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Belle Meade Premium Cigars - 17 Reviews - 4518 Harding Rd, Nashville, TN - Furniture Reviews - Phone (615) 297-7963

Belle Meade Premium Cigars

4518 Harding Rd
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 297-7963
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Belle Meade Premium Cigars - Nashville, TN


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Tim lied left and right after we ordered thousands of dollars worth of custom furniture. We were in the process of ordering more when we were approached by an attorney checking th...


I read all the reviews and didn?t believe them. I purchased ~$20,000 worth of furniture from Tim gregory and was promised delivery within 3 months of purchase. After 6 months of h...

Negative reviews are true 12/10/2010

I read all the reviews and didn?t believe them. I purchased ~$20,000 worth of furniture from Tim gregory and was promised delivery within 3 months of purchase. After 6 months of hearing unfounded promises and excuses including Tim missing several promised delivery times (I even took off work waiting for the delivery) I never received the furniture, much less an apology or sincere answer. After starting to go down the road of legally going after Tim for my money or furniture, I was given a refund again without an apology. I just don't understand Tim or his manner of running a business. I advise you to look at the better business bureau website. more

Do Not Order! 11/17/2010

Tim lied left and right after we ordered thousands of dollars worth of custom furniture. We were in the process of ordering more when we were approached by an attorney checking the inventory pursuant to a pending judgement against Gallery of Belle Meade. We only got a refund after much cajoling. Do Not Order anything from this guy, he is no doubt ending up in jail or bankrupt. more

BEWARE!!! 3/3/2010

Beware of placing custom orders at the The Gallery of Belle Meade. After searching throughout the city for a small scale love seat, my husband and I found one at The Gallery of Belle Meade. We placed an order for the love seat in a fabric of our choice. The owner, Tim Gregory, insisted on payment in full at the time of order, something we have learned since never to do. He estimated that it would be 6 - 12 weeks until delivery. Since I had never encountered problems with furniture orders, I waited over 14 weeks until I first called to check on the order. I was told it would be another month or so before delivery. After a month, when I called again, Tim Gregory seemed to avoid my call. When I finally got through to him and complained about the long wait, he became rude and defensive. Over the next several months my husband began calling regularly. Each time, Tim Gregory provided another excuse for why the piece was delayed. At one point he even went so far as to set up a preliminary delivery date (which fell through). Throughout all of this, Tim was unwilling (or unable) to show us proof that the piece was ever even ordered and he refused to give us contact information for the manufacturer. Tim Gregory also refused our multiple requests for a refund stating that the item would arrive the next week. Finally, seven months after the order was placed, and after several threats of legal action, he reluctantly gave us a refund. Nearly the same scenario happened to personal friends. They had been pleased with pieces they bought off the floor at the Gallery of Belle Meade, but never received the custom ordered pieces. Better Business Bureau (BBB), which regrettably we didn't consult, gives the business a rating of 'F'. Nearly all the complaints to BBB are similar - no furniture and a refusal to refund until legal action is threatened. Don't let this happen to you!!! more

Dealing with dishonest retailers 11/2/2009

I've read reviews that many folks are being held hostage with deposits at this establishment. A long time ago I learned to place all deposits on a bank credit card. If the merchandise is not delivered by the 50th day, I place the deposit amount in dispute with the credit card issuer IN WRITING. The law actually allows the dispute to be made until the 60th day, but I prefer to have a little extra time. This protects my deposit investment, and if the retailer has good intentions, then everything can be worked out. Of course this is tricky b/c many custom orders take much longer than 60 days, but each consumer has to look out for himself--no one else will do it! If the merchant is legit, the management will understand and will not be offended by this necessary step to protect your deposit. more

