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Bay Bright Carwash & Detail - 24 Reviews - 621 W Main St, League City, TX - Car Wash Reviews - Phone (281) 554-4404

Bay Bright Carwash & Detail

621 W Main St
League City, TX 77573
(281) 554-4404
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I needed a car wash and I went to Bay Bright Car Wash, drove in and got a manager special great job loved it!!


I went to Bay Bright Carwash in Main St in League City today and had the worst experience in a place like that. I presented the attendant a coupon for $24.99 for a wash/wax jo...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2013

\r I been going to Bay Bright car wash in League City TX for about 5 yeats now, I just realize that they have a express wash! This service you can drive your car thru and get you car wash, wipe down and armor all tires, I really like it because when I’m in a rush I can just drive thru and get my car clean in less than 5 minutes this is great… \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/4/2012

Bait and Switch - I purchase thier Car Wash Discount Books (2 for 1) which state on them ""Full Service Car Wash""! When I pulled up today, I was told they no longer honor this - that all I will get is a Basic Car Wash and if I want the inside wiped down, I have to pay extra. When I complained to the manager, he stated well you get what you pay for. Your only paying $4.99 per wash, do you expect us to clean it on the inside for that? I told him that when I purchased the books, I purchase a Full Service not a basic service. So I left mad and now I have two books which I have to use up but I won't recieve what I paid for! more

Bay Bright Carwash is Managed by Inept/Unprofessional Liars 1/19/2012

I went to Bay Bright Carwash in Main St in League City today and had the worst experience in a place like that. I presented the attendant a coupon for $24.99 for a wash/wax job. He kept the coupon and asked me to move my car forward that he would bring me the ticket. After I stopped at the vacuum station he attached the order to the the window and gave me a copy. I assumed that the ticket included the discount and I just paid. After I got in my car I headed towards the oil change place where they supposedly honor a $7 discount shown at the bottom of the receipt (probably another scam just like Bay Bright). I then noticed that they charged the full $34.99 price. I thought no big deal, the girl that was being trained made a mistake. Think again!!.. The cashier's trainer told me that I had to present the coupon at the time I paid. I told her that the moron that attended me kept the coupon and that he did not tell me anything about presenting the coupon (that he kept) at the counter. I asked to ask to the manager, and this little Mexican came and told me the same thing. In facft he said that he asked the attendant if I presented a coupon and the attendant Johnathan told him NO. OK....who is lying?? the attendant, or Miguel Maldonado, the so-called manager?? Maybe both, but the manager for sure. How can he remember that he asked about my coupon when there are dozens of customers coming and going?? I then ask ""the manager"" if the attendants are trained to advise a client that one should present the coupon at the counter....he said no, that that is the responsibility of the client. I then showed them an identical coupon because I had a few of them...I asked him...""tell me where in this coupon says that I have to present this coupon at the counter""?? He said ""well, that's the way it is."" I asked him again, ""but don't you think it would be so easy to avoid these problems if the ticket issuer would advise the customer about what to do with the coupon?.....he said "" that's not our problem, it's your problem."" I then realized that I could not get through this midget with a 10 IQ and insisted to talk to someone with authority.....he said he was the authority. Oh well, it's only $10 but it's the principle that counts...right?? more

great wash 12/29/2011

I needed a car wash and I went to Bay Bright Car Wash, drove in and got a manager special great job loved it!! more

Great Specials 12/28/2011

I went to Bay Bright Car Wash to get my car washed after all this rain……. I pulled up to the wash and WOW where they swamped. So I waited my turn, I asked the sales girl I will get the 12.99 wash and she said mam we have great specials today and she explained her different packages despite that I was only getting as basic wash I upgraded to a wax job great deal!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Wax Job 12/27/2011

I went to Bay Bright to get my truck wax, I been going there for the past 3 years. They always have good prices, very good specials and they always treat their customers good, That’s why I always recommend them to my friends and family members.\r \r more

Rain 12/26/2011

I got my car wash at Bay Bright Car Wash and It rain the next day, I went back and they gave me a rain check for my full service wash. Thank god because my car wash really dirty. more

Great Day 12/26/2011

I was having a really bad day, I went to Bay Bright car wash to get my jeep detail. They are really friendly, the manager came up to me and ask me if everything was ok, they really made my day. more

