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Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl - 25 Reviews - 1394 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA - Gift Shops Reviews - Phone (404) 638-6530
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Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl

1394 McLendon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 638-6530
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Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl - Atlanta, GA
Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl - Atlanta, GA
Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl - Atlanta, GA
Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl - Atlanta, GA
Belly Dance By Nazeem Allayl - Atlanta, GA


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If you are looking for a place to learn a fun and exciting art form, while getting a great workout, you need to look into Nazeem Allayl studios! Course variety is excellent-all ty...


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Fun and Exciting! Awesome workout! 12/17/2011

If you are looking for a place to learn a fun and exciting art form, while getting a great workout, you need to look into Nazeem Allayl studios! Course variety is excellent-all types of classes for all types of workout needs! Walk in workouts will really get you working up a sweat and assist in helping with weight loss goals. I am very happy that I decided to drop in on a belly dance class at Nazeem Allayl studios over two years ago. Fun, exciting, welcoming and all women environment. Technique courses are lead by instructors that really know how to break down a move into parts for students to grasp more easily. There are no membership fees or contracts. You just pay for the classes you are interested in and costs are very reasonable! They have class times to fit your schedule. Performance opportunities available too! more

Best place for belly dance 12/1/2011

I love this studio! I've been dancing here for over a year--I'm addicted! They offer a wide variety of classes, including technique classes for those who want to learn how to do the moves like a pro, choreography classes for those who want to learn fun, sassy dances to all kinds of songs (Top 100 to Egyptian folk and everything in between!), and walk in and work out classes for those who just want to shimmy their way to fitness. There is always something new to learn or try, and belly dancing is a great alternative to ordinary gym workouts. The atmosphere is incredibly positive--women of all ages, body types, and backgrounds come to show off their dance moves and celebrate their femininity. The teachers are friendly and supportive, and each has her own unique personality and style, so you can easily find an instructor that meets your learning style. Plus, the studio sell tons of great props and clothing so you can not only feel fabulous, but look fabulous as well! My time here has helped me gain physical fitness as well as confidence. I highly recommend this studio if you are looking for a new way to work out, a unique to hobby, or a great way to meet new friends! more

Atlanta Belly Dance 11/22/2011

I attended my first walk-in work out class with Nazeem Allayl Belly Dance studios a year ago and now I am hooked! If you are looking for a wonderful alternative to regular gym workouts then belly dancing is definitely the way to go. This studio offers technique and choreography courses, as well as walk in work out classes. All of the teachers are very friendly and the environment is very positive. more

Best Belly Dance Studio In Atlanta 11/21/2011

This studio is outstanding . They offer so many classes from workout ,art of belly dance, and using the coolest props. The teachers are amazing teachers as well as performers . You feel right at home in the women only environment a must try. more

warning: may be addictive 11/10/2011

I stopped in to the Little 5 Points studio for a workout class a few months ago and have been coming back twice or three times a week since. You get pulled in by the sense of community, the warm, welcoming environment, and the huge variety of interesting classes. Seriously, the number of classes I want to take when they release their calendar is always more than my body or wallet will allow. You can learn not just traditional Middle Eastern belly dance, but hula, bhangra, tribal dance, hip-hop/belly dance fusion... the list goes on. And on top of that, you can learn to add props to your dance repertoire (sword dance, anyone?). Plus, the super warm, all-female environment has taught me to embrace my sensual, feminine side (which doesn't get to come out much in my day-to-day life). The only downside is, as some others have pointed out, every time you show up to class you're tempted to empty your wallet on the beautiful belly dance clothes and accessories on sale at all studio locations. This place has added so much to my life, I highly recommend it to anyone. more

Best Studio EVER! 2/23/2011

I am currently taking classes at the Windy Hill Studio - and I love it! I felt a difference after the first class. You get a work out without even realizing it!! My body can now move in ways I never thought it could, and that is coming from someone who is dance-challenged. I am so proud of the work I have put in to belly dance and I can now see the classes paying off!! more

Amazing Studio 12/19/2010

I was bitten by the bellydance bug 5 months ago after only one class! Since then I've taken at least 2 classes per week and a walk-in work out class here and there. I love the choreography classes (the dances and music is awesome) and the work out classes kick my butt! You would never guess that bellydance would be SO a great way! I also love the performance opportunities that Nazeem Allayl offers. There are 2 studio shows that students can perform each year, as well as more informal haflas which anyone is welcome to dance in. Those are a blast! It gives you a chance to show off everything you've been working on to your friends (since no observers are allowed in class) and trust me, they will be amazed! The only downside is that the studio only accepts cash or check, so come prepared! more

