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Bello's Salon & Spa - 15 Reviews - 216 Broadway Ave E Ste B, Seattle, WA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (206) 328-6414

Bello's Salon & Spa

216 Broadway Ave E Ste B (at E Thomas Street)
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 328-6414
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Bello's Salon & Spa - Seattle, WA
Bello's Salon & Spa - Seattle, WA
Bello's Salon & Spa - Seattle, WA
Bello's Salon & Spa - Seattle, WA
Bello's Salon & Spa - Seattle, WA


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I've been to Bello's many times, to get my hair and nails done. I've had my nails done there perhaps a dozen times and love their service. It's not the fastest pedicure in the w...


Reacding recent reviews definitely clarifies poor customer care. It comes down to chain of command and ethics. If Bluebear knew he was doing a poor job, if would have been in his ...

Wonderful salon 10/27/2008

I've been to Bello's many times, to get my hair and nails done. I've had my nails done there perhaps a dozen times and love their service. It's not the fastest pedicure in the world, but it lasts for a long time (usually at least 4 weeks between visits). I had my hair colored and cut there by Loan in September. It was the first time I have had my hair colored in 15 years, so coloring options had changed dramatically. Loan was fantastic. She explained all the options, helped me choose a color, and mixed a perfect custom color for my hair. I highly recommend this salon. Pros: Wonderful space, great staff Cons: They are busy, so book in advance more

Edgy, fresh and fun. 10/5/2008

Upbeat and happy vibe anytime you walk through the door, I've never walked away with anything less then exactly what I asked for. The place to be if you want funky hair coloring or a super cute new look! Cons: You'll usually have to call in advance to get a place. more

Bellos ownership needs review... 9/6/2008

Reacding recent reviews definitely clarifies poor customer care. It comes down to chain of command and ethics. If Bluebear knew he was doing a poor job, if would have been in his best interest to cease the waxing job at hand and kindly explain to the experienced waxing reciever that he could not finish. that would have prevented everything. as for the you BELIEVE in the company you work for??? Because if your owners are telling you to discredit a clients and their doctors honesty and knowledge, and you agree with that, you have moral issues of your own, and should not be in the product or service industry, ever. i don't think you realize the severity of the situation, and how your actions or lack there of made this situation even worse. What is the Service Industy saying..."We are truly happy that you have chosen our company, and we will do everything we can to make you come back again." Not only did you loose this waxing client and every potential client that she would have recommened to you, but you also lost every client that will be reading any ot the reviews, just solely based on the lack of care and professionalism you applied to the situation. Good Luck!!! Cons: No service can improve poor customer service more

Bad Business 9/6/2008

It is a good thing we have these review's on the internet - so each people can share experiences of places they have visited. More importantly, it lets the business respond to customer complaints and handle them accordingly. Reading the review's below, and the response of the business, I can only say that this place has some business and ethical practices that need improvement.

Do customers think that every business in town is going to make everyone of there customers happy? No. But it is how they react when things go wrong. Just ignoring everything that the customer wrote below (although burns even of a 0 degree is serious), the response from Bello's Salon and Spa was beyond poor. When things go wrong, people expect the business to 1) LISTEN to the customer 2) Respond with a customer service focused attitude - at very minimum a heartfelt apology. 3) Ask the customer what you can do to make it better. So when we have a company admitting they burnt a customer. A customer going to the doctors office having to prove they were burnt, then this poor excuse of a response, then I think that we know that Bello's Salon and Spa is not a place where I would go, or any of my friends would go again. The good news is, that if everyone who has trouble with Bello's Salon and Spa reports this - then they will have bigger troubles to deal with and their poor business will fail. That is, if they don't get sued first. Pros: Salon look Cons: Everything else more

Mutilation at Bello's Salon and Spa 4 9/6/2008

The resposnse below from the business is grossly appaling. It doesn't matter if I had first degree burns or third degree burns, and BTW I DID misspeak over the phone, but quickly corrected myself in the next phone call... The question is, why am I making so many phone calls?? You admitted to burning me, that should be ENOUGH!! It doesn't matter if it was first degree, it doesn't matter that the scarring will be minimal... WHAT MATTERS IS I WILL HAVE SCARS FOR LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR TREATMENT!!! more

