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Belladonna Day Spa

2900 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 891-4393
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Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans, LA
Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans, LA
Belladonna Day Spa - New Orleans, LA


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I haven't tried their spa services yet (it's a little pricey) btu the spa has a great ambiance and looks amazing. I go for the shopping, as half the place is all a store. They do ...


mag. St. locale. Only been once. Good french manicure. However, manicurist not friendly and not good attitude. Casual smalltalk at first, then asking about the kind of neighbor...

Vile in every way 2/9/2012

When I lived in New Orleans 15 years ago, Belladonna had a reputation as being one of the best spas in town. I did not have the income then to enjoy many visits to Belladonna, but was very much looking forward to a return visit to Belladonna when I was in town January of 2012. Perhaps I should have known not to expect great things at Belladonna when I called to schedule a mani and pedi a week ahead and was told that spa was waiting to hear back as to whether a technician scheduled to be out on the day I planned to schedule would have someone to replace her... The woman I spoke with said she could book the mani and promised to call me Tuesday about availability for the pedi. This sounded fine, except no one called Tuesday (or ever) about that pedicure. So, from the start I encountered less-than stellar customer service at Belladonna, but I simply planned ahead and had my toes done before I arrived in NOLA. I showed up for my mani as scheduled and found I had been assigned to a nail technician who by way of greeting scowled at me and demanded, "ARE YOU [NAME]?" I admitted that I was indeed and she sat me down and picked up a file that had obviously been used on many other clients. Noticing that the cuticle sticks at hand were stained with polish, I asked the nail tech to use new implements for my manicure. She grunted and spat, "We clean them every day!" (Every day -- really? Not between clients? And how do you clean non-metal nail file or cuticle sticks? These certainly did not look clean.) Tech then proceeded to throw the file on the table and push back in her chair, ostensibly to retrieve clean/new implements -- but I must say I thought she looked completely lost, almost as though she had no idea where on the premises one might locate clean/new files, etc. Since I did not feel like bleeding, I opted NOT to allow an insolent and aggressive individual to come at me with sharp instruments (no matter how clean they might allegedly be) and made to depart. I heard the tech tell the woman manning the front desk that I was leaving, so I turned around to share WHY. The tech's fellow employee could NOT have cared less that a customer was leaving in distress 45 seconds into her appointment. I got a blank look and a blink and decided it was not worth even getting into it. I walked to the Walgreen's down the street, purchased polish, etc., and gave myself a lovely manicure. As I am sure you have deduced, I will not be returning to Belladonna for any reason, ever. I have mani-pedis every two weeks and it is standard practice in the spas I visit to use NEW cuticle sticks, files, razors, etc for each client, as well as metal implements (cuticle, nippers, nail clippers, etc) that have been STERILIZED -- after every client, not "every day". Anything less is unsanitary and, frankly, unconscionable. Just because other clients are unaware of the risks of sharing implements with total strangers and do not insist on new/clean tools does not excuse spa owners or employees who cut costs by reusing items that cost pennies each when purchased in bulk and only bother to sterilize instruments daily. I would like to think that my experience was an aberration for Belladonna, but the fact that no one called to followup after this incident makes me think it is the norm, or certainly not unheard of. One expects a bit of pampering at a well-regarded spa; it was extremely disappointing to find a lack of basic respect and cleanliness at Belladonna. more

The worst "spa" experience ever! 1/21/2011

I can not believe they are seriously calling themselves a spa! I had the "extreme pedicure" and basic manicure and for the cost they must buy out of their damn minds! I would NEVER go there again for services. Please please save your money and sanity. I wanted to diminish stress and they created it. I spoke with a "manager" who told me she'd call me back and I'm still waiting. The technician was out smoking while I should have been experiencing the extreme amenities associated with a freaking $95 pedicure. I have had far better experiences in ordinary spas, at reasonable prices and from folks who seemed to appreciate my money. Avoid the frustration, find professionals who are authentic. This is a bad joke, because Im not laughing. more

Botched service -- left in tears--worst experience!! 8/28/2010

After sitting with the technician and explaining in DETAIL what I wanted done, the technician ignored my request, botched my service, and I left in tears. The management was condescending and uncaring. Even after requesting a call from the owner 2 weeks ago, I still have not gotten a call which proves the owner does not care about her clients at all. I would not advise anyone to go th Belladonna for any service, under any circumstances. There are far too many excellent spas in the city that deliver great service and care about their customers. Please take my advice and patronize someplace else!! more

Good manicure; poor manicurist attitude 6/26/2010

mag. St. locale. Only been once. Good french manicure. However, manicurist not friendly and not good attitude. Casual smalltalk at first, then asking about the kind of neighborhood my boyfriend lived in etc., trying obviously to figure out if he was rich. When I told her neighborhood, (middle class), She said a disastified "ugh". This attitude is wierd. I want a friendly manicurist! EVERYBODY there didn't seem to understand why I was there, and furrowed their brows and kept asking and assuming I was getting married the next day! no, i wasn't. Did I seem poor or really young to them? I don't know but the people's attitudes were kinda wierd. Pros: good french manicure Cons: manicurist had poor attitude more