Best Dance Studio 12/18/2010

If you want to learn bellydance this is the place to be. There are three convenient locations. All locations have stores with just about every item you will need to make you look like a bellydancer. Several classes are offered weekly so the studios are always open. If you are looking for a feminine dance and that will keep you in shape I highly recommend this studio. more

Awesome belly dance instruction! 12/17/2010

Looking to learn how to belly dance? Check out Nazeem Allayl Studios! There are three studios to choose from, so you can go to the one closest to you or mix it up and go to all three. Either way, you are in for a great workout and awesome dance experience! Belly dance is like no other dance I?ve done before?it is very beautiful and feminine, but very intensive on your thighs, glutes, core, and arms?it is actually pretty surprising how great of a workout you get! I have started subbing my gym visits with dance classes a couple of times a week to mix it up and have a FUN sweat session! The teachers are cool and really good at explaining the proper technique?it seems that this company is very particular about their ?style? of dancing, so you learn a range of different moves and types of belly dance, but they really focus on your posture so you do your moves the right way. The classes are also awesome bc no matter what you take, the student attendance is always very diverse. There are women of all sizes, ages, and ethnicity?16 is the youngest allowed, but there is no age limit from there on up!! Many of the students are regulars, and they, in addition to the teachers, make you feel much more comfortable and welcome than some of the other dance and workout classes I?ve been to. You are welcome to wear what you want to class, but everyone encourages you to really get into it and dress as belly dancy as you can! It also makes for a more fun experience bc not only are you dancing the dance, you look the part too! So go ahead and purchase that fabulous coin belt?you will feel pretty and womanly rather than sweaty and gross in your gym clothes?it?s great! more

Great experience 12/17/2010

Lets start from the beginning. I was first introduced to belly dance by Shakira, I was so intrigued by the way she danced, I mean look at her hips! And so when a friend told me about the Nazeem Allyal studios I was very excited of the possibility that I could learn to dance like her. So about a year ago I signed up for my first class and have been going since. Now lets talk about what keeps me coming back. Great teachers!!!! They are so talented! The atmosphere is great, only women. So you don?t have to worry about man staring while you are dancing. Also, belly dance is such a feminine dance that by the time you leave the first class you will be like, ?oh I need to go get my nails done? or ?I need to wear a dress more often.? It really does bring out the ?women? inside of you. Overall, I recommend the Nazeem Allyal studios to learn how to belly dance. It is the largest in the US, however it doesn?t feel that way at all. Instructors are very personable! They have the most experience. The studio is an established studio; they have been in business for 10+ years and from what I?ve hear Schadia, the owner, has been dancing for at least 15 years. So quit thinking about it and go ahead and sign up. You won?t regret it! Just be sure to sign up 3 days before class to save $10. more

Embrace Your Girliness 12/16/2010

I absolutely love dancing at the Nazeem Allayl studios! This studio provides a women-only environment where you can embrace your girliest side and learn how to move beautifully and get healthy while you?re doing it! It?s a little scary taking that first step of signing up and jumping into a new hobby, especially one so outside-the-box as belly dance, but believe me, as soon as you walk into that studio, all of those fears dissipate. Before you know it, you?ve fallen in love with it and find yourself wearing sparkly coin sashes, pretty floral skirts, and big flowers in your hair. (The studio sells plenty of reasonably priced belly dance accessories to tempt you along the way!) Besides being a great environment, the teachers at Nazeem Allayl are all experienced, professional dancers who really know what they are doing. It doesn?t matter what your belly dance background is, if you?ve never danced a day in your life or have been dancing since they day you were born, you will be welcome and provided with the best teaching and workout in Atlanta! more

Can't find better quality or prices in Atlanta than right he 12/14/2010

Go to this studio. You won't regret it! Professional. Organized. Knowledgable in the field. Beautiful. All-women. Variety. I have been a student of Nazeem Allayl for four years. I have bonded with so many women, worked out and changed the shape of my body (more feminine), and have learned how to dance and act like a belly dancer. I love the new me. Honestly, I once took classes from another lady, who had been a student of Schadia's before. It was so unprofessional, bad music, no mirrors! Too relaxed... and never again am I doing that! The teachers here really know how to teach, how to DANCE, and how to push their students to better themselves. There's a reason why I have been seeing the same girls in the classes for years now! You should come! ;-) more