Mutilation at Bello's Salon and Spa 9/5/2008

The next day I got a phone call from the manager of Bello's, Christine, who told me that they would refund my money, but only with a doctor's note confirming that I have first degree burns... Now they were asking me to PROVE that they burned me!! Even after they talked to the inexperienced waxer, Bluebear, who admitted that he was wrong, even though they KNOW I got bad service, they still wanted a doctor's note... I went to the doctor, something I was able to do on a Friday afternoon because I had to leave work AGAIN because I was in too much PAIN, got my damn note and marched right into that salon... I slapped the note down on the counter and told them to refund my money NOW... To which the owner replied "We are going to further review this note." I told her to go right ahead because I want them to KNOW what they DID TO ME!!!!! She tried to discredit my honesty... I have never experienced WORSE customer service than I ended up experiencing with Bello's Salon and Spa... First they allow an inexperienced esthetician use hot wax to remove my hair when he had NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING, then they give me first and second degree BURNS, then when I inform them of my injuries, they hassled me for two days, finally saying that they have had "A fast one pulled before" even though the idiot who burned me ADMITTED THAT HE BURNED ME!!!! I reminded them the horror I have had to experience these last two days, and will continue to experience discomfort and pain for DAYS, not to mention the toll this has taken on my self esteem... I reminded them that they were SEVERLY insulting by making me return with a doctor's note, despite my torture chamber master's confession.. What happened to me was absolutely unacceptable, and the lack of concern for my well being in a place that is SUPPOSED to be customer service driven was absolutely repulsive... I wouldn't reccomend this salon to even my WORST enemy... Pros: the salon was beautiful Cons: I recieved first and second degree burns from my waxing treatment more

Mutilation at Bellos Salon and Spa 2 9/5/2008

But it wasn't over soon... At one point he handed me the scissors and the roll of waxing paper so that I could cut the strips for him in order to move a little quicker... I was most definitely not getting spoiled... After an hour and fifteen minutes had elapsed, he decided he was finished... He handed me a mirror as I stared at the reflection of my mutilated body... There were patches of hair, I was redder than I have even seen my artificially tanned skin before... But I wanted OUT!! I quickly paid so I could just GO... As the night progressed, the pain intensified... I went to bed, hoping I'd feel fine by the morning... I awoke sore and swollen so bad that I had to leave work early... I rushed over to my normal esthetician who handed me a mirror and presented the first and second degree burns covering me... I called the Salon and told them what had happened, expressing my concern for future unexpecting clients... And then I asked for my damn money back... To which the manager at Bello's Salon and Spa replied: "I'll have to talk with Bluebear and my manager and call you back." Fine... Call me back... Ring ring! "Our policy is no refunds. We can give you store credit." I calmly explained to the manager of Bellos Salon and Spa that I would absolutely NOT acccept store credit, nor would I ever return for any service other than getting my $75.00 back... I DID NOT PAY $75.00 TO GET THE SKIN SEARED OFF OF ME!!!!! I told her I understood store policy and would maybe accept that had this just been a crappy wax job, but I have BEEN INJURED... Still haven't received my phone call back to tell me whether or not I will be getting my refund... Tell EVERYONE you know to STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIFIC PLACE!!! I feel completely embarrassed and disgusting, never has my self esteem been lower? I may end up with scars for life after going to Bellos Salon and Spa? Is there anything worse you can do to a woman? What happened to me was absolutely unacceptable... Pros: the salon was beautifull Cons: I recieved first and second degree burns from the waing treatment more

Mutilation at Bellos Salon and Spa 9/5/2008

Last night, I went into Bellos Salon and Spa 216 E Broadway in Seattle. The salon was beautiful. A sort of zen meets edgy Capitol Hill. I was excited to be a little pampered. I have a normal esthetician, but decided to look for one a little closer to home, this was a new salon so I had high hopes. When I checked in, they immediately sat me down and introduced me to the man, named Bluebear, who would be waxing me. Yes, man, but hey, it's Capitol Hill, and there's NOTHING sexual about getting OR giving a Brazillian wax!! He showed me into the room, a small room with relaxing music, and left me to change. All was good. Let the waxing commence. Now I have been getting Brazillian waxes done for a couple of years now, so I understand that there is a significant amount of pain that comes with it, which is why I have a drink or three before I go, but I could NEVER prepare myself for what was about to happen to my nether regions... The wax was thick and not hot... It got stuck to my skin and pulled my hair... Just didn't pull my hair hard enough I guess 'cuz when he pulled the strip, none came out... So he went for it again, and again, and AGAIN... Over and over in the same spot... It took him a while to figure out that you need to hold the skin taught in order to get any result at all... It was miserable... He applied extra pressure to the strip thinking it would help, but all it did was bruise my pubic bone... I was quickly realizing that when he told me he had done two Brazillians earlier that day, that he was LYING! As he stood, sweaty over me, (did I mention he has a hormone disorder that causes him to sweat profusely?) I tried my best to coach him though it a bit and just prayed it would be over soon... But it wasn't over soon... more

Bello's are a Cut Above the rest 6/21/2008

I've never had better haircuts than the cuts I get at Bellos. I have very fine, wispy hair that doesn't hold a curl and I'm a get-up-and-go type who doesn't like to style her hair or use any products. Lo'an has managed to make my hair cute in a style I just blow-dry after showers. I get a lot of compliments on my hair and I love it. I used to go to City Hair, Gene Juarez, and the Robert Lenoard Salon. Of all the stylists I've seen, Lo'an cuts my hair best. Pros: Talented stylists, nice place, convenient location, friendly staff Cons: no parking more

