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Bentley Salon

3228 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 877-9801
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Bentley Salon - Tampa, FL


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i am always afraid to get my hair cut for fear it will be bad friend Kate told me about her friend who did her hair and her moms hair . So I decided to give it a shot !!! a...


I used to go to Bentley Salon regularly for my haircuts, and up until a couple months ago, I was very pleased with the results. After my last appointment, I walked out of the salo...

jeremy was the greatest 3/30/2012

i am always afraid to get my hair cut for fear it will be bad friend Kate told me about her friend who did her hair and her moms hair . So I decided to give it a shot !!! and right away my nervousness went out the window .. completely made me feel at home and he even felt me out to see if my wild cut would match my personality and BAM he thought it would :) I will tell everyone about this great new find :) i WILL CONTINUE TO COME HERE "" ROCK ON "" more

Bentley Salon is the Best! 3/29/2012

I love going to Bentley Salon because i know by the time i leave i have an awesome haircut and or color and it makes me feel 10 times hotter. I always want to go out after and show my hair off. People ask where i get my hair done and i tell them Bentley Salon of course. like duh;) Everyone one on the staff is very nice and talented. Scott is a great person and knows hair better than anyone i know. Make an appointment, get an amazing haircut and feel better about yourself. more

Awesome Color - Cool Vibe - Trustworthy Cuts 3/16/2012

I love love this place. I tell EVERYONE about Staci - she is a color GENIUS. Wherever I go people ask me about my hair color. (I almost feel famous! ;) But seriously I get a ton of compliments on my color and I am appreciative that I found this place and not only for the delicious coffee they serve. Also, Scott the owner is an amazing person. Not only is a great person in general (he runs a dog rescue) but he also cares about his staff, his clients, and will give you a very Precise cut. He is the only person I will let touch my hair. O and by the way did I mention the delicious coffee they serve! ;) more

I should have written this a long time ago... 2/28/2012

I have been a client of Scott's since I was 17. I am now hesitantly nearing 30. When I was 17, after a really bad salon experience I began cutting my own hair. I met Scott Bentley when a friend of mine brought me to Toni and Guy to have him cut her hair. Scott offered to clean up the back of my neck (I have short hair) I was very reluctant to let him, but clearly I gave in... eventually. What built my trust in Scott was whenever I would see him in the mall; he would offer to clean up the back of my head and never once pressured me to book an appointment. I remember the first time he actually cut my hair... it was the best hair cut I have ever had - no exaggeration. Over time Scott became 'my hair stylist' I visited him and only him, faithfully. Eventually, Scott relocated to California - I was devistated! I liked our conversations we had while I was in his chair and even more I loved the compliments that would follow after a fresh haircut. In Scotts absence I tried out different salons, but could never receive the same or even similar results. I actually thought about flying him back to cut my hair, or better flying to him. You can only imagine the excitement I personally experienced when Scott debuted the Bentley Salon to which I am a client and Scott is still after all this time, 'my hair stylist' I couldn't be any more proud of him and his addition to the Tampa Bay Area (which I wholeheartedly adore) There is a lot to say about supporting local business as well. It is amazing to see the jobs that Scott created by branching out and coragelously opening his own salon. The salon really appeals to just about anyone who wants good service and a great hair cut. One of my favorite moments is when someone at the front desk answered the phone and actually said ""is this Melissa?"" I was floored that she actually recognized my voice! I have recommended this salon to numerous people by word of mouth and will continue to do so. Even more, I have purchased gift cards for my mom and step-mom to get their hair done here; they both had a very enjoyable experience. As you can see don't simply support this salon, I am an advocate of this salon. If there is anything I could tell someone about the owner Scott, I would say this: He is absolutely passionate about hair as well as everything he does in life; which I see as an admirable trait. One of his staff members had even confided in me; he told me what a pleasure it is to work with him and explained how he has spent the time mentoring him professionally as well as personally. I love actions that speak well of a person; I believe that is truly the best way to judge a persons character. If anyone has any questions or comments for me and my review please feel free to reach out. more