The Only Place in Atlanta to Learn How to Bellydance 12/13/2010

The best thing about dancing at Nazeem Allayl is that you're with all women, of all ages and sizes. Even the most self-conscious of you will feel brave enough by the second class to bare your belly and be proud of what you can do with it! more

My Newest Obsession!! 11/29/2010

I would recommend Nazeem Allayl Belly Dance to anyone that wants to workout AND have fun while doing it. I've only been there a couple months and I've already begun toning up and losing weight. (With a slight diet modification as well, pretty much just cut out sweets and sodas) Plus the outfits are so cute, with all the different coin sash options and accessories... i love it!! Its also really convenient because no matter what part of Atlanta you're in, there is a studio near by. I've taken classes with both She'nez and Schadia (2 of the instructors at the Perimeter location) and both instructors are really awesome. No matter the size of the class, you get individualized attention and they are super encouraging. I've never been more comfortable in my skin because no one there judges you. It's opened up a whole new side of me and I never knew I loved to dance so much!! My only regret... not finding Nazeem Allayl Belly Dance sooner. more

Taking classes is a great way to meet new friends. 3/19/2010

Taking classes at Nazeem Allayl Belly Dance Studio has been a great way to meet other ladies with similar interests. I've met so many kind and friendly women who love dance as much as I do. Nazeem Allayl is such a big studio that I'm always meeting new ladies and seeing new faces. Pros: largest belly dancing studio in Atlanta more

The perimeter studio is a great location! 3/19/2010

I have been taking classes for a while (mainly at the Perimeter location.) It's right off 285 and the studio is HUGE! It has an entire wall that is mirrored so you can see yourself dancing no matter where you are on the floor. It also has a shop right in the studio! You can buy beautiful hip scarfs, pants, dance shoes, shirts... anything for bellydancing! Pros: Location, Teachers, Size more

Great workout and so much fun! 3/19/2010

Nazeem Allayl studio has helped me fall in love with belly dance! I take as many classes as I possibly can each week. Not only do I love to dance, but I have also met some amazing women at the Nazeem Allayl studios! The teachers and the students are fun, beautiful women who love to dance, and it is a great atmosphere to be a part of! Belly dance classes are a great way to ?escape? from the stress of daily life and to just enjoy being a woman. more

Best Belly Dancing in Atlanta 3/18/2010

I've taken dance classes here and there at different places, but it wasn't until I took a class at Atlanta Belly Dance's Windy Hill Studio that I really developed a passion for dance. The studio offers six week choreography courses that are both challenging and comprehensive. I never felt left behind and NEVER experienced the snobbery I've sometimes found at other dance studios. The teachers and students here are all very encouraging and are some of the most amazing women I know. If anyone's contemplating taking a class, it's definitely worth a shot. You won't regret it! Pros: great teachers and dance choreographies Cons: none! more

Awsome Place to Dance and Get in Shape 3/18/2010

Nazeem Allayl is a fantastic bellydance studio. They offer only bellydance classes, which is a huge advantage for someone who is serious about learning the art. The workout classes are amazing! They are fun, effective, and you feel great about yourself while doing the moves. It is a very comfortable atmosphere and the instructors are very animated and energetic. And girl, do I mean it when I say the classes work! Most of the moves they teach are basic, but in no way effortless. If you fully commit to perfecting the moves, you will notice a difference in muscle tone and body weight. You can also take choreography programs and apply the different moves you learned in the workout classes. And let's not forget about the shopping! Most of the merchandise is located at the Perimeter Studio, and there is an abundance of things to choose from. Anything you will ever need for bellydance is all here. more

Favorite new exercise! 3/18/2010

As for many of us, one of my New Year?s resolutions was to lose weight, but I HATE going to the gym, so I did some research online and found that you can burn up to 300 calories an hour through belly dancing. I tested out a pay-as-you-go class at the Nazeem Allayl Perimeter studio and fell in love! I?ve been going three times a week and have lost almost 15 lbs, and at $10 per class to work out, it is so much cheaper than a gym! Pros: So much fun and I lost 15 lbs! Cons: None! more
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