Didn't provide service agreed to, then called me a liar 10/2/2011

I've been getting my vehicles washed here exclusively for several years. They do a decent job. My car or truck usually still has spots of dirt on it, but I don't complain. I usually wipe it down myself when I get home. About half the time I'll get a hand wax too. \r \r Today, they offered me the ""manager's special"". I asked the guy if that included the hand wax and he said yes. I paid my money and waited about an hour and 15 minutes. I watched the whole detailing and when she said she was done I complained because she had not hand waxed the truck. The manager (same guy who assured me it included hand wax) came over and said the manager's special did not include hand wax. I reminded him that I had asked about it before hand, and he completely denied it. Essentially called me a liar....right to my face. I couldn't believe it. You think you know a business...then somthing like this happens. Ya try to be a loyal customer....\r \r I'll be taking my car washing money somewhere else from now on. more

Cheap Price 8/23/2011

I was taking my son to his first day of school and as I was driving back I saw this sign that said ?New Express wash only $4.00 Dollars ? so I drove in and I got my car wash for only $4.00 dollars I couldn?t believe how clean my car was for only $4.00 dollars, as of today I will be getting my car wash at Bay Bright Car Wash. more

Busy Day 8/12/2011

It was a Saturday morning and my car was really dirty, I wanted to do a full detail on my car. I took it to Bay Bright Car wash but they was pack, I said to my self I am not getting out of here any time soon, but I still went ahead and did it, I got the full detail on it and paid a really cheap price. I went to the waiting area and when they finish my car I went outside and look at it and they did a great job I was surprised. They did it for a cheap price, fast and they did a really good Job. more

Great service 8/7/2011

While I was driving to go shopping , I decided to stop at a car wash named Bay Bright Car Wash. The service was fantastic. I was able to get a great car wash and a 10% discount of my gas, on top of that the lobby and the restrooms were spotless. I really enjoy the service there. They provide memberships, restoration , windshield repair, headlights and tons of other services. I will stop by again for their other promotions. more

Great Place 7/29/2011

I been going to Bay Bright Car Wash for 3 years now and they always have Great customer services, they do a great job and they always have great promotions what more could I ask for. more

They Take care of their customers 7/29/2011

I went to Bay Bright Car Wash to get my car wax, I pull up to the sales area and they gave me a ticket to go pay inside I left my car in the vacuum area, I went inside and paid. As my car was coming out the passage side mirror was broken off, I was so upset that I ask to speak with the manager, the manager came outside and talk to me and told me to fill out an incident report and leave all my information that he was going to take care of it. I didn more

Can't See 7/25/2011

\r I went to Bay Bright Car Wash in League City, to get a Full service wash. As the employee was doing my car he notices that my headlights were really dirty and yellow looking. He told me that he would charge me $50.00 dollars for my two headlights; I told him that it was too much money and he said that it was going to be worth it. I went ahead and did them and my headlight came out brand new, they did a great Job, I can even see better at night...\r \r more

Over Spray Job 4/21/2011

It was Friday morning and my dad took my car to his job, I never thought that he was going to bring my car back really dirty and on top of that I notice it had over spray. I called Bay Bright Car Wash to ask for prices and the cashier told me that she couldn’t discuss prices over the phone, I was really upset so I drove over to the location and I got a great deal, the wash, wax and they did a clay bar job all for a really cheap price. My car is cleaner than it ever been…. more

Digital Sign 3/25/2011

As I was going to work I saw a special on their digital sign of wax for $29.99, so on my way back home I stop and got my car wax. Keep putting specials on the digital sing it is very helpful!!!! more

Rain,Rain 3/7/2011

It was a rainy day, I was driving to the grocery store and my son spill some milk inside my truck. I had to clean my carpet but no one is open on a rainy day, I was driving around and pass by this car wash call Bay Bright. I drove in and got all my carpet shampoo at a very cheap price, they left it really clean. more

Poor job 1/12/2011

Paid for wax detail and truck looked no different than a regular wash. Attendant told me that waxing doesn't doing any good.Then manager wouldn't even come out of his office and talk to me more

How Dirty Cars Get Clean 11/16/2010

I went in a trip to Arizona with my 19 year old daughter in my 2010 Toyota tundra,” we had a blast”, the only bad thing about it was that my truck was so dirty that I didn’t even wanted to drive it. My husband told me to take it to Bay Bright Car Wash to get it Detail and that’s what I did, I pull up to the drive way and the guy that was standing outside offer me a package call ELD #3, he was really polite and friendly, I left my truck there and when I came back I couldn’t believe how clean my truck was. They did and amazing job from the inside and the outside of my truck, I loved it !!!!!! more
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