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Bellevue Chiropractic Group

1220 116th Ave Ne Ste 101
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 637-0094
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I highly recommend Bellevue Chiropractic Group. I was referred to Dr. Wisman by my family doctor after being in an automobile accident. Dr. Wisman utilizes a moving x-ray to diagn...


I'm disappointed by the actions and misleading information Bellevue Chiropractic Group has given me about my doctor (Dr. Harry Sese) who left the practice last year. I was schedu...


I highly recommend Bellevue Chiropractic Group. I was referred to Dr. Wisman by my family doctor after being in an automobile accident. Dr. Wisman utilizes a moving x-ray to diagnose spinal problems. He was able to see where my neck and shoulder pain were coming from. Within a couple of visits I began to feel better and within a short time I made a complete recovery. I have been an athlete for many years and in the process met many doctors. Dr. Wisman is the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met. He has been in practice more than 20 years and treats patients from all over the world. Their office is beautiful and run very professionally. I highly recommend Dr. Wisman and Bellevue Chiropractic Group! more


I suffered with migraine headaches for more than 30 years. I tried traditional medicine and alternative treatments with limited results. One day I was visiting my doctor and he referred me to Dr. Wisman at Bellevue Chiropractic Group. He said he had other patients with migraine headaches that had gotten excellent results. I immediately scheduled with their office. Dr. Wisman and staff are wonderful! I have not met a more caring and passionate group of people. I was amazed when Dr. Wisman predicted what he would find with my moving x-ray based on the description of my headache. He was accurate with his predictions. I immediately began to feel better and continued to improve until I was headache free. I haven't had a migraine or even a hint of a headache in 10 months. This is truely a miracle. I thought I would die with these headaches. The friend I referred in also had a wonderful experience. If you have headaches I highly recommend you visit Dr. Wisman. He has 20 plus years of experience and is wonderful! more

bellevue chiropractic clinic relieved my pain 5/25/2011

This is the first review I have ever written, but when you get relief from over one year of constant pain, you want to let people know. After two car accidents and many visits to doctors, physical therapists, steroid injections, even other chiroprators, to finally find a professional who really helps, you make an exception. Several friends had told me that Dr. Wisman and his staff had helped them with pain issues so almost as a last resort (after a specialist said I would never get relief) I met with the doctor and got results. Thank you Dr. Wisman! more

Dr. Harry Sese doesn't work there any more but I found him!! 5/8/2011

I'm disappointed by the actions and misleading information Bellevue Chiropractic Group has given me about my doctor (Dr. Harry Sese) who left the practice last year. I was scheduled to see Dr. Sese and they did NOT tell me he wasn't working there any more. What's worse is that they did NOT and would NOT give me his new contact information. Where is the professionalism in that? Any how, I saw him featured on the cover of the sports section in the Seattle Times last week and I found him again! Yay! If Bellevue Chiropractic Group has given you the run around like they have given me, then you can find his new info on the internet. Just type in THEGOLFINGDOC or search for Dr. Harry Sese and The Golfing Doc in your search engine. Good luck! more

Thank you, Dr. Wisman 1/21/2011

Aug 2009, I was talking to a friend about my considering back surgery. She immediately referred me to Dr. John Wisman and bragged about how great he is. I was skeptical, but was willing to give it a try. On my first visit, Dr. Wisman not only talked me out of surgery, but educated me and helped me understand how my back works. After one year of treatment, not only I didn't go through with surgery, I can dance (a lot) without feeling pain. Dr. Wisman has often teased me about my thought of surgery ever since.\r \r Dr. Wisman is very knowledgeable, skillful, and most importantly, a VERY kind doctor. To me, the quality of kindness in the medical profession is rated far above all other qualities. Thank you, Dr. Wisman.\r \r ~~Sharon D more

Dr. Wisman combines science and art to produce real results 4/23/2010

As a 1st year Baby Boomer, I was raised to believe strictly in standard Western medicine. This meant that Alternative Medicine (herbal “potions"", acupuncture, etc.) was like Voo-doo, “Shrinks” were for sissies who refused to suck it up, and “Back-crackers” were all doctor-wannabe quacks. Now I’ve got one daughter who is a BSRN shock-trauma nurse and another daughter who is a Doctor of Eastern Medicine who both provide me great care and guidance. I’ve taken anti-depressants and benefitted from counseling. And I think my Chiropractor, Dr. Wisman, is a miracle worker. Turns out the world is round! Who knew?\r Oh, I’m still grateful for Western medicine. But after eleven operations, I know that all surgeons with similar education in the science are not equal in practice. And after many “standard” trial-and-error prescriptions, scans, injections and referrals failed to produce a lasting solution, I understand that 1) we are very complex organisms, 2) mind, body and whatever-you-call-spirit are interdependent, and 3) we each have final responsibility to seek, prove and apply what works.\r A bad freeway accident left my back thoroughly whiplashed. After three years of specialists, MRIs, injections and pain killers, I was unable to walk, sit or lay down without great pain. A co-worker found me standing with my back pressed to a wall in the hallway unable to get to our next meeting. He recommended I see his Chiropractor, who had helped him with similar back problems. I was finally desperate enough to go against my programming and make an appointment with Dr. Wisman. After the first visit, the pain was greatly reduced, and after four treatments I was twisting all the way around to back up my car and felt almost as good as before the accident. That was in 1997.\r I have tried a couple of other Chiropractors in Issaquah, when Dr. Wiseman was away from the office, and I have found that although they all do basically the same thing, none have been nearly as effective as when I am treated by Dr. Wisman. (Dr. Chereylena Simmonds at Bellevue Chiropractic Group is also very very good.)\r A few years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic migraine headaches. I was tested, referred to a specialist who ordered a brain scan to rule out tumors, and finally left to take Imitrex and Vicodin. During a back adjustment visit, I mentioned this to Dr. Wisman, who asked me more about my situation and then said, “I can fix that.” I laughed. He’s a great back man, but this was about headaches. Hello! Then I saw that he was serious, so I said, “Well, OK, go ahead and try.” He didn’t try. He did it. I haven’t had migraines since.\r I find that Dr. Wisman understands the harmony of mind, body and spirit, and has a wealth of practical knowledge and advice (even though implementing that advice may mean less Chiropractic visits). His sensitivity and personal ability, combined with his professional grasp of the sciences (plural) involved, has won my respect and gratitude. Thanks, Doc!\r Pros: Good equipment; great staff; effective treatment more