Save your money & Take your business to the Ritz 6/3/2010

The booking process was not easy due to no availability. Upon arrival, the staff was professional but not friendly. We were not told how long of a wait. We were forced to "shop" but given no instruction. The staff was clearly indifferent to our presence. We saw a woman handed a champagne but we were never offered any beverage of any kind. I was disappointed in the noise level of my room during the massage. I couldn't tune out people walking by or talking in the hallway. My room was cold and I had goose bumps. At the end, I was not even offered a glass of water at the end of the treatment, (but my sister had a warm room downstairs and was given a bottled water at the end of treatment). Then it was time to settle up the bill. Here is where things went really down hill. I went to pay for our treatments with the $300 gift card. I figured we wouldn't have spent the entire amount, and was looking forward to purchasing some fingernail polish and what nots. But when I went to have the gratuity added to our bill, I was told "it doesn't work that way. I can't give back cash.". I explained that I understood...I didn't want cash...I just wanted to ensure our masseuses were tipped. Again, I was told that it's a policy and she couldn't do it. I asked if there was someone else I could speak to. The little girl kept waving her hands no and saying no. So, I asked if I could speak to a manager and that is when she reveals she IS the manager "and if the owner were here, she would tell you the same thing!" I can tell you I wasn't ugly in face or tone because I had just had an 80 min this altercation of being told that I had to pay an additonal $50 cash to tip and I was going to be given a $55 gift card to use on future purchases brought me to tears, not anger. At this point, my sister exits and sees that I'm upset. After telling her the situaton, she takes the $55 gift card and speaks to the same little girl. She also asked about using the gift portion of the card to pay for the tip and was told no. "So when people purchase a gift card from you, do you state that it will not cover gratuity and the receiver of the gift card will still need to pay money for the gift?" She explained that she lives in Houston and I live and worked in Covington. We were told "you can shop.". Her demenor was dismissive and not of finding a resolution. My sister suggested giving the gift card to the masseurs. To which the girl replied that she could not break up the gift card to give us any gift card back. We were going to tip $50 so she told us she could not give us the $5. So we left the entire gift card to split between the two messeurs. It was a terrible experience for something that was supposed to be a loving gift. In the bathroom a sign stated they were voted best Spa in 2003, 2004, 2005. It is obvious why they have never gotten it since. Save your money and go to the Ritz. AMAZING experience at the RItz every time... and they actually give you a rob, a relaxation room and the ability to take a shower afterwards. Pros: If you like shopping, they have a variety of items. Cons: No robes or relaxation area, no shower offered afterwards. more

Really great boutique 1/15/2009

I haven't tried their spa services yet (it's a little pricey) btu the spa has a great ambiance and looks amazing. I go for the shopping, as half the place is all a store. They do make-up, dog items, seasonal decor items, cookbooks, great candles, bath items, kids toys, you name it! They have the perfect things for gifts for everyone! Pros: location, service, selection Cons: pricey more

Super shopping! 11/13/2008

If you are looking for some take-home pamper yourself items, Belladonna is the place to go. Candles, soaps, lotions ... you name it, they've got it. I have a difficult time limiting the amount of time I spend there. Everything is beautiful! Parking's easy. The owner is fantastic. more

NEVER, EVER AGAIN... 4/25/2008

I guess because they donated money they think that New Orleans residents owe them? The service and prices are INEXCUSABLE!!!! Pros: LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND ONE? Cons: EVERYTHING ELSE more

So so experience - not worth it for the price 4/9/2008

Belladonna was just average - I've received far better massages for the price. Plus, the atmosphere is not very relaxing - way too bright inside the room and loud outside. The therapist also kept questioning me - what I wanted from the massage, had I had one before, etc. which sound like great things to ask, but it was very confrontational and I found myself trying to defend why I was there at all. I was a little more relaxed in the end, but I would have been very mad if I had paid for it (it was a gift). The retail store is cute, but way overpriced. I will most likely try a different place in the future. Pros: Convenient location Cons: Not relaxing! more

bad spa experience and overpriced retail 3/15/2008

When I got my eyebrows waxed at belladonna, they took off a piece of my skin. In addition, they were unclear about the pricing in advance of the service. The retail shop is overpriced. more

just OK... 12/5/2007

The manicure I got at Belladonna was simply OK, I've gotten better manicures elsewhere, on the otherhand it was better than several manicures I've gotten at less "ritzy" salons. For the price you pay for a simple manicure ($25+) you really expect great service and an excellent result, you may be a little disappointed afterwards. The staff was friendly and helpful, but the process felt slightly rushed. Luckily, I used a giftcard I was given by a friend, otherwise I would have fely like I wasted my money. Pros: nice atmosphere Cons: hard to find a parking spot on magazine st. more

a terrible shame 7/24/2007

A terrible shame but this is not the spa experience it once was. I have given it 2 tries hoping that the experience would improve but it never did. My 50 minute facial was actually 30 minutes. I waited on very uncomfortable seating while I waited for my technician who was very late arriving. No offer to get me water or any of the normal amenities you expect from an average spa much less one with the hype this one has received. Ownership needs to wake up or give up. There's too much competition out there to tolerate this. more