Best Salon in Tampa Bay 2/23/2012

I've been a customer at Bentley salon for over 5 years and I can truly say they are far superior to anywhere else I've been in Tampa Bay (or for that matter Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Orlando or Miami). I get my hair both cut and colored there and over the years have changed my style and color repeatedly. Whether long or short, highlighted or all over color, I've always been 100% satisfied with their work. I have very thick and curly/wavy hair that I've been told by other salons is difficult both to cut and color. My gray is resistant, my curls inconsistent, etc. Neither has been an issue at Bentley. Scott is truly a master when it comes to cuts that are flattering, easy to maintain on your own, and last last last. At previous salons I might look good walking out but never be able to recreate the style on my own. I'm not one for flat irons or significant styling routines. Scott's cuts are always very manageable and they continue to hold their shape as they grow out. I've told him he actually loses money because I'm not as motivated to come back for a trim when my hair looks good for so long. Stacy, who has been doing my color, is equally genius. She listens to what I want and always delivers. My color lasts beautifully - its my roots that drive me back for touch-up as it grows out. Her highlights look very natural and while I have seen some of the unusual and daring styles she can deliver, she is also equally stellar with my conservative professional preference. The customer service in the salon is always top notch. Its a fun friendly atmosphere where you feel like a member of the family. The place is always neat and clean, they give incredible scalp massages during shampoos, and they are clearly dedicated to training. Have been a long timer, I've watched new folks come in and be mentored. Its an impressive process. Its clear that with his name on the door, Scott takes the quality of the work done by all very seriously. I drive from Brandon, across Tampa to get my hair done even though I no longer work in the area - just because I can't give them up. I don't trust anyone else with my hair. Others in the salon have cut both my husband and son's hair and they are the best cuts both have ever had. I can't recommend them highly enough!!! more

Seriously, best salon in Tampa. 2/17/2012

Everyone, I am a very loyal customer now for 3 years. I've never, ever had Scott or his staff treat me anything but professional and kind in all of those years. In addition, I'm a musician in the public eye, and I care more about my hair than most people. Whoever these crack pots are leaving bad reviews, please don't believe them. They are obviously having personal issues with people at the salon, not professional. My hair gets such great attention from other stylists and people all the time. I gladly pay for what I get, and I wouldn't trust another stylist with my hair. I have no connection to Scott other than as a client. I can recommend (and constantly do) his services, ESPECIALLY if you are as discerning about hair as I am. Again, shame on people for trying to ruin a good salon with fake bad reviews. Feel free to comment, as I am a very loyal customer and always will be, and I too will gladly email pics of my hair to show just how awesome my layers and cut are. more

Horrible 2/17/2012

I used to go to Bentley Salon regularly for my haircuts, and up until a couple months ago, I was very pleased with the results. After my last appointment, I walked out of the salon feeling good about my new haircut; however, when I got home and washed it myself, I ended up with an enormous, uneven chunk of missing hair that was four inches shorter than the front?AND the longer hair on the sides was incredibly uneven. Since then, I have had my hair trimmed three times in an effort to even out this missing chunk of hair, but my efforts have not been fruitful. Every time my hair grows out awkwardly. Worst of all, when I called Bentley Salon to inform them about my horrible haircut, the receptionist did not put me in contact with the stylist who did this, or act as if she cared that I was displeased with the service I had received. Rather, she stated, ?Oh, so you want to cancel your next appointment?? I was shocked at the lack of customer service and recovery I experienced as a (formerly) frequent customer at Bentley Salon. I have not returned, and I will never return again. I have a picture of the back of my head that I was going to attach to this review, but there isn't an option for that--I will gladly e-mail it to anyone who cares enough to see it. more

