with and his knowledge from both Eastern and Western modalities, almost unsurpassed. Is he eccentric as some point out here, talk about personal issues...YES and this is what makes him connect with our humanity. Of course, he truly understands the medical issues and origins...but because through careful discourse, has challenged traditional medicine and even Chinese medicine, he has developed techniques which deliver RESULTS...and has taken every detail of his Center into consideration. I started working with Berkley after 6 years of failed conceptions...due to mostly, bad or negligent advice from reproductive community both in ny and FLA....and he was the ONLY one who supported me in extending my journey to other areas that others wrote off...and expanded my educational knowledge...not just with a ""do as i say"" attitude but more one of here's WHY i think we should try this...and educated me about my body more. After working with him for just a few months, i was able to see other options open for me (he's one of the ONLY board certified herbalists that uses custom-blended herbs for fertility) and once i did this, I successfully conceived twins in the 11th hour of my fertility. A sacred rite no one should ever take lightly. Thus if he shares from a personal perspective, it's because he too has personally dealt with it....I highly recommend him for anyone and have done so with many happy patients with successful results. For those of you that say he's self-absorbed, how many reproductive endos do you know that would even give you the time and energy that Berkley does? So while it may not always be the hand holding you may think YOU want, it's the hand holding you need to get results. You're not marrying or dating him, you're going to him for support and results. And that he delivers. With a huge dose of love and compassion. more

Terrible experience at the Berkley Center 4/25/2011

Beware. My experience with Mike Berkley was very negative. I went for acupuncture to support an early pregnancy after a history of miscarriages. He was arrogant and self-absorbed in our meetings, often taking up time talking about his personal issues. Many times while I was in the treatment room receiving the acupuncture, Mike would forget I was there and leave me lying on the table for nearly an hour. Any idiot knows not to leave a pregnant woman unable to get to bathroom for very long. Several times I told him that more than 20 minutes became very uncomfortable and stressful for me, and he agreed... only to forget again the next time. I often times had to yell at the top of my lungs for someone to come and get me out. I ended up stopping treatment with him because it was too stressful every time and I couldn't handle his arrogance and absent-mindedness. That pregnancy ended up a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and in my emails with Mike I tried to get him to refund the substantial amount I had paid for sessions not yet used. He refused to refund me, and also (cruelly) blamed me for the miscarriage. Lab tests later showed that the embryo was missing a chromosome, no fault of mine or anything to do with stopping acupuncture. Mike also told me (inaccurately) that the problem was with the lining of my uterus and that I should definitely not try to get pregnant on my shorter cycle months. This was completely wrong information, as several ob/gyns confirmed and also became evident later with a successful pregnancy. Stay away! There are tons of other practitioners in this field who are more respectful, kind and knowledgeable. more

My wonderful experience so far 1/25/2011

I am a patient of Mike Berkley. He has always replied to calls or e-mails after my initial consultation quickly and responsibly, which is really appreciated. I believe he has his patient's best interest at heart. He is very confident in what he does and I think that is because it is justified. The negative reviews on here are too bad in my opinion because they discount a person who really devotes himself to help others conceive. I am currently taking his herbs and they are doing wonders. My FSH has dropped by 9 points so far and I have no more cramps each month, which was unimaginable before I started the herbs. I feel like I can reach out to him at any point with questions and he always replies with thoughtful, valuable answers to help me during this process of ttc. more

