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Benash Delicatessen - 17 Reviews - 857 7TH Ave, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 265-1818

Benash Delicatessen

857 7TH Ave
New York, NY 10019
(212) 265-1818
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The prices are high but the protions are HUGE. The quality was great. 1lb sandwiches big enough to feed 2 or more if you want to share. The cheesecake was fabulous, best I've ever...


We went here because Carnegie Deli across the street was too crowded. We were sat down imminently but were crammed into the back of the store. Upon ordering our food, some of the ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/18/2012

I rate restaurants on a burger scale, if they can cook a good burger then I would come back again, more

best I've ever had 5/9/2012

The prices are high but the protions are HUGE. The quality was great. 1lb sandwiches big enough to feed 2 or more if you want to share. The cheesecake was fabulous, best I've ever had. We had an excellent watier, Steve, he made our experience wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

I don't get the other reviews 5/9/2012

I don't get the other reviews. This is a touristy, New York deli. Nothing more or less. And sometimes that is what you are looking for. The sandwiches are huge! I prefer the pastrami with chips. In addition, they alwo have excellent breakfast...and surprise, I like the pastrami omelet. And people seem to complain in the reviews about the price. What so you expect for the tourist district near TIME SQUARE...go figure! more

Do not come here 3/30/2011

I'm not going to talk about the food because I left before I got a chance to order anything worth talking about. If you are wondering I got the fries and they were below average. i want to talk about how I (and two other people that weren't with me) were treated. The two tourist that were sitting at the bar were treated even worse than I was. I saw one of the waiters walk over to them after they had been there for 30 minutes and were drinking their beers (and the bar was not full at all) and he told them that someone (I'm assuming the manager) was watching them from upstairs and that they had to order something or they had to leave. I got lucky, I sat at the bar for two hours, before I was told I had to order something else or leave. I find this to be unacceptable in a place that didn't need their seats. If the place was full, I would have no problem with the edict and I would in fact support them. No one should keep a seat from someone at a bar and not buy anything, but if everyone is having a good time and did order something...I think it is wrong to force them to order more or leave. I'm done with Benash. more

FAKE AND CHEATS!!! 12/2/2009

now guys listen very carefully, this is the hell in manhattan. god knows how they are still in business! i worked there for few months, thank god im out from there. let me tell you whats going on inside ben ash. have you noticed all servers are foreigners? do you know why? because the owner joseph steals money from each waiters paycheck each week (at least $200). many waiters filed complaints to the labor dept, but joseph is very clever. he has his accountant who produces fake paper showing everything is perfect. the schedule is made with lead pencil and erased each week, so you have no proof that you worked 60 hours a week and got paid for 30! at the end of the day your cash out slip is not given to you, the manager keeps it, so you have no proof that you sold about $1000, and at least $ 100 credit card tips should await for you in the paycheck. so after 6 days work when you are expecting about $ 600 tips in the paycheck, you get a shock when you actually receive about $ 300! you tell the GM, he ignores you, he says you calculated wrongly or some crappy story. as well they take busboy money from all the waiters and give it to joseph, the owner! and what he does, each day they collect over $300 as bus boy money per shift, at the end of the week each bus boy get only $ 250 tops for the entire week! and trust me there are only 2 bus boys! rest of the money joseph pays to the deli guy and the cooks. so he pays nothing from his pocket, with waiters money he runs his place. Cons: owner is a thief, so is the general manager!! more

Gives New Meaning to the Word ""Bad"" 2/19/2009

For many reasons, this overpriced tourist trap is a justifiable afterthought to the nearby, far superior but usually crowded Carnegie and Stage Delis. Pros: It's seldom crowded. Cons: There are many reasons it's seldom crowded. more

I think they are trying to go out of business! 11/12/2008

I could write a book about how terrible this place is. The bottom line is DONT GO! The cheesecake tasted like it came out of the freezer, the brownie was lumpy and the cookie was so bad we threw it away. And because my family and I tried each other's deserts they charged us a $6 split plate charge! I guess the only reason they are still in business is because of the tourists (like myself) who don't know better. Pros: our waiter Cons: everything except our waiter more

Not worth going! 11/9/2008

We were looking for place to have breakfast and this place looked popular - what a mistake! Must have been some other tourists not knowing better. I ordered mushroom omelette and waitress asked if I wanted it with cheese which I agreed. Well, I was charged $2 for cheese which never was in the omelette, mushrooms were out of can and taste was very poor. After I had left tip waitress had nerve to tell me that gratuity was not included! As other rewievers have mentioned I am surprised that this place is still in business. It is not worth going! Cons: overpriced, poor quality of food more

DO NOT GO HERE 5/3/2008

my friends and i were in new york for the week and we saw that ""benash"" was featured on tv in our hotel so we decided to give it a shot for our brunch. it was the worst mistake ever. Pros: in the heart of time square Cons: EVERYTHING ELSE! more

