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Ben Taub General Hospital

1504 Taub Loop
Houston, TX 77030
(713) 873-2000
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I am a police accident investigator, and have been to this hospital on numerous occasions as part of a followup investigation, watched them work in the shock rooms. This is quite...


To be honest in my personal experiance, this hospital seems to get good reviews from family members and friends about how through the doctors are and how well they are treated. I...

That's A Horrbile Place 2/19/2012

Im Sorry But THAT Place Is The Worst Place Ever . My UNCLE Has Five Ribs Broken And He Has His Leg Completly Mashed . He Has To Wait FIVE Days To Get Surgey . When He Was In The ER . He Was In The Hallways With Five Other People . When I Got There They Had Not Put Anything On Him (29Years Old) He Was Thristy . So I Went To Memorial And Asked If He Could Be Transfered Over There . And They Had Said Yess. That HE Would Have A Room Ready . When We Tryed To Get Him Over To Memorial The Nurse Walks In With A FREAKING WHEELCHAIR. Likee Umm ..... How Is A Man Going To Move With FIVE Broken RIBS! So We Just Keep Him There. They Moved Him Up To The Fourth Level Where He Is Still Waiting For Surgey Andd He Is SHARING The ROOM With THREE Other Men . Which Is Every NASTY . The Men Where Using The Restroom When My Little Brother Was In The Room . And The Worst Thing About It Is That My Uncle Hass Been In Pain Since The Day That Came In Till Today . And He Wont Have Surgey Till The Doctors Feel Like They Want To .... more

My Ben Taub ER experience 1/19/2012

I had extreme body pain and weakness from some preexisting medical conditions that had gotten worse. I felt as if I was dying. I had a family member drive me to the ER at Ben Taub. I do not have insurance. I sat in the waiting area with about 100 people for 8 hours before they brought me back to a private room. The waiting area was quite a show. People were vomiting and still had to sit around for hours and hours on end. I watched people being brought in by ambulance and dumped in the waiting room to wait with everyone else. Once they brought me back to a private room a nurse came in with a pee cup and asked me what my symptoms were. She disappeared for 2 hours and then a doctor came in and got a detailed description of my medical history. Then about another hour later that doctor brought in her supervisor who wanted me to tell her the same detailed medical history I had already told the first doctor who was standing right next to her! She informed me they would only treat one symptom. She asked what one symptom I wanted treated. Unbelievable! I had enough and walked out after 11 hours. If your not shot, stabbed, or in cardiac arrest they act like they don't want you there. All they are required to do is to make sure you don't drop dead before they send you packing! They behave as if you are just there to get high off an injection. I will never go there again unless I am taken there unconscious by an ambulance driver. Then again, I might just be dumped in the waiting room. more

Come on Houston, ER means emergency 12/7/2011

I recently found myself visiting the Emergency Room for the first in my life (I'm 39). I am an independent contractor and until a week before my visit to Ben taub ER I had insurance...go figure. Well, I live out in the Katy area and after seeing a private doctor and getting xrays of my broken ankle I was referred to Ben Taub for a bone specialist. This is where my journey began. I got to the hospital around 5 pm and stood (on crutches) in a very long line. The waiting room was completely full. I have never seen anything like that in my life! Let me just say that it was not cleanest place I've ever seen but the people were eating food and leaving trash everywhere. There are signs that read ""no food or drinks in the waiting area"" but I guess this rule was not enforced on that particular day. I stood in that line for over 2 hours. At about 6:30 I was the next person to be called to the desk but they stopped calling people to the desk. A nice young lady saw that I was really struggling to stand on those crutches and brought me chair to sit down in while I waited. Finally, at about 7pm I was called up to the desk. I must say that the triage nurses were extremely kind and you can tell that they were very knowledgable in their profession. The young lady that checked me in (I believe her name was J.J.) took the time to explain what the process would be while I was in the ER. She informed me that they would have to get more X-rays of my ankle and that it may very well take a long time to see the doctor. She apologized multiple times about the extensive wait time and this made a huge difference. I still don't understand why they needed more X-rays since I had brought the ones my doctor gave me. I asked her if it would be ok for me to grab a bite to eat and she advised me to do so at that time in case I needed surgery. Next, at about 10pm, I along with 3 or 4 other people were taken to the imaging area for our X-rays. An hour later we returned back to the waiting room. Finally, at about 1am I was taken to an extremely large room where people were literally laying right next to each other. I have never seen anything like this in my life! Complete chaos!! By this time I was really hurting and my nurse (Ms. holmes?) gave me some of the best drugs and I was able to fall asleep. I have to point out that the bed I was laying in was near people that were crazy or extremely high. The people that work really deserve a pat on their back for tolerating and taking care of those people. At one point I felt like my life was in danger after one the crazy people attacked a worker. Police were called many times while I was there. At last, I finally saw the bone specialist and he put a cast on my leg and told me I was cleared to go home!! I'm healing nicely but have to go to the bone specialist clinic on the 2nd floor again for check-ups. The reason I wrote this review is to let people know that unless you are having a heart attack have been shot please expect to wait. This is a government facility and they see hundreds of patients a day! Yes, there is always room for improvement such as the cleanliness of the bathrooms or waiting room but i was treated with respect throughout my stay. , I was not dying and knew that I would have to wait but doctors, nurses and assistants were kind, compassionate and hard working. Remember folks, don't go to this ER for a cold or an earache...find a cheap clinic NOT an ER! more

