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Belmont Chiropractic Injury - 19 Reviews - 2100 Carlmont Dr Ste 3, Belmont, CA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (650) 595-1412

Belmont Chiropractic Injury

2100 Carlmont Dr Ste 3
Belmont, CA 94002
(650) 595-1412
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Belmont Chiropractic Injury - Belmont, CA
Belmont Chiropractic Injury - Belmont, CA
Belmont Chiropractic Injury - Belmont, CA
Belmont Chiropractic Injury - Belmont, CA


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A Gentle, Intelligent, Intuitive Healer?? 9\r With the kindest of intentions, Dr. Michael Aaron has changed my life in only a matter of months. I showed up at his office...


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A Gentle, Intelligent, Intuitive Healer 9/12/2010

A Gentle, Intelligent, Intuitive Healer?? 9\r With the kindest of intentions, Dr. Michael Aaron has changed my life in only a matter of months. I showed up at his office with a list of ailments that traditional medicine hadn't helped, I look forward to rising each day knowing there will be little or no heartburn, weight gain, back pain, or hip pain. Dr. Aaron's recommendations about Nutrition and his Applied Kinesiology techniques have taken me down a path to a healthier life. \r After hearing about the Craniosacral Therapy classes he teaches, I attended Level 1 and Level 2, with the plan to also attend Level 3. These course have shown me that traumas, both emotional and physical, can be triggered, thereby causing a release of tension. This, in turn, can allow the body's natural healing ability to kick in and take over. Anyway, it's clear, even in traditional medicine, that optimum health requires the body's systems to be in balance. With his caring touch and his intuitive nature, Dr. Aaron can give you the chance to experience positive changes throughout the body, including the spirit. \r \r 8/26/2010 \r This is an update on my progress. Since May 1st, with Dr. Aaron's help and nutritional advice, I've continued to lose a safe 1.5-2lbs/wk., my aches and pains have pretty much disappeared, and his Cranial Sacral and NET work have awakened me to old traumas in my past of which I'm working on letting go. I recommend Dr. Aaron to anyone who has failed to find answers to problems that other doctors have not been able to address. \r \r 6/19/2010\r Having always imagined chiropractors to be a scary lot, I went to Dr. Aaron on a friend's honest recommendation. To my great surprise, in only a matter of weeks, Dr. Aaron has provided me relief from hip pain that I'd had for several years. He also has amazingly reduced my heartburn symptoms with an adjustment of which I would never have thought. His nutritional advice and cranial sacral work have had an additional effect of helping me begin some weight loss that has evaded me for over 10 years. It has totally confounded and pleased me. He has made me realize that there are alternatives to traditional medicine which can provide better, safer results. I look forward to taking his cranial-sacral class. Please read about it on his website. \r more

Awareness is key 9/17/2008

With great success I have used chiropractic care for 30 years. Also living in a family with both medical as well as healing arts backgrounds I've always looked for a practitioner who not only had a good medical background, but was also aware of the many other things that are a part of healing (nutrition, emotion, life style, prevention). Since the day I walked into Dr. Aaron's office I knew that his practice offered what I was looking for. I have had wonderful success with his assistance in the alleviation of recent muscular and skeletal problems I've had for the last few years. He also understands that healing is an on going process, and far more then a specific adjustment at the moment. Dr. Aaron's influence carries on long after the appointment, and the value of that is far beyond words.\r \r more

It Worked for me! 8/13/2008

I have had mild scoliosis since birth and have sought preventive care most of my life to manage and mitigate the conditions progress. I have tried traditional chiropractors but have found that those who practice Applied Kinesiology are most helpful to me as they take into account the whole body's physiological state in treatment, which includes nutrition requirements, alignments, muscular imbalances and mobility.\r \r Since seeing Dr. Aaron, I have less or no pain in the usual pinched areas of my back, I sleep better and generally have more energy due, in part, to a good combination of supplements suited to my needs. I feel confident that if I need a spinal adjustment, I will get the right one. more

Exceptional Doctor 8/12/2008

I had constant tightness and pain in my jaw, neck and back. It?s been this way for the past 2-3 years. I?ve tried acupuncture, stretching and most recently was discussing surgery for my shoulder to relieve the pain. It was the discussion of surgery that brought me to Dr. Aaron?s office. After the first visit the pain symptoms were gone. I used to have constant pain always in the background and now it is gone. Dr Aaron also worked out a nutritional plan that greatly improved the way I feel. I had forgotten how good it feels to not be in pain. Dr. Aaron understands the whole body; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The results are tangible. He cares about the work he does and it shows. more

