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Battery Gardens - 27 Reviews - 1 Battery Park 1, New York, NY - Family Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 809-5508

Battery Gardens

1 Battery Park 1 (at nr. Pearl St.)
New York, NY 10004
(212) 809-5508
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Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY
Battery Gardens - New York, NY


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We had our son's Bar Mitzvah there. I have been to a few other events there too (it's the age...) and while I was stressed about many things, I was totally confident about thei...


It was a casual diner with my daughter visiting me at my office in downtown. We went to Battery Gardens to enjoy the view and have a light early diner. We were not dissapointed by...

completely professional, lovely venue 7/28/2011

We had our son's Bar Mitzvah there. I have been to a few other events there too (it's the age...) and while I was stressed about many things, I was totally confident about their capacity to pull off a professional, effortless evening. The Maitre d' was terrific, all the waiters were friendly (not just to me!) and they helped create a really beautiful atmosphere. Added to that their upper room is just beautiful. We had votive candles around the edge of the ceiling and everything had this soft warm glow. People raved about the food, especially the cocktail nibbles. Would happily book another even there again! more

love the food, love the people and LOVE the VIEW! 5/23/2011

Over the past 3 years in NYC i have loved my experience here. The staff is always welcoming and always accommodating. The food is phenomenal and you cannot BEAT the view! Battery Gardens is truly one of a kind. I Would recommend for any special occasion or even on just a nice NYC night. If you dont believe me, Visit for yourself and see what Battery Gardens has to offer, you will not be disappointed. more

Love love love Battery Gardens 5/17/2011

I have been to Battery Gardens many times through the years. What started as an easy place to grab a quick drink has become my go to place. The views, the ambiance, the staff, the food, all are top notch. They treat you right and keep you coming back for more. Special mentions to Paul, who always welcomes you with a wide smile and a big hug, Teddy always ready to help you make the right food choice and everyone else you come across during your visit. Everyone will go above and beyond to welcome you, and in the end, isn't that what being in the hospitality industry is all about? a more

I was there to eat, NOT TO TALK!!!! 4/21/2011

I do not write restaurant reviews online at all, but this time i decided to. Because i think that something has to stop at this place! I loved the relaxed feel of this place - facing to ""the lady"" and beautiful harbor view.... Thus, I have returned to try more dishes to Battery Gardens. However i do not think i will go there more often anymore. Food is good, service is exceptional and the place is fantastic! But leave me alone to eat! There was someone at my table talking to me at all times! it was very annoying. The server whom i learned later on the operation manager was really attentive and helpful; he made good recommendations. But, the nightmare started after he left the table. One bloody face guy - gm (!) - came over to the table and kept bothering me with his nonsense conversation. then around 60 year old a little tipsy and chubby man, i assume the owner - never introduced himself - started to talking to us with his racist jokes which he thought it was funny. it was really disturbing and i was looking forward to leave right away! before dessert and coffee we left the restaurant after leaving a good reward to my new friend. more

Battery Gardens a bad expereince 5/24/2010

It was a casual diner with my daughter visiting me at my office in downtown. We went to Battery Gardens to enjoy the view and have a light early diner. We were not dissapointed by the atmosphere and view. But the service at Battery Gardens was a different experience. I had to ask up to three waiters for our drinks. The busboy did not open the door wide enough so we had to strougle in and at the he made clear he expected a tip!!. He got none from me. At the end it took too long for them to bring us the bill. Then it was when the surprise came. I have the impression that because Battery Park is full of tourists in this time of the year (late May), the restaurant maybe taking advantage of its customers, like charging 20% for ""Service"". It is not advertised anywhere and the bill is presented to me with the usual line ""Tip"", which is customary everywhere. I did not realize about this surprising extra charge and it was too late when I discovered that I added a tip. Yes, part of it is my fault for not examining the bill with a spy glass in detail. But I expect a decent restaurant to be clear and straightforward. Obviously Battery Gardens is of the ""sneaky"" type. Pros: Nice view, fair quality food Cons: Really bad service more

My most amazing best birthday dinner EVER 7/31/2009

this restaurant has all the right ingredients for a perfect dinner. For my birthday every year we always have some sort of a big party and this year battery gardens was our venue of choice. we all indulged in delicious margarita pizzas and crab cakes among other items. i had their signature dish the chilean sea bass which was awesome. i hear they do wedding here and i could only imagine how beautiful they turn out at this hidden gem. Pros: atmosphere, amazing food, sunset, awesome staff Cons: absolutely nothing more

