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Be My Guest Thai Bistro - 42 Reviews - 951 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118, San Francisco, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (415) 386-1942

Be My Guest Thai Bistro

951 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 386-1942
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Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA
Be My Guest Thai Bistro - San Francisco, CA


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My boyfriend and I went to be my guest last night for our anniversary dinner. People are very quick to complain about somewhere when its not good and not so quick when it is, so I...


I visited Be My Guest when it was new 2 years ago (2005). I was impressed by it's stylish look, and friendly staff. Word got around and since then corners have been cut, and the...

Our Anniversary experienced @ be my guest THai bistro 8/23/2009

My boyfriend and I went to be my guest last night for our anniversary dinner. People are very quick to complain about somewhere when its not good and not so quick when it is, so I felt the need to write about this absolutely fabulous restaurant....where to start? From the minute we walked in the door and were greeted by a smiling helpful waitress it just got better and better. We decided to share a starter and were provided with an extra plate, a lovely touch, every mouthful was to die for, from start to finish. I asked the waitress to recommend a white wine for me, which she got spot on. My other half was drinking water, he was provided with a glass of ice and a spoon to help himself to this, another lovely touch. All in all I could not praise or recommend be my guest enough. The fabulous staff made an already pleasurable experience even better. Now The restaurant offer a 15% discount off the menu (excluding the beverage) to mark the 4th anniversary from August 22 to August 31. more

Thai yummy and a cool decor 5/19/2009

Went here for late lunch on a Sunday night. They have a very afordable pre-fix menu option, where you can pick a soup, a salad, an appetizer and a entree for around $12. With Thai food, I like to try just a little bit of everything, but dont want to have to order the whole menu, so this was a great choice for me. I liked the curry chicken and the crunchy tofu the best. Soup was also good, but I can't remember which one I chose!! Service was fast, restaurant decor was interesting and trendy. Would be hard to find parking I imagine, but if you are on foot, I would stop in and try it sometime. Pros: Great pre-fix prices & food more

Spice up you Valentine's night 2/5/2009

I love their food can't ask for more. Plan to go back on Valentine's night since the menu is perfectly fit for economic crisis. They offer 5 courses with wine for 29.99 per person\r Happy hour 4p-6p you only spend $50 for a couple. What's the deal.\r \r Appetizer\r Shrimp and Crab Spring Rolls\r Angel Wings\r Crispy Duck Wrap\r Cream Cheese Shrimp Wonton\r Thai Samosas\r Grilled Miso Eggplant \r \r Salad\r House Mixed Green Salad with Ginger Wasabi Soy Dressing\r Cucumber Salad with Sweet and Sour Thai Vinaigrette\r \r Soup\r Tom Yum Hot and Sour Lemongrass Soup \r Tom Kha Thai Coconut Aromatic Soup\r Chicken Stew Soup\r \r Entree\r KraPraw Spicy Thai Basil Sauce\r Mango Tango Prawn\r Musman Lamb Curry\r Kaeng Kiew Wan Green Coconut Curry\r Grilled Salmon Pineapple Red Coconut Curry\r Kaeng Karee Yellow Coconut Curry\r Peanut Tofu Praram Long Song\r Pad Pak Mixed Veggie with Garlic\r Pineapple Fried Rice\r Blue Crab Fried Rice\r Seabass Edamame Ginger Sauce\r Pad Thai Noodle\r Garlic Noodle BBQ Pork Loin\r \r Side\r Coconut Rice\r Brown Rice\r Garlic Rice\r \r Dessert\r Fried Banana with Honey and Ice Cream\r Brownie a la Mode\r \r House Wine\r House Red Wine - Burgundy\r House White Wine - Chablis Pros: Unforgettable experience, Nice Ambience, Good selection of music. Cons: Parking could be a pain sometime. more