For Wonderful Chiropractic Care, see Dr. Aaron Chiropractic 6/20/2008

I was looking for a chiropractor I could go for regular\r ""tune-up"" adjustments. I find that in my every day\r work, commute, exercise, days off, etc. that I can easily get\r soreness and pains that a competent chiropractor can alleviate.\r \r I visited numerous chiropractors in the past and have had many\r bad experiences which made me very cautious in finding a new\r one. I visited chiropractors that did not consider where I was\r out of line but just did an overall cracking of everything,\r causing great back pain. I also visited one who seemed to be\r in the dark ages, using his fist to adjust my neck. I also\r visited one who, although a good doctor, harassed me endlessly\r about pre-paying for visits.\r \r At Dr. Aaron's, refreshingly, not only did I not encounter any of the\r above issues, but was pleased to find that he is an excellent\r chiropractor, and he has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and\r allergic reactions that have been incredibly helpful. Dr. Michael\r Aaron is the best chiropractor I have ever frequented, and I find\r regular visits to his office essential for my good health and piece of\r mind. Sometimes I may not mention exactly where I'm having pain, but\r the muscle testing Dr. Aaron uses can find exactly where the problem\r is without any input from me. It's quite remarkable. He is also very\r gentle.\r \r I feel I can rely on Dr. Aaron to alleviate any bone related pain\r I have as well as keeping my body in tune and feeling good and free\r moving. I have consulted him on digestive issues and allergic\r reactions, and he has always been able to provide the resolution to\r the issue that will get me back to feeling fine. I also feel assured\r that he is there to help me because I have made emergency appointments\r where he made himself available on very little notice. more

Dr Aaron listens and really does care. 6/18/2008

Dr Aaron listens and really does care. He wants you to get well and feel better and it truly shows. Not only have I had chiropractic and craniosacral work, he has also done NeuroEmotional Technique and tested me for the supplements that I need. I feel better now and have a better idea how to take care of my body. I always look forward to my appointments with him, because I know I will feel better when I leave. more

Dr. Aaron relieved my back pain. 6/16/2008

I was experiencing severe back pain for three months and chronic back tightness for three years. The pain even kept me in bed for a few days. I had tried using heating pads, Bengay and tai chi without any improvement. After beginning treatment, I no longer experienced the pain, and now only occasionally feel tightness in my back. I also sleep better and feel less strain in my neck. I learned to relax my muscles more and I also feel more energetic. Dr. Aaron uses muscle testing to accurately evaluate your physical, mental/emotional and biochemical aspects of health.\r \r William Huang more

Dr Aaron for Professional athletes 1/24/2008

I am a professional tennis player, having competed at Wimbledon, the French Open, Australian, US open and many other venues over the past 14 years. I?ve suffered from numerous unexplained injuries in the past and have had 5 surgeries, 3 stress fractures and tendonitis an uncountable number of times. It was really frustrating for me having the ability to compete with top players, but never able to keep myself healthy long enough to maintain and improve what I believe is my potential. \r \r About 4 years ago I first was made aware of chiropractic that includes Applied Kinesiology. I realized that it?s not just the physical stress of everyday training that causes injury but can also be other factors. I also learned that my spinal cord sends messages to the joints, muscles and tendons, and if it is not firing at 100%, these areas become weak and cause injuries. Weaknesses can be identified with kinesiology and chiropractic and can be corrected, preventing a lot of problems before they even get started. Nutrition is another element that is important. I have learned which foods cause my system to shut down, making me feel fatigued and irritated, and which ones help me. Competing with the best I need to feel as close to a 100% as I can all the time. \r \r I have been working with Dr. Aaron for the past 4 months, since I have been using San Francisco as a base. He has helped me not only to stay healthy, but also in finding new ways to increase my strength, physically, emotionally and mentally. We have created an individual nutritional program, for the nutrients my body needs specifically to keep my energy levels up as well as keep my weight consistent. I would strongly recommend Dr. Aaron to any serious professional athlete, since he has a very good understanding of the level of well being an athlete needs to perform at their best. Regards Surina \r more