Trust me...all the negative reviews are true! 4/19/2009

First, my review is long, so be sure to click on the headline if you'd like to read my review in its entirety! Trust me...all the negative reviews of this business ARE true and I'm quite certain that the owner IS the one writing any positive reviews! The owner is a dishonest man who will hold your money, not deliver the goods you order (maybe even try to bait-and-switch it for something else), and make you fight, fight, fight to get any money back if you are not satisfied (even if you've waited for months for furniture that he promises to arrive in 8-10 weeks). I have no idea how this store is still in business. I can't stress this enough: don't be fooled/enchanted by the beautiful goods on the showroom floor. Unless you're only going to buy goods off the floor and take them home with you that day, shop somewhere else! The owner, Tim Gregory, is a dishonest man who will make your shopping experience horribly unpleasant. I rarely write reviews but that is how strongly I feel about my experience at this store! Also, check out the store's rating with that famous organization that is abbreviated by three b's (this website blocks me from spelling it out. If I could, I would AND I'd provide the link to this store's rating). The Gallery of Belle Meade's rating is an F, with multiple unresolved or unsatisfactorily resolved complaints. Finally, I just did an extensive google search on the Gallery of Belle Meade, which showed it is also known as ""Colonial Investments"" at the exact same address (on Richard Jones Road) as the Gallery of Belle Meade. Colonial Investments is described as a returned/used furniture seller, which would explain all of the issues I had with this merchant and many of the issues described in other negative reviews. If this is in fact a used/returned furniture seller, the owner should just say that so that customers can make their own informed decision about whether or not they want to buy goods there. Again, though, that would require the owner to be honest, which he does not appear able to be. Pros: Zero...the owner's dishonesty trumps any pros! Cons: Dishonest owner, failure to deliver goods, holding deposits more

robbed 1/19/2009

Tim of Gallery of Belle Meade has taken thousands of my dollars and never has produced the furniture and fabric that I have ordered. He doesn't notify when he doesn't keep his delivery dates. Furniture was promised before Thanksgiving, 2008, and now it is January of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have called weekly and he continues to give a new delivery date every week, but never delivers. Now I have heard of at least 10 other customers he has had the same dealings with. Why is this guy still in business? He takes your money of which he now has promised to return with an additional 10%, then refuses to pay. Something needs to be done! Cons: dishonest, doesn't deliver the merchandise more

Buyer beware 8/21/2008

Buyer beware. The owner of this store is dangerous to deal with. I purchased alot of merchandise through this store and have yet to collect a good percentage of it. Although the store sells quality, he will collect your money and not deliver the goods. The customer service is also one of the poorest I've dealt with too. And the owner is not a licesned designer. He will also sell you merchandise that he represents as one thing and come in as another. And the prices of the goods are overpriced. You can purchase the same goods from other quality stores in Nashville at 20-40% lower than the Gallery of Belle Meade. And at least at other merchants you will take pocession of your furnishings. Run Run Run. Pros: high end merchandise Cons: poor customer service and merchandise that wont be delivered more

Very Dangerous Shark 8/18/2008

They have nice furniture, overpriced though. The problem is the owner. We liked couple of sofas and chairs, and we told the owner we don't want the floor models, and he said he would order new ones for us. But what he did was that he just took the same sofas and chairs off the floor and kept them in storage for a month and then told us our order has arrived and delivered them to us. I just don't trust him anymore. My advise is if you like something just buy it off the floor . At least you get it immediatley. Pros: Nice furniture Cons: Owner Tim is a Professional Con Atrist more

Quality Abounds 5/13/2008

I have shopped with the owners of The Gallery of Belle Meade for over ten years. I have custom ordered numerous items. I have always had positive experiences. I am impatient, but I realize that the type of detail and quality of the items I order takes time. The Gallery of Belle Meade does not sell your typical Chinese imports like so many stores. Most of their things are made by hand to order in Europe. Just be patient I know they are totally trustworthy and very good people. I could not more highly recommend that you shop at my favorite store--The Gallery of Belle Meade. Pros: quality you cannot find in Nashville Cons: it can take a little time more

Buyer beware - make sure to read all reviews on this store! 3/20/2008

Buyer beware...make sure to read all reviews on this store! My experience with this merchant was horrible...long lead times, dishonesty from the owner, and poor communication from the entire staff. Although the merchandise if the store is beautiful, I ended up canceling my order after not receiving it for over eight months and I had to fight with the owner to get my deposit back! more

Very impressed 3/1/2008

Despite the mixed reviews here, my wife and I decided to take a chance and let The Gallery of Belle Meade design two rooms at our home. We were very impressed with the quality of the product (great Italian and English furniture and beautiful artwork) and the design (draperies, etc.). We got 90% of our deliveries on time or early. The rest trickled in, but it was all custom and I think that takes time. Regardless, they are nice to deal with, fair in their prices and here when scheduled. Go to The Gallery of Belle Meade and see for yourself. Pros: service and most of all quality Cons: price, but very fair more