You May DIE in the Waiting ROOm 10/21/2011

NEVER GO THERE YOU MAY DIE WAITING!!! I cant believe this hospital had my daughter wait 11 HOURS before they treated her asthma. She was wheezing, couldnt talk or barely walk and they said she was fine! Then these bastids kept threatening her boyfriend with the police because he was asking questions as to why she was waiting so long. When they walked in - a nurse was sleeping, the triage nurse wouldnt show or say her name and told them her name was ""Gigi"" She was very disrespectful to them. The supervisor Tim Naill wouldn't reveal her name until he spoke to me. He made excuses as to why my child was still in the waiting area in distress. In NY they don't make any asthma patients WAIT! Its taking everything in my being to not go there and whip someones ass for having her suffer so long! I AM LIVID!!! I just read :""The Harris County Hospital District received nearly $5.3 million this year in trauma funds from the state more

Mixed review 6/17/2011

To be honest in my personal experiance, this hospital seems to get good reviews from family members and friends about how through the doctors are and how well they are treated. I have only gone once to this hospital and the wait was out rages. True, I did not have a life threating condition, but the pain was almost unbareable. I waited 10 hours before I gave up. I went to work the next day and went to see a specialist about injury. I suffered a sepereated shoulder and luckly did not do further damage by returning to work the next day. My advice is do not go to this hospital until you are taken there by an ambulance. If you need medical attention that is not life threatening then go to one of the other hospital were you will be seen much quicker. At memorial herman, next door, they have an life threating er and a minor er. This is how they manage to get to you quicker. Ben Taub only has the one ER wing so if they view your injury or vist as not life threatening then yoiu will keep getting pushed to the back of the line. more

Top flight trauma hospital 3/27/2011

I am a police accident investigator, and have been to this hospital on numerous occasions as part of a followup investigation, watched them work in the shock rooms. This is quite simply one of the best hospitals in the country for trauma. The staff is as good or better than anywhere else you could go if you are needing immediate, urgent care for life threatening problems. They prioritize well, and save many lives every single day. I have honestly seen them bring people back from the very brink, where I was certain they would not survive. more

Ben Taub... 9/26/2010

I check every once in a while to see what the word on the street is about Ben Taub. I have been a Ben Taub employee for 10 months now and I am involved in direct patient care. Here are my thoughts... more

Best Trauma Center in the country 4/5/2010

I have read the reviews about how to avoid and to stay away from this Hospital. But it is what it is. Yes, the long waits are unpleasant and it would be nice if things went faster. But people have to remember that a high volume of patients pass through the ER doors every day. What people don't see is that if they are in the large waiting room are all of the traffic that is coming through the Ambulance entrance. . Due to the high volume of level 1-trauma cases, (serious life threatening), this hospital boasts a degree of expertise that many other hospitals don't have. Yes, the beds in the ER are close together. That's for a reason. I have been to many ER's in my life but never have I seen the level of expertise that Ben Tuabs ER has. With the exception of a certain security guard, I found the personnel to be friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help. If I have an emergency situation, there is absolutely nowhere else that I would go except for Ben Taub. They are simply the best trauma center in Texas and some would argue in the US. I want to thank them for saving my life. They are truly a Godsend!! Pros: Best Hospital for ER Trauma care. Cons: Triage requirements result in long waits more

Ben Taub Experience 4/3/2010

Like many folks we lost our insurance and for the first time needed help and the Gold Card has been a blessing. Pros: good doctors, mostly friendly staff Cons: crowding , parking cost, long waits more

AVOID! 3/6/2009

Took my girlfriend there to the emergence room at 9:00pm. We were in the waiting room for 13 hours before she was even seen by a doctor. The exam area made me think of a MASH unit, with beds lined up against the walls very packed and close together. The visiting times did not make sense because I could only go back for 30 minutes at a time. Also, no one would ever give us any information at any regular times. We had to wait and wait just so the doctor could tell us that they had to make an appointment for surgery and one of the clinics. Then after the clinic visit, they STILL sent her home, just to bring her back at the end of the week. I dont understand why they call it an emergency room if you have to wait so dang long to even see the doctor. And she was referred by another hospital and it was stated as ASAP!. Restrooms are nasty, waiting room uncomfortable for that long of a stay. Pros: There is a McDonalds in the building more

Nightmare 1/7/2009

The ER is a nightmare. Lack of care. Lack of compassion. Lack of professionalism. This is not a place you choose for emergency care. more

Avoid if at all possible! 4/5/2008

Nightmare! Filthy! I ve never been to a hospitol where there is no soap in the restroom. No one can give you a patients status, or how long it will take. Was in waiting room for 14 hours before I had to give up, go home, and hope the person I took there could find a way to contact me! Oh yes ...and the floors are dirtier than a gas station restroom! Pros: price mabey Cons: everything else more

Ben Taub Website 3/30/2008

Very poor! I was merely trying to get a listing of a particular department and phone number; there was no such resource or place to type what I needed on this website. Cons: Website more
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