Life without Pain 12/26/2006

Dr. Aaron, meeting you has been a true pleasure and gift in my life. After 3 and a half years of intolerable pain in my neck, shoulder and arm on the left side, dozens of doctors, techniques and theories, I finally have you to thank for bringing me back home to a life of comfort and joy. Along my journey back to health, I've tried just about everything under the moon aside from surgery to find resolve and more than not, found only treatments to subdue the pain, not correct the balance within. Craniosacral work was new to me before meeting you, and I now can't say enough how important this was and is in the restoration of my health. In just a month's time of seeing you, I'm living with complete peace and freedom of movement. This, along with your sensitive and intuitive knowledge in nutritional balance has been the grace to my well being. I'm so glad I found you! Thank you so much. Jeri G. Pros: Always available more

Exceptional Doctor and Individual 5/6/2006

I have had the good fortune of finding Dr. Aaron several years ago and have been EXTREMELY delighted with his service and skills. I have taken my young child, wife and myself to him, and he as been able to address my most urgent and critical issues. His combination of structural, nutritional and emotional diagnostic and therapeutic techniques are super, and are my first choice for referrals and support work. Pros: extremely efficient, nutritional & food, generous, great heart Cons: not in SF more

Took care of my neck and back 2/14/2005

I've had a pretty bad time with my neck and back all through my life, and I'd have to say the problems have decreased since I've started my treatment with Dr. Aaron. I'm quite the skeptic as far as chiropractic is concerned. But I keep going back only cos I've seen first hand that it works. I haven't been to any other chiropractor, so I couldn't compare. But my experience with Dr. Aaron has been a most pleasant one. more

Delivers results 1/17/2005

Had to find a new chiropractor due to relocation and visited a number of offices before finding Dr. Aaron, who I've been seeing now for a few years. Dr. Aaron provides gentle adjustments, uses a holistic approach, and is understanding of my busy schedule. I feel I am in the best hands. Pros: effective, friendly, flexible more

end of chiropractor odyssee 12/28/2004

Comprehensive symptom and overall health analysis. I feel well informed, well taken care of and trust Miachael's vast repertoire of diagnosis and treatment methods. Almost no waiting, ever! Pros: trust, knowledge, therapy more

Super! 12/26/2004

I visited Dr. Aaron because of back pain. Within a few visits my pains were gone. Also I had problems with my foot, lower leg and I got headaches too often. He suggested changes in my diet, and it worked miracles. I am able to breathe a lot without any nasal congestions and the frequency of my heacaches has come down a lot! He is very intuitive! I highly recommend him! Pros: Intuitive, Knowledgable, Gentle more

Genious 12/14/2004

Doctor Aaron is a genious at Applied Kinesiology. He has excellent and extensive muscle testing skills, which give him a leading edge with nutrition and the treatment of difficult-to-fathom pain and discomfort. more

Dr. Aaron 10/8/2004

I've spent 20 years seeing Dermatologists and Medical specialists to determine the root cause of the skin rashes and itchy patches I've had. For 20 years the only solution was to use topical Hydrocortixone cream, which was the only thing that provided relief. After a couple of visits to Dr. Aaron, he identified the cause of my chronic itchy, rashy skin as food allergies, specifically to wheat, corn and soy. I didn't believe him, si I continued to eat those forbidden foods. Dr. Aaron advised me that I had to stop eating those foods in order to obtain relief. I finally complied and amazingly the rashes and itchy skin disappeared. I am now free of using cortisone cream. I also feel healthier and better since I've been seeing Dr. Aaron, and my health has improved significantly. Thank you Dr. Aaron! Diane W. Pros: In network coverage, Compassionate, Flexible hours more

Testimonial 10/4/2004

When I first came to Dr. Aaron's Office I was on pain pills and physically and emotionally stressed due to back pain. I had gone to several doctor's and chiropractors, but nothing really seemed to help. Fortunatly I started seeing Dr. Aaron and within a few short months I was off the pain pills and felt alive again, both emotionally and physically. Pros: good parking, comfortable office more

Positive Response 9/30/2004

I enjoy my sessions with Dr. Aaron. His technique is gentle, yet aligns and balances my joints and muscles such that I always feel better after our sessions and for several weeks following. Pros: Knowledgeable, Quiet, Gentle more

warm and caring person 8/31/2004

I have always felt wonderful after seeing Dr. Aaron. I highly recommend him! Pros: Gentle, Sensitive, Effective more
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