Rip-Off 6/23/2009

I recently attended an event catered by this company. I knew the hosts and found out what they had paid for their affair to be catered by Battery Gardens. When I saw what had been provided for thousands of dollars—cheap, 2nd-rate cheese squares and sour, unripe fruit, cheap wine along with abysmal presentation and service—I decided I would try to let others know. This place should be sued. They are ripping people off, and I'm sure they know it, but they had a ""contract"" with the venue so the hosts were basically held hostage. This should not happen. They are no better than criminals. Cons: Everything more

Rude waiters! 5/8/2008

On a hot day when most outdoor tables were empty (last month: April, 2008) the 2 off us sat outside and were treated terribly by the 2 male waiters. Apparently they didn't think we were going to spend enough money (they made that quite clear). We had 2 drinks apiece, appetizers and entrees and we tipped 15% because we are too nice to undertip (though we usually tip 25-30% because we used to be in the industry), even though these 2 guys did not deserve a tip at all. When he first approached our table the waiter did not say a word, he just glowered at us with a snarl on his face until WE spoke first. We should have left, but we wanted to enjoy the view. This horrible treatment continued throughout our meal. I will never ever go to this restaurant again, even though I am in lower Manhattan almost everyday. I often entertain guests and clients from out of town and was looking forward to enjoying a high end restaurant with a view. Mistake. There are plenty of other options in the city where they are not rude. Do not waste your money on this place. (The women at the front desk were nice, though). Pros: nice view Cons: very rude waiters more

As of 9/16/07, for my wedding, Battery Gardens provided very good service and top quality food. 12/1/2007

I am writting this review because I saw many others that said the food and service was low quality. Well, I have had no problems at all with reservations being honored and the the food and service were as expected: top notch! more

Ruined my Birthday! Would give no star if I could. 9/16/2007

Management (if there IS any), is inept! They lost our reservations! We showed up 15 minutes early, only to be informed that they didn't have our reservation, no record of our party, and snootilly informed us that it was OUR problem!. We were to have over 20 people coming, and they made no attempt to seat us even with a great many tables obviously open. We stood by the bar for over an hour, while they still refused to seat us (and actually asked US to move out of THEIR way!) before we decided to leave and take our business elsewhere. Basically, we were more

Our July 2007 Wedding 8/23/2007

We were so satisfied with the service of the restaurant. Especially, the coordinator who helped me with the scheduling of my wedding. She was AWESOME! She was always there to answer all my questions via e-mail. When I e-mailed her, she would immediately respond. She was very flexible with my wedding arrangements and never objected to anything! The staff was fantastic and always there to assist the guests. The food was delicious and perfect for the occasion, too. So anybody who is looking for a wedding destination for both their ceremony and reception----THIS IS THE PLACE!!! The view, the service, the food, the decor, all there for you to enjoy! You won't regret it! Pros: The view, the service, the food, the decor,...was all excellent! more

Stay away or waste your money 8/13/2007

If I listened to my mother and said nothing if there was nothing nice to say this review would be blank. There was not one single redeeming aspect of this place. \r \r On a Thursday evening it was EMPTY but we were told we could not sit outside for a drink before dinner. When we decided to sit at our table we ordered drinks from the bartender and instead of them being brought to us we were told to come and pick them up! \r \r Food wasn't even up to chain restaurant standards, the pasta primevera had this red (?) sauce that tasted like uncut tomato paste. \r \r The restaurant itself seemed a bit worn out.\r \r I would not be surprized if there had been a recent change to management or chefs or something but this could not be the same establishment people reviewed highly. Pros: Absolutely NOTHING Cons: Absolutely EVERYTHING more

They seated us outside on the SIDEWALK on a 90 degree day. We made our reservation for inside well ahead of time. 8/4/2007

We showed up for dinner at Battery Gardens thinking that we had reservations inside, it was over 90 degrees that day. No one informed us that we would have to eat outside, due to a private event they were having that evening. My parents were in from out of town and we were dressed for a nice dinner. The restaurant made NO ATTEMPT to rectify the situation. I spoke to the hostess earlier in the day when confirming the reservation. There was no mention of the fact that we would have to eat outside. Please understand that we were not offered seating in their outside patio area, they were actually planning to seat us on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. They lied to us and did not care when we left for another restaurant. Battery Gardens cares more about making money than they do about their patrons. Pros: Beautiful Setting Cons: Unreliable, LIARS more

