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Belmont - 43 Reviews - 747 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA - Celeb Hangout Reviews - Phone (310) 659-8871


747 N La Cienega Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 659-8871
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Belmont - West Hollywood, CA
Belmont - West Hollywood, CA
Belmont - West Hollywood, CA
Belmont - West Hollywood, CA
Belmont - West Hollywood, CA
Belmont - West Hollywood, CA
Belmont - West Hollywood, CA


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I had the best waitress at this place. Not only was she beautiful, she was hilarious, and taught me how to wink. Great service, and a great bloody mary bar. Definitely check it ou...


I've been going to the Belmont for YEARS. Went there with a bunch of people the other day after a big ball game was on. It had been 80 degrees during the day and two of our guy fr...

more bar than cafe 3/20/2011

i dont even know why they call it a cafe. it's relaly more like a bar. on a warm night it's awesome to sit on the patio. there are always good lookin girls here. close to a lot of restaurants liek spanish kitchen so it's easy to jump over and get a drink after dinner anywhere on la cienga. usually not too crowded to get in. all in all, a solid bar. more


The Belmont employs vendors who show complete disregard for the well being of it's neighbors.EG:ACE BEVERAGE routinely parks their trucks illegally producing dangerous bottlenecks.The Belmont is aware that there has been accident and injury due to this behavior but continues to employ vendors who act with complete disregard and behave like thugs! SHAME ON YOU BELMONT! Do not patronize this eastablishment and if you do be careful getting out of your car- you won't be the first casualty. more

Good Happy Hour 9/17/2010

I love this place! My coworkers and I go here for happy hour and it is pretty fun! The service is good, the food is yummy, the happy hour prices are good, and the drinks are well-made. Try the macaroni and cheese along with the beef skewers and the sweet potato fries... they are delicious! Yum!! The place does get crowded so we usually call to reserve a table ahead of time. We love the place and they don't rush you out or give you looks to hurry up lol. There are tv's showing whatever sports are on and they are pretty good about changing if someone asks. I've only asked twice... the other times they had Dodger games on so I was happy. =) \r \r I've also been there during lunch when I've been stressed at work and in need of a drink during the day lol. The place is a pretty quiet at that time which actually works out perfect! The lunch menu is pretty bomb. The service is just as great in the daytime as it is in the night. more

Best Service in Los Angeles!! 7/15/2010

I had the best waitress at this place. Not only was she beautiful, she was hilarious, and taught me how to wink. Great service, and a great bloody mary bar. Definitely check it out and ask for Kelle!!!!!! more

Great Local Hang Out 6/24/2010

This place definitely sets itself apart from many spots around the area. \r \r It has a very classy feel inside and has a canopy section if you prefer to be more outside and people watch.\r \r They have happy hour from 4-7 every day even weekends wit half off all drinks and appetizers-try the mac and cheese and BBQ ribs. \r \r Both lunch and dinner menus cover all areas and everything I have had so far has been on point.\r Pros: Great Staff, Happy Hour, and Menu more

Stupid dress code, bad management 4/7/2009

I've been going to the Belmont for YEARS. Went there with a bunch of people the other day after a big ball game was on. It had been 80 degrees during the day and two of our guy friends were wearing shorts (nice ones, not sports shorts) ... after being there for an hour the bouncer noticed what they were wearing and told us we needed to leave. We tried to explain that we'd just bought a round of drinks and that we'd brought a bunch of customers there that night. Long story short, they wouldn't budge on their ""no shorts"" policy and we all went somewhere else to enjoy drinks. Lame. Pros: Example: best croissants in town Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Ok 2/12/2009

I just went here for the first time (so weird because I?ve driven by so many timesand didn?t know what it was) and it has a fun atmosphere and all but there are many other places around the city that are easier to get into. I guess we went there on a really busy night (was a Saturday) and the line was forever long. The bouncer was really nice but still, way too cold to wait outside. I thought that cute girls should always be let in right away?\r \r So by the time we got in, all the tables were full and so was the bar. We got drinks but felt really uncomfortable just standing around. We decided to just stick it out for the night since we paid for valet, waited in line and already had drinks?but I would have been happy just going somewhere else I can actually sit down with my friends. more

Crazy Dress Codes 10/6/2008

I used to love the Belmont! Would send lots of people there! They now have some crazy new owners from New York that will not let in if you are wearing shorts there after 7 PM (we got there at 7:05 PM, and they turned us away). This is LA--lighten up Belmont!!!! Pros: Great out door patio Cons: Stupid dress policy more