Good apps, good service, strange ribeye 4/27/2008

Went there on a Sat. night at about 8pm. The place was fairly empty, save a birthday group. We were promptly seated at a great table next to the window. We were immediately entranced with the menu, especially the ""April Specials"" and the apps. Everything sounded wonderful, and we were stoked that so many things sounded so good--means more trips to taste everything, right? We ordered the curry potstickers and a shrimp-pork crispy wrap that was fantastic!! We then ordered the ribeye with garlic, vegetables, and coconut rice. The rice was sweet and tasty, the veggies (zucchini, carrot, broccoli, asparagus) were smokily grilled and delicious. The ribeye, well, I do not think it was beef. It had a very, very gamey taste that could not even be covered by the garlic sauce. We both took our first bites and looked at one another questioningly. I cannot explain the taste other than extremely unpleasant--and I grew up eating game meat. We ate the rice and veggies, and left the meat, it was inedible unfortunately. I looked at the menu again, which described the dish as ""ribeye"" and did not specifically mention beef, which I guess we had assumed it would be. This led to a series of comic speculations on the meat (horse, ostrich, spoiled beef) and a close inspection which revealed a much longer longitudinal grain than beef. Oh well, everyone has different preferences for meat, but it would have saved us $13 if specifics were listed on the menu.\r We may go back, but probably for apps that are better described. Pros: All drinks listed with prices, great apps, cozy atmosphere Cons: unidentifiable meat dish more

Editorial review from GrubHub 3/5/2008

Pumpkin curry was tasty, reasonable size portion, not quite as much pumpkin or chicken as I would have preferred. Coconut rice didn't taste like coconut rice; just tasted like white rice, but maybe I didn't understand what coconut rice is (thought itwould be cooked in coconut milk or juice giving it a coconut flavor). Ginger lemondae was marvelous. more

Hot, juicy, tasty chicken 1/20/2008

Contemporary and romantic restaurant. Friendly service. They serve shrimp chips, which were good and very... more

Hot, juicy, tasty chicken 1/20/2008

Fei Provided by Partner
Contemporary and romantic restaurant. Friendly service. They serve shrimp chips, which were good and very different from what other restaurants s... more

Hey member ""citysearchsf"" 8/22/2007

Your review makes you sound like an a-hole. OMG, a 10 minute wait to order! The world must be coming to an end! Have some patience. Learn to enjoy yourself. I hope they had their way with your order in the back. Haven't you learned to be respectful with food preparers? And who orders a martini at a Thai restaurant anyway?! Ooh la la. Get the stick out of your angus. more

Cute Decor, Slow Service, Cheap Owner, Food good, Martini's are non-existent in terms of Alcohol content. 7/13/2007

I visited Be My Guest when it was new 2 years ago (2005). I was impressed by it's stylish look, and friendly staff. Word got around and since then corners have been cut, and the staff has adopted the typical ""spoiled"" routine. So long as the place is 1/2 full they will take their time after seating you. Waitstaff won't be attentive except to Large groups and the food arrives late.\r \r A year after my first visit (2006) I brought a visiting friend. I thought it would be nice place to go again but I was wrong. Here's why:\r \r - We waited 10 MIN just to order. The others (9 occupied tables) already were served \r We decided to order one appetizer, a drink each and dessert for my friend. \r \r -Drinks were listed in detail, including each brand of alcohol and the juice in the makeup of the drink\r What I got was ALL juice- possibly a teaspoon of alcohol involved (so they could claim it was alcohol. \r \r The Cocktail list is false advertising in depth. It shows the makeup of each mixed drink, and then providing JUST JUICE! I mixed my drink with my spoon and took a few sips and explained to the waiter and offering to pay their Juice price instead. I merely wanted to pay for what was served.\r \r The manager was kind to listen- but she wanted to just make a buck. I bet she dreamed up this ""SMART"" idea in the past that if a customer complained to not fix the situation but instead offer to not charge for the cheapest dish unrelated to the actual problem.\r \r She just doesn't GET IT, and that's what happens when greed gets in the way of common sense.\r We were offered for free the $4.50 dessert. Stupid! I don't mind paying for a enjoyable dessert.\r Just don't rip us off and then offer 10% off next time! There won't be a next time.\r I didn't argue-I just paid and left- never to return unfortunately.\r You can take my money once. Or you can provide service and get a repeat customer. more