Mike is Amazing 12/28/2010

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over two years now, using assisted reproductive technologies as well as a variety of complementary treatments (like acupuncture, herbs, Maya abdominal massage, meditation, etc.). I?ve been to three fertility acupuncturists in the city, but for one reason or another, never felt like they were the right match for me. I met Mike last year at a free seminar he offered on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was impressed by his depth and breadth of knowledge and the amount of personalized attention he gave to each woman in the group that night. Mike displayed a tremendous wealth of knowledge both about Traditional Chinese Medicine and about Western reproductive endocrinology. Months later, I decided to start seeing Mike a month or so before my scheduled IVF attempt. I felt that, of all the acupuncturists I?d seen, Mike was the most well informed and personable. Mike did recommend three months of solid acupuncture in preparation for an IVF cycle, but I was determined to forge ahead in one month as originally planned. Mike was reassuring and said that, even if this cycle didn?t work (which, sadly, it didn?t), I?d be that much better prepared for my next attempt if I started regular acupuncture treatments then. During my intake, Mike was thorough, attentive, and funny. He has a quirky, endearingly cocky, irreverent personality that has been perceived negatively by a reviewer on this site -- but the real truth is: Mike is so great. Sure, his prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, but he offers fantastic package deals that bring his fee down lower than any other acupuncturist I?ve seen. And contrary to what one reviewer said, he?s not out to financially exploit us ?desperate? trying-to-conceive women. He truly cares about us! He has built his practice around us! Read his poetry (sometimes included in his newsletters) and you?ll see that he has an uncanny ability to ?get? what this painful fertility journey is like for us, to commiserate, and to offer hope and help. I walk out of our sessions each week feeling listened to and cared for (which is more than I can say for my RE!). Mike?s office is beautiful, his receptionist, Lexie, is great, and if he?s ever away, he has an amazing acupuncturist who covers for him. The Berkley Center is definitely excellent on all counts. Don?t listen to the naysayers. Mike is amazing. The best part of my Berkley experience has been the unexpected positive pregnancy test I got this month while I was taking a little break in between ART cycles! I was scheduled to do another IVF in January, but lo and behold, I got a positive home pregnancy result the day before Christmas. I?ve been seeing Mike twice weekly for about three months now (precisely the amount of time he suggested I?d need to get things in balance) and I know his treatment had everything to do with my wonderfully, amazingly unexpected pregnancy! Good luck to you. I hope Mike can help you as much as he has helped me. more


This was an email that I got in my mailbox from this guy. Cons: so much fear with no respect for himself or others more

Not for women who want to get pregnant 11/21/2009

A horrible, greedy man. Pros: Pleasant receptionist more

Worked for us! 2/20/2009

We were given the sadest news possible that we might not even qualify for an IVF so we had to wait for another cycle to test my FSH again... in the interim I discovered Dr. Berkeley and went to see him for a consultation... he was very thorough and asked questions my fertility specialist hadn't. We began treatments with him whilst we waited for my next cycle to arrive and return for that FSH test to verify if I even qualified. We went out less, went bike riding every night and were eating super healthy. We also tried the herbs.. yuk but I was desperate to become a Mom so I drank it :) Seven sessions later... I was pregnant... only went back to the fertility specialist to confirm the pregnancy and there it was a little blip ""the heartbeat""... saying we were overjoyed is an understatement.. Dr, Berkeley commented how I was his quickest result! My daughter was born 3/07 and we feel we owe it all to Dr. Berkeley for giving us hope and now our precious little girl. She now has a baby brother too! I hope that everyone I have recommended is as lucky as we've been. Thank you again. Mrs. B. Pros: Acupuncture forces you to relax. One little move will remind you to stay still. Cons: It was a little uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room where you felt like everyone knows I can't have a baby. more

Fabulous Service 9/15/2008

I've been seeing Dr. Berkley since April 2008. He has been professional and respectful. I've being diagnosed with unexplained infertility and he has continued to change and modified my treatment at no cost to me. I?ve spent countless hours at the office and know that if you want professional service you have come to the right place. Pros: Quick appointments and returned calls more

heard awful story 6/27/2008

I just wanted to say that I heard a disturbing story regarding something Dr. Berkley said. It had to do with charging inflated rates to do fertility treatments because ""these women are desperate - they'll pay ANYTHING"" more

Simply Great!! 6/5/2007

I visited Dr. Berkley out of desperation after 4 failed IVF cycles, number of surgeries and serious uterine issues. The moment I met him, I felt like I was in right place. He is extremely knowledgeable in his filled and knows what he is doing. The first month after beginning his treatment and herbal tea he prescribed me, I got PREGNANT. Unfortunely, my pregnancy resulted in an early mis carriage, however it gave me great hope. I waited couple of years since then and recently went to Dr. Berkley for follow up treatments. I've already decided to go for surrogate treatment due to some complications and Dr. Berkley treated me according to that. I'm very happy to let you know that my treatment was successful. I created 22 healthy eggs at age of 34 and our surrogate is pregnant. Don't loose hope. See Dr. Berkley now. more

Wonderful outlook; Great personality and compassion 5/24/2007

Not usually one for online reviews, but Dr. Berkley and his team are exceptional at what they do and warrant due recognition and support. We have experienced infertility for 7 years, and after several failed pregnancies through IUI, IVF and the guidance of a couple of reproductive endocrinologists, it became clear that something else had to give. We found Dr. Berkley through a local outreach seminar in Westchester and knew this was a good idea from the start. His approach to eastern and western medicine and holistic views are evident from the start. He immediately puts you at ease. After a regiment of accupuncture treatments twice a week, we went through a frozen IVF transfer, and are nearly 11 weeks pregnant with TRIPLETS. Dr. Berkley and his center have helped us get farther than before. The NY and Westchester Offices are great at what they do. THANK YOU!! Pros: Ambience is amazing in NYC - careful, don't go in're in for a nap! more

Exceptional Infertility Support 5/22/2007

Dr. Michael Berkley is an experienced, knowledgable and kind acupuncturist who specializes in infertility. By the time I found him (on referral from my reproductive endocrinologist) I had seen 3 reproductive endocrinologists, had two surgeries, one miscarriage and one failed IVF. I initiated acupuncture for 3 months, which was amazing. All stress tension in my shoulders disappeared and my endometriosis symptoms improved. I began herbs and that very month became pregnant naturally. Unfortunately I had an early miscarriage, but this was still great progress in my opinion. I again did 3 months of acupuncture while doing another IVF cycle. I failed that cycle but became pregnant naturally just after. I am currently 11 weeks and smiling!! I will see Dr. Berkley again for future conception. I highly recommend him. Pros: Anna the receptionist is a doll! more

Couple grateful for Dr. Berkley 5/20/2007

I am writing as an encouragement to couples experiencing the long, difficult road of infertility. We went through several years of alternative treatments prior to finally using western medicine. We had a daughter after IFV when I was 39 years old. We wanted to do IVF again when I was 42 and I was told by our reproductive endocrinologist (excellent reputation and a huge practice in the midwest and west) that I would NEVER conceive and he would not attempt another IVF cycle. I did some research and discovered Dr. Mike Berkley and contacted him for an initial phone appointment. He was WONDERFUL - so warm and helpful -- very knowledgeable. He was also very thorough and answered all my questions. He encouraged me to contact him with any other questions or concerns -- something that never happened with other infertility doctors. Dr. Berkley always answered e-mails/calls quickly and did so himself. This was very impressive after our experience elsewhere ( we never had contact with the doctor unless there was a scheduled appointment and the nurses were not always friendly or helpful. We were planning another IVF cycle at a clinic that specialized in older women and used Dr. Berkley's services to be prepared. I took herbs everyday ordered from a Chinese pharmacy in NYC and Dr. Berkley gave instructions to an acupuncturist in our area for weekly treatments. To our great surprise and delight I BECAME PREGNANT NATURALLY AFTER 3 MONTHS OF THIS PROTOCOL. I gave birth to a healty boy in April of 2006. It is difficult to describe how grateful we are to Mike Berkley. We want to encourge couples to contact him and try it. My only regret is that we have not met Dr. Berkley in person -- we did all of this over the phone and computer. Thanks Mike!!!!! more

Hopeful Once Again 5/18/2007

I have struggled with infertility for years. At the suggestion of a friend, I visited the Berkley Center. Dr. Berkley showed real sensitivity to my problem. He was knowledgeable, compassionate and kind-hearted. I felt comfortable as well as a sense of relief that all hope was not lost. My huband and I are once again optimistic that we will be able to have the child we have always dreamed of. Thanks, Dr. Berkley! We are so glad we found you!!! more

Help yourself to get pregnant 5/18/2007

If your trying to conceive and it appears all hope is lost, you must go to the Berkley center. i met so many people there that Dr. Berkley has helped and now he has helped me. This is not a gimmick just sound science, he doesnt treat any condition he knows he cant. You owe it to yourself to meet with him. The staff is courteous and freindly and very sensitive to the reasons you are there. Pros: Most knowledgebal alternative therapy doctor I have met more
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Reproductive improvement center uses holistic approaches--acupuncture, yoga, massage, nutrition and herbs--to treat infertility and pregnancy disorders, and for postpartum services.


  • Reproductive improvement center uses holistic approaches--acupuncture, yoga, massage, nutrition and herbs--to treat infertility and pregnancy disorders, and for postpartum services.

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