Awful 1/19/2012

I don't know how this salon has so many good reviews. That is actually why I went there. I made an appointment with the owner who was condescending and arrogant and gave me an awful cut that was nothing like what I asked for. It seems as though everyone leaves with the same jagged banged, flat ironed hair. I literally cried over my cut. Either the salon employees are giving all these rave reviews or there are a lot of people happy with bad hair in Tampa. more

In response to below???????? 12/8/2011

Im not sure who this is but we had no complaints that day,me being the owner definatly would have been aware of this and it sounds like a hoax when you compare to our other reviews.....Scott Bentley more

Worst Salon EVER! 11/22/2011

They employees are unfriendly, the stylist pressured me into a cut and color I didn't want, he burned my scalp with the chemicals, and the owner was an arrogant douche! Don't go here. more

Awesome! 12/2/2010

I can go on and on about Bree but I am just going to say - she is the best colorist and stylist I have found my entire 15 years in Florida. She has me as a client for life as well as anyone else that I can find to tell how great she is! :) Side note....everyone else in the salon is sweet and nice too...not your typical foo foo salon. I love it! more

I finally got a great haircut! 9/9/2010

I have nothing but amazing things to say about this salon and my hairdresser, Bri. I have curly hair and it is very hard to get a great haircut (or even a decent one at that!) and I moved here in January of 2010 and I have had amazing curls since! Bri is a great hairdresser! I will continue to go back to her time and time again. I love coming here because they take their time to cut and style your hair and you leave feeling great. All of the reviews are true this place is great! more

Absolutely GREAT!!! 6/16/2010

This is the place TO GO!!!! Great service, very friendly and nice environment! Terri - my stylist - listened to my ideas and what I wanted, gave me tons of tips to easily style my hair! I absolutely love my haircut! This is my first time @ Bentley and I'm loving it! I found MY PLACE in Tampa! Woot, Woot!!! more

Amazing talent! 1/7/2010

I found Bentley Salon via this website. It's the only Tampa salon that has consistently excellent reviews, so I decided to give them a try. I'm delighted I did! Adiel was my stylist and he did an awesome job! He truly listened to what I wanted and took my hair from long and drab to short and amazing! He took his time when he was styling the finished cut, and told me step by step what I need to do at home to maintain it. The prices are reasonable. The talent is amazing. I would recommend this salon to anyone looking for a fabulous hairstyle!! Pros: Their stylists aren't afraid to truly cut hair! Cons: None. more

The best hair salon PERIOD! 10/27/2009

Bentley Salon is the best place i've ever been to hands down! the salon has a very relaxin atmosphere and all the employees are very friendly! i like how they space out all their appointments so they dont have to rush to serve you. when they finish on time they dont try to squeeze in another customer as if they're greedy for business. they all get along well and they dont bad mouth about other employees to win you over. they share all their customers and help each other out! they are constantly trying to improve in all the ways they can better serve their customers with their skill, service, and even parking. i pay $40 for my hair cut there and that's dirt cheap coming from where im from! i live in miami and i paid $180 for a haircut from a south beach stylist that isn't even as skilled as bentley's stylists! I drive 4 hours from miami to tampa everytime i need a haircut but it's all worth it! 4 hour drive up, about 1 hour in bentley, 30 minute lunch, and 4 hour drive down is only a one day trip. $60 gas roundtrip, $40 for a haircut, $20 tip, and $20 for lunch still beats south beach's $180 haircut. i'll pay that price anytime just to be happy with my hair! the biggest thing i like about them is that they never tell me i can't have a certain style because the way my head is shaped or how my hair grows. if i tell them i want my hair one way they say ""no problem i can do that!"" I normally go to Adiel, Bree is a good hair coloror??, and scott is good too! One time there while waiting for Adiel, i saw scott cut this super curly woman's hair. Her hair was so curly it springs up when he combs her wet hair. By the time he was done...WOAH! Scott made that girl have nice straight hair lookin like victoria beckham no lie! IF I LIE I DIE! come in looking like the average person, come out lookin like a superstar! Pros: Low price for high quality! Cons: too far from miami more