Down-to-earth 6/8/2008

Not sure who the chef is but the food i s amazing, which is a little unexpected. Hollywood nightlife is usually not known for good food. We had the Mac & Cheese - best I ever had. I had some friends in town, staying in Hollywood, and had heard The Belmont was the place to go on Sunday nights. We had a blast! The vibe was great! Staff very friendly. The crowd seems very down-to-earth, non-hollywood - I would definitely recommend this spot. more

Should Have Stayed Home 3/10/2008

I recently visited Los Angeles and was told I should check out a Sunday night at the Belmont. So being that it was my last day in town and, as my LA friends call it, Sunday Funday, we went to the Belmont for drinks and karaoke. Looking back now, I should have stayed in my hotel, ordered room service and watched tv.\r You can't deny that the place was hoppin, and it did have a fun vibe when we arrived, but getting a table was near to impossible. I went to the bar for drinks, but had to wait for the bartender to finish his lengthy conversation with a couple other patrons. While it appeared there were a few of us at the bar interested in spending money, he appeared more interested in shootin the bs. When I was finally able to get his attention by waving at him, he proceeded to make my drinks without even a hint of friendliness or customer service. Needless to say, his tip reflected that.\r My friends and I stood on the patio, talking and hanging out, much like most of the staff. I was entertained when I saw one of the waitresses do two shots with a table. So far, the staff was having more fun than me.\r I went to the bar again, and this time the female bartender helped me out. She was friendlier than her coworker. I tried to sign up for the karaoke, but was told that I would never get up unless I tipped the dj money. I dont like to be told I need to tip, so I decided against singing. (and probably lucky for the rest of the people in there)\r On my way back out to the patio, I overheard two waitresses talking. One was telling the other how much she hates working there. The other agreed with her, saying she was also looking for another job. Oddly enough, one of the unhappy workers was the girl who did the shots on the patio.\r We finished our drinks, and decided to leave. No prospect of ever getting a table, unhappy and unfriendly workers, and expensive karaoke just didn't seem like a good time that night.\r So we left.\r Next time I will try Happy Endings. Pros: Fun vibe, attractive girls, strong drinks Cons: lousy staff, made to feel like they're doing us a favor being there more

Like an old friend that has moved away 1/3/2008

I recently visited the Belmont, which used to be one of my favorite spots, and after my experience this last time I felt compelled to write a review. It amazes me how far this great spot has fallen. I've been coming here for years and up until recently always had a good time. If service was lacking or the food wasn't up to par, the strong drinks and fun atmosphere made up for it.\r But free drinks probably wouldn't get me back there now. the display of rudeness and unprofessionalism from the staff really left me wondering, what happened to the Belmont. I won't single out the server, but all I can say, is you better make sure you leave a good tip. Or at least a tip the server thinks is good.\r more

Skip It: Bad Food and Unfriendly Staff 11/16/2007

I had the best of intentions to take my girlfriend to a nice evening and thanks to the Belmont, the night was ruined and embarassing:\r 1. The wait staff is extremely unfriendly and inattentive.\r 2. The owners of the place troll around too much and make it too well known that they own the place, pretty pathetic.\r 3. There was an unneccessary fight the night we were there: the ""owners"" decided to act macho and try to throw a guy out - not very appealing to the girlfriend.\r 4. The best part, my girlfriend got sick off their food later that night.\r \r I'm just a guy trying to take my girlfriend out to have a nice time - but we'll never go back to the Belmont and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Cons: Unfriendly Staff, Too Many Fights, Bad Food, Expensive Drinks more

Unfriendly 11/2/2007

Went to have a drink there on a Thursday night; it wasn't too crowded, which was nice. One of my friends accidentally knocked over a beer bottle (about 1/4 full), which fell onto a booth where someone was sitting. My friend quickly apologized and the other patron was understandably annoyed, but could tell my friend was sincere and not a drunk idiot being careless and was fine. There was a bouncer nearby who saw this and came over. When he went to go into the kitchen to grab a towel he intentionally shoved me as he walked by. Why would he shove me? I have no idea. I hadn't said a single word to him or anyone...I was just standing there as my friend was apologizing. I really couldn't believe it. When he came back, I asked the bouncer why he shoved me? He said he didn't know that he shoved me. When I told him that he did shove me he asked me in a smartass tone if I was ok? I said I was. He said ""Good."" That was that. I explained this to the manager who was nice enough and offered me a free drink, but I didn't want a free drink. I wonder if the bouncer had punched me if I would have been offered a free dessert? more