What a scam! 2/11/2008

My friend and I were looking for a place to sit for a few minutes and warm up while waiting for a play to start and we wandered into Benash - BIG mistake. She ordered an Irish Coffee and I ordered a Bloody Mary. I realize it's a deli and therefore doesn't necessarily specialize in cocktails, but they were the worst examples of either drink we had ever had. We couldn't even drink them. To add insult to injury, the bartender didn't know how to charge for the Irish Coffee (Was it the first she had ever made? That would certainly explain the shotty quality...) so she charged us $13.95 - !!! - that was the regular price for a mocha ($4.95) plus the regular price for a Bailey's drink ($9.00). (The Bloody Mary was $7.95 - not unreasonable for a cocktail, but considering the quality of the product, it was definitely NOT worth it.) When we brought the obvious error to her attention, she declared that was how she was told to charge for it. $23 for two crappy drinks?!? My friend and I are normally excellent tippers - even on mediocre service, but we decided not to leave a tip at all. On our way out, we mentioned the horrible drinks and the error again to the manager at the door, who merely shrugged. What a scam! I agree with other posts that suggest they prey on visitors. And I'm not sure how we managed to escape without being bullied about the tip! What a pitiful example of hospitality in an otherwise fantastic city. more

Benash....stay away...terrible tasting overpriced food. The worst I've eaten in NYC that I can recall. 9/25/2007

This experience prompted me to write my first review ever of a restaurant. This place is sooooo overpriced..even though i was expensing it. The food was godawful! So awful! Disgusting. My had the chicken was so so, but ultimately not tasty. My friend ordered crabcakes, it was terrible, we returned the food instead for a grilled chicken sandwich which was really a boiled chicken sandwich....that was pretty bad too. Grilled chicken sandwich for $17! Terrible on top of it. Plain chicken, lettuce, tomatoe, plain roll. Friend didn't eat the chicken sandwich either...still charged for it. Cons: Prices, food. more

Bullied into tipping for bad service 5/1/2007

I'm still shaking I'm so angry. We were literally bullied into giving a surly waiter a 18% tip for unacceptable service at Benash. The guy was horrible; forgot coffee; didn't give us silverware to eat with; had to chase him down for drinks and change. The only time this guy was fast was with the cheque where he underlined the 18% tip blurb. We decide there was no way this guy was worth 18% so we tipped him less based on his service. Well this guy had the nerve to stop us as we were leaving and demand a higher tip. I wanted to argue the point but my dining companions decided to give him what he wanted just so we could escape. I complained to the manager he said he was sorry but the waiter got in there too and started mouthing off about how his tips were his wages for his - frickin - hoo...I told him I felt sorry for him to be reduced to badgering tourists for tips to feed his family. DO NOT GO HERE. Pros: Leaving Cons: Everything more

Worst deli in NY 4/7/2007

This has got to be one of the worst places I've ever eaten in NY. We went because the Carnegie had too long of a wait, which must be the only reason that Benash survives. The service was awful and the food terrible - my matza ball soup was so bad that I sent it back. Afterwards they charged us $3 sharing charge because I ate some of my daughter's french fries!!! more

So Bad !!!! 2/5/2007

Avoid this place!!! Its terrible, I went for breakfast had pancakes, bacon , coffee, and orange juice. It cost $26.57 without tip and it was the sorriest food. The pancakes were not fresh,they were both chewy and dry like a eggo. I was given an huge portion of stale bacon chunks, I would have prefered 3 properly cooked (intact) slices. The coffee was average and the orange juice was fresh but I'm sure just a purchase not fresh squeezed. Its absurd, why do restaurants think people would rather have quantity over quality, that whole block is filled with restaurants that are jammed with people paying huge sums for less than average food just because they serve a lot of it. Its really gross, I don't object to the cost but to the waste and poor quality. Don't go to this place its awful. Cons: terrible food, poor quality, high prices more

Don't Go Here! 11/26/2006

Rude staff makes you feel like they are doing you a favor in seating you (practically on top of another table/diners). The $12.50 per person minimum is also insulting, but their prices make it easy to get to that level. Nothing special about this place ... way too many other choices available in New York City. Give this place a miss. Pros: None, really Cons: Prices, mandatory minimum purchase more

Poor quality food & disorganized service 11/23/2006

We went here because Carnegie Deli across the street was too crowded. We were sat down imminently but were crammed into the back of the store. Upon ordering our food, some of the items we requested were not available. We received our food after noticing many of my family?s orders were served incorrectly. We asked for our correct order but once again received the wrong order. When we received our food it was marginal quality at best-quite honestly some of the worst food I?ve ever had, the roast beef I had was large and way too fatty as a result tasting terrible. The potato pancake, I had ordered in lue of another appetizer I wanted, I ordered tasted like instant potato spud. The prices were outrageous for such terrible quality food. Most of the cliental is actually nice but they are much disorganized, as I said often getting your order wrong. Pros: nice clientel Cons: poor tasting food, disorginized, crowded more

Worst Deli In NYC! 10/15/2006

Worst dining experience EVER. Couldn't wait to see what my $22 open face turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes was like, was horrified to find deli meat covered in instant beef gravy with instant ""spuds"" that taste like paste! My friend's $14 grill cheese was little more than stale bread with cheese barely melted on top. I sent mine back and asked for a bagel with cream cheese. The manager came out to yell at me and tell me breakfast was over, if I didn't order something else he would charge me $12.95 just to sit there...ordered Matzoh Ball soup (for $7) and just had to laugh when it came out. Terrible broth, dried Matzoh and canned carrots and peas...the best part was that the spoon they brought out had something dried and nasty on it. This place should be shut down!!! Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

BenAsh hater 4/21/2003

This was the most overpriced place I have ever seen. From the tacky neon outside to the $20 plate of luncheon meat this place was 100% riduculous. The sticker shock from the initial menu look was the worst part. A $22 sandwich, $6 for a cup of soup (that was just alright) - enough said. Don't waste your time Cons: prices, food, prices more
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