My favorite Chiropractor is Dr Wiseman 3/19/2010

About 10 years ago my job and having kids worked a number on my lower back. I thought I was going to be plagued for the rest of my life with back pain. My general physician prescribed me muscle relaxers that looped me out and made it impossible to care for my children or drive to my job! So that solution only lasted me 1 day. Desperate, I took my best friends advice and went to see Dr Wiseman. To say I was a septic was a gross understatement! I was sure I was waisting my families hard earned money on a crap shoot. But on my last straw I gave him a chance. Needless to say I was fixed and better than ever after a couple of months. I can't believe I suffered for so long before giving him a try. My results lasted 10 years, until recently I forgot I was not Hercules and tried to move our bed up a flight of stairs. I know not smart. So back I am to the chiropractic wizard! \r Thank you Dr Wiseman for your years of good service. You are the BEST! Pros: Easy to schedule/great care more

First Class Chiropractic Care! 3/20/2009

I began suffering from migraines at the age of 37 yrs old. Throughout the last 15 yrs I have tried many types of prescribed medications and have made many trips to the emergency room at the hospital. My Dr. also recommended that I try hormone therapy as well, which I chose not to do because of the reported negative effects from studies that had been done on women in peri, and post menopause. \r \r Around 4 years ago my father had been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a very painful lung cancer for which there is no cure. It was at that time that I met Dr. Wiseman who was taking care of my Fathers chiropractic needs which were very acute due to extreme muscle tightness caused by his chronic pain. Dr. Wiseman used a motion x-ray to see exactly where the pain was coming from therefore causing very little discomfort in the process of spinal, neck and skull correction, helping immensely with his pain relief.\r \r It was at that time that I began seeing him for help with the migraines. I rarely have them anymore and if I feel one coming on, I call and his office fits me right in and the headache is usually gone either when I leave the office or by the end of a couple of hours without the need of any medication. He has also helped me with the needed supplements for healthy bones and cartilage along with detox in preparation for weight loss which helped me finely be able to loose the 20 pounds that I had gained over a period of 10 years. \r \r Dr. Wiseman has greatly improved the quality of life for me and my whole family. His entire office staff is truly kind, professional and dedicated to the well being of all of his patients.\r \r Thank you Dr. Wiseman for all you have done, not only for me but for my parents and family too. \r \r ~Colleen~Monroe, WA~\r Pros: Motion X-Ray Technology Cons: Absolutely None more

Dr. John Wisman is a Dedicated Healer~~! 9/6/2008

As an 'older' person who had never had any symptoms, I was astonished to learn (after being totaled) that I had residual childhood spinal and neck damage, which would have caused enormous pain and difficulty in another 10 to 15 years, but was fully revealed by Dr. John Wisman's sophisticated x-ray and diagnostic skills after the accident. Who knew that chiropractic care is at least as requisite as family practice; especially to those of us mostly in excellent health~~!! ?? After Dr. Wisman put Humpty Dumpty back together again, I have continued with preventive visits at least once a month; he is now precluding arthritis and keeping my spine fully adjusted, and balancing hips, also, when they get uneven and cause one leg to be shorter than the other . . . which I've only recently learned is a fairly common human dynamic; frequently causes a most unpleasant 'sciatica type' leg pain. It is not surprising that Dr. John Wisman was voted Chiropractor of the Year by over 2000 of his professional colleagues just a few years ago . . . I'd travel from the moon to keep an appointment with him!! jsh Pros: Highest quality chiropractic! more

Great customer service 8/20/2008

I was always wary of chiropractors, but I found myself in significant need of one. My friend recommended Dr. Levine in Bellevue to me. I went with a heavy dose of skepticism. I had been to two different chiropractors before in Utah, and I wouldn?t trust either of them as far as I could throw them, and that isn?t far. Dr. Levine did not live up to my horrible perceptions, in fact, he was quite wonderful! I have now gone back many times and would highly recommend him. He even worked well with my wide range of other doctors and knew of other highly recommended doctors for when I needed other specialties. He works hard to keep up with his patients to make sure that they are still doing ok long after meeting with him. Pros: Easy to make reservations, great service, and not a kook more

Can't be beat! 8/13/2008

Bellevue Chiropractic Group has helped me to become back-pain free. They have incredible equipment for diagnosis and are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this practice to anyone! more

Best in the USA! 7/22/2008

I have been referring my patients to Bellevue Chiropractic Group for years. They are professional and get terrific results. I am honored to work with Dr. Wisman and company. He is truely a capable expert with the highest standards. The motion x-ray procedure is very useful for difficult cases. If you are sufering I would highly recommend an appointment there first. Pros: Motion x-rays-State of the Art facility more
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