WHAT HAPPENED???? 8/17/2007

Ok, so I used to come here all the time, but haven't dined in a month or two. All I have to say is that this place has definately changed for the worse. Don't change the recipe for your best appetizer item (tuna tartare) because now it isnt special anymore and actually tasteless. Filet skewers were raw on the inside. Our server didn't know what drinks the bar served nor what was in any of the dinner items. I ordered a salad that I have ordered numerous times and it came out missing ingredients. When I asked the server where the raspberries and apples were, she had to ask the chef what was in the salad and said that not only are there no raspberries anymore, that they didnt have any. When dessert came, what was all over as garnish?? RASPBERRIES!! I didn't even bother complaining because I was just so dissappointed. Thats the word I would call it- dissappointment. The menu changed, great items got taken off. Educate servers on the drinks and menu, and please accomodate your customers. It really feels like a s!ap in the face when you are told the kitchen is out of something and then you find out they have it. I hope that you can get it together because I miss the old Belmont!!! more

avoid at all costs 8/14/2007

the food was not that great, service was slow and on top of it the valet lost our car keys.\r will not go back. more

Great lunch menu! 8/1/2007

I visited the Belmont for the first time on a Wednesday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. There was no wait when I arrived around 1 p.m. I was seated right away at a table on the outside patio. The lunch menu had a great variety of sandwiches/salads, all of which looked appealing. I had the lobster club and I would definitely recommend it. The atmosphere was nice - very cozy and not too loud. The only bummer is the parking - if you can find a meter, then you are all good! Pros: Great menu, no wait Cons: Bring your quarters! more

Great Steak Salad 6/21/2007

The Bellmont has a very tasty steak salad, although being that i use to work across the steet from there I have seen some change in the consistancy of their food preperation. When it first opened up about 4 years ago it was amazing for the first 2, then it kinda got sloppy as to what ingrediants. Missing this, Missing that. The food it good but not like it use to be. The vibe is fun, the staff are polite, drinks are good. I still go there sometimes for lunch. Pros: Valet parking for evening events Cons: weekends are crazy more

Needs a bit of work, but great vibe 6/4/2007

I really enjoyed the layout and vibe of this place, but there was definitely a communication breakdown between the servers and the kitchen. We waited about 1 hour 20 minutes for our food, only to be advised after the wait that they ran out of chicken and we had to change one of our orders. That really should have been communciated when our order first went in. The server was very nice about it, but it's difficult to give a good review when something as disorganized as this occurs. I will probably give this place another try for drinks, but not for dinner - the food wasn't particularly exciting (we had mac & cheese - good, but nothing too special; spinach salad - again, it was just ok; and steak salad - not very appetizing). Pros: Good Vibe and Location Cons: Disorganized and Slow Service more

Good drinks, Good music, Good times 2/26/2007

I've been to the Belmont a bunch of times and everytime, I have a good time. The Belmont is a restaurant/bar. They play good music. It tends to get crowded so go early, so that you can get a table (I must admit, it's not so fun when you have to stand around). If you and a bunch friends want to go out, but not in the mood for a club...but still wanna get wated...go to The Belmont. You can sit, laugh, have great conversation...even if you don't remember it in the morning... : ) Pros: Great alternative to the club scene Cons: Not having a table can be annoying more

I'm A Believer Again!!! 11/22/2006

I felt compelled to write a review, after visiting the Belmont a few days ago. This was my first visit back to the Belmont after a bad experience there, three years ago. (I won't go in to details, but I swore I wouldn't return) This time however, I found the staff to be attentive, the food to be delicious, and most of all, everyone was quite friendly. I went there to watch a football game and though my game wasn't on any of the tv's, I asked the manager Paul, to change a tv, and he made it happen for me. My only complaint, if you can call it a complaint, is that our food did take longer than I thought it should. But the restaurant was busy and everything was delicious and actually worth the wait. I had a great lobster club sandwich, which was only made better, because of the sweet potato fries. My group stayed there several hours and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I want to thank the staff for restoring my faith in the Belmont. I will be back for sure. more
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    On weekends, stylish guests line the bar and spill over onto nearby banquettes and huge leather ottomans. Alcohol-fueled conversation and laughter bounce off the concrete floor,...

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