been there twice 7/5/2007

great fussion Thai food, nice decor, nice ambiance in the evenings. This is not your typical thai restaurant. It is a new blend towards a more hipper crowd /target. A food is decorated nicely and it taste is outstanding. Try some of appetizers/ salads. papaya sald a must and curries too. more

Excellent Thai Food with Cool Bar 4/21/2007

I went to this place many time. The decor is very nice and clean atmosphere. They have a really good food all the time. Cooktail is great!!! Cool bar!!! . Last time we tried a new special ""Cream Cheese Wontons"". It was so good. I would enthusiastically recommend this restaurant to anyone. Pros: Excellent food and resonable price Cons: Parking more

Great fusion Thai food. Fun decor 1/27/2007

We've been eating at this place for quite sometimes, and thought we should give them some points as they are well deserved. The owner (Yui) of this cute Thai place really take good care of the guests. They always have something cool to try out every now and then. So, if you are bored of the normal, ask her to recommend what the specials are.\r \r Pros: food, drink Cons: sometimes busy at night. more

Best Thai Food at decent price 1/17/2007

I liked this place since the first time I went there with friends. I liked the euro clean decor and the lounge music. The food is delicious and authentic however in terms of spiciness it is Bangkok-spicy as my Thai friend told me (you have to specify that you like it very spicy so they can adjust it for you). The dishes are creative and beautifully garnished. The service has been consistently above Asian restaurant standard for all of my visit and I have been there 10+ times. Ask for Yui, she's the best gal. Pros: Good food. Cool Decor. Best price. Cons: Can be crowded on weekend nice - well it's good for them but not for me. more

great appetizer dish, Miang Kam (not sure if I got the name right!) 10/23/2006

Be my Guest is my first experience with Thai food, well, I am not the Hot and Spicy-lover but my Thai friend was insisting me to try this restarant for her birthday. The location is a bit off-town but very easy to drive there and park. The first Thai dish in my life is so impressive. Hard to remember its name but great taste! It is actually fresh spinach leaves with cooked shrimp, peanuts, lime and some other spices. Comes with sweet and sour dressing to put on top, wow, I love it. The other dishes are good but not as exciting as the first one. Well, I love Thai food now and definitely will go back. The only concern is that my cocktail was served after I already finished my appetizer! Pros: great food, good price Cons: a bit slow more

Mixed feelings 10/22/2006

I kinda have mixed feelings about this restaurant. I have to admit that upon walking in I was intrigued by the decor--it was trendy, trendy in the Richmond district, which is cool. But when I sat down I got a real chance to look around and had the feeling I was back in Bangkok. It was a nice restuarant but upon closer examination it looked like there were ""young"" females hanging around the bar waiting for ""customers"" like in thailand. It was the weirdest thing! My date and I watched as the girls, who didn't seem to have any other purpose being there just walking back and forth from the bar to the bathroom staring at the male patrons. We must have been paranoid but it was also very entertaining.\r \r In the matter of food--we ordered the traffic jam which was good. I liked the gluten one the most and the beef curry was very tough. We also ordered some kinda of prawn skewer with minced pork. The presentation was great but it was very greasy. The spring rolls were ok, not great and drinks were tasty.\r \r Overall I would probably go back just to see if the girls are still there and to watch a little story unfold. Kinda like a show with your dinner:D Pros: It looks trendy Cons: Wait staff hard to understand more