They have it all! 10/29/2007

I have shopped for fine furniture in major cities across the United States and without question The Gallery of Belle Meade is the best. The have the finest quality art, furniture and accessories. Most of their product is imported from Europe so it can take a long time to special order. I have ordered many items, had my draperies designed and installed, and have purchased many items from their stock. I find their product to be outstanding, the selection wonderful and the service thorough. I have had nothing but positive experiences from the owner and the staff. After having my home designed by The Gallery, I feel that I live on the pages of a magazine. I trust The Gallery to furnish my home and have just hired them to furnish my daughter's condo. I guess you can't make everyone happy, but they have gone out of their way to show me how much they appreciate my business. If you want fine quality, shop at The Gallery. Pros: Great Service and Selection Cons: Its expensive, but worth it more

The finest in town--don't buy elsewhere 10/27/2007

Can't believe that others have had problems at The Gallery of Belle Meade. I have custom ordered over 50 items in the last three years. I had two delays, but staff could not have been nicer about it. They even loaned me dining chairs to use until my order came in--even though it wasn't due yet. I find the quality and the service to be outstanding. I like fine things. I think The Gallery has the best selection and the best prices in Nashville. In this case, judge the book by its cover. The Gallery of Belle Meade, even though it is now in Green Hills, will not disappoint. Pros: Service and Quality more

Not at all a reputable store - Horrible experience - I would emphatically advise you to shop elsewhere! 9/11/2007

I could not agree with ""cyrusthecat"" more! I had an almost identical and equally disappointing experience. My advice to anyone is to shop elsewhere. If you must shop there, only buy items off the floor and don't expect any level of customer service if there is any issue with the item(s) you buy. Do not buy anything from the Gallery of Belle Meade that needs to be ordered! It is now September 2007 and the store has yet to deliver merchandise that I ordered in February 2007. It has been almost seven months; the store is holding my deposit of roughly 62%; and I have little to no confidence that I will receive my merchandise. What is most disconcerting is that I'm working with the owner, someone you would expect to care deeply about his level of customer service and reputation. After going through this experience and being new to Nashville and a new (now former) customer of this store, I have asked some long-time Nashville residents and some reputable local home furnishings store representatives about the Gallery of Belle Meade...Everyone I've talked to has said that the store has some beautiful things on the floor, but that their customer service is horrible. I would go as far as to say that the owner lacks any professional integrity. I am the first to applaud great service and the last to publicly post such comments, but that is how strongly I feel about the Gallery of Belle Meade! Pros: Large floor selection of beautiful furniture and artwork Cons: Did not deliver furniture, terrible customer service, had to fight to get my deposit refunded more

Nice merchandise but terrible experience 8/17/2007

I would be extremely hesitant to use Gallery of Belle Meade. They do have beautiful furniture and accessories, many unavailable elsewhere in Nashville. However, they are not particularly reliable. I ordered a piece of furniture and was told it would arrive in approximately 10 weeks. They asked for, and received, a 90% deposit. They never called and when I called them over a month after the original delivery date, they started giving me the runaround with all sorts of excuses as to why the piece hadn't arrived. This went on for over two months and the owner became increasingly hostile, finally offering to give me my money back because I was ""hassling"" him. Getting the money back then took another month. So while I'd have no hesitation about buying something available on the floor, I would be very wary about special orders. Go to Bradford's or Sprintz instead because those stores know how to treat customers. Pros: Beautiful merchandise, well displayed Cons: Unreliable more

WOW!!! 7/26/2007

I am so impressed with their new Green Hills location. They are by far the finest furniture store in Nashville; plus, they are friendly and the prices are very fair. I just bought an oil painting and am going back to purchase a new sofa and chair next month. You are missing out if you do not visit their new store! Pros: the best furniture quality available Cons: no elevator more

Finest Furniture and Art in South! 7/16/2007

They have moved to a fabulous Green Hills location. It is fabulously posh and still very pleasant to visit. There is no attitude like you find in even lesser quality stores. We have been purchasing for years and highly recommend the store. The prices are great for the quality. The quality is outstanding--inlaid Italian furniture, custom upholstery and original art. Go and go again. Pros: quality and style Cons: pricey, but very fair more
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