Battery Gardens 7/6/2007

We went there tonight for our friend?s birthday celebration after reading the much hyped reviews. All I can say is what a disappointment. We are all in the service industry and took the night off for the most inattentive service I have ever seen. Depending on the dish the food was either ok or horrible . While the gazpacho, tuna tartar, watermelon salad, and fillet mignon were good, the sea bass was salty and too fishy, the corn and crab chowder was like eating a bowl of congealed gravy, and the gumbo was the same. The tuna and salmon sashimi was anything but sashimi - dowsed in an incredibly spicy sauce (when the menu called for citrus vinaigrette) and way too large for a started portion. The only thing this place has going for it is the view. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Service, Food more

They cancelled my reservations. 5/29/2007

I was so impressed by great reviews that decided to book our anniversary dinner there 4 weeks in advance. Three days prior to the date, they called me to cancel stating that a large party booked all the seats available. Needless to say, it's impossible to reserve seats in a nice restaurant in your desired location in New York on a Saturday in June with only three days left. Granted, reservations are not guaranteed, but that's not the way to do business. Especially, when this ruins your plans for the anniversary celebration. If your dinner plans are important, think before booking it at Battery Gardens. more

. . . . good even in the winter 2/22/2007

Of course, the shining star of this restaurant is the view and the location. You simply cannot get around that. But this restaurant can stand up to any other in the city even without the view. Is it expensive? Of course. But the menu selection is very nice and the staff knows what they are doing. Have a dinner here anytime, then stroll through Battery Park for a nightcap at the Rise at the Ritz Carlton. Nice. Pros: professional staff more

FANTASTIC 6/13/2006

My roommate and I share the same birthday, so we decided to treat ourselves by going with two other girlfriends to Battery Gardens, and I can safely say this was the best birthday dinner I've ever had. The food was absolutely phenomenal; every bite was perfect. The service was fast but not overbearing; they brought out appetizers and entrees swiftly but gave us plenty of time to linger over our meals. In addition, the decor is lovely, and the view is unbelievable.\r \r But what really rounded out the night was our service, which was impeccable. For whatever reason, and I don't think it was just the birthdays, the wait staff bent over backwards to make our evening perfect. In the end, all four of us got two rounds of drinks for free (including a delicious grappa) and my roommate and I also got our desserts gratis. AND some of the servers came over to sing happy birthday. It was amazing. While I doubt they do this every day, the wait staff was so wonderful I didn't need to get the special treatment to have a fantastic evening.\r \r We had such a lovely time that we promised our waiter and the bartender that we would be back for happy hour - and we most definitely will. Highly, highly recommended. Pros: amazing view, unbelievable view, wondeful service more

Absolutely beautiful!!!!! 5/17/2006

I was so amazed when I came here the first time for a catered function, I decided to bring my mom & aunt for a Mother's Day brunch. They loved the atmosphere, food and service. The only downer was the ""fruit fondue"" desert from the prie fixe menu wasn't as good as it looked (the chocolate was runny), and the wait between our salad and main course was too long. The rest of the food was creative and delicious. I would definitely like to come again. Maybe I can hint to my boyfriend to come here for my birthday. Pros: decor, views, food Cons: fruit fondue more

Outdoor dining in NYC doesn't get any better 5/1/2006

Maybe the most amazing outdoor setting in the city... views of the Statue of Liberty from the very tip of Manhattan Island where the East and Hudson rivers meet,. and ohmygosh the food... opt for the sea bass, maybe a pizza and defintely have the chocolate dessert sampler. What a great place to have a party or major celebration... Great staff. very cool crowd, awesome concept executed very, very well!! more

Breathtaking View and Service 4/23/2006

My experience at Battery Gardens will not soon be forgotten. The food and service were outstanding, accompanied by one of the most spectacular views the city has to offer. I recommend sitting outside on a nice day to take in the full experience the resturant has to offer. The Chilaen Sea Bass is a must and the brick oven pizzas are yummy as well. The chochalte trio dessert had to be my favorite though. I will be sure to go back there soon!! Pros: View, Decor, Food Cons: Parking more
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