Horrible service and rushing the entire dya 3/22/2007

Save money. Not relaxing and entirely too expensive. Please make sure when you go you are not expecting to relax. It is so crowded and there are so many people. Not recommended. more

miserable experience 10/4/2006

Felt like a piece of cattle - constantly being herded back and forth. Manicure was poor because staff was rushed and ovewrworked. Facial was awful, brows were lopsided, also felt as if staff was rushed - not a relaxing experience at all. Also - products were outrageously overpriced. 10 - 15% more than only a few blocks away. more

Poor customer service 9/5/2006

I went recently to Belladonna for a simple pedicure to preview their services before booking something a bit more extensive and I was disappointed. My stylist did not offer me anything to drink or eat the entire time, even thoguh every other customer was offered. She was professional, but slightly curt. As to service, she did an excellent job on the maintenance, but poor polishing skills. I could have done equal or better myself. She did give me a great leg and foot massage though. Moreover, during the pedicure she was speaking with a fellow stylist and I overheard them cursing extensively in Spanish!! Lots of people in New Orleans speak Spanish and it is unprofessional to use such language. I was just waiting for her to say something about me so I could call her out, but she wisely refrained. Overall, I was disappointed. I did not get the "spa" experience I was looking for. more

Be Pampered! 11/2/2005

Belladonna has one of the most extensive spa menus I've ever seen. All of their services are a real treat. Nice selection of high-end cosmetics and other goodies which they do tend to push. The staff can be a bit disorganized during busier times, but they are always gracious and accommodating. I know that they have taken part in charitable efforts in the past, donating a portion of service costs, etc. Glad to see they have reopened so quickly to welcome New Orleans home. Valuable contribution to local business! more

Worst Massage Service Ever! 4/20/2005

I met my husband in New Orleans for a weekend getaway. I booked an appt for a massage and pedicure. The pedicure service was excellent and no wait. However, the massage service was awful. No one informed me where to wait for my therapist, I had to ask several people who had no clue. I waited 8min after my scheduled appt for my therapist. The therapist didn't know who she was meeting and what type of therapy requested. It was on her sheet. This took another 10min to sort out. She is claimed as the Sr. Therapist, but had no clue even with an info sheet. I requested a swedish massage, but ended up w/a soft massage, cutting short of my 50 min. I've had massages before and the service is EXCELLENT, on time and don't cheat me with time. Not worth your time and $$. more

great massages 3/24/2005

I've gotten several massages there, all were fantastic. If you get chilly easily, ask for an extra blanket as the air conditioning is a little strong (very common in New Orleans!). Prices are what you'd expect, I pay $60 for a one-hour massage. The gift shop in the front is also great. more

loved it 2/2/2004

loved loved loved it... just had a mani and pedi but the atmosphere was great. We brought our girlfriend for her birthday and they treated us very well. Gave us a great place outside to relax... like a little botanical garden... NICE! Pros: Highly Qualified Staf more

Welcome to the Wal-Mart of the Spa World 7/9/2003

What a waste. We expected a relaxing day and instead got the hustle and bustle. They seemed so dunorganized and rushed us through our appointments. The pedi and mani areas are just like an assembly line. All the staffcared about was rush, rush and sell, sell. They must be on a tight commision system. Pros: location Cons: Too pushy, too much retail, bad service more
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  • Voted one of 10 of the country's coziest spas by Travel + Leisure [Jan 08], Belladonna offers a vast selection of spa services in a mix of indoor & outdoor settings. Dual packages for couples, mothers/daughters & best friends, plus extraordinary gifts &accessories for the body & home. A few blocks away, sister store Bellanoche offers fine & contemporary bedding & linens, heirloom-quality quilts, custom-made beds, rugs, sleepwear & accessories. Bridal registry, in-home consultations & special orders.


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    Walking upstairs to the spa, a hush settles in the hall, and the tinkling of waterfall music emanates from the spacious and airy rooms. Recuperate, renew, pamper and preen with any choice of the long list of services, including massages, facials and nail treatments. Belladonna carries a large selection of natural and European skin- and hair-care products. It also produces a line of cosmetics that are shipped nationwide.

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    Mon. - Fri.: 9AM-8PM Sat.: 9AM-6PM
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