Not impressed. 10/2/2006

The staff was friendly but we had trouble communicating and understanding eachother. I asked if I could have some vodka added to my virgin drink and the waitress misunderstood the question, remaking the drink without ice. Then she had to ask the manager if the vodka shot was an option and how it should be done, making it quite the issue. I was also not impressed by the quality of the food and would be reluctant to go back. more

Good ambience and bad food 9/30/2006

We saw the place and it looked really cool so we decided to go. The drinks were good, and the place was really inviting, but the food just didn't match up. The fried tofu was soggy, the roti prata was extremely oily, and the spring rolls had no flavor. We were extremely disappointed with the appetizers and decided not to continue with dinner. If you ever decide to go there, definitely don't order the food, though you could enjoy the drinks. Pros: Good ambience Cons: Bad bad food more

Worst Service in the City 9/24/2006

I recently went to this restaurant on a Saturday night and had one of the worst service experiences I have had in a long time. I should have known when I had to pull the bartender away from the TV so we could order some drinks that we would be in for a long night. The night started with having to tell 3 separate people that we wanted a table, with the last person finally writing our name down on something that sort of looked official. After we were seated, they brought us some water and menus and that was it for about 30 minutes. We didnt get offered any drinks or appetizers, we were basically just stuck there playing thumb master and getting parched. Eventually we got someone to come by and take our order for food and drinks and then we got to wait another 30 minutes to get our drinks and another 15 minutes after that for our food. And shocking enough they got our orders wrong. We ordered one appetizer and got two of a different type. After the appetizers sat at our table for a few minutes of inspection we got someone to take them away (they quickly delivered them to someone elses table) and finally got ours. And when the main dishes came, guess what? Thats right, they forgot one dish all together Eventually we asked about it and someone came back 5 minutes later with it set it down and walked away like it was our fault. To finish up the night we had to wait another 30 minutes to get the bill even though the restaurant was pretty much empty at this point. And just to give us a quick kick in the nuts before we headed out the door, the bill included an 18% tip. What makes the evening even worse is that the food was mediocre at best. It wasnt bad food, some of it was actually pretty good, but some was bland and boring. But couple the food with the service and I will never return to that place again. Pros: Nice Atmosphere Cons: Terrible Service, Mediocre Food at Best more

Isn't this place a Thai restaurant? 7/13/2006

How come thai restaurant listed in Pan Asian?. should it be in Thai restaurant?\r \r I went to this place. it looks like you walking in Ikea.\r The food is average Thai food. Nothing is really interesting.\r I find many Thai restaurant a lot better than this one. Cons: not a pan asian food, just regular Thai place more

Enter as a GUEST, leave as a friend. 7/10/2006

I've been coming to this restaurant for about 5 months now and everytime I've left with a satisfied appetite and a feeling of extroadinary customer service. From the second you walk into the door, you can't help but notice the stunning modern decor and illuminated glowing bar. Upon being warmly greeted, you are seated to a fresh and clean table setting with complimentary home made potato-shrimp-crisps. The extensive menu offers both traditional thai cuisine and more modern fusion inspired dishes. I've tried almost everything on the menu and would not be able to pin-point any certain dish as my favorite. Anything you choose will almost certainly grasp your attention with both presentation and flavor. The servers and staff are the most friendly that i've encountered and always make sure your experience is that of something special and full-filling.\r When I'm not hungry, I regularly visit with my girl and a guy named Spencer to enjoy the calm and relaxing bar atmosphere. We always seem to stir-up great conversation between ourselves and the bartenders, Amy, Chris and Apple. Whether you want a simple Crown and Soda or a specialty cocktail, Be My Guest offers drinks to cater the masses.\r Also highly recommended for brunch, lunch, happy-hour specials and dinner parties. Pros: Cuisine, Ambiance, Customer Service more
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    Gleaming white walls, tablecloths and ultra-modern furnishings create a uniform, stylish dining scene at this hip Thai eatery. Specialties include a trio of marinated prawns,...

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