Greatest Hair Salon... period 5/23/2008

I began going to LoAnne (the owner) when she was in Bellevue and have since followed her new spa in Capital Hill, Bello. Twice now she has cut 11+ inches off my hair. She has given me bangs, changed my color from clonde to brown to red and I trust her 100%. I get compliments everywhere I go on my hair and always let them know LoAnne did it. Christine is the sweetist women ever and I will go to LoAnne for as long as she is doing hair. Its been four years and I hope will be another 20 more. Thanks guys!!! - Jenn Pros: LoAnne and Christine Cons: Nothing! more

If you google "friendliest staff", Bello's will be your result! 2/1/2008

My last 3 haircuts have been at Bello's and the service is absolutely wonderful! From Christine answering the phone to make an appointment and welcoming you as you enter the salon, to the outstanding stylist Mike who works his magic every single time! I have had the best salon experiences of my life at Bello's and would pay twice as much as I have for it. I'd highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for excellent customer service and frienly, smiling faces taking care of you. Fabulous place!!! more

good experience, nice staff 12/29/2007

I got waxed, and it was done well and with minimal discomfort. A little pricey, but a good experience overall. Very nice staff, not pretentious at all, and even better, they fit me in right away! Pros: friendly, skilled staff Cons: a little expensive more

At last Seattle has a great Salon with super talented stylists and the most welcoming and honestly nice staff!!! 11/18/2007

I have lived in seattle for five years and have tried every salon you can imagine! From super high end corperations to locally owned up and coming salons. I couldn't find a salon where someone would take he time to look at my face and give me a haircut that looked good on me. Or if I found a great stylist, The atmosphere was fake and stuck up. Well enter Bello! This salon is amazing! First off LoAnn is a Diva with those sissors and hair dye!! Damn!! I have been going to her for a year now and everytime she gives me a haircut that is amazing...on me!! I have sent everyone I know to them and everyone loves this place!! If you don't need a treatment or if your color idea is too far out there... she wil tell you what she can and cannot do. Never takes you in the wrong direction!! And Christine at the front desk!!! Always has a huge smile and you can sit and talk for hours and never feel out of place! Both LoAnn and Christine are some of the most honestly kind people I have come to know in Seattle!! But like I said the MOST IMPORTANT thing is these Stylist have amazing skills!! and I am not sure about the price complaint from another review.. $28 for a mans cut is more than fair!!!!!! Cannot say enough!!! GIVE IT A TRY!!!! Pros: Amazing haircut evertime...The nicest staff...great price... Cons: none at all....go there now!!! more

Best Salon on the hill!!!!!! 6/10/2007

So after going to every trendy little shop in town I finally discovered Lo'an and Christina at bello's salon in capitol hill. I have had permanent thermal straightening treatment , extensions, deep shine infusion treatment, 3 hair colors, 3 hair cuts and styles and 1 pedicure since they opened in Oct 2006. As the other review mentioned yes there not cheap but who would really wants the look of a $5 dollar hair cut. Not me! They are actually priced very well for being a higher end salon on the hill and none of that I?m better than you attitude. I had very curly hair and after 7 months of the permenant straitening treatment I still have no curly hair re-growth. My hair is still very straight and super shinny. Also this is a family business and they very good at what they do. I will continue to go the Bello's as long as I live in Seattle! Pros: Ambience,fun chit chat, coffee with serivce Cons: None more

Good haircuts, fake customer service. 4/21/2007

Little do they know I fully understand and speak Vietnamese, and when the ladies said some VERY inappropriate words about me I was shocked. (I do not look Asian, nor did I say anything). After a good $28 haircut and some asking around from other people, the consensus is: good hair cut, phony staff. I'll take my money somewhere else. Pros: Very good stylist. Easy to get an appointment same day. Cons: Inappropriate comments from staff (they did not know I am mixed Vietnamese) Phony Customer service, parking is a nightmare. more
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  • At Studio 229 Salon & Spa in Seattle, our hair salon can give you the funkiest hair cut, dream hair color and cool hair extensions.

    Whether you live in Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle or Eastlake, our staff's over 50 years of collective experience and ongoing educational achievements makes them qualified to spice up your look with a vibrant hair color/highlights as well as add some body and length to your hair with quality hair extensions.

    Studio 229 Salon & Spa is also an art gallery. Our Seattle hair salon offers maintenance hair cuts in between hair cuts for free which are 15 minute dry hair cuts. The maintenance cuts offered at our Seattle hair salon and spa keep the hair looking great and well shaped in between cuts.

    We celebrated our 20th anniversary in April 2010, our Seattle hair salon looks forward to accentuating your look today - Studio 229 Salon & Spa.


  • Capitol Hill color experts and hair stylists promise you a fresh, urban cut. Top-line beauty products and waxing, including Brazilian.

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