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT 10/19/2009

What an amazing thing - a salon that specializes in cuts AND color! I LOVE my hair and I will never go anywhere else! I LOVE this cut and I haven't had color like this in years. What a find this little salon is. Pros: Best cut I have had in years Cons: It took me too long to find them more

Believe everything!! 9/3/2009

Believe everything these reviews are saying. Bentley Salon is a winner! Scott cut my hair and gave me what my husband says ""is the best style I've ever had"". He took his time and showed me how to work with my natural wave. The employees were friendly and unpretentious and I would recommend this salon to anyone!! Pros: Excellent haircut, friendly staff, more

I love my hair! 8/24/2009

Having lived all over the place in the last 10 years, I have tried numerous salons in London, New York, Tokyo and most recently in Australia. I found myself in desperate need of a haircut while home visiting my parents in Tampa, and thought I would give Bentley Salon a try in my never-ending search for the perfect salon. Well, the search is finally over. Scott and the rest of the team at Bentley gave me exactly what I have been looking for all these years ? a fantastic haircut in a relaxed & modern salon environment. Scott, who cut my hair, actually took on board all of my demanding hair issues: he understood that I needed a cut to work with my naturally wavy hair, that I hate spending hours with the blowdryer, and that I wanted a cut that was stylish and modern, but I didn't want to look like a fashion victim. Unlike many of the other salons I have been to, he didn't impose his own ideas on my hair, but still had enough vision to transform my vague descriptions and magazine pictures into a cut that was exactly what I was hoping for. Scott has all the qualities you want in a good stylist ? friendly, professional, talented and charming. And boy, can he cut hair! I am still stealing glances in the mirror of my new ?do. The salon itself was friendly and funky. Everyone I dealt with there was friendly and polite, and the salon had a great atmosphere without being pretentious or intimidating (I can?t stand it when salons act as if you are their least important customer, and they are doing you a big favor by styling your hair, grrrrr). I saw several people there having all sorts of color/cuts ? guys, gals, trendy and classic. It was nice to be in a salon where the stylists apparently give the customers what they want - that shouldn't be such a difficult concept, but Bentley Salon is one of the only salons I have found where they actually deliver! I hope this is useful for people looking for a great hairdresser. I left Bentley Salon feeling relaxed and happy - and how often does that happen at a salon? My only disappointment is that I don?t actually live in Tampa anymore for regular cuts there. Guess I?ll have to visit the parents more often! Pros: Fun & friendly salon with talented staff Cons: I live far away! more

Scott Bentley thank-you !!! you give the best haircuts I brought in a picture and my hair looked exactly like the pic. and it still looked amazing the next day now I want to come back and get color 3/4/2009

everybody was very friedly ,lots of smiles positive vibe great salon!!!!!! highly recommended and you did an amazing job cutting my hair . more

The best Salon EVER!!! 2/26/2009

Scott and his team of stylist are extremely talented and innovative. I can go in there and tell Scott to do whatever, and I leave with an amazing hair cut & style everytime. I love that I can trust anyone of the employees to do what is best for hair, whether its a cut, style, or color. They take pride in what they do and are on top of what is cutting edge. But being a professional, they know the acceptable boundaries for my lifestyle, while remaining trendy. Pros: AMAZING & TALENTED stylist! Cons: There are none! more
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  • Bentley Salon is a Redken support salon that offers a staff of Bentley Salon and Redken trained educators, who have travelled both nationally an internationally. Through the salons education we want you to feel good and look good.

    And through our training our stylists are educated with the basic education program and fundamentals of product knowledge. Once the initial training is complete, the stylists begin working on the floor full time. Next, the training continues every Tuesday night with the intermediate program, ensuring knowledge of past and present collections brought to you by the Bentley Educational Team.

    At Bentley Salon education is an ongoing progress to help push the limits both technically and artistically. Through this training the staff can make sure they educate their clients so that the client can recreate the same look at home.


  • In addition to hair cuts, color and styling, this cutting-edge salon offers